176-Later on, we'll talk about humans and the beasts.

'Can I tell you what I've noticed?

The day after the hunting guild's 42nd district branch held a gathering of 'Han', I had come to a certain place alone.
There's someone I want to meet and talk to.
In fact, I thought it would be a good idea to talk to him about this, but I don't think I can keep pretending ...... that I didn't see him.

It's hard to talk to Jeannette about it, and Magda and Loretta are beastmen,......, so it's kind of a no-brainer.
I thought about asking Estella,......, but she's a lord,.......
I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I'm sure it's a good idea. Bertina is a sister, and Regina is originally a foreigner.

That's why I chose this one: ......

I'm sure you've heard of it. I've heard that before.

...... Now, I'm starting to regret it.

'I'm serious.'
'Seriously talking about boobs?...... Yashiro, can't you ever think of anything but your boobs?'
'You're the one who started talking about boobs!

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.
I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.

I'm sure you'll be able to understand why I've been so impressed with your work.

'I want to ask you a few questions about the nobles,...... or should I say,...... about humans and beastmen,...... ......'
'...... of course.'

Imelda's gaze sharpened a little, and a teacup was placed on the saucer with a quiet clink.
Her back straightened, and her neck looked nicer.
The line from her long, thin neck to her collarbone is truly beautiful. Together with her well-defined eyes and nose, she has a lustrous atmosphere like a flower in dignified bloom. It makes you feel as if you are looking at a painting with a delicate touch.
Her lips are light red like a colored cherry blossom that shines against her translucent white skin and opens quietly.

'Whether you are a nobleman or a beastman is not a factor that will affect the size of your ...... tits.'
'Enough with the boob talk!

What's with this girl?Why are you so stubborn?

'...... Oh, "Enough about boobs."' ............ said ...... ......'

I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I've seen it before.
Her feet kick the table as she wobbles, and the teacup falls.
With a crisp, dry sound, the amber tea spreads to the floor.

'Yashiro-san ......, please don't die!
'You can't die!
'There's something wrong with you, isn't there?You must be seriously ill!
'I'll give it right back to you!

What was with the serious expression on your face just now?
I've only been able to talk about boobs since I came here!
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out.In that case, we might have to stay here for three days or so.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with your loved ones, please do not hesitate to contact us.

This is a great way to make sure you are getting the most out of your time with your family and friends.

This time we are serious. ......

'Imelda ......, will you take me seriously?'
'Of course I will.'
'To be honest, it's not something I'd like to talk about too ...... much.'
'That's not a pun!I'm not trying to make a pun.What kind of translation did you do?

I'm not sure what kind of translation you're using, but I'm pretty sure it's a forced translation spell.Let me speak seriously!

'It's something only you can ask. I thought I'd help you out, so tell me.
'Only you can ......?
'Yeah. The other guys are a little ...... and a little ............ angular.'
'Yes, it's .......'

Imelda then gently raises her right hand.
The waiters, seeing this, all left the room at once.
The nearly ten waiters quietly bowed one by one and left the room.

'...... Now, isn't it somewhat easier for you to talk?
'Oh, yes. Thank you.

I straighten up and begin to speak in a quiet voice.

'The nobles I've seen have all been human. Do you know what ...... that means?'
'Yes, ...... of course.'

Imelda took a moment of silence as she sipped the tea that the waiters had brewed for her.
She heard the clink of the cups.

'Oh, yes. ...... Yashiro-san came to this city from another country, didn't he?
'Well, yes.
'Then I guess it's understandable. ......'

A long, thin breath was exhaled, and Imelda looked a little cold.

Imelda's slitted eyes were filled with a serenity reminiscent of the depths of the ocean.

'First of all, let me preface this by saying that my family is not a noble family by birth.
'You made your fortune in the lumberjack guild and became a nobleman?
'Yes, sir. That's what I meant.

In a world ruled by a king, there are people who are promoted to nobility based on their achievements, fame, contributions to the kingdom, and ample wealth. They are given titles.
The Woodcutter's Guild is a very powerful guild that operates in all districts. The Javier family, who rose to the top of the guild, must have been recognized as worthy of nobility.
Well, it's an achievement and an irrefutable asset.

But why did I preface it with this: ......

