13-Episode 11 Dining Character

'What this store lacks. That's character.'

One morning. After returning to the store after making a donation to the church, I sat in the store and talked about my theory.
The people here are Jeannette, who was preparing to open the store, and Estella, who has recently started to follow me to the store after having breakfast at the church.
The payment of the price to Estella - a week's lunch for the labor involved in opening the Garbage Collection Guild - has been completed. So why do you keep coming here every day? ...... Well, as long as you don't bother me.

I'm not sure if you're referring to 'dignity' or 'class'.

It was Estella who reacted to my words.
I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.
...... You can't rely on me, shopkeeper.

It's not just about dignity. You'll be able to get a lot more than just a few.

In short, we need to raise the grade of the restaurant.
This is the answer I came up with after watching the business of the restaurant for a few days.

'If it's okay to have it, does that mean it's okay not to have it?
'You can do business without it. Even the lowest common den like this one has the right to operate.

Ginette asked, 'Didn't he just say something terrible? I can't be sure. But she's not sure and doesn't say anything. Today, too, he stinks.

'So, when you raise your 'rank', what does it change?

Estella's tone sounded somewhat amused.
She's trying to test me, isn't she?

'The higher the rank, the better the quality of the customers.
'You think the rich will come in droves?
'No. Only the poor will come to this rundown diner in a corner of the 42nd district, where it's a wonder it's still standing.''

Jeannette said, 'Huh, huh!I'm sure that's a terrible thing to say, isn't it? But she didn't seem to be able to confirm it and didn't say anything.
This guy's stench is divine.

'Well, then, what's the point of raising the 'rating'?In terms of clientele and income, it's all about maintaining the status quo, right?
'Well, it may not have an immediate impact, but it will definitely be beneficial in the medium to long term.
'Heh, ......, what exactly?'
'The quality of the customers will improve.'
'So ...... you're talking in a loop?'

Estella looks at me quizzically.

'It's not a loop. You just don't get it.'
'The clientele is going to stay the same and only poor people will come, right?'

'Oh, only poor people come here. Because the store smells poor. Where it smells like poverty, only people who smell like poverty will come. It's a poor man's festival.

Jeannette said, 'Whoa, whoa, whoa!That was definitely a terrible thing to say, wasn't it? But she wasn't sure and didn't say anything.
Shall I worship him as a stinky god?Shall I make a hollow?

'If that's the case, the quality of the customers hasn't improved.

As if slightly annoyed, Estella intensified her tone.
That's why this guy doesn't understand.

'The quality of the poor is getting better.
'What about ......?'

Poor people do poor things with poor faces because the atmosphere there is conducive to it.
For example, let's say you gather a hundred poor people and throw them a buffet party. What would happen?Probably, a scramble would begin. They would crowd around the food, pushing away anyone who got in their way, and some might even try to take the food home in Tupperware, or pick it up and eat it without caring if it had fallen.
This is because everyone around them is poor and the environment allows it.
Then, what if all the people at the party are aristocrats and rich?What happens if you throw one poor person into the mix? ......
The poor person will shrink from the atmosphere around him and become like a borrowed cat.
And they would feel embarrassed when they look back on themselves as being out of place.
'Was it right to wear such clothes? In the first place, why am I here on ......?
It is hard to describe how uncomfortable and unsettling it is to be in a place where you are clearly the lower class and you are the minority.
High-end hotels and first-class inns cut off their clientele not only by price, but also by their 'status'.
'Are you a suitable person for our restaurant? And so on.
Even so, those who desperately want to go there polish themselves, make up their minds, and try to be worthy of the place even if only on the surface.

That's right, the customers make an effort to change themselves and voluntarily raise their 'quality' and 'rank'.

'So, the quality of the customers will improve.
'Is it going to work that well?

Estella, who had been silently listening to me, spat out such negative words at the beginning of her speech.
Isn't there some kind of poisonous bag around her throat?

'If it becomes uncomfortable, the customers will just stop coming, don't you think?There are plenty of other cafeterias.'
'That's what a restaurant with a certain level of customer traffic would think. It's not something that a place like this, where only tea-drinking hags and eat-outs come, can say. You have no right to say that.
'Oh, that ......!

