402-Episode 57 Horseback Riding Battle, Start of Battl...

BC stands in a line behind player A, A and B's left hand and left hand are connected, A and C's right hand and right hand are connected, and BC's free hand is placed on A's shoulder.
This completes the "horsemanship".
Once player D is on the horse, the preparation for the cavalry battle is complete.

All that is left is to take away the headband of the other player so that the headband of the rider D is not taken away.

The cavalcade is played by four teams in the same way as the pole vault.
If the rider's headband is taken, that team is eliminated.
If a rider falls from his horse, he is eliminated.
If all the riders are eliminated, the team loses, and the team with the last rider wins.

This is a survival game, and no matter how many opponents you defeat, it does not count.
Even if your team survives by running away without hitting any enemy, you are still the winner as long as you stay until the end.

That's why we're doing this!

'Look, guys. Don't let the rest of the team know that it's me giving the orders. Especially in the cavalry, let them think that I'm ignoring them and everyone's starting to do whatever they want.

That's what I told them before the stick pull.

In the stick-pulling, I adopted a rather forceful strategy in which my opinion was overtly pushed, and as a result, the white team lost miserably.
As a result, the white team lost miserably. In response, the white team players, dissatisfied with me, turned against me and said, 'We can't take Obayashi's strategy anymore.
In other words, the cavalry battle is designed to make you believe that Obayashi's intentions are not included. That's the plan.

The white team's riders were Ginette, Rebecca, Masha, Cheryl, and Grandma Mumm, all of whom looked unsuited to combat, and who looked pudgy, young, and wrinkled.
Magda and Nikka, who are a bit belligerent, are also in the mix, but they are more convincing. 'Oh, there are people who want to win. If all of them started to say, 'It's more important to have fun than to win,' people would think, 'What are you up to? They'll think you're up to something. Like Estella and Lucia.
That's enough.
So, it is also effective to have someone who stands out like Ricardo, the idiot, riding on your horse. By showing the difference in motivation, you can make them think, 'The White Team has lost its leadership.

'Ha-ha-ha-ha!You've come at last!A brave and heroic competition worthy of me!
'Hey, Ricardo!You should at least go on the offensive!
'What is it, Oba?You're expecting me?Well, I know!I understand!I'm the only one you can rely on in this competition!Ha-ha-ha!So you've finally realized how great I am!I know I'm a little late to the party, but that's okay!I'll live up to your expectations!Ha-ha-ha-ha!

So long. Do your best to stand out.
Meanwhile, I'll survive in secret here.

'Um, Yashiro-san ......, I'm not really sure about this kind of thing.

Ginette is looking down at me anxiously on the horse that the head waiter and I are riding.
Fear must be welling up before the battle.

'Don't worry, Ginette. We're not going into battle. It's just a walk ...... or a ride and you can relax.'
'Horseback riding......?'

There was no way Ginette was going to be able to take someone's headband.
But at the same time, there was no way anyone here could rob the harmless, conflict-averse Ginette!
Even the annoying Estella can't be too hard on Ginette.
If Ginette was enjoying the competition, she wouldn't think of 'crushing her first', she would think 'well, let's let her go for now'.
And while you're thinking 'not yet', someone else will crush you and you'll be out of here!

It's all about surviving!
Whoever lives is justice!

The one who runs and runs and runs and runs and survives is greater than the one who boldly jumps into the fray and scatters on the battlefield with many valor!

The White Team is going with the strategy of surviving without fighting!

I've taken care not to let them know it was my idea, so the rest of the team is unaware of our plan.
The other team members won't notice our plan.

Ginette will be a great asset in such a mission.
There are few people who would joke about hitting a ginette. There is no such thing as a 'yada, yada, yada' between girls. Except for the girls' 'yada, yada, yada'.
Ginette is the only one who can't be attacked by anyone!

'Ginette. We'll take it easy around the perimeter and watch the cavalry. If you see anyone you know, give them a shout.'
'Yes, sir. Then you won't be afraid.'

But I'll run into the enemy lines first so they don't know I've been spreading my wiles to them.
And then Ginette cried, 'Pii~! and Estella would get angry and say, 'Don't torment Ginette! and the head waiter behind me says in unison, 'You don't have to do anything! The head waiter behind me warned me in unison, 'You don't have to do anything! I'll do well if I make a show of sulking, and then go around the perimeter.
By doing so, I can show the people around me that 'Obayashi is not functioning.

