403-No additives Episode 58 Speed drive, crash, chaos

'Hey!Get out of here!More behind ......!
'I'm not letting you go, Norma!I'm not letting you go, Norma!

Delia's arm quickly snatches Norma's temple.
The yellow headband flutters in the wind in Delia's hand.
Holding her head where the headband had gone, Norma turned on the horsemen.

'...... d*mn it!What are you doing, you dullard!You've been robbed!
'That's right~'
'Norma, it's heavier than I thought!
'What did you say, Gonsuke?
'Norma, you've been eating a lot of fatty food lately, like it's a reaction to your healthy diet.
'That's right, you'll get fat. You know?
''Don't talk any more!I'm going to pour molten iron into your mouth!

There's no way that the hardware maidens would raise an eyebrow at a weight as heavy as Norma's, so ...... I guess they're venting their frustrations here.
In the first place, Norma's demands are too high.
You can't just let Delia get as close as she can and then instantly dodge in the opposite direction of your line of sight. That's not something you can do in a cavalry fight.
The only one who could do it would be Natalia, Gilberta, and Inez on the head wagon. Deborah is a close second because she's being pulled along by Inez.

'Hahaha!I guess I won this time, Norma!
'It's not that I lost!It's my men who lost!
'That's terrible!
'We did our best, didn't we~'
'Norma, if you keep making excuses like that, you'll end up with a bump on your stomach before you know it.

Norma chases after the maidens with a face like she's just before her final form.
It's a lively exit, the Hardware Guild.

'Alright!Let's go beat up the next one, Omero!
'Hey!Hey, mister!

Delia rolled up her sleeves and took off in a good mood.
There was a monkey woman staring at the back of Delia's head. It's Barbara.

'You're a cool lady after all!That's what makes a good woman, right?Don't you think so, Mokoka?
'Well?I don't really know.
'Anyway, we're going to knock out the enemy too!
'Are you going to surprise the Red Team?
'Idiot!If you go against Miss, you'll get hit back!Just use another guy. ......I'm not sure what to make of it.

I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've.

'I'll pay you back for what you did earlier!
''Hmph!I'll avenge you, monkey woman!

Both sides recognized the other as the enemy and moved straight forward, facing each other.
Horse and rider clash head-on.

'Come on, let's play!
'That's what I was hoping for!

Nice try.
You're too subtle and know-it-all for me, Barbara.
It's so stupid.

'You know what your mother just told me, you should know your place!I'll show you that there's always someone better than you!
'Shut the f*ck up!Prepare yourself!

Use intercepted the charging Barbara with both arms outstretched.
Use's plan was to dodge Barbara's attacks and counterattack.
If they were to engage in an honest fight, Barbara would fall behind.
But this time, he has Mokoka.

''Carpenter A and B! It's Formation B!
''Got it!''
''Barbara, don't fall!

Just as he was about to collide with the hunting guild horse, Mokoka let go of his hands.
The stirrups that had been holding her feet up were gone, and Barbara lost her stance for a moment, but Umaro's carpenters A and B (whose names I don't know), who were behind the horse, firmly caught Barbara's buttocks with their arms and prevented her from falling.

It's terrifyingly stable.
Carpenters are really strong. I bet he can carry a girl on his shoulders with just one arm.

And what did Mokoka do with her hands free?... well, it was her special move.

I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.
I'm not sure what to say.

On a horse facing each other. It is a position that allows you to peek through the gap in the collar of the mocca.
In such a position, it's impossible not to be aware of it, you idiot! If you're in a position like that, and the collar is suddenly pulled down, your gaze will be drawn in as if by gravity, and when the cleavage of a D-cup suddenly appears at the end of the collar, you'll be able to say, 'Ohhhh! It's the natural order of things!It's the natural order of things!The instinctive DNA inherited from our ancestors imprinted in our souls!

With both arms outstretched, only the neck and above was turned downward. With both arms outstretched, only the neck and above pointing downward.
It was as if he was holding out his headband, saying, 'Feel free to take it.

'Yes!I got it!
'Oh, dear!Oh, no!
'Hey, Representative!Are you serious?
'Give me a break, sir!
I'm the only one who got a break.It's time to take over!