Jeannette called out to me with a face like, 'I can't help it this time! Ginette calls out to me with a face like, 'I can't help it this time! But when our eyes met, she said, '...... No, it's nothing,' and backed off.

Does the god of stink have a benefit of becoming stinky?Then let's not visit him.

'So we're not at the stage where we have to go on the defensive for fear of losing customers, are we?
'Well, yes.'

Estella seemed to finally understand.
She looks as if a blockage in the back of her throat has been removed. No, I think she looks like she's still got a little bone stuck in her body.

'What would you do if a new customer came in and all you saw in the store was a bunch of riffraff without a shred of respectability?
'If it were me, I'd never go back to that store again.
That's what I'm talking about. There is no point in trying to attract more customers if you don't strengthen the ground before you start.

It's like building a skyscraper without laying the foundation. It is 'stupidity,' the most abominable sin of mankind.
One should not be 'stupid'.
One must be clever.

'I think I understand what you're saying.
'That's good. I don't think the owner understands any of this.
'No, that's not true!

Ginette enters the conversation in a panic.

'So, you're saying that I should raise my rank, right?
'Is that your limit?
'Ginette, there's no need to push yourself.
'Ahhh ......, your kindness hurts me ......'.

Estella pats the depressed Jeannette's head as if to comfort her.
It is impossible to ask Ginette for 'dignity' or 'style'.
The 'dignity' that she tries to put on will soon come out and collapse.
It is acceptable for customers to be pretentious, but it is no good for those who accept them.
Especially when a superior guest arrives, there should be no such thing as a rag.

That is why it is important to "raise your rank as much as possible while not overdoing it.
I'm not trying to turn the Sunken Pavilion into a first-class restaurant. I'm not that reckless.

'Well, that's the point. I'm just saying that I'm going to raise the status of this restaurant, which is equally buried and below the bottom of the pile, just a little bit, and make it presentable to the point where it doesn't look like a full-fledged restaurant.
'It's terrible, Yashiro-san!

Jeannette has a look of accomplishment on her face as if to say, 'Oh, I finally said it.
It's nice that his goal is so low. He seems to be enjoying life.

'So, do you have any concrete ideas?
'I wouldn't be talking about this if I didn't.

I have a secret plan.

I mean, it's very royal, and it's commonplace in Japan.

''I made a uniform.

Ginette and Estella both nodded their heads.

''In order to raise the rank and improve the quality of customers, we need to draw the visitors to our intentions. In other words, you need to be able to control people's minds.

You need to instill in them a sense of 'I must do this' and 'I must not do that' while they are in the store.
In order to do this, you need to have a grip on the other person's mind.
If you can make them think in their subconscious mind, "Oh, I can't go against this guy," then your intentions will go through easily.

The quickest way to win people's hearts is to 'wear authority'.

People are vulnerable to uniforms.
The uniform of a security guard gives a sense of intimidation, even if the guard is a student worker.
Even if a passer-by says, 'Don't park your bicycle there,' you may think, 'What?Shut up! But if it's a security guard, you can say 'Yes, sir. But if you were dealing with a security guard, you would say, 'Yes.
The only difference between them is whether they are wearing uniforms or not, and their authority is greatly influenced by what they wear.

'So, here it is!

I take out an apron dress from the large bag I made for myself.


Ginette's eyes sparkled as soon as she saw it.
She stares intently at the apron dress, letting out a 'wow' or a 'hoo' or some such airless sound.

'Did you make this, Yashiro-san?
'Oh, yes. Didn't I get some cloth from the storage room before?With that.'
'Great!It's amazing!I can't believe that old cloth turned into something so pretty!

It seemed that it was common for people in this world to make their own clothes, and sewing tools and cloths were in good supply.
The clothes that Ginette always wears are also of a quality that can be seen as homemade.
Well, maybe buying clothes is a luxury for people in this world. There doesn't seem to be any outlets. There were used clothes, but they were expensive.

So I got some leftover cloth and worked hard at night to make an apron dress.

'Beautiful sewing, just like a professional. ............ Did you really make that?
'I'll take that look of admiration as admiration for a liar.