'Are you saying that Estella and I are different in rank?
'Well, that's true, but ...... I said that because I thought it would be easier to understand if we drew a line beforehand, rather than saying anything about it.'
'Draw the line?
'Yes. There's a clear difference between us and the old nobles, including the lords. This is a deep, deep gulf that cannot be filled no matter how hard we try.

There is also a gap between royalty and nobility that cannot be bridged.
In addition, there is a clear difference between genuine aristocrats and so-called 'adult' aristocrats,.......

In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the following web site: .......
'Oh, ...... I see.'

Imelda knew what I wanted to say, and she dared to make a difference in a simple way.

'Yashiro is probably right in his thinking. There are only humans among the nobility. In other words, .......'

All expression disappeared from Imelda's face.

'Beastmen can't be noble.

The expression on her face is as cold and blank as an ice sculpture. ......
It seemed to be a very noble behavior to be able to show no emotion when talking about this.
There was no arrogance, no pity. It's just a natural fact that he understands how the world works.
He is not very fond of such discriminatory things in his nature, but ...... his position does not allow him to give a glimpse of his personal opinion about it.
Because Imelda is a noblewoman.
A nobleman cannot deny that the city is ruled by royalty.

'In other words, the lords and other nobles are only human, and the beastmen cannot enter the city.
'If you're ...... a concubine, you're not limited to that.'

A concubine ....... That's what we call a mistress. A nobleman would have a mistress or two. In fact, they may even have them living in the same house.

I'm sure there was discrimination against the beastmen,......, although nowadays the number of people who talk about it is infinitesimally small.

This city is full of beastmen.
All of them are living positive and decent lives.
There is no shadow of discrimination there.

'......, but I don't think it will ever ............ disappear completely, either.

The idea, values, and systems that have been around for a long time, no matter how much time passes, are something that settles in the depths of the human mind like an 'ori'.
They change with time and are passed down to the present in the form of 'unspoken rules'.

Beastmen cannot become nobles.

I am sure that this is a matter of course that is not even a matter of dispute for the people of this town.
And it is surely not ...... justice to mix it back up.

It is the result of the choices made by the inhabitants of this city.
Everyone wanted a peaceful life, and that is now bearing fruit.
Denying the system creates conflict and brings about many tragedies.

That is why no one touches it.

Besides, I don't know how much time has passed since the time of discrimination, but the current situation has improved a lot.
For proof, see ......

'There are a lot of beastmen among the guild leaders, aren't there?
'Yes, that's true. It's a question of their ability to organize the guild. It's not a job for the faint of heart.
'Then it's only natural that the hunting and fishing guilds that operate outside the city gates should be made up of beastmen.
'That's right. There's no way that we humans can compete with their power.

If you want the strongest person in the guild to be the guild leader, it will naturally be the beastmen. This is purely because the physical ability of the beastmen surpasses that of humans.
When you think about it, the greatness of the Javier family, which holds the position of guild leader despite the presence of beastmen such as Austin of the gorilla race and Xenobios of the pheasant race who fought in the gluttony contest, stands out.
This proves that they were superior in every aspect, not just power. That's why the king gave him a title. That makes sense.

'Your father's achievements and bravery are countless, and he became the head of the guild and received a knighthood directly from the king. ...... We, the Javier family, have become nobles.
'In other words, Javier was an extraordinary monster.
'I'll take that as a compliment.

Imelda lets out a giggle.
So if ...... Javier retires, he won't be in the guild leader's family anymore?

'By the way, the next guild leader has been decided to be me. It was unanimously decided by the Lumberjack Guild.
'Wow, that's nice. The idiots love you.'

The guild leader is a strong man who can unite the guild. The stupid parents and the stupid guild members.
Well, in terms of popularity, they're probably the best.

'We, the Javier family, will never cease to be nobles, even if we are no longer guild leaders. The title you have been given is not something that can be revoked. ...... But that is why ......'

I've seen those strong-willed eyes looking at me one day.

'I want to continue to be the guild leader of the Woodcutter's Guild. I don't want to be a 'mere nobleman'.

A mere nobleman with no ability.
Imelda wouldn't want to be one of those. That's just like him.

'The other guild leaders can't become nobles no matter how much they accomplish.

In fact, Medora and Masha are not nobles.
Even if they are the guild leaders of the hunting and fishing guilds, which boast such enormous power, the beastman race cannot become nobility.
Although, those two would probably say that they have no interest in being nobles.