A quarrel broke out between the hunting guild's usse and the horsemen.
That's because one of them is in the best position. I'd like to see that.
I'd like to see you in the best position, too!

''Take responsibility for this cavalry battle and resign as representative!
That's right, that's right!
''You guys, just let them say it: ......!
''Well, well, don't fight with me. Here, I've got something for you.


'''Woohoo!Mokoka-chan is the best!

The old men of the hunting guild were instantly in a good mood.
They squared their shoulders, raised their arms, and raised their spirits.
I wonder...
Why aren't those criminals getting caught?

'Hey, Mokoka!Don't do anything like that!
'Why not?My tits aren't worth hiding, you know?
'Idiot!I'm sure that's what it is, you know!I'm sure that's a thing, you know!

I'm not sure what to make of that.
I'm not sure what to make of it.
...... scary.
Falling in love is super scary. ......

I've been practicing for a while now.

I'm not sure what to do.
...... Mahr's guy. Remember that.

'Anyway, let's go on like this and take the bowl!To become a good woman!

Barbara clutches the bowl she took from Use and raises her fist to the sky.
From the other side of the room, she hears Nephrite's scream.

'Oh no!Run, run, run!
'Don't run away, Nephrite!Play with me!
'You can't fight Delia properly!Just run away as fast as you can!

Nephrite, astride a horse presumably belonging to the poultry farm, half cries and runs away.
Well, that's scary.
It's a super hard mode battle where you have to fight Delia while your lower half of your body is trapped in the mud.
What's more, Delia doesn't weaken at all even if the lower half of her body doesn't move.
Even I would run away.

But they're just a bunch of chicken farmers.
There was no way he could escape from the river fishing guild that fished against the raging current, and Nephrite was easily caught up with and had his headband snatched away.

'Oh no, not again!Your hair's all shaggy now.
'Ha-ha-ha!You're too naive to think you can beat me!
'You didn't think you were going to win, did you?I was really scared of you!

I was really scared!
...... What?I don't know.What?I don't know.I don't know.

'Mr. Neffery!

After Delia left leisurely, Percy and the Creamona servants rushed to the top of the mountain, holding Molly in their arms.

'I'm sorry!I couldn't make it in time!
'Oh, no. I'm fine. I'm sure that even if you had come to save us, Delia would've killed us all at once.
'But, I could have sacrificed myself to protect Neffery-san. ......'
'No, you can't do that. Delia, I'm so scared. I can't let Molly go through that.'
'......Thank you.'

Looking up from below, Molly on her horse bows her head with a complicated expression.
Maybe she's embarrassed.

'So, Molly and Percy, please do your best to survive for us.
'...... We'll do our best.'
'I promise!I'll survive for a long time!
'Then I'll go back to the cheering section. I'll be rooting for you, so do your best.'

Percy wants to wave to Nepheli as he leaves, but his hands are full and he can't, so he shakes his ass.
'You can kick it, you two waiters behind me, you obnoxious swaying asses.

'Haha...... scared Nepheli, you're so mawkish......'
'You were crying a little ......, poor thing.'
'A girl's tears are a jewel!I think they're the most beautiful thing in the world, seriously!Hey, Molly?'
'Sorry, bro. ...... I can't relate.'
'Why not?It was beautiful!Did you get a good look?
'It's dark and it's high. It's too far away.'
'No, Molly!You're missing out. I'd have had to go to ...... from this distance!That was bad, that was bad!
'It's definitely ............ bad, but I'm not going to tell you.'

If he wasn't my brother, I'd want to get off that horse right now.
You poor thing. You don't get to choose your family. I'm sorry.

And what about Barbara, who was watching her brother's antics?

'No way. ......, right?

She was stunned on her horse.
She must have realized it.
Percy was a serious stalker and had a crush on Neffery.

'Are you a better ...... woman for being scared?

Wow, I didn't notice that at all.

'Come on, Barbara!I'm going to attack my next prey!
'Wait a minute, Mokoka!Um, that's it!Aashi, I'm scared!

Lie to me!
I'll have the Spirit God himself come and call the Spirit Judgment!

