12-Episode 10 Testing to Genet

The day began with a donation to the church, followed by a meeting with Bertina and Estella, a clash between Mormat and the guild, a confrontation with Assunto, and then a mending of chairs and desks in a deserted diner, and a promise to pay Gusuya for his overdue bill.
After such an eventful day, a new morning is upon us.

...... Just like yesterday, Ginette began her activities before the sun had even risen, and I was awakened by her delicious smell.

Then, like yesterday, I go down to the courtyard, which is still dark. ......

As yesterday, I saw a large white cloth stretched out in the courtyard - the entrance to Peachland.

I heard a long time ago that fishermen who left the Peachland could never reach it again, but ...... I did. Now I'm in Peachland again!
The treasure I got yesterday was confiscated by Ginette.
Today I'm going to get it, the treasure. No, ...... Happiness!


As I was about to pass through the gate to Peachland, I noticed a warning sign that wasn't there yesterday.
There was a rather large piece of paper taped to a cloth.
On it was written.

You are not allowed to enter. If you enter, a high voltage current will flow.

...... Huh.
Jeannette. If you're going to tell a lie, tell a better one.
High-voltage current?
I'm sure you've heard of it.
That's a funny joke. I'll give you the Best Unique Award.

Now, Jeannette, remember this.
We treasure hunters, we thrive on traps.
Because we know the treasure we seek is out there!

You can't threaten me like this!
I find it rather amusing!

Let's go!To the Paradise of Hope!

Without hesitation, I rolled up the white cloth.
At that moment, a violent electric current flowed through my body.


A tremendous shock ran through my fingertips and down my whiskers and toes.
A coldness ran through my veins as if ice had been thrown into them, followed by a burning heat that spread.
My nerves became stupid, and my limbs started to move strangely regardless of my will.
Finally, I couldn't stand, and I fell to the ground, my whole body twitching and twitching.


Hearing the roar, Jeannette came out of the kitchen and into the courtyard.

'I wrote that it's dangerous, but why are you touching it?

'...... So,............ there ...... is a dream... ...there is,..................ra'?
'No, there isn't!The only thing on the other side of this is the laundry. In addition, all I washed today were rags and towels.
'Pa,pants ...... is ......?
'How can there be that many things to wash every day?

If you ask me, yesterday's pants were washed in bulk.
In other words, that dream scene only happens once a month. ......
Ginette, who had spent most of the day preparing the food, probably hadn't gotten around to doing the laundry and had let the dishes pile up.
So this is a ...... trap?Is it a trap?

'...... tricked ............ into ......... '.........deceived.........deceived......'
'Oh, you know, Estella-san told me to write this down and put it up on the ...... website, and then she told me to set up this machine ......... ...'

Ginette shows him a black box the size of the palm of her hand. It has a memory and a dial switch, and two obviously suspicious cords running through it.
Was this what Estella had given Jeannette yesterday? ......
That woman ...... made an unnecessary ............ and why is technology only being used for this... ...

I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will work for you. I trusted Yashiro and installed it thinking that it would never get caught. I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
'...... A man has his own world. ............ If I were to use an analogy, it would be ...... a shooting star running across the sky. It's a single shooting star that runs ...... through the sky.'
'I don't know what you're talking about, but it says it's dangerous. Then you shouldn't open it.'
'......I thought it was a lie. ............'
'I don't tell lies.
'I wanted to think you were lying. ......'

I can't.
The pain is weakening my heart. ...... I'm crying. It's a boy.

Jeannette steadied me and carried me to the dining room.
She places me in a stable chair and cares for me with great care.
...... I knew the lore was right. ............ I never made it, Peachland.

''......Shit, shit, shit.''
'Mr. Yashiro, does it still hurt?If there is anything I can do, please let me know.
'Then give me your pants.
'That's impossible!

With a red face, Jeannette retreated to the kitchen.
I lay down on the desk and wept bitterly.
Today I abandoned all my duties and swore to be faithful to sleep.

'See?I told you so, didn't I?

Estella arrived just before noon and said to Ginette with a proud look on her face.

'But I still feel a little sorry for you ......'.
'It's okay, it's okay. This is a good medicine. See, that's the thing. "You have to tell them they're doing something wrong. That's what he said himself, right?'
'That's true, but ......'.