The story up to this point was pretty much as I had imagined it would be.
Here's what I want to know.

'Is the marriage of a human and a beastman a problem in this city?

That's what Assunto said.
'There are many things in this city that can't be seen from within the 42nd district. ......
Isn't that what it's all about?

If the nobles are full of humans, then the more you go to the center of the city, the fewer beastmen there will be and the more humans there will be. Then, the understanding of the beastmen will change. The discrimination will become more pronounced.
Assunto was trying to gain a foothold in the Central District by accumulating achievements.
Maybe ............ Assunto is being put in charge of the forty to forty-two district branches because he is a beastman. ...... It might be.

If you ask me, I've never seen a human and a beastman couple.
Estella's parents are both human, and the Yaplok family of corn farmers are both Okojos.
The couple of Theron and Wendy might be considered unique.

'There's no problem.

There is no problem. ......
If Imelda was right, and discrimination against beastmen is almost non-existent these days, then there would be no problem in a marriage between a human and a beastmen.
But ......

'You mean there are more than a few ...... who don't like it, right?'
'Yes, that's right. I think there are. I'm not sure, but I'm not sure that there aren't .......'

Maybe that's why Wendy doesn't talk to Theron about her family.
Maybe Wendy's parents are thinking that ...... they don't want to give their beautiful daughter to the people who once discriminated against them.

And I'm also curious about what Imelda said earlier.
The aristocrats are taking the beastmen as their concubines.

We can't deny the possibility that Wendy's parents think that Wendy will be taken as a concubine.
Theron is not a nobleman, but if he believes that humans are like that, then it's possible.

'Is bigamy 'allowed' in this world?
'Are there any countries where there is no such thing?

Oh, so that's your understanding. ......
Well, in a world like this, it seems like they would hate to break up the family. That is to say, it is natural that they would do anything for their heir.

'Though, these days, only royalty and the high ranking nobles around them do such things.
'Is that so?
'It costs a lot of money to have multiple spouses.
'Well, so be it.

But I'm sure Assunto and Pompeo can afford it.

''Then, of course, ordinary people can have multiple marriages, right?''
'Yes. There's no problem with the system. If you're worthy enough, you can go to .......'

Imelda's eyes instantly turned frosty cold.
Rather than grumpiness,......, I felt something akin to murderous intent,.............
I'm sure it's not that big of a deal, but...

'Does Javier have a side room or concubine?
'If so ......'.

Zulli ...... and a hand axe appeared from under the table.

'............I will finish you off with my own hands.'
'......It's probably not going to happen,......Javier, you seem like the type to take very good care of your wife,......haha.

It was that big of a deal. ...... You're wielding a lot of murderous intent.
I'm not sure what to say. You're showing it on your face without hiding it.
I've never seen Imelda with a knife before. ...... It's terrifying. As a lumberjack, she seems to be able to do well outside the city gates.

From what I've heard, polygamy is allowed, but it doesn't seem to give a good impression. In particular, I don't think the issue of heirs is taken seriously.
Imelda and Estella are both only daughters, but neither parent is trying to get a son,............, come to think of it.

'Can Estella also get more than one son-in-law?'
'No, she can't.'

I'm not sure what to make of that, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

'With such gaped breasts, marriage itself is doubtful.
'No, it's not her qualities, it's the system, isn't it?

There's a certain number of people who don't mind having gouged tits.
But that's not the point. ......

'That's impossible, too.
'Is it possible for a man to have more than one wife, but not the other way around?
'A mistress with a loose sense of chastity is a good laugh. Besides, if there are more than one son-in-law, it is inevitable that there will be a flesh-and-bone fight over the heir .......

People everywhere want to live in peace.
If there is a power struggle in the territory, we can't even see it.

'As a system, bigamy is allowed, but how the public perceives it is a different story.
'So just because it's not illegal doesn't mean it's something you should do willingly.
'Yes. Besides, don't you think that the universal love of monogamy is beautiful?
'So that's what the residents' perceptions are changing to.
'I still think polygamy is a bit dishonest.
'Is that how it is?
'Oh?Do you want to have more than one wife, Yashiro-san?

No way.
One wife is too much for me. I don't want more than one.
It'll be a pain in the ass. Just thinking about pecking order and jealousy and ...... is troublesome.
I love and be loved by one woman,.................., what am I saying?

