474-Episode 276 Transformation for the Ceremony

'Whoa ......'
'...... this is'

The sun has risen, and after finishing the donation to the church, the sunny pavilion, which for some reason had become a kind of waiting place until the ceremony, has begun to open for business--although there are not many people bold enough to eat on a floor where lords and guild leaders hang out. --It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your time with your family and friends.

...... To be honest, I was hesitant to go out in public in such an ill-fitting outfit.
You will find a lot of things that you can do to make your life easier.

When I left the room, I found Loretta and Magda in the hallway, and I let out the first sound.

'My brother is kind of sparkling!
'...... Light of Yashiro.'
'Wait, Magda. What is it then?Am I usually dark?'

It's true that I usually try to keep a low profile and stay in the shadows.
It's nonsense for an impostor to be so conspicuous.
Disappear, remain inconspicuous, and no one will remember your face. That's the basic style of a con artist.

Why am I being dragged out in front of people every time I go to ......?
Estella, are you trying to stop me from opening my own con in this town?

'Big brother, you really look like a prince when you wear your hair in a bun.
'Oh, you mean the one who goes around tongue kissing the sleeping princess?
'There's no such thing as a dangerous prince!

No, at least, I know two.
The princes of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.
Both princes took advantage of the fact that the princess was asleep and did whatever they wanted to do to her without her consent.
He might have rubbed her tits a little or two before kissing her.
No, I'm sure she does.
I'd do it!

'Squeeze them, kiss them, and then marry them, right?
'You're messing up the order!
'The prince is powerful, so he can cover it up if it comes to that.
'Big brother, you'll get caught for disrespecting the prince!

It's true.

'By the way, this is a story I tell to the young children in my hometown.
'What are you telling them?Is that why you're going to grow up to be an adult like your brother?
'Oh, that's quite a statement, isn't it, Loretta?
'Yes, yes!I'm not sure what to do.I'm not going to spread my cheek pouches!

I pulled her mouth to the side.
Surprisingly, it didn't stretch.
They were about the same size as mine, or slightly softer. ...... In short, they were normal.

'Normal cheeks'.
'Don't ask me to make your cheeks funny!

While Loretta was making an amusing noise, Magda was watching me closely.

'What is it?Is my face that weird?
'...... reverse. Today's Yashiro is very cool.

I'm not sure what to make of that.

I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've seen it before.

So Magda likes men with shadows.
Too bad, Umaro.
He doesn't have a shadow. He can't. He's always smiling like a jerk.

'...... just worried about the manager.
'Oh, the manager is ......'.

Magda and Loretta look at each other.
'What's wrong with Jeannette seeing me dressed like that?
It doesn't do anything for me.
At best, she'll say, 'You look good,' and smile.
Estella might point and laugh.
I'll try not to get too angry.

'Well, let's go downstairs.
'Yes, sir!I'll show everyone!I'm going to show you my brother, the light!
'...... can charge you a fee to visit.

There's no demand.

With such a light heart, I went down to the courtyard and entered the kitchen through the corridor.

'Ginette, do you have a minute?
'Oh, yes!

Ginette, who was preparing some kind of food, turned her face toward me with a knife in her hand.
At that moment, the knife fell with a plop.

'That's dangerous!

I ran out and caught the knife as quickly as I could.
You, if it had fallen, it would have been stuck in your leg, I swear!

'Jeannette, you'd better be careful or it'll be dangerous, but ......'

Jeannette froze.
Her eyes are round and she's looking at me without blinking.

What's wrong with your battery?

'What's so funny?
'Yes, it's lovely!

He quickly shouted, 'Oh, no, that was ...... that,' and covered his mouth with his hands.
Is it nice ......?

'To be honest, I don't think it suits you,.......'
'That's not true, okay?It's really ...... nice.'

'...... The manager's opinion of Yashiro is four times better than others'.
'The manager is the only one who can call my slightly annoyed brother's puffy face 'cute'!
'Oh, so you were annoyed~. Which part?Around here?
'Big brother, I can't turn my nose, please don't twist it!I'm sorry!I wasn't irritated!I won't do it again!

