175-Later Story 3 Ossan Paradise

'That ...... hero-sama.'
'What is it, Theron?'
'Why am I being forced to sit on the floor at the Hunting Guild branch?

The Hunting Guild's branch in District Forty-two.
Theron is sitting upright on the hard floor there.
Surrounding him are a bunch of stern-looking bastards.

Theron doesn't seem to understand why he's in this situation.
You want to know why?
Why not, just this once?

'You've made a very amusing proposal.
'What?I was feeling pretty done with myself, but ......?'

Theron looks shocked, and I'm shocked.
Seriously, you?
What's with this sorry looking guy?

'Can I ask you a question too?

Use interrupts our conversation with a scary look on his face.
You have a scary face. ...... You're a coward.

'I'll allow you to ask a question.
'How dare you ............ ask me why you're here?
'Because there's a mountain there!
'No, there isn't!It's indoors!
'In that case, I'd like to ask you the same question: ...... Why was I called here?

Assunto, the pigmen, asks with a cynical smile.

'Because that's where the mountains are!
'...... Are you planning to push through with that today, Yashiro-san?

In the event you're not sure what you're looking for, there are a number of things you can do.
The elite are Use, Assunto, Mo Mat, Umaro, Becco and Percy.
And then there's me and Theron, who's sitting on the floor, eight of us face to face in the office of the Hunting Guild's District 42 branch.

The Men's Gathering.
It's a very masculine picture, but that's okay for this time. We chose this lineup on purpose.

'We'd like you to be the men and make this unfortunate handsome man a 'man'.
'Does that ...... disappointing handsome guy mean me?

Who else is there?
If you're a bastard and you're cute with a natural side, you're limited to high school. You can't go the cute route when you're in your mid-twenties.
He should be cooler than that.

'If it were true, I wanted to invite Pompeo of Luxury or Stylish Xenobios, but ...... we can't bother people in other wards with problems in the 42nd ward.

In terms of dandyism, these two men possess a certain level of quality. I can clearly admit that they are outstanding.

'No, I mean... I'm a resident of another district.

Percy, a sugar factory worker with perfect makeup, says something incomprehensible.
What do you mean you live in another ward? ......

'You live in the vacant lot by the chicken farm, right?You've been in there all day.'
'Hey!What?Ah, An-chan!That's ...... 'Shhh! right?

No, no, no, I know all of you.
I mean, your time in the Forty-second District completely surpasses your time in the Forty-second District, right?
The sugar factory belongs to my sister without a doubt, right?

'If you want, I can give you a sheet to keep the wind out.I'll give you a discount.'
'Don't try to sell me on it, Assunto.

A sheet in a vacant lot is a ...... complete person without a home.

'............ Depends on the price.'
'Don't bother, Percy!

Don't stay here. Go home, okay?

'So, Mr. Yashiro. Why did you call us here?
You saw it too, didn't you?I'm sure you've seen the scene of his proposal.
'''' proposal! ''''

Use, Assunto, Momat, and Percy, who didn't know about it, crowded Theron, their mouths full of praise.

'You've finally made up your mind!
'Congratulations, sir.'
'You've done it!I'm impressed!
'Woohoo!I want to be a part of this!I'll just touch it!
'Oh no, ......, that's embarrassing.'
'Don't compliment me!And don't be shy!

Today's meeting is not a heartwarming one!
Today's meeting is not a heartwarming one, it's a strict, "man" meeting!

'That thing is totally wrong!In fact, it's not clear to Wendy that it was a proposal!
'So is it ......?'
'No, I'm sure she can sense it in the air, but it's not ...... like this.
I'm not sure. Is it ......?'

That's right.
A marriage proposal is a once-in-a-lifetime event. It should be the kind of thing that stays in your heart for decades.

You can't do that with a 'thump! The other girl will cry ............ if the proposal is decided!
'You're crying?
'I'm moved to tears!

And those tears shine with the ...... most beautiful brilliance in the world.

'I'm sure those tears are the most beautiful in the world.
'It's kind of annoying when I disagree with you.
'Why is that?

Poemer fox.
I don't know how you can spout off such stinky lines and be okay with it. I didn't say it, so I'm safe!


Theron sits on the floor with his hands on the floor and gives me a serious look.