'd*mn it!How do tears come out of your eyes?

If you poke it in the eye, it'll come out in droves.
I'm not sure why you'd want a stalker like that. ...... I have no idea what's good about him.
.................. No, that's not it!
I'm not jealous of you.
I'm not rejected, I!

I'm not sure what to do. You've got a lot less horses.

Ginette's voice falls from above my head.
I lift my chin a little and see Jeannette looking around the field with her palm on her forehead.
We're slowly making our way around the perimeter.

As long as there are a lot of horses, we've been able to get away with just staying outside the circle, but as the numbers dwindle, that won't be the case anymore.
Maybe it's time for us to start being targeted too.

--I was thinking...

'Ha-ha-ha!Let's play, anchovy!

We've been spotted by a nasty one.

'He's a tough one, still alive!You're like a man who shaves and shaves and still has one strand of hair left standing, aren't you!
You're a man like that.

Don't talk to men about hair removal.

I'm not sure if I should say that being the daughter of an aristocrat is a lot of work.
If I say it, you'll say, 's*xual harassment, anchovy! You'll be screaming at me.

'Don't think you can get away from me. You'll choke the life out of me, anchovy!
'Wait, wait, wait!It's not me you're fighting, it's Ginette!
'I'll win gently against Ginepu, and then I'll kill you!
'That's just a death threat, isn't it?

That's just a death threat!
You can't stop me when I'm not competing!
............ I don't even want to be in the middle of a competition!

I'm not going to do it. If you don't want to get hurt, hand over that bowl.'
'Yes, you can't ...... do that.'
'I don't want to be rough with you, Ginepoo. Just give me the bowl.'
'Poo poo!I think I'm going to have a fit, Lucia-sama, when you suddenly gag the lord.
'What?No, no, no!I wasn't aiming for that!I'm not!
'Give me, me, me, ...... pppp.
'I'm telling you, Gilberta!
'Wow, Lucia, that's interesting.'
'Shut up, anchovy!I can't even read a word of it!

Lucia's face is bright red.
I made fun of her on conditional reflex, but I guess this made Lucia so stubborn that she'll never let Jeannette off the hook. ......

'No, I can't let you get away with this!I'm not sure what to do.

...... d*mn.

'It's because you're a provocateur, Mr. Cometsky.
'Yes. Until now, there was room for discussion. Until just now.'
'Oh, yes, yes. I'm sorry.

The two waiters blamed me from behind.
The probability of Ginette winning in a proper fight with Lucia was close to zero.
Then there is no choice but to run away,......, but it's not a good idea to be chased around.
Horses on the run are easy targets.
When you are focused on the back, a hand comes out from the side and takes your bowl. I have seen many such situations.
And a fleeing horseman is likely to say to himself, "I'm weak!It's time to aim!I'm a duck! I'm a duck!

So, if possible, I would like Lucia to retreat. ...... Good.

'Ginette!I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.
'Huh?But, but, with Lucia-san, I ......'
'Ginette, bring your fist to the side of your face and tighten your side!
'What?Yes, sir!

Jeannette's body tightened and locked into place.
Now, even if she sways a little, she shouldn't fall off the horse immediately.

'Inez, Deborah, let's go!OBB!

At my signal, I lift the stirrups at the same time as the hand on which Jeannette's foot is resting, and lower it immediately.
I pushed Jeannette's legs up like a body lift and released her.

'What the hell?

A sudden rise, then a moment of weightlessness, then a fall.
In Jeannette's body, which was firmly caught by our horses, a great change was taking place due to the rising and falling, buoyancy and gravity.
In other words!

'Her tits went bouncing (OBB)!
'What are you doing?
'You can OBB my tits!
'Please repent already!

Ginette's tits are shaking like crazy on the horse, going wild, dancing like crazy!No, I'm the one who's going crazy with the dancing.
Lucia stiffened when she saw such OBB.

'Now, it's your turn, Lucia!
'So, can you do it!
'I'm not expecting as much bounce as Jeannette. Just try to shake it as ...... much as you ...... can. I'm sure you're right.Pfft!
'Gilberta!We're retreating!We're retreating!What the hell are you doing?Retreat! Retreat!