When he releases her nose, Loretta crouches down, holding her nose.
That's a lot of words, you know.

You've got the perfect size boobs.
'...... Yashiro always has a lot to say.

What I thought to Loretta came back to me.
I don't understand.

'Oh, that's right. Here, Jeannette, the knife. Don't drop it again.'
'Oh, yes. Thank you, thank you, thank you, .......'

He's so embarrassed.
I don't know, ...... it's complicated.

'Does Jeannette like men who look like they have a lot of money?
'No, it's not like that. It's just that the ...... different Yashiro is fresh and new. ...... Or rather, Yashiro looks good no matter what he wears. ...... '

I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results.

............ Yeah.
So,............ yeah.

I don't know if this is the first time Jeannette has told me I'm cool.
I don't know, they don't say that very often, do they?
I think I've received a few compliments that could be applied to both men and women, adults and children,......, like 'you look nice' or 'you look good'.

Why is that?
I'm embarrassed ......!

I'm not sure what to do.

I'm sure you'll agree.

You can't do that!

Jeannette snapped at me as quickly as she could.

'The normal, usual Yashiro-san is the most calm and the best!The usual Yashiro-san is the most wonderful!'

--I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.

You ...... hug me.

'............ Huh?

And you're too late to notice!

'No, that's not ...... particularly what I meant. ...... I mean, that's not what I meant. ...... I mean, that's not an honest feeling. ...... No, that's not an honest feeling. ...... No, not that. It's hard to keep your heart pounding when you're dressed so cool every day. ...... No, that's not it either!

A lot of things must have run amok, causing the processing to fail and freezing the thought process.
You should take your time to reboot.

...... I want to go back to my room to reboot too?

I like my brother best when he is normal. This kind of sparkle is worth it only once in a while!But that doesn't mean that your normal brother isn't worth it!Please don't pinch my cheeks!

I know what you're saying, so don't guard your cheeks with your hands.

'It's the same for me. I'm not sure if I want you to wear bikinis and yukatas on a regular basis or not, though you look cute in yukatas and swimsuits and they are soothing to look at.
'...... Can you say the same thing about the manager's swimsuit?
'............Ginette can wear a bikini every day, maybe.'

No, no, no.
That's fine if I'm the only one who sees it, but Jeannette's standing in the store.
It's a waste of time for a bunch of old men who are regular customers.
It's best to look normal.

'But I like to wear a bikini when I sleep!
'......Yashiro, if you're going to deny it, you should deny it thoroughly.
'Big brother, after 'bikini might be fine', you said 'but I prefer bikinis', and all you said was 'I prefer bikinis', now. Well, I could tell that you denied it once in your mind.

I don't want to say 'I don't want a bikini' even in jest.

So, I'll just keep it in my mind.

'Bikinis are great, aren't they?
'...... Perhaps the lines to be kept in mind are reversed in Yashiro's mind.'
'My brother is the type of person who hides his intentions and brings his true feelings to the fore.

In short, you know.

I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've seen it before.
...... What is that? I'm so embarrassed.

I'm so full of compliments.
I'm starting to want Lucia and Estella to make fun of me.

It's like salted kelp between bowls of zenzai.

'Hmm. You've changed.

Lucia gave me a very simple comment.
She gazes at me from head to toe without reserve, and gives me an honest compliment: 'Good job.

'I thought you'd laugh harder.
'If you want to make me laugh, you'll have to come up with a more unique makeup.
'Or else, I'll just gawk at you.
'Who cares about you? You're a hundred years too young.
'I see, Lucia is an old man's girl.'
'No, that's not what I meant!

The 35th district, which benefits from the port, seems to be a lucrative district in the aristocratic circles, and Lucia, the female lord of the district, has been receiving a lot of marriage proposals.
She said that the situation had calmed down recently, but I guess it hasn't gone down to zero.
For Lucia, who has been wooed by beautiful men everywhere she goes and continues to wear them on her sleeve, men who are only dressed up to look beautiful are probably insignificant.