Estella picked up the apron dress and let out a sigh of admiration for her sewing skills.
I can't believe it was made by an amateur. I'd say it's just as good as the blazer I was wearing.
In other words, as long as you wear this, you can make people think, 'This store is high grade! That is to say, as long as he wears it, he can make people think, 'This shop is high grade! After all, there were people who thought I was an aristocrat just because I wore a blazer.

'This flutter is so cute!

Jeannette seemed to really like the ruffles on her shoulders.
Come to think of it, many of her pants have frills. I guess he likes this kind of thing.
Speaking of pants, there were some lace ones, too.
If I had the time, I would have knitted him some lace, but that will have to wait.
We can't just keep doing what we're doing. Customers are always looking for evolution.
Racing is the next step.

'Mr. Yashiro is very handy, isn't he?
'Hmm. Praise him more.

After all, we used to make all kinds of brand-name 'grasshopper things' by hand.
We can make clothes, bags, and even shoes. It was really hard to master ...... shoes. Watches were hard, too.
By the way, I made my own bag. It's a very "useful" bag with various pockets here and there.
Specifically, I can hide shoplifted goods in pockets that are hard to be found and say, 'Where did you hide them?Look in my bag! You can use it for things like that.
However, in Judgment of the Spirits, if someone asks, 'Did you steal it? You're out of luck.

'Hey!Can I try this on right away?
'Yes. It'll attract more customers, so wear it.
'Oh, wait a minute.

I stopped Jeannette from putting on the apron over her regular clothes, and took out another piece of clothing.

'Put this one on under the apron.
'You have another dress?Wow, ...... beautiful color.'

As a renowned perfectionist, there was no way I would end up with just an apron dress. Of course, I've already made a dress to wear underneath it.
In order to make the most of Ginette's bright and bubbly image, I'll have her wear a light pink dress that isn't too flashy and a pure white apron dress.

'Separate the public from the private, and try to behave professionally when you are wearing it. By doing so, the customer and the store will naturally rise in rank.
'Professional ............ Yes!Yes, I understand!

Ginette's expression turns serious.
The expression that had been cackling with delight at her cuteness changed to that of a professional.

'I'll go put it on then!

Hugging her dress and apron dress tightly, Jeannette disappeared over the counter into the back of the store.
'Can I help you? I wanted to offer to help, but ...... Estella was staring at me with a scary look, so I decided not to.
...... Can you please stop anticipating my actions and restraining me?

'You've been unusually serious in your planning.
What do you mean 'unusually'? I'm always serious.
'I'm saying that the direction of that 'seriousness' is the problem, isn't it?

You're hitting me where it hurts.
I can't argue with that.

'But if you can make clothes like that, I'd like to ask you too.
'How much do you want to pay?
'Are you talking about money right away?
'Did you think you'd get a free gift?
'I'm pretty sure you're not the only one.

You know exactly what I mean.

'But I'll make it for you if you pay me enough for the materials and labor.
'You'll get ripped off.
'No. We're in a time of needing money. I'm not going to rip you off until we've got a little more ground to cover. We need to win their trust first.'
'...... I'll have to keep a close eye on them to make sure they don't do that.

Let it shine on its own.
I'll do well to avoid the light. Either way, scamming is a business of sneaking around in the shadows.

'But if you want a fair price, I might consider it. Can I have a say in the design?
'I'll listen to your requests to a certain extent. However, the more requests you make, the higher the price will be.
'That's natural, isn't it? But what I'm trying to say is 'easy to move' or 'durable' or something like that. Oh, and the color, I guess.
'If you tell me first, I can handle it.
'I see. ...... Hmmm, what should I do. ......'

Estella began to seriously worry about placing an order.
I'm not sure what his financial situation is, but I have a feeling he has some money.
Her clothes should be neat.
Her hair is well groomed.
He takes a bath every day and does not smell.
In addition, she seems to be able to afford to bring back Imagawa-yaki as a souvenir, and may actually be the daughter of a great nobleman. ............. There is no way that the daughter of a great nobleman would come to a church where orphans gather to collect breakfast. It's not a matter of economics, it's a matter of face to face. In short, the family would say, 'Don't do anything disgraceful.

But, as I said before, since he dares to call himself 'I', he must be a rich man with a certain amount of money.
That is to say, he has enough money to be willing to order custom-made clothes.