'What was wrong with me!Please tell me!

No, what's wrong with ......

'Ah~...... first of all, don't you think it's kind of ...... inconsiderate to copy exactly what you hear from others?
'...... Certainly. I've been speaking in borrowed ...... words because I've been longing for beautiful words.

I'm not sure if it's a beautiful word or not, but -- well, you once tried to adopt 'a toast with yolk and white', didn't you?Beautiful or not, think about it once more, okay? --A proposal with borrowed words is still tasteless.
You can't go too far wrong with a standard text, but it lacks warmth.
I want originality in my proposal.

That's why we've gathered a bunch of guys who can give us some reference opinions here.
''Hey, Yashiro!

Use grabs me by the collar with great force and pulls me closer.
What's with the face so close? And his face is scary.

'Are you ...... going to tell us how to pick up women?
'That's what I'm talking about. You know exactly what I'm talking about.
'You've got to be kidding me!You can't do that, it's embarrassing!
'What kind of hunting guild are you if you can't even make a move?
'What kind of place do you think the hunting guild is?

That's it, right?You're hunting, right?

'You're going to hunt cute girls as you hunt magical beasts, right?

Uzse's face turned bright red and he shouted at her as if he was blowing steam.
There's no need to get so worked up about it. ......

'Theron is at a crossroads in his life. You should help him.'
'What's it to you, what's it to us?
'What if Theron's proposal isn't good enough and the marriage falls through!Are you going to take responsibility and become Theron's wife?
''I won't be!I'm sure you can teach him a thing or two!
'Because Yashiro is still sixteen.
'So what?And don't call yourself by your name, it's disgusting!
'...... Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, you're seventeen now.
'So, I told you I don't care!

As if to support the uncooperative Use, Umaro also opens his mouth with a puzzled expression.

'Um, Yashiro-san. In the first place, a proposal is only done when a nobleman is wooing a young lady, so we ordinary people don't have to be so particular about it. ......
Come on!

The other place is the other place!Ours is ours!

If you don't let them redo it properly, the wrong proposal culture will spread in the 42nd district.
You can find a lot of different types of marriage proposals in the marketplace, including tundere style, trendy drama style, ...... and both of them will spread terrible rumors based on the misconception that they are yashiro style.
...... Whatever the case may be, it is necessary for someone other than me to come up with the idea and create a standard for the 42nd district.
I'm sure you'll be able to figure out how to do it.
We need to make it 'irrelevant to me'.

'Let's say Magda was met by some nobleman and proposed to him.
'Hey, Javier!What would you do to Magda?

...... No, well... Javier the woodcutter is a severe pedophile, so he's the most likely suspect, but ...... don't frame him, okay?

'When that happens, are you going to watch with your fingers in your mouth?'
'I'll get out of your way!Of course!
'But what can you do?

'...... Ugh.'
'Can you compete with a person who has properly expressed his or her love for you, with a casual view of love that leaves you to the flow, thinking that proposing is a noble thing to do?
'Yes, that's ......'.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it.
Listen up, you dumbasses out there, and listen up.
No matter how much you like each other, ......

At my words, the people in the room let out a sigh of understanding, 'Huh~......'.
This was the first time they had heard of such an obvious thing.
The scales are falling from their eyes.

'When you get anxious, your mind wavers. ............ If you lose it, it's too late to panic, isn't it?

'Ousse!I want you to teach me your special pickup line!
'So, why are you telling me?
'You're from the hunting guild, aren't you?
'That's why!The hunting guild is not a place for that!

Use scratched his head irritably.
This guy has such a scary face, but he's not very good at romance. Even though he has a scary face.

'Percy's good at that kind of thing, isn't he?He's so flirtatious!
'Huh?Why me?I'm not flirtatious!I'm really single-minded!

I'm really single-minded!' Percy replied in the most flirtatious way possible.
I admit that I'm single-minded, but you're so flaky in your very being that it's no wonder you're called flirtatious.
You're right. He'd have no problem being the first to do it and slipping up big time. It wouldn't hurt anyone.

'All right, Percy. You show him how it's done.'
'Huh?That's impossible!I really don't get it!

Even though he's Percy, he's trying to argue with me. He's always talking about how to tell if a chick is male or female, but he never does what I tell him to do. That's why the monthly make-up bill is putting pressure on my life.