To a discerning young lady, men of this caliber are all around her.
Well, thanks to you, she'll be able to make a calm decision.

'Your new suit is clean and free of the poisonous ornaments that the aristocrats like. I like it.'
'I'll let Ukrines know. Lucia's seal of approval.'
'Oh, well, may I have one too?

Mael picks at the hem of my jacket.

'You should make this part a little simpler. It's true that the nobles like things like this spread out and fluttery, but this isn't a nobleman's garment and I think you should make it more suitable for the Yashippis.

I agree that it's overly ornate.
With this in mind, I pick up the strings and buttons attached to the chest for decoration only and say.

'You don't need this part either, do you?
'Yes, you do.
'That's what gives it dignity. Lose them and you'll look shabby.'

Hmmm, ...... doesn't get it, does it?
It's like being dressed in a suit with a lot of shoulder pads and being told, 'That'll make your waist look smart and nice.
No, the shoulder pads are too big before smart!Or something like that.

'You look good, Oba.

Ricardo comes over, lifting the corners of his mouth.

'You'd look like a nobleman if you didn't open your mouth.
'Open your mouth and you'll look like royalty?
'Ha-ha-ha!How can I bear to have royalty like you?
'I don't get it~?Maybe the princess will take a fancy to you and you'll join the royal family.''
'Hmph. I don't think you'd choose such a life.

It's an option if you can live and play for the rest of your life.

'Forty-two districts suits you. It suits you to stay here and start a new business with me and Estella.
'No, I might do it with Estella, but not with you anymore.'
'Why not?The lovely Yann Avenue is nearing completion, it's time to start the next thing!
'Do it on your own!

What's with the waiting attitude?
Why do I have to use my wits and strength for you?
If you want to start something, go do it yourself.

'Aren't you guys going to change your clothes?
'We're supposed to rent a house near the ceremony site and change.'
'A house near?...... Ah, the NTA.'

That's where we gather when we do something.

'What kind of clothes? Half pants and a tank top?'
'Why are you so revealing?

Why don't you put on a backpack and say, 'I like rice balls.

'Well, maybe you want to say that my physical beauty is comparable to formal attire--'
'No, I don't want to say that. I don't want to say that.
'If you're a man, you'll admire it, I know it, Oba!
'd*mn, I think I've flipped a switch that's giving me trouble. ......'

You muscle-bound bastard.
I'm not a believer in that.
Muscle in moderation is all that matters.

'Are Mahr and the others going to change their clothes at the NTA?
'Don't be silly, Yashippi!

When I called out to Ma'ul, Donnis somehow cornered me.
Big, big, big!
You're unnecessarily tall and strong, so don't walk up to me so fast.
You're more than Ricardo in terms of pressure alone.

You can't possibly change your clothes in the same place as a man!
'If there is a peeping incident, I can catch the culprit right away, right?
'There's no way I'm going to peek at ......, I'll get angry~'
'Why are you whispering like that? ......'

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.
You're imagining things! Your ears are turning red.

'Miz Erin and the others are planning to rent the lord's mansion.'

Oh, I see.
So you were just curious and checked beforehand.
...... Don't check the changing place of your favorite old lady beforehand, you dangerous person.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it.It's the opposite direction from the ceremony venue.

It's true, it's quite a distance from Estella's mansion to the city gate.
It might be hard for an old lady's feet. ...... Well, I'm sure this aggressive old lady has nothing to do with the deterioration of her legs and feet.

'So, it would be great if you could let me change here.
'Mmm, I was planning to rent Ginepu's room too. Why don't you join us, Ma'ru?
''Well, can we go into the manager's room?I'm so excited!

The conversation was going on without him being present.
Ginette said, 'What?Of course you don't want to go! I guess that's how it's decided.