If so, it would be more profitable for him to make clothes seriously.
I don't intend to become a clothes shop, but I welcome repeat customers who drop money regularly.

Oh, you mean...

'Let me take your measurements.

A face like Hannya's stares at me.
No,......, not in an erotic way,.......

I'm sure you'll be happy with the results.

If it's good, you might get orders for two or three more.

'...... Maybe, Ginette-chan's size is also ......?'
'Oh. I measured you.'
'What the hell are you doing?

'It's for the store,' I said, and he let me measure him, though he was very shy.
...... Well, it was amazing.

'It was an I cup.
'Oh, ............?

Estella was counting the minutes.
Then she slumped her shoulders with a look of despair. It seemed too shocking.
...... I wonder how the alphabet is translated?
I'm not sure if I'm getting my meaning across properly.

'You can't make your clothes the same size as Jeannette's, can you?
'...... I can only interpret that as a new kind of bullying.'

It's too tight around the chest. It's not something you can wear.

'You can put a little something in there.
'I don't want to!

It might be handy for carrying a watermelon or something. ......

'You can use free size clothes.'
'If that's the case, what's the point of having custom-made clothes?
'...... size, I don't want to say.'
'What's the point now. I'm sure you're an A-cup anyway, right?You know what you're doing. ...... Your eyes are so scary!

I thought I was going to be shot just by looking at me.

'You can either take back what you said or start your life over.

I'm already in the middle of starting my life over, and you're not asking me to do it all over again. Next time, I'm sure I'll start over at age six. ...... That's too much trouble.

'Okay, I stand corrected.'

I say, and Estella gives me a disapproving but satisfied look.

'It's only an A cup, isn't it?
'What are you correcting me about?
'No matter how it turns out, it's still an A cup, right?
'You're a malicious man, aren't you?

I crossed my arms and turned away.
You may think that you're hiding your breasts from me, but if you turn your head to the side, the unevenness of your breasts will be emphasized.
Without realizing it, Estella puffed out her cheeks as if she was offended.

'Oh, B cups.
'There's no such thing as a cup number on your cheeks!And I don't want to lose to your cheeks!

That's like confessing that you're an A-cup, right?
He seems to be vulnerable to a leading question.
All right, let's try a guide-interrogation.

'Oh, by the way, what cup are you?
'Is this some kind of leading question, then?
'I'm suddenly curious. Tell me!
'Even if you wanted to ask, you could've said something more!

You're a stubborn one!
But I have a secret trick up my sleeve!

''The Judgment of the Spirits!

Estella's body was enveloped in a faint glow.

'Come on, you can't lie to me now!Now tell me, what cup are you in?

Looking at me with a scornful gaze, Estella kept her mouth shut.
Eventually, the pale glow faded away like melting.

'Is it possible to keep silent?
'There's no problem as long as you don't tell lies.
'Why don't you just tell me that first!
'I don't have anything to teach you if all you think about is misuse!

You, Estella, ......!
How narrow-minded you are!
You're a very unhappy fellow, indeed!

'Oh, uh, .......'

While we were making such a fuss, Ginette returned to the dining room.
But she crouched down behind the counter as if to hide, and peeked at us with only her face showing.

'At least I wore it,.............'

'What the hell are you doing?Come here.'
'No, no...... that's the thing............ Mr. Yashiro, are these clothes the right size?'
'Oh!It's an I cup!
'Please don't say that out loud!
'...... (I-cup)'
'Please don't whisper!

You're so selfish.

'What's the matter, little Jeannette? You looked so happy. Isn't it possible that Yashiro's been playing a trick on you again?I've heard that it dissolves when it gets wet and that it's very scary!
'I wouldn't choose something like that for a store uniform!

I've already told you it's a uniform for a prosperous business.
I don't intend to make the store obscene, and if I did, Jeannette wouldn't be able to do it. To work in such a store, you need to be a girl who is immune to such things. Specifically, the mind can't take it. There are different types of girls for different jobs. They're professionals, you know.

'It's the right size, there's nothing wrong with it, is there?
'Oh, I see. ...... So, this is the right answer then?'

Jeannette double-checked her outfit behind the counter.
Then, with a '...... good', she stood up briskly.

'Oh, .......'

An exclamation of admiration escaped me.
You look even better than I imagined.