Lucia retreated at great speed.
But then, Paula, who must have thought, 'Oh, I think I can beat her', approached from the side and took the bowl away.

That's what happens when you're absorbed in running away.

'Ginette. Nice fight.'
'I'm not fighting!
'Then nice bounce!
'You'll have to repent!

At any rate, we have fewer enemies now.
The remaining horsemen are getting fewer and fewer.


Paula, who had defeated Lucia, found us and shouted.
So, why me?
It's Ginette who's straddling the top.

Paula approaches us with her arms rolled up (though she's wearing short sleeves).
It's getting dark, and you can't tell who's who unless you get a little closer.

Naturally, visibility is getting worse.

'Mmmmmm!No hard feelings, Jeannette!If we win here, the Yellow team will win the championship!

If the yellow team gets 300 points for the win, they will have 3880 points, and if the blue team gets 200 points for the second place, they will have 3830 points, and they will take the lead.

That's why.

'I can't let you win .......'

Magda suddenly appeared from behind Paula.
He crept up noiselessly, then quickly snatched Paula's headband.

'...... Don't feel bad, Paula. If you win here, the Yellow Team will win the championship, so I did my best to interfere.''
'Oh my god!We were so close!

Paula puffed up her tail and waved her arms around in displeasure.
The yellow team is only one rider away. ......

'Magda, what about the blue group?
'Almost done.'

Magda pointed to where the blue team's horses were being pinned down by Rebeka and Sophie's horses and Masha and Loretta's horses.

'Hey, Sis!The last of the blue group's horses must be destroyed by our own hands!
'Yes, right, Rebekah!Let's put an end to the enemy with our sisterly love!
'I won't let you do that~ That horse is ours to catch~ Loretta, full speed~!
'Let's go!Hold on tight!

The two pairs of white horsemen were charging forward with great enthusiasm.
If you look closely, you'll see that the blue team's horses are Tracy and Nene's team.

'What?Nene, Nene!They're here!There's a lot of them!Avoid them!
'Well, even if you say so, which way should I run ......?
'Estella-sama, please protect me!

Tracy prayed to God, or rather to Estella, on her horse.
Her face is suddenly lifted.

'Estella-sama ...... Yes, yes. I want to be as strong and noble as Estella-sama, the lord!

Tracy clenches her fists and admires her junior lord.
I don't know if that's enough, but it seems to have fired her up anyway.

'Nene!Thoroughly defend against the speedy Masha Guild Chief!
'Yes, sir!

The White Horsemen were approaching.
Eventually, Tracy, who judged the Hewitt sisters' speed to be a threat, turned to Masha and the others.
Turning her back on Rebekah and the others, she seems to have decided to avoid the first attack first.


'All hands!Keep going, full speed ahead!
'Huh?Are you ready?
''Everyone, I'll do as Masha-san says!
''Yes!Big sister!

Boom!--Masha walked past Tracy at a cartoonish speed.
As they passed each other, Masha threw a kiss towards Tracy.


Tracy and Nene, standing side by side, have similar faces, but they make different sounds.
Tracy looks stunned, and Nene looks as if her instincts are telling her something bad is about to happen.
Shortly thereafter.

'I got it!

Riveka snatched the headband from behind Tracy.
Tracy's body twisted in an impossible position in surprise, and her salacious ..................... ...Pop it, man!Read the air!
I'm sure you've heard of it. What are you doing?
I'm not sure what to do.
What's that?What? 'I leveled up and my endurance went up'?You're a jerk!
I don't want that kind of durability!
I don't need that kind of endurance! It's just a surprise happening and I'm in an impossible position!
I don't need it!I'm not going to let you do this!

I don't get it!I'm not satisfied!
'Yashiro-san. Meh.'

I was pressed on the nape of my neck.
Apparently, Jeannette could tell what I - all the boys in this hall - wanted.

No Illusion No Life!

This is why the tactless people who can't keep their promises ...... can't keep their promises. ...... d*mn it, when we're eating curry after the field day, I hope there's a sudden illusion without warning. I'm not sure what to say.I don't know. I'll get angry.
'I'll be angry.