'Oh?Speaking of which, where's the manager?
'...... The manager is changing now. He's going to put Magda on when he's done.
'Then I'll be next!I'll have the manager make her pretty!
'Oh my god, is that so?That's perfect. I'll teach you how to dress like a nobleman.'
'Really?That would be great!
'...... Magda, get a higher grade of cuteness.'
'Well, then, let's see. ...... Loretta. I'm sorry, but could you go get Cindy for me?I'm sure she's ready to go.
'I'll take care of it!I'm going to beat you on the way back and come back as fast as I can!

As quickly as she could say it, Loretta ran out of the sunlit pavilion.

'Magda-chan, can you go to the manager's room and see if it's okay for us to come in?If it's not too much trouble, she'd like to help.'
'...... I'll take care of it. The manager should be prettier now. I'll go talk to her.'
'Well, shall we go, Miss Lucia?
'Mmm. Let's go.

Lucia walks off, escorting Mahr.
Gilberta hurriedly followed.

'Well, then, we'd better go and get ready. Ines.
'Yes, sir. I'll be waiting.

Inez opens the door of the sunlit pavilion and comes in, probably waiting to be called.
Then she stares at me.

'That's wonderful.

She gave me a short praise.
She seems to have gotten to know me well at the field day.

Geraci is followed by Ricardo and Donis.
There were two old men standing behind the door.
Their butler was waiting outside too? Why didn't they just come in?

'What are you going to do about Javier?
'Of course, he'll change at Imelda's.'
'It's so close.'
'Yeah. I'm going to offer Medora a room as well.'
'Oh, that processing plant.'
'It doesn't have to be that big to get changed, does it?

No, no, no. Medora?
I wouldn't be surprised if she got huge while she was changing.

'Darling, please look forward to my sundress, NE☆'
'Please don't expose yourself, please don't expose yourself, please don't expose yourself'.

I really hope you can keep it within direct view.

And so Javier and Medora left the sunlit pavilion.

At .......

'......What?Oh, what?

You've been in a daze, you know.

'Don't I look faintly good in this dress?
'No, I'm not. No, it's not. I think it's ...... good.'

He looked away hurriedly, glanced at me, and then looked away again.
...... Stop it.
My spine is tingling.

'Estella. You can't get caught with boobs if you stare at them instead of glancing at them.'
'You'll get caught!Because everyone will notice if you stare at her tits!'

And finally, he shows his usual face.
It's not that different.

'I thought you'd point at me and say, 'It doesn't look good on me.
'Yeah, I was going to do that if it didn't suit you.


'I'm sorry, but it looks really good on you.

It was a very vulnerable smile that made me involuntarily feel a little nervous.

'Really, Yashiro looks like a nobleman if he hides his personality.
'So if you don't hide it, it will show on your face?
'See, if you open your mouth, you'll look like a scoundrel. I'm pretty sure I'm more relaxed with that face.

Estella laughs.
You're a little more honest than usual, aren't you?

'Let's work hard today too.

She suddenly says something like that.
I feel like I'm going crazy.

'Ah... In moderation.'

On the quiet floor, Estella and I look at each other.
It's not just the two of us, so it doesn't feel strange.
Natalia is there, and most importantly--

'Tracy's wrapped around my waist, but--'
'Haha ...... How innocent, pure and innocent to be unintentionally thrown off by the wonderful transformation of a well known friend of the opposite s*x. ...... Estella-sama... ...You're so precious!
''Are you aware of that?
'Oh, ...... yes. This feeling, too, is something you get used to and manage to keep your composure.

Estella, with a very twitchy face, led Natalia back to the mansion.
She would have to change her clothes.

Naturally, Tracy went with Estella.

There was a flurry of people disappearing, and I was the only one left on the floor of the Sunlit Pavilion.
It feels strange to be alone in this place at this hour.
Usually there are many people here and it's much more lively.
It's like when you go to school during summer vacation and enter the classroom.

'Well, when I first came here, it was normal for there to be no people.

I thought it had changed a lot.
I don't know if it was the sunny pavilion or the way I felt.