'I mean, my pure love is not something to be made a spectacle of.

He's a make-believe tanuki.
After stalking me so blatantly, it's not worth sparing you now.

I glanced over at Assunto.
Our gazes meet, and Assunto's eyes go down lightly. 'I don't know what you're doing, but I'm willing to help,' he says. Well, it looks like our intentions have been conveyed. That's Assunto.
Well then, let's have a big catch. ......

'You mean that?Percy is saying that he's too embarrassed to show off against Neffery?
'Hey!Hey, you!Don't be silly!
'But you're embarrassed, aren't you?
'I'm not embarrassed!I'd rather show you!I want to show you the beautiful platonic love between me and Mr. Nefari!You'll all shed tears of joy!

And here, I make a sign to Assunto.
Turn your palm upward and bend your fingers slightly. It's a sign of 'turn it up.

'Surely, it will be a very dramatic story with a lovely woman like Ms. Nephrite as your partner.
'I know, right?Don't you think so, too?
'Yes. There aren't many women as lovely as her. Homey, mild, and very feminine. ......'
'Well, that's Assunto!You know exactly what I mean!You're a good judge of character!

Assunto did a good job of getting Percy excited.
I think I should give him a push here.

'Assunto, if Nephrite made a pass at you, you'd be shocked, wouldn't you?
'Huh?...... Ah, well, you can't say that such a thing won't happen. ...... He's a wonderful person. I don't know what's going to happen,......, but she's probably not going to take me seriously. Well, that's a shame. ......'

Percy's gaze sharpened, and Assunto hastened to repair it.
It seems that pure love can make a person have the eyes of a murderer. I'm scared.

'But don't you think that if you're going to win over such a lovely woman, you're going to need some sophisticated pick-up lines, don't you, Mr. Percy?
'Hmm ............, if you ask me, I guess so ......'
'Well, then, what do you think?How about we just practice here for once?'
'............Yeah. Let's try it.

It works!
Assunto did a good job of guiding Percy. Nice work, Assunto.

'Well, Use. You, play the role of Nephrite.''

Rebuttals came from both Use and Percy.

''Why do I have to do that?
'Mr. Nephrite isn't a stern-looking musclehead like this, you know!
'Just do it, it's a waste of time.

Obsessing over details is a sign of a small man.
I persuaded the two noisy idiots to move on.
Use will be the nepheline, and Percy will propose to him.
...... The picture is dirty. ............ What are the coarse men and the charlatans doing face to face?

But this is also to prevent a strange culture from taking root in the 42nd ward,......, and by extension, to dispel the damage to my reputation. I have to force myself to do it.

All right. All right, then. Just say something nefarious. Emotional involvement is pretty important.'
'I don't care what you say, .......'
'Whatever you want. Just say something Nephrite would say.'

Crossing his arms and pondering with a sullen face, Use began to clap his hands.

'Hi, hi, hi, hi, it's Nephrite.
'What's with that funny move?Are you mocking me, Mr. Nephrite?
'Shut up!That chicken woman didn't leave any impression on me!
'What's a chicken lady?Call her the chicken lady!
'It's almost the same thing, isn't it?

If left to their own devices, the day would end in stupid exchanges.
I had no choice but to give Use a piece of paper with the word 'Nephrite' written on it and start over. Use doesn't say a word. Percy proposes to "Nephrite" written on the paper.

'Oh, Mr. Neffely, ............ it's a beautiful day!
'Oh, don't worry about that. Can you please get down to business?
'It's important to create an atmosphere, isn't it?You don't understand!

Just writing the word 'Nephrite' on a piece of paper, I can see that he's nervous as hell.
I'm sure it'll be a long, long time before he has anything to do with Nepheli. Unless Nephrite finds a man he likes first.

And so, after much embarrassment and worry, Percy's words of proposal were ............ this!

'Ne, Neffery!

............ Wow.

'I see!I'll refer to it!
'Don't do that!

'Don't do that,' nailed Theron, his eyes glittering.
You don't absorb any more strange knowledge. Listen and learn only the good stuff.
If you tell Wendy that you have a home that's 'warm enough for eggs to hatch,' she'll just scowl at you, okay?

'That's all Percy is, isn't it?
'Don't say "only"!Why not?It's nice to have a warm home where eggs can hatch!