'Anyway, you don't have to fight with anyone, just don't fall off your horse.

That's what I'm most worried about.
The most frightening thing would be if the slow Jeannette lost her balance and fell off her horse. Such a self-destruction would be most frightening.
Inez and Deborah will support her from behind, so I guess we don't have to worry about that much.

'Thank you. For worrying about me.'

I don't know what I've misunderstood, but Jeannette says a misplaced thank you and pats me on the head.
It's a nice thing to do, like expressing gratitude.

'...... you. You're treating me like a real horse right now, aren't you?
'What?I'm sorry!I heard from the ranch that horses are happy to be petted in this area. ......

Who's the horse, you son of a b*tc*?

'Anyway, doesn't that hurt?

Ginette puts her feet in the stirrups that Deborah made for us, Inez and I, hand in hand.
I told her she could wear shoes, but she stubbornly refused, saying she would take them off. I looked around and saw that many of the riders had taken off their shoes.
Considering the risk of my hand falling off due to the pain, it would be wiser to take off my shoes.

'It's okay, just hold on tight.
'Yes, sir.
'If your legs get tired, you can sit on our arms.
'But that's really too bad for Ines-san and Deborah-san, isn't it ......?
'Don't worry, manager. I love soft things.

Deborah said something!

'Hey Inez, is the head waiter next to you, Deborah, really okay?
'No problem, Mr. Kometsky. I like it too, it's soft.'
'That's a big problem, both of you!

I like them too, the soft ones.
d*mn it!
If only I could get behind the horse, I could legally touch and look at all the asses!
Bulma's ass!

'Okay!I'll take the back!
'No, Yashiro-san!I can't show you ...... from behind in this outfit.'

Bend your knees and lean forward.
It's an outfit that accentuates your hips in a very round way. ...... I wanted to see it!

'Why doesn't the Conversation Record have a video recording function? ......'
'If it had that function, it would expose where Kometskii-sama is always looking and talking to people.
'Yeah. I'd prefer not to have it, I guess!It's an invasion of privacy.

If the little pleasures you secretly look at without anyone noticing are exposed, there might be restrictions on viewing.
It's better not to. Too much convenience is a bad thing in human society. Yeah.

'Where do you always look on ...... anymore?

Jeannette is picking at my hair.
Stop it, what if the follicles bend over? Take better care of her. For the sake of me in twenty, thirty years.

Mr. Cometsky, Manager. We're about to go into battle.
'Okay, Jeannette. Give the signal for departure.
'What?It's me?
'Of course it is, since you're controlling us.
'Oh, yeah, is that so?Then ......'.

Whether it's embarrassment or hesitation, Jeannette's hand nips at my shoulder.
...... It tickles me when people keep touching me like this.

And then!I'll be back!...... Huh?

I'm sure you'll be able to understand that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.

'Come on, let's do it. Inez, Deborah.
'Let's do it together.
'Align yourselves and let's go to the séance.'
'My, aren't you all too aligned?Forget about it!

The cavalry is working so well together. I feel a strong bond.
That's Ginette! I never thought I'd be able to unite them like this.

'Looking at it from the side, it's shaking like hell, isn't it, Manager?
'This side is also shaking like crazy.
'Wait!Please don't look at me!
'That's not fair, you guys!
'Yashiro-san, please keep your eyes forward!

It's not fair!
The head of the cavalry is a lost lot!
I request a change of position!
Or I want to turn around 180 degrees!

'...... manager's team, keep in step.'

I was warned by Magda as I walked by.
They should have been so in step with each other,......, but I guess that's the way it is on the battlefield, where the situation changes every second.
You can never be too careful.

The cavalry line up at their starting positions with a clatter of footsteps.
There are ten pairs of horses for each team.
There are 10 teams of four riders per team, for a total of 160 riders.
This is quite powerful.

The sky is dark.
The signal for the start of the battle is now sounding on the night ground lit by bonfires.

'Please be careful of injuries. Cavalry battle!


At the sound of the bell, the horses of each team gallop in unison.

'All right, Jeannette!Let's charge in!
'What?That's not what you said earlier. ...... Oh no!