Ginette looks at me with apologetic eyes as I plop down at my desk.
...... Hmm. I'm too tired to even look at her.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.
'What the hell?Then how am I supposed to sneak in?
'Um, ......, please don't sneak in .......'

d*mn it!
We're under the same roof!
I was thinking of casually sneaking in at night when we get to know each other a little better!
But only casually!

I put a curse in my gaze and sent it to Estella.
I send a curse to Estella with my gaze, but Estella simply ignores it and talks to Jeannette.

'By the way, didn't you like Imakawayaki, Ginette?
'Yes, I do. It's my favorite.


'You have Imagawa-yaki?'
'Yes. It's sweet and very tasty. ...... I love it.'

Well, since there seems to be wheat and red beans, it's not surprising that such a dish has been developed. ......
But the name Imagawa-yaki is also ............ Oh, I see.
I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

'Actually, I brought it for Jeannette-chan.
'What?Is ...... okay?'
'Yeah. I'll be treating you to lunch for the next week. It's the least I can do.
'But that's the reward for opening the Garbage Collection Guild .......'
'It's Yashiro who benefits from the guild's establishment, right?But it's Ginette who cooks for us. When I think about it, I feel like Yashiro is the sole winner. So, here's a present for you, Ginette.

'...... means you don't have one for me?'
'Cause I don't see any reason for me to give you a gift.'

...... this guy.
That's not a good idea.
It's bullying.
She's such a b*tc*.

'But ......'.
'I'd be happy to take it.'
'Oh, ......, "accept my kindness" ............, right? Yes, sir. I'd be happy to take it.'
'That's what I'm talking about!

Ginette took the paper bag from Estella and bowed deeply.
Assuming that the contents are the same as the Imagawa-yaki I know, there's only one ............ in there. That bulge.
I wonder why the people of the 42nd district are so sullen. ......
If you're looking for souvenirs, bring enough so that you can say 'please bring some with you'.

'Then we'll have them after the meal.

Then Ginette put the paper bag of Imagawa-yaki next to me.

'Don't steal it, okay?
'Don't talk to me like I'm a bad person. Like you're a bad person.'

'A crook, but .

'So, Miss Estella. What can I get for you?'
'Let's see, ......, anything you'd like, Ginette, I'll take your recommendation.'
'Yes, ma'am. We have a new menu that started today, so I'll bring it to you!

With that, Jeannette walked into the kitchen.
So. Estella came to ask for lunch.
She came to ask for a free lunch, patronizing me for a small thing.
The devil.

'What's with the defiant look in your eyes?You got what you deserved, didn't you?'
'It's hardest to get injured for something that isn't even treasure. ...... Why would I get into this mess for a rag?
It's a good idea to get rid of your evil thoughts.
'If you take away my evil heart, what's left?
'......, don't you feel sad for yourself when you say that?

You have no idea.
You don't know how many dreams and hopes a pure-hearted boy can find in that little piece of cloth.
How enthralled they are.

'Well, if you've learned your lesson, you won't have to think about anything nasty anymore, will you?

Estella looks into my face.
Oh, God, that's disgusting.
I turn away and push Estella out of my line of sight.

'Get out of my sight. You're an eyesore.
'That's a terrible thing to say.
'Don't talk. It's deafening.
'Cut it out!

As I said this coldly, Estella must have been annoyed by it, because she started ruffling my hair.

'Yeah, don't touch me!It's the texture!
'No, that's not right, is it?

Oh, man. You're playing with a broken man.
Why don't you just go home?

'Thank you for waiting~'

Ginette brings in the food on a tray.

'Huh?There's so much here.

Estella rolls her eyes at the contents.
On the tray were stir-fried scraggly vegetables, boiled potatoes, rice balls and bowls of millet rice.

'Are you sure you want this much?
'Yes. It's the 'daily set meal' designed by Mr. Yashiro!
'Oh, ...... daily special.'
'With all this, the price is very reasonable.
'By the way, how much is it?
'It's 25Rb!

Stir-fried scraggly vegetables for 20Rb. You can see how good a deal this is.
Not to mention the taste, the quantity and the price are perfect.

When Estella heard the price, she looked at me.