I'm going to get my whiskers ripped off.
If I'm going to push against it, I'd prefer a bigger, heavier bulge.
If you say ......, you'll be taken to the confessional on horseback.
You can't take Inez and the others with you. It's going to be noisy later.

'...... Yashiro. The blue team is now all dead. The yellow and red groups remain.'
'Who's left in the yellow group?
'...... Bekko is ............ dead now.'

Magda pointed to the spot where Bekko had just fallen from his horse.
He didn't fall off his horse. 'What the hell is wrong with you? He was knocked off his horse. ...... scary, those horsemen. Where are they from?I guess there are still people like that out there. I'll try not to get involved.

'...... Only the two horsemen of the Red Team remain.'
'I see. What about the white team?
'...... only four riders left.'

So that's us, Magda and the others, Masha's and Rebekah's.'

'And Barbara?
'...... Molly got her just now. She said something like, 'Wow, that's scary,' and made some nonsensical crack about it.

What the hell is he doing? ......
I'm not sure what to make of this, but I think it's a good idea.

'And what about Molly?
'...... lost to Delia.'

Delia is so strong. ......

'Do you think you can beat her?'
'...... fine. Magda doesn't need to win.'

Magda's ears twitched.

'...... If Yashiro and the manager are still alive, even a draw is a win.'

The white team will win even if they go into the fight with the determination to crush the opponent and even if they have to fight each other.
If you are playing against Delia, you should be prepared for that.

However, you have 'I'll win, but' written on your face.
You want to win. You can do what you want.

'But I'm glad. Medora's not joining us.'
'...... can't help it. There are only a few humans who can lift up Medrama.

It's not easy for the yellow group, which is full of waitresses and maidens.
In the event that you can carry it, there are not many people who are prepared to run on the battlefield as the legs of ...... Medora.

'...... So, I'm off.'
'Oh. Good luck, Magda, Umaro and the others.''
'Whoa!I never thought I'd get a pep talk from Yashiro-san!I was a little surprised!

'Hey, Yang Bold, ...... can you stop that creepy thin smile?I'm not sure if you're joking or not.'

It's got to be a joke.
Or I'll have you expelled from this city.

'Magda, you're dealing with Delia.
'...... Hmm. I know.'

Magda nodded her head in understanding at my advice.
'Yes, there's something you need to be aware of.

'Keep a close eye on Gooziya.
'If she betrays ......, Magda will give her a chastisement in person.'
'If you do anything to trouble Magda, I'll kill you socially.
'Hey!You're all too scary!
'I'm the only one who sees Goozuya.
'Yambold-san is the scariest!

I'm worried that Goozuya, who's madly in love with Delia, will betray her. But Delia isn't the type to try and manipulate people like that, so she should be fine.
If it was Masha or someone like her, it would have been quite dangerous.

'Well, I'm counting on you!
'...... Wish me luck.

Magda and the others ran off.
They're going to take out the last of the strongest.

And the other pair of horsemen left--

'...... ladybug,jinette'.

--Mily With Flower Arrangement Guild's sisters (younger than the big sisters).

Halfway through the cavalry battle, they finally clash--Ginette vs. Millie!

What a lovely matchup!
What are you going to do? Are they going to play rock-paper-scissors to decide who wins?
Or is it a staring contest?I could watch that matchup forever.

But, well, it's already dark around here.

'Miry. If you want to give up, now's the time.
'Huh. ......, but if Miry doesn't do her best, the red team will .......'
'I don't want to be rough with Miry.
'Ugh ......, but ......'.

I can't fight with Millie.
So, let's settle this peacefully.

There was someone who interfered with my plan.
Yes, the old ladies... no, the big ladies.

'Oh, aren't you pretty, Yashiro?
'Yes, I am. Are you going to waste Miry's hard work and compassion?
'I'm disappointed. I thought Yashiro-chan was someone who would take good care of Miri-chan!
'''If you annoy Millie, we won't understand!

Wow, ...... you old ladies, shut up~.