I'm a little embarrassed by my own thoughts.

There's no way I'm getting married in the first place,....... It doesn't suit you.
You ...... don't care about me.

I'm not sure if it's because I've been quiet or because Imelda's gaze has grown sharper. It's as if she's trying to see through my brain.
...... Stop it. Don't look at me like that. What if it makes a hole?


...... d*mn it, Imelda's guy. ...... d*mn it, d*mn it.

I'm not sure what to say, but I'd like to hear what you have to say.

You have to be human to be a noble.
Even if you are not an aristocrat, the human race is regarded slightly higher and is distinguished from the beast race in some ways.
Bigamy is allowed in the system, and some nobles in the Central District may have side chambers or concubines.
However, beastmen cannot be even a concubine, and are treated as concubines at best.

It is also possible for ordinary people to have multiple marriages. However, it is ethically unacceptable to do so, according to .......

In other words, it is not surprising that Wendy's family, who are beastmen, would think that their daughter would be treated as a human concubine or the equivalent in her marriage to Theron, a human.
And perhaps Theron and Wendy are well aware of this.

This might be a ...... pretty deep-seated problem. ............

It's a little bit like being crushed by a heavy feeling deep in your chest.
If they don't leave the 42nd district, I'm sure Theron's marriage will go well. They will be able to live a happy life without any problems.
After all, the lord is Estella. Discrimination no longer existed in the 42nd district, which had overcome the slum problem, and Estella would not let that happen.

But the problem is that Wendy's parents, who live in the 35th district, ............

'Hey, Imelda. It's your idea. You don't have to be sure of anything, just give me your thoughts. ......'

I don't care if it's just small talk.
I just wanted to hear someone else's opinion.

'Do you think that Theron and Wendy's marriage will work?
'I think it will.

Imelda replied simply.
As if it were a matter of course.
And then.

'Because Yashiro-san will work to make that happen, right?

He looked at me expectantly.

No, well, I'm going to try to make ...... it happen, but...
That's not what I'm talking about, I'm talking about an objective opinion. ............

I'm sure you can understand why I want to be with the person I love as much as I want to be with the person I love ...... and be fulfilled by the person I love .......

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm going to say it.
It's no surprise that ...... Imelda is also a girl, I thought.

'I'm hoping for an ending that makes everyone happy.
'...... Don't expect too much from me. I'm a novice.'
'Mmmm ......, that's a funny joke.'

Hmm. You don't believe me.

I was able to ask the questions I wanted to ask, and I could sort of see the outline of the problem.
I left my seat and thanked Imelda.
Imelda came to see me off at the door, and said this to me before we parted.

Imelda came to see me off at the door and said to me as we parted, 'I'm glad that you relied on me. You can always come to me again.

It was a refreshing smile that reflected well in the clear blue sky.
You can't help but feel bad when you're pleased by something like this, but ...... I'm sure I'll need your help again in some way, and I'll be happy to indulge you when I do.

I left Imelda's house and came back to the sunny pavilion.
When I entered the store, I saw ......

'...... Magda likes this.'
'Ah!That's what I was after too!It's faint, but it's the biggest one!
'Well, you two. They're all the same size. Right?Let's split them up.

Around one table, a group of ginettes were making some kind of noise.

'What are you doing?
'Oh, Mr. Yashiro. Welcome back.'

Ginette smiles at me. But Magda and Loretta seemed to be preoccupied with something on the table.

'A cheese tart?
'Yes. The owner of Graduates brought us his new creation.

It was a rare cheese tart with a hint of yellow.
The cheese tart was about eight centimeters in diameter and was neatly divided into four equal portions.

'I thought we could all eat it together,' she said.

A small tart for one person, cut into small pieces with a knife. ......
You should have eaten this. It's small enough to be consumed in two bites.
You can eat it in two bites.

'...... These are chosen in order of cuteness, with Loretta coming later.
I'm not sure what to say.I'm just as cute as Magda!
'Both of you. That's enough, let's all eat together.

Distributing one cheese tart in front of everyone, Ginette clapped her hands together and said.

'It tastes better when everyone eats together.

Seeing Ginette smile like a sunflower, without a speck of cloudiness, I was somewhat relieved.
At least ......

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that there's no room for petty discrimination here.