'So?What's the reason for the low price?
'That's a trade secret.

'That's a compliment to me, that's'.
'Totally. ............'

Estella stared at the food on the tray and pondered.

'Set meal of the day...... 'Day by day' ......, in other words, by not stating what will be served, we can use the excess ingredients at the time.'
'Great!That's a good answer!''

Jeannette admitted easily.
I told you it was a trade secret.
Nevertheless, Estella's reading was mostly correct.

Well, it was a simple matter of combining the leftover food to donate to the church with the food they had purchased in bulk and offering it at a discount.
We don't even have enough customers.
It is better to use the food as a dish than to leave it as a surplus. It is better to use them for cooking than to use them as surplus food. It is better if the customers go to the menu which is a little more expensive than usual because of the bargain. If you can increase the price per customer by using ingredients that would otherwise have to be disposed of, that is a great profit.
Since we are planning to buy vegetables in bulk from nearby farmers, including Mo-Mat, we will be able to continue serving the same amount of set meals.
The difference from Ginette's idea of "Let's increase the quantity! What's different from Ginette's idea of 'let's increase the quantity' is the idea of 'disposing of the store's inventory' instead of 'increasing the quantity served to customers.

'So, what's the black one over here?

'The black one,' Estella pointed to a rice ball made of millet. 'I don't like the idea of a black one. Call it azuki-bean.

'This is "rice".
Ginette, it's 'rice'.

We don't serve it in rice form.

I rummaged through the pantry and found a large supply of rice.
It seems that bread is the main food in this city and rice is rarely eaten. ...... What a waste.
There are some wards where rice is a staple food, but it seems to be almost unknown in the forty-two wards.
It's a good idea to take a look at the website to see if you can find any useful information. ...... Oh, what a waste.

......, but the aroma was not good. It seemed a little hard to eat as white rice.
This is where minor grains come in.
Among the grains in the pantry, such as beans and wheat, I selected those with a good aroma and sweetness and cooked them together with rice.
The taste of this rice is a few steps lower than that of Japanese ten-grain rice, but it is still edible.
The red beans added to the rice gave it a faint color and made it look vivid.
Above all, compared to that blunt black bread, this is definitely better!
What is that hard bread? I wouldn't be surprised if it appeared as a murder weapon in a two-hour suspense. I'm not surprised if it appears as the murder weapon in a two-hour suspense film. 25Rb for something like that is a scam on .......

'It's a strange scent.
'One of these days, I'll sign a contract with a rice farmer to provide you with white rice.'
'White rice?Is it good?
'Freshly cooked rice is the truth of the world.

From the moment I learned that white rice existed and was available for consumption, my heart was captivated by it.
I will definitely get it.
I'm going to get it, and I'm going to devour that freshly cooked rice!
Ginette's food is delicious, but I can't give up the taste of home.

'Hmm!It's delicious!

Estella's eyes rolled back in her head as she took a bite of the original rice cereal.
Her cheeks are glistening, and she is chewing hard.

'The more you chew, the sweeter it gets. ...... Yeah, the aroma isn't bad either.
'Don't talk while eating. That's why poor people are ......'
'Ugh. ...... I'm sorry I'm poor.'

For some reason, the sarcasm she had uttered to Estella seemed to have stuck in Jeannette's mind, and she shrugged her shoulders and hung her head.

'Don't tease me.
'It's not my fault.

That's what I call Jeannette's paranoia.
But he's ...... making me the bad guy for everything.

'Go home after you've eaten.
'Don't treat me so badly, will you?I'm sure the restaurant is happy to have customers every day.'
'Those who don't pay are not customers.
'Then how about you, instead of a diner?Wouldn't it be nice to see my face every day?'

Estella makes a gesture of ruffling her hair and makes a 'shina'.
...... What a gag, that is.

I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've seen it before.

Estella slammed the arm that had been brushing her hair up against the desk.
The tableware clanks .

'E, Estella, please calm down.
''Poke my tits''?
'Calm down'!Yashiro-san, please shut up for a minute!

I got angry.
I didn't do anything wrong.

'Um, Estella-san. There's no point in worrying too much about your physical condition. It doesn't matter which one you are, everyone is unique in their own way, for better or worse.