''In the first place, why are you working with the manager?
''Right. It's rare for a man and a woman to team up.''
'No, even you Reds have Imelda on the woodcutter's ...... horse.'
'She's special!She's special! You can't measure her with normal senses, that young lady.

It's a bit of a problem for the ...... old ladies.
It's not like Imelda's going out to clean the neighborhood. The waiter will do all the work, and it may not impress the Obaha...... wives who are juggling work and housework.
Well, a few words over dinner might change their image.
Imelda doesn't seem like a lady at all.

'So, Yashiro-chan. What we want to ask is, if you were in the red team, would you have teamed up with Milly, of course?--That's what I mean.'
I'm not sure.I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will help you.
'It's okay, Millie. It's better to be clear about these things.'
'Yes. Let's make it clear.'
'Oh, my ......, but ......!

Millie is glancing at me impatiently. But even if she looks at me like that,......

''What about you, Yashiro!In the event that the west side wasn't split into two, which would you have teamed up with, Millie or the manager?Which one will you choose?

I'm not sure.
I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
Gossip is the favorite of wives everywhere, isn't it?

'Inez, Deborah!Stand down!

'Ah!No, Yashiro!I'm not letting you go!
''Shut up!Ginette and Milly are in trouble, you know!You can imagine whatever you want and talk whatever you want!I'll be out of earshot!
'Oh, my!You can imagine whatever you want?Then I think that Yashiro should be a girl who's a little bit out of it and needs to be protected. That's why I'll choose--'
'I'm sorry!Will you shut up?The next morning it'll be a proven fact and spread throughout the forty-two districts!
''Oh, no!I can't believe it's the whole forty-two districts!
'It's all over Broome!
'''Oh no, oh no, oh no!

You're so annoying!

''We're leaving, Inez, Deborah!
''I'm interested too. Who will you choose, the manager, Millie, or me?''
'Why did you put yourself in!
'I'm curious too. I think it's okay for me to choose.
'Deborah, has the sun gone down and the stupid girl progressed?What's with the incoherent speech?''
''Siriketsuketsu?I mean, you've suddenly said ass three times.''
''You guys have become quite clumsy in just one day, haven't you?

I'm getting a little worried about whether you'll be able to do your jobs as usual after you go back to your respective districts!
I wonder why everyone in the forty-second district turns out to be so disappointing.

'Wa ga knight!
'Oh, Rebekah!
'You can team up with me if you want!
'Don't join the conversation from afar!It's too confusing!

But it's good.
If Riveka comes to me, I can dodge the old lady's verbal assault and make a quick match.
Just get Millie's headband. Rebeka.

'Riveka!It's a 'pretty match' against Millie!Sophie, don't fall behind!
'Rebeka's cuteness is limitless!There's no way she'll fall behind!I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who's a fan of your work. ...... I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who's a fan of your work.

All right, all right.
I never said anything about teaming up. Just decide the match.

'You're Miry, one of the "Four Heavenly Kings of the Forty-two District's Cute" recognized by my eternal rival Magda!
'That's what my eternal rival Magda said!
'I'll include them all!I mean, there's an extra one!
'There is no shortage of opponents!Come on, let's go!

I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I've seen it before.
Her center of gravity shifts back, her arms lift up to cover her face, and her sides become empty.
Someone put his hand into her side and hugged her.

'Wow, Millie, you're so cute!I've always wanted to hold her in my arms...'

It was Masha.
Before she knew it, she was close behind Millie and quickly snatched her away.

'Oh, dear!You're the guild leader of the sea fishermen!Don't get in the way of our lovely confrontation!
'Haha, I'm sorry~! She was so cute and full of holes!
'Oh, my ......, in this case, Miri ......, what's ...... going to happen?
I'm not sure if you've heard of this, but I'm sure you've heard of it.

In the event that you're not sure what to do, you'll be able to ask for help.
When I asked one of them for confirmation, he gave me a short affirmative answer: 'Yes.

Now, there was only Delia left!

'Alright!Let's go to the aid of my eternal rival Magda!

'Ah~, that looks impossible~'

At the point where Masha pointed, a fierce battle was unfolding that could be clearly seen even in the evening darkness.