If you think it's good, you should try it sometime. 'What? I can see you being told.

I think I'll listen to a married man's opinion here. Assunto. You're next.'
'No, I'm not into this kind of thing ......'.

He was probably expecting to be rejected by himself. Assunto dodged my suggestion without hesitation.

'All you have to do is recreate what you did when you got married.'
'In my case,......, I'm afraid I'm being a bit glib,......, but my wife approached me very enthusiastically, and I have nothing ...... that can help you.'

I'm not sure if I'd be able to do that if I were you.
...... Do you think you can get away with that?

'Conversation Record'.
I'm not sure what to say.

A semi-transparent panel appears in front of me, and Assunto rolls his eyes.

'What's that?' ...... 'Assunto would be flabbergasted if Nephrite made a pass at him, wouldn't he? 'Huh?...... Ah, well, well, you can't say that it doesn't happen, can you?
'...... Um, Yashiro-san?What on earth are you doing ......?
'I'm sorry if I accidentally showed your wife this conversation?
'.............................. I've been trying to get this line .................. for a while now, but I guess I've lost my touch ....... I can't believe I just noticed that. ......'

I'm sure Assunto was planning on fishing Percy out, but my quarry is all of you. I'm not letting anyone get away with this. ......

'...... I understand. I'll help you in any way I can.

As you can see, Assunto is very good at this kind of situation.
While moving to avoid the situation as much as possible, he must have prepared his cards for the worst case scenario.
He responded to our request without much trouble and without hesitation.

'Well, don't write 'piggy wife' on the paper.
'No, ......, please write 'Ener'.

He hands Use the paper with the word 'Energie' written on it, and Assunto faces it.
Then, in a calm voice, he said the words he had been thinking about.

'I have amassed enough wealth to support you. Please join me.

...... This guy. He's made sure his words aren't misappropriated.
If you know Assunto's money-grubbing ways, you can say 'for you' or 'you are special'. ...... When other men say 'financial strength', it sounds like a joke and has a negative impact.
I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what you need to do.

'A jerk.
'Hohoho......, shall I prepare a nice mirror for you?'

Assunto sits back down on the sofa, as if his role is done.
From now on, I'll just have to watch from on high.

'Well, now, Mormat.
'I'm not going to do it too?
'I was made to do it too, so if you don't do it too, ............ the price of foodstuffs wholesale to the 42nd district might skyrocket, you know?
I'm not sure if that's a threat, Assunto!

Well, now that Assunto is on our side, it's going to be easier to get everyone to do it.

Because of Assunto's threats, Momat reluctantly stood in front of Use.
Use seems to have given up, and has settled for the role of the other.

'So, what's your name?

Use asks Mo'amat, and Mo'amat chokes on his words.

'Oh ...... no ...... it's ............'.
''In 'Bertina'.''
'No, wait a minute!I don't have any such feelings for the sisters, Yashiro!
'Then, 'Estella'.
'It was the 'lord's daughter' that I longed for, not Estella!
'......, you're terrible.'

Now that you know that the lord's daughter is Estella, have you stopped longing for her?
Is Estella out of the question?

'Are you trying to tell me that the unfortunate tits that are gouged out all over the place are not even a love interest?
'I'm not saying that!Then please use 'Estella'!
'What, ...... is Momat in love with Estella?
'You made him do it, didn't you?

After all, Mormat, who is weak and dizzy with beautiful women, does not have a specific partner.
I wonder if he'll ever get married. ......

In spite of my worries, Mo'amat stands in front of Estella.

'Well, um, ............ I'm not sure why this is happening, but ......... I'm not sure why this is happening,......, but I'm wondering if you'd like to build a ...... carrot-boiling family with me?
'It's hot, stupid crocodile!
I'm not going to let you get away with this.
'But you know what?I can't be serious with Estella. ......!

Mo-Mat was upset when Percy and I protested.
Well, I didn't have high hopes for this guy.

Still, I can't find anything that would help Theron.
I think the people in this town are taking marriage too lightly.

'Good. Umaro and Bekko, you two do it at the same time.'
'How dare you treat me like this!
'How dare you at the same time, that you are!

You're annoying. I'm getting a little tired of this.
I quickly write the name of the appropriate person on the paper Use is holding.