'But ...... I'd go a little bigger ...... if I could.'
'You don't have to think about that. Besides, there's nothing good about having big breasts, right?
''There's nothing good about it!
''Why, even Yashiro-san!

My voice and Estella's were in sync.
I never thought I'd see the day when I'd be able to agree with this guy. ......
I don't like to admit it, but maybe we're just like each other.

I put out my right hand.
A comrade's handshake.

'I refuse!

But Estella seems to have bent her navel.
She roughly throws some stir-fried scraps of vegetables into her mouth and wriggles her puffy cheeks.
If I say a really funny gag now, it will be great.
This is a great way to make sure that you are getting the most out of your time with your family and friends. ...... However, Estella, who sensed what was going on, glared at me with a terrible expression.

I'm not sure what to make of this, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where by and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.

'So, how are the negotiations with the other farmers and fishermen going?
'I don't see how they could have progressed yesterday.
'You're late. Speed is everything in business negotiations.

Well, you have a point.
But in my case, speed is of the essence when it comes to making money.

'Jeannette doesn't have much time to move.
'Why don't you go alone?
'There's no way anyone would listen to a complete stranger come in out of the blue and tell them to sell their products without going through the guild.
'Well, that's true.

In that aspect, Jeannette is very useful.
In addition to being harmless to humans, Jeannette has the ability to unconditionally arouse the protective desires of others, and she is extremely popular among her neighbors.
There is no way not to take advantage of this.

So I'm thinking of taking a break from the cafeteria as soon as possible and going around to the producers.
However, it's not something that can be visited in a day or two. ...... It's a difficult task.

'If you want to go somewhere, I can help you.
'Are you trying to get a free meal again?
'Fine. As long as it gets you some reassuring help.'

That's reassuring, isn't it, ......?
Well, if it's hard to ask Jeannette, you can ask Estella.
I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not. In a way, she has the same 'cold-bloodedness' as me.

'Well, let's all go ask for help.

Ginette clapped her hands and smiled happily.
Apparently, she thought it was some kind of fun event. ......
I think Estella might be there after all.

'After all, I think I'll leave Jeannette behind. ......'
'Why not?I'll do my best, please!

That's what I'm worried about.

'Because you're easily fooled and embrace disadvantage.
'That's not true, sir. I'm still a cautious person.

...... Are you serious?

'Then I'll give you a test now.'
'Test, sir?

I picked up one of the rice balls of millet from the tray of the daily set meal.

'Hey!That's for me!
'Don't be stingy!I'm just going to eat it!
'It's not stingy to stop it!
'It's not like it's going to decrease ......'
'It will!It'll disappear for sure!
'I can't help it: ......'

I give up on the rice cereal and reach for the paper bag of Imagawa-yaki.

'Here's your favorite Imagawa-yaki.

I pull it out of the bag and see that it is indeed ...... Imagawa-yaki. It's the circular Imagawa-yaki that I know so well.

'Let's share half of this with me now.
'Half and half?
'Yes. But you love Imagawa-yaki, don't you?
'You want to eat a lot if you can, right?
'Yes. ...... I know it's mean, but I want to eat a lot.'
'But I'm going to stop you from doing that!
'What?Why not?
'Here's a test.'

I looked at Jeannette and slowly explained the rules.

'Your objective is to eat more than I do. Is that clear?'

'More than Mr. Yashiro. ............ Yes. I understand.'

Jeannette nodded and braced herself.
No, no, no. We're not fighting over it.

'I'll split it in half and you can choose which one I'll eat. Is that okay?'
'............ are you sure?'
'Huh?...... Oh, so you can only eat the same amount!

Does he think he can eat the same amount?

'Do you have any advice?

Estella, unable to see how bad Jeannette was, interrupted him.
Well, at least some advice would be nice.

When I prompted her, Estella took a rice ball of millet from the tray and broke it in half. The rice ball split into a large lump and a small lump.

'You can still say half of this, right?

Jeannette stared at the rice ball of millet as if scales had fallen from her eyes.

'So that's what you're saying. ...... I almost took a loss, didn't I?
'If it continues like this...'

I'm not sure what to make of that, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
The difference between the two of them is endlessly large.

'And that's why, Yashiro-san. I can't accept that idea.