If it hadn't been before the event, I might have been able to immerse myself in nostalgia. ......
You can't be nostalgic wearing such tight clothes.

'Yashiro, manager!I'm sorry.

While I had some free time on my hands, Delia opened the door and walked into the sunlit pavilion.
She glanced at us, bowed, and immediately headed for the kitchen.

'Yashiro!Manager!Aren't you there?

No, no, no.
Didn't I just make eye contact with you?

'What are you doing that's so funny, Delia?
'Huh?...... Oh!You're Jashiro!

Who else can see you but me?

'Masha said something like, "I'm sure the lord and the guild leader are at the sunny pavilion!That's so unfair! I thought you were some kind of lord.'
'Yeah, before that. Can you stop doing that thing that makes me sick to my stomach?

Your imitation of Delia is getting more and more unrealistic.
You're not trying to look like her, are you?
Aren't you starting to want to be funny?

It's like overstating the case and losing the original.

'Those lords have all gone to prepare for the ceremony.'
'I see. But Yashiro, you're amazing.''

Delia gazes at me with a twinkle in her eye.

'You really look like a nobleman when you do that.'
'I'm not too happy about that.
'Is that so?
'Aristocrats have a lot of twisted personalities, don't they?
'Is that so?The nobles I know are all good people. Like Estella and Imelda's father.'

That may be true if you limit it to the nobles that Delia knows, but nobles are often crooked.
They devote themselves to vanity and bravado, jealousy of others' success, dragging them down, and kicking them down to raise their own status. That's what they are.

'But you're right. You look cooler than Yashiro in everyday life. That outfit is cool too.

When Delia says it, I don't feel like there's some strange undercurrent and I can take it in stride.
This is a guy who says honestly that what he likes is good and what he likes is good.

'I wonder if I dressed like a princess, I wouldn't look so strange standing next to Yashiro now.

I was a little surprised that Delia, who never seemed to care about inferiority, proportion, or the eyes of the people around her, would say something like that.

'Delia cares about such things too, huh?
'Isn't it obvious?You can find a lot more information on this topic at .......

Do you feel uncomfortable that you are inferior to your partner when you stand in a line with an unproportionate figure?
I thought I was the type of person who is herself and doesn't care about what others think of her.
I had said I wanted to be pretty at the beauty pageant, but ...... Delia was becoming more and more of a girl.

'So, why don't you dress up like a princess today?You'll be there, right, the ceremony?
'Uh, yeah. I'll go to the ceremony, but I'm not going to dress like a ...... princess. ...... won't suit you anyway.'
'I don't think so. I'm sure you can go to Uclines and get a costume now. Shall we go there?'
'What?You're taking Yashiro with you?Aren't you busy?

I've got nothing to do.
If I stay here, Estella will force me to do a lot of work.
Basically, Estella should be running around. You should be able to find out more about it.
......, but it's going to be a lot of work with such a strong group of people.

'Well, you can at least go and have a look.
'I see!...... Ah, but... I'm a princess. ......'
'I'm dressed like this. Anything's possible.'
'Yashiro's looks good on you.'
'No, 'mon' means ......'.

Why are you being so picky all of a sudden?
Are you sulking that I look good in it but you don't?
You're a girl. You have the innocence of a junior high school girl.

It's okay. I'll make you a princess that fits Delia.'
'Really?If ...... Yashiro says so, I'll try on ............ it.'
'By the way, what were you originally planning to wear?
'Hmm?Like this?

Oh, normal clothes.

No, well... If it's an event that's not directly related to you, it might be fine. ......

'Today is an event with a lot of bigwigs from other places, so the gynets are currently starting to dress up a notch with Ma'ru's help.'
'Is that so!What?I was going to be the only one dressed weirdly!

No, it's not weird.

'Do I have to wear something as amazing as Masha's?
'You've met Masha?'
'Oh, yeah. She's outside.'
'What, in here?

Watch out, watch out!
You're not prepared to defend yourself at all, and you're letting her wait outside as usual!

'Bring her in. Masha's in danger today.'

'Is that so?But Masha said, 'I want to surprise people by appearing when they're paying attention.
'I'm thirsty, your imitation ......'

I have to make sure Masha is safe.

'All right. I'll give her a big surprise, so bring her to me.'
'All right!But I'm sure Masha will be more surprised than you. Because Yashiro is so cool today.'

He said this with a frank smile.

'I was a little nervous too. ......'

--I'm not sure what to say, but I'm going to say it.
...... Can you please stop dropping bombs on me when you leave?

I'm not sure what to do.
'Only Yashiro'.
'Yeah~!Then I'll wait a little longer~'
'Yashiro wants to come in. Something tells me Masha is in danger today.'
'Who's the dangerous one~, that's so rude~!

I can hear them talking.
No, it's not that Masha is in danger.

Anyway, I'm glad you're okay.

Since there's some kind of dispute, I'm going to go over there.
I can't stand the thought of Masha being found out here and the sunny pavilion being attacked by a bunch of thugs.

'Masha. Everyone's getting ready and I can't keep my hands off them. The ceremony will start before we can wait.
'Whoa!Yashiro, you look like an aristocrat!

I guess "aristocratic" is a compliment.
I'll thank you.

But more importantly...
It's more than my fancy dress!

Masha's wearing a dress.
A very flouncy, beautiful dress.
Normally, in an aquarium, the dress would absorb water and stick to the body, or become soaked and soggy, but the dress seems to be one with the water, swaying in the water and swaying in the wind and water outside the water.

It's a very special dress that you can tell at a glance that it's a dress made for mermaids to wear.

'Masha ...... is beautiful.'
'What, is it?Thank you.

I knew that if I complimented her, she would say, 'Yes! I was expecting her to show off her chest, but she smiled happily with a shy smile.
Perhaps Masha was also nervous.

'I thought Yashiro-kun would make a disappointed face, saying "I'm less exposed.

He seems to think I'm an a**h*le.

'Exposure is not everything. You're lucky to see such a beautiful Masha.
'Really?Yeah. That's a nice thing to say, Yashiro.

It is said that girls get very nervous when they show their fashionable selves to others.
Therefore, it is polite to respect the fact that they have overcome this nervousness and give an honest impression.
This is especially true if it is a wonderful thing.

However, if the tension continues, you will get tired both physically and mentally, so it is sometimes kind to relieve yourself appropriately.

In addition, it's good to show off your body, but it's also good to show off your body in a way that's almost invisible, because it tickles men's fancy.
'You'll get a demerit for that comment. Here's your punishment.

He pinched my nose while saying that.
Like Estella and Masha, you're not supposed to pick your nose.

'Anyway, Masha. It's not good to be seen today.
'Yeah. Estella told me.'

She seems to understand the position she's in.
But it seems like she's doing something reckless. ......

'If we go to Estella's place, I'm sure Natalia and the people from the hunting guild will guard us well. But ......'

With a chuckle, the water in the tank shakes, and Masha's arm grabs my sleeve.

'I wanted you to see it before you got all guarded up by those people. To you, Yashiro. I've come all dressed up, you know.

It's not the usual man-eating smile, but a fragile smile that bends your eyebrows a little like you're about to cry and somehow manages to keep a smile on your face.
He is aware that he is being selfish, and he is probably feeling sorry for it.

But, well, I guess so.
I've come all the way to the 42nd district to get dressed up, which only happens once a year or so.
I don't understand why you want me to take a good look at you.

So don't look like you're about to cry.

'Then I should thank you. Masha for giving me such a luxurious time.'

I'll pretend that this was not selfish of Masha, but something she did for me.

'Haha . That's why I like you, Yashiro-kun☆'

She said and jumped on me.
My prince-look formal wear is getting wet!--I thought, but water doesn't stick.

'Don't worry. This dress is made of a material that doesn't accept water.

Masha whispers as she wraps her arms around my neck and brings her cheek to mine.
So you're not worried about being so close to me.