''Magda with big tits.

''It's so messy! That it is!

That's so annoying!
Umaro is Magda anyway, and Becko can be anything with big tits, right?

Umaro and Bekko stare at the words written on the page.
I'm sure you'll be able to guess what I'm talking about. ......

''...... this is the way it is, that it is.

They seemed to be convinced.
Yeah, yeah. I love it when idiots are simple.

''Well, let's get together, ......!
'Magda, you're a real angel even with big tits!

'Those big tits, Mr. Magda, are magnificent, that they are!

............ Just as I imagined it would be.

''I'm going to pretend that didn't just happen.
''That's terrible! That it is!''

I take the paper and brush from Use with a sigh.

It's so disappointing.
They're all such bad men.

'So, here comes the real deal. Use, nice to meet you.'
'I thought I'd be exempted from this!I thought I'd be exempted as a partner!

The world isn't so easy.
Now, write down the name of the guy he likes at ..................

'I wonder who Use-san's partner will be?
'Oh, you don't know Assunto?
'Mr. Usset is a big-breasted man like me, and he has his favorites, that he does.
'Wait a minute, guys!I told you she's not like that!

...... My writing stops.
Yeah. Use has a crush on a certain woman who doesn't know her own size.
His face is always stern, but when he's in front of her, he grins and .................. gets annoyed.

'Do you know her, Yashiro?I'm sure you've heard of it.
'............ Well...'

I smoothly wrote down the name of the owner of the overwhelmingly large breasts.
Then I show the paper to Use.
The words written on it were: ......


'Come on, propose to me.
'Can you do it?

Uzse, who had struggled until the end, finally did not say the words to propose.
In the end, the proposal study group (tentative name) came to an end without any success.

Each of us went back home, and I dropped Theron off at the main street.
For some reason, Assunto also went along with me.

'It's been a wasted day, hasn't it?
'No, my hero. It was a good time for me.'

I let out a sigh, and Theron gives me a refreshing smile.
His face, shaded by the setting sun, looked just a little more dignified.

'I've been thinking about how to express my feelings in my own words today, everyone. I was so embarrassed that I ran away from thinking in my own words. I was reminded of that.

Theron straightened his back and bowed deeply.

'Thank you very much for your time today. I can't say for sure when, but I think I'll tell Wendy how I feel in my own words.

There was no hint of deceit in his eyes as he looked up at me.
I'm sure he'll do it.
I have a feeling that he will show me a new way of marriage in the reborn 42nd district.

'Oh, and then. If you have any questions about Wendy's family, let me know. I'll help you.'
'Yes, sir. I'll be counting on you.'

I'm going to ask Theron to talk to Wendy's family about going to greet them when the time is right.
There is a possibility that Wendy might not like it, so I can't be too forceful. The timing is up to Theron.
If Wendy doesn't want to do it by any means, we'll think about what to do afterwards.

'Well, let's take it slow.
'Yes!Now, if you'll excuse me.

I waved lightly and left Theron there.
As I turned to leave, I saw Assunto staring at me with a grim face.
What's ...... that?I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who's a bit of a jerk.

'...... What the hell?
'............ It seems you've gotten yourself into trouble again.'

Well, it's true that getting involved in someone else's marriage can be troublesome in many ways. ......

'There's no small amount of connection between Theron and Wendy. We were the ones who made it possible for them to get together. ...... We also wanted to see them get married.'
'Up to marriage is fine. But if you want to talk to me about Wendy's family, please contact me at .............'

Assunto takes a step towards me, leaning closer.
Then, in a whispered whisper, he asks me a question.

'Humans and beastmen......, please remember that marriages, especially with insects, are not so welcome.'

My eyes were glued to Assunto as he gently moved away.

He couldn't trust what he heard so clearly.
Maybe he wanted to think he heard wrong.

'There are many things in this city that you cannot see if you stay in the 42nd district,.......

Assunto left such meaningful words behind and went away.
I stared at his distant back and was dumbfounded for a while.

I had assumed that the marriage of Theron and Wendy would not be unwelcome.

I was a little depressed that something I had only been aware of had come to the surface so clearly. ...... That's right. ......... ...I guess you're right. ......

In the past, not a single lord or nobleman I've seen has been a beastman.