The modest peach-colored one-piece dress is cute and bright at the same time, and the pure white apron dress on top of it gives a neat impression.
The hem of the skirt spreads fluffily, and the frills on the shoulders and the hem of the apron sway every time you move, attracting your gaze.
Well, in short, it is a uniform like a maid cafe.
The bust of the dress has been sewn in a three-dimensional way with darts so that Jeannette's big breasts can be seen beautifully. The apron dress is designed to gently support her breasts and emphasize them.
At first glance, you may want to shout, 'Big tits day! I'm proud of this perfect design.
And the length of the skirt is 15cm above the knee!

I guess that's what they meant when they talked about the size.
But this is normal for high school girls in Japan. Don't worry about it, don't worry about it.
I'm having a lot of fun!

'Oh, um, what do you think of ......?
'I like it!It's cute!It's great!

'Is it true!...... I'm so glad.

Ginette breathed a sigh of relief as she received the acceptance sign from me, though she was still embarrassed.
Well, you'll get used to it.

'Hmm ......, you sure are cute.'

Estella is staring at Jeannette.
The sharpness of her gaze makes Jeannette sag a little.

'It's cute ......, but ............'.

That sharp gaze turns on you.

'Yashiro...... that was a speech to justify this outfit, wasn't it?'

Ugh,............, he sees right through me.

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
Take advantage of everything you can!It's a very natural thing for a businessman to do, isn't it!
So, make use of your boobs!

That's what I call "active boobs"!

It will definitely be a hot topic!
And the number of male customers will increase!
More importantly, I'll have fun every day!

It's all good!

'...... I understand well. In the end, Yashiro is Yashiro. You've got some serious shit to do!

That's a good point.

'But it's also true that those "bad things" have consequences. You saw this uniform and thought it was cute, didn't you?Making customers want to come back is the most important thing for a customer business like a restaurant.
'...... I can't argue with you on that, but ............ are you okay with this, Ginette-chan?'

Ginette wavered at the sudden turn of events.
But she clenched her fists and said with strong will in her eyes.

'Yes!It's the result of Mr. Yashiro's serious consideration for the store. I'll do whatever I can to help!

Another risky statement: ......
What would you do if I tried to use the Judgment of the Spirits as a shield to get you to do 'anything'?
I'm not sure if you're aware of that at all ......
I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but I'm sure you're aware of it.
'You know what I mean, don't you? You know that, right?
Yes, I know. Trapping Jeannette isn't going to do me any good at the moment. It's best to just let me use her.

'Looks like I'm going to have to come here every day for a while. I don't want any bad bugs to get into little Jeannette.'
'I'd appreciate it if you'd do that. If you can create an atmosphere that says, 'Don't mess with the staff here,' it will raise this store's 'rank' one more notch.
'You represent the bad bugs, though.
'I'm not going to touch the product.
'Well, ...... I'm not a product, right?You're ............, right?'

The gynoid looks at us with no confidence. ...... You're not confident?

'Oh, yes!

I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot of people who'd like to have a look at it.

'Estella-san, why don't you wear a matching uniform?
'......Ginette-chan............, that's an act that falls under the category of bullying......'
'Eh!Eh!Why is that!

Ginette...... natural girl's merciless attack is sometimes so cruel.
In the same outfit, and wearing a dress designed to emphasize her breasts, she lined up a chopping board of the level of "it's better if it's not gouged" next to her non-standard breasts,......, and the psychological damage would be overwhelming.

I think it would be better to leave her alone for a day or so.

'Jeannette. You go get ready to open the store. Leave Goure-chan alone.''
'Who's the 'gouge-chan'?I'm not gutted!
''Judgment of the Spirits!
'You really have some nerve, don't you?
I'm not going to show you.
'I'm not going to show it to you!Only you, never!
'Why not?
'Do I need to explain?

You, Estella, ......!
How narrow-minded you are!
You are an unhappy man, indeed!

Yeah, that's enough!
I'm going to open the store now!
I've got to make some money and get my mind off this!

'Come on, Jeannette!Let's get ready to open the store!Let's open the Bulge Pavilion!

'It's the sunny pavilion!

And so, with a lively atmosphere, the Bulging Pavilion ......, or the Sunlit Pavilion, opened its doors again today.