...... No, even if your clothes don't get wet, whether or not you're okay with the close contact is another matter. ......

I'm glad I dressed up for the occasion.

In the event that you have any kind of questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the web site.
If the port is built, Masha will be able to come to District 42 more often.
So, don't be so lonely anymore.

If anyone bad comes out, Yashiro-kun will protect me.

Masha quickly separated her body, and as if to hide her embarrassment, she played with a brighter voice and smile than usual.
There was a large hand that grabbed her by the neck tightly.
The owner of that hand, which was bigger than Delia's, was none other than the Great Demon Medora.

I'm sure you'll be fine. I'll make sure to protect you ...... from your poisonous fangs, darling.
'Haha~, if Medamama protects you, you'll be safe~☆ Oh, that dress is lovely~'
'Don't you dare compliment me before my darling!You're an insensitive woman!

Yeah, they're like oil and water, aren't they?
And also, can you stop glancing at me like you want a compliment, Medora?
The tension of a girl dressed up?I'm not sure what to say.
I'm not sure what to make of it.
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Anyway, I thought Medora is big in many ways.

'Yashiro-san~. Oh, you're here.

Ginette peeked out from the door.
She was wearing just a hint of make-up, and her hair was blowing softly in the air.

'Oh, Masha-san and Medora-san, you both look wonderful in your dresses.

Unaware of my speechlessness at her transformation, Ginette calls out to the people gathered in front of the sunlit pavilion.
Passing in front of me.

A dress with a wide hem sways lazily.

If someone told me she was the princess of this country, I'd believe them now.

'Manager, you're beautiful~'
'You're right, that's quite a sight.
'Thank you very much. I've tried a little harder than I thought I would, thanks to Mahr and Lucia's advice.

He smiled, exchanged conversation, and then looked back at me.
He folded his hands behind his back, looking embarrassed.

'Um, how about ......?

What do you mean?
That's obvious, isn't it?

'...... Um, Yashiro-san?'
'Hmm?Ah, ah. Sorry.

You're in high spirits again today, aren't you?
It's great that you're highlighting your boobs, that dress!
I'm sorry.
I'm not sure what to make of it.

I wanted to muddy the waters with a joke about ......, but I couldn't say a word about it.

'Well, it looks good on you. ...... That ...... is very beautiful.
'Yeah............, thank you very much.'

No, you see, that's it!
I'm sure you'll agree.
So, it's important to have the decency to give honest feedback.
You know what I mean.You know what I mean.You know what I mean?

'So, then, ......'.

With her cheeks slightly tinted, Ginette's occasionally mischievous eyes looked at me.

'I'm going to wear this outfit on a regular basis, too?

That's exactly what I said to Jeannette earlier, and she replied.
Konnichiro ......, you little prick.

You can't do that.

I love Ginette just the way she is, just the way she is, so what did you expect me to say?
I'm sorry to hear that.

'Because your boobs are more pronounced in normal clothes.
'Mmm!I'm going to make an appointment for the confessional now.'

Ginette puffed out her cheeks.
The look on her face finally calmed me down, and I couldn't help but blurt out.

'It's a joke.'
'...... already.'

I'm sorry.
I was so taken aback, I couldn't tell you I was nervous.

'The manager is ...... still beautiful.'

Delia muttered to herself.
The envy in her eyes is palpable. And a burning desire in her eyes.

'That's not true. ...... You're the one who's beautiful, and you'll be even more beautiful if you ask Mahr and the others.
'All right!I'm going to go ask them!

Delia clenched her fists and stepped into the store.
With a stern expression, as if she were going into battle.

'Oh, but what should I do with the dress?

Delia peeked out from inside the store once she entered.
First of all, she doesn't have a dress to change into, does she?

'Don't worry about it!

...... You know what? I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.
I'm not sure what to make of that.

In the event that you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

He said he couldn't keep his hands busy with other work until yesterday, so he had to do it today.
By the way, my clothes arrived this morning, too.
Don't you think you're cramming too much work into every single day, Ukrines?
If you don't relax, you'll collapse.

I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.The beautiful people of the Forty-two Wards must be fired up!

Ukrines' eyes are burning.
Isn't she trying to solidify her position as a base for the transmission of beauty, this old lady?

Uclines hugged Delia's shoulders as she walked into the sunlit pavilion.
I'm impressed.
I guess he saw through Delia's innocent girl factor and wanted to polish it up.
Delia is no match for Norma and Natalia in terms of adult s*xiness. She's got the style, but she lacks the s*x appeal.

But Delia's charm lies in the gap between her proportions and her heart.

I'm sure you've noticed that, Ukrines, you ............ are a complete old man inside!

After seeing off Delia, we went back to the store.
It's not safe to leave Masha out in the open.

Soon after, Magda and Loretta come to the floor like walking the red carpet.
Wow, they look like princesses from another country.
Magda looks like a princess in a fairy land.

'Well, well, which princess is this?
'Hahaha!Big brother, you're good!
'...... It's a shame about Loretta.

Magda is right, Loretta.
I'm not sure what to say, but I'm sure you'll understand.

...... or rather, Loretta.

I'm not sure if I've ever seen you look this good.
'Heh!I think it's probably because of ...... Mahr, but ............ I'm so embarrassed!

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.
I'm not sure what to make of it. I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I've seen it before.
I'm not sure if it's because I'm only showing what I can see, but it makes me look really good.

'Stick to ......, only today you can't tease me as 'normal'.
I'm not sure what to say.I did it!
'Oh, yeah. You're just beautiful.'
'Didn't you just say 'normal'?

No, I just felt like I had to say it!I did!

Magda's dress is not that revealing, but it is still more than enough to emphasize her girlishness.
Her hair is voluminous and fluffy, making her look like a doll.
The brightly colored dress looks like a cute wrapping, and shows off her cuteness without regret, making you want to take her home.
I'm somewhat worried that Umaro and Javier will be reaped out of consciousness.

'...... Magda, do you look like a princess?'

Magda's eyes, looking up at me expectantly, seem to be somewhat fragile, like a shy young lady with a deep window.

'Ah. You're a princess no matter how you look at it.'
'...... so.'

Satisfied with my words, Magda turned her head, raised her tail, and addressed the world.

'...... Kneel, fools.'
'Your view of princesses, let's revise it a bit.

Who did you look at to get to that point, you?

'...... Yashiro. Magda, are you pretty?'

Magda always looks confident, but in fact she's always insecure.

I want to spoil her, but I'm afraid she'll hate me for spoiling her too much.
She always looks at me as if she's watching me.

As long as she's in the Sunlit Pavilion, it's impossible for anyone to dislike Magda.

'Was there ever a time when Magda wasn't pretty?
'...... today?'
'She was so cute I almost took her away.'
'............ Yeah.'

He turns over and mumbles, rubbing his tail against me.

'Darling, what about me?'
'Yes, very nice.

So please don't take me away, please.

Medora is behind me, 'You're too shy to look at me, darling, you're too naive! You can hear her squirming, but don't look back. ...... It's soul-destroying.

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm sure you'll understand. ......Hmm, Donis, you'll be surprised.'

I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that, Ginette.

'Not as much as me, I'm sure.

Ginette smiles innocently, wearing a different atmosphere, modest but memorable makeup, like she's from another world.

'Because I was surprised to see Jeannette in a dress.'
'...... You're exaggerating.'

The fact that she smiles at me is like a miracle.

...... You'll have to keep your guard up during the ceremony.
Don't let the aristocrats get to you.

'Ginette, Magda and Loretta, stay close to Medora.
'Yes, sir. It's not safe for them to wander off.'

' said Ginette to the younger Magda and the others.
You're the most dangerous one.

I'll be sure to tell Magda and Loretta to keep an eye on Ginette, who has little sense of danger.
But I'll also remind them to be careful, because today is a big day for you guys.

There's a lot of work involved in an event where lords and nobles gather, isn't there?