Thinking it was a test, Ginette told me in a firm tone.
If he is sure that the other person will not be hurt, he can speak his mind clearly. Why can't he just keep doing that?

'Well, I'll split it in half and hand you the one you choose. How about this?'

Hearing the next idea, Jeannette immediately looked at Estella. ...... Think for yourself.
Estella drops her gaze to the rice cereal and wrinkles deeply between her eyes.

If you divide it into two parts and there is a difference in size, ...... the ginette can choose which one to take, ............ the ginette can eat more.

That's the answer he must have come up with.
In fact, it seems to be the only way to get there.
But apparently that doesn't feel right. ...... The wrinkles between Estella's eyebrows are getting deeper and deeper.

'Now, what do we do?
'Eh, uh, ......!

Ginette begins to panic, staring at me and Estella alternately.

'Remaining,ten seconds: ......'
'Nine...... eight...... seven......'
'Oh, uh, um, ......'
'Ahh!No, it's fine!That's fine!
'Two............ I see. Well, let's see the results.'

Ginette holds her chest, as if the countdown hurt her heart. ...... Wow, that's a lot of sinking. ......

'Could it be you ......?'

When I was paying attention to Ginette's right hand as it sank into her boob ......, or rather her boob as it engulfed her right hand, Estella was staring at me and talking to me.
I'll show you a trick. With a look like that.

'Aren't you trying to neatly divide the food in half so that we can't tell who ate more?
'It's weird how things aren't black and white, isn't it?
'Well then, ............ ah!Oh, right!

Estella's face twisted in frustration as she seemed to come up with something.

'The victory condition given to Ginette-chan is to eat more than Yashiro. ...... If it's the exact same amount, it doesn't mean you've eaten more!
'Oh!That's true!

At Estella's words, Jeannette's expression twisted.
I see. That's an interesting idea. That's one way to look at it.
But it's not.

I'm going to make it even easier for you to see how gullible Jeannette is.

'Then we'll cut it in half.'

I said lightly, and split the Imagawa-yaki in two.
...... The result.


Estella and Jeannette both shouted.

There was clearly a difference in the size of the two pieces of Imagawa-yaki that I divided. The one on the right was about half a bite bigger than the one on the left.

'Ha-ha-ha!You messed up, Yashiro.
I'm sure I can beat you at this.

Estella and Ginette are laughing hysterically.
Confident of victory, Ginette points to the larger one on the right.

'Then, please take this one.

Immediately after hearing those words, I bite into the larger one, the Imagawa-yaki, with all my might.


And after taking a bite, I handed the smaller one on the right side to Jeannette.

'You've ...... eaten ............ it, haven't you?

And then he took a bite of the one that was left in his hand.
Yeah. Sweet!
It's delicious, isn't it, Imagawa-yaki.

'Ah~......I loved Imagawa-yaki... ......'

Nothing left.
All that was left in Jeannette's hand was a small piece of Imagawa-yaki to bite into.

I just let Jeannette choose which one to give to me.
I never said I would not tamper with it.

'See?You're gullible.'

Jeannette stared with tears in her eyes at the small fragment that remained in her hand.
She must really like it.
She looks very sad.
But he'll have to take this kind of damage to feel it deeply.
Good medicine.

'Ginette. I'll give it to you again. Okay?Don't cry.'
'............ No. I brought this on myself. ......'

Ginette seemed to reflect on her own stupidity.
Good. Good. That's fine.

'I mean, Yashiro!There's no way you could've won, no matter how you tried!

Estella seemed annoyed that Jeannette was half-crying.
She directs her misplaced anger at me.

'There was a way to win. The simplest, most straightforward way.'
'What was I supposed to do?

To Estella and Jeannette, who don't understand, I'll tell them a very simple solution.

''You could have eaten a whole one if you said, 'I refuse this test.'''
''Ah ......''

Originally, this Imakawayaki belonged to Jeannette.
As long as I didn't let her use it for testing, she could naturally eat more than me.

'If you think that the world is only within the field that your opponent has set, your whole world will be turned upside down.

Estella and Jeannette fell silent as they listened to my grateful lecture.
All that was left was an unpleasant aftertaste in my mouth.

Let's go eat it fresh next time.
The only thing that remained was the luscious sweetness that made me think that.