You'll be able to see it in the dark.
'......'s movements are monotonous. That's no way to attack Magda. '......This is how an attack should be done.
'You're naive!I can see your moves too!

They are moving their upper bodies back and forth from side to side, dodging the attacks of their opponents and hitting each other with counters.
All the vibrations and recoil of their unusual movements are transmitted to the horses supporting them, and the horses are more exhausted than the two above who are engaged in fierce battle.

'Oh, master ......, be a little softer .......'
'Don't talk to me!And don't waver, you'll lose your aim!
'''......(sh, I might die)'''

I wonder why.
I thought I heard the voices of Omero and the rest of the river fishing guild's horsemen loud and clear.

''Hahaha!That's funny, Magda!I could fight you forever!Don't you want to do the same!
'...... Indeed. But...'

Magda dodged Delia's thrust with her upper body.
It looked like she was going to get up and fight back, but...

'...... This is a team game.

Magda clapped her hands as hard as she could in front of Delia.
It's a cat trick!

'Whoa, what the hell?
'...... Umaro.'
'Good point!

For a moment, Delia stepped aside, and Umaro, not Magda, took action.

'Whether it's a house or a storehouse, the foundation plays the most important role. It is the same with horses!

The horse, led by Umaro, takes a large step forward.

'When the structure is supported by three points like this, if you break it down here--'

With that, he pulls himself up to Omero's flank and brushes off Omero's legs.
In the fraction of a second that the center of gravity has shifted, he kicks the leg that is not on the center of gravity with a 'SPAM! in the fraction of a second that the center of gravity shifts.

'What ......?

If it had been a hard hit, Omero would have been able to hold on to his stomach.
But I'm sure that Omero didn't even know that he was touched. It was such a casual but precise blow.
I bet he'd be amazingly good at Jenga, Umaro. 'What, you can't get that part? He must be able to pull off something like that without difficulty.

In Umaro's eyes, it's easy to see how much force is being applied to the structure and where the play is.

Omero's legs are swept away as if a light breeze were blowing through, and Omero, having lost his support, falls over.
One of the three points of the horse's support collapses, and the horse collapses in an uncontrollable manner.
Delia, who had shifted her center of gravity to the rear, rolled off the front side of the horse.


That was the only sound that Delia let out, and the game was won quietly and without a sound.

'Ouch!I'm mocked!Adede dada dada!Master, your face!You stepped on my face!My face!
It was a very quiet end, except for Omero, who was making a lot of noise under Delia's feet.

'Hey, ......?Did I lose?

Delia was unable to comprehend the situation.
However, Delia has both feet firmly on the ground. Well, one of her feet is stepping on Omero's face.

'...... Delia didn't lose. Magda's team just won.
'Team ...... ah!You, Omero!
'No, no, no, no!Wait, wait, wait, wait!No, no, no, no, no, no!I have no idea what's going on either!
''Hmmm~ .........''

Glancing at Umaro, Delia scratched her hair.

'I guess it's no use with Oumalo as an opponent.

He grabbed Omero by the arm and helped him up.
She brushes the dust from his shoulders and notices the shoe print on his cheek.

'Omero, what's with the shoe print on your face?
'That's because it's ...... no, it's nothing.

Delia's face is puzzled. It's as if she's not aware of it.

'I can't help it, you know. You'll always be like a child.

He wiped the shoe print on Omero's cheek with the back of his fist.
She is a very caring sister.
Well, Omero looked at me like, "My life will be shortened by three years!" when my fist came close to his face. but....

'Oh, so the cavalry battle is--'

When Delia noticed and turned around, the waiter raised his arm and announced the end.

'Cavalry, that's it!The winner is the white team!

The White team's cheering section erupted in excitement. The White team's cheering section went wild, beating out the other teams.
It's the complete opposite of the pole vault.

'...... I see. So this was Yashiro's aim.

I heard Estella muttering.
Like me, the people who heard Estella's voice turned their gaze to the scoreboard and gasped.

The total score, including the cavalry scores, was displayed there: ......

Blue team: 3680 points
Yellow team: 3680 points
White team: 3680 points
Red team: 3680 points

All the teams were exactly tied going into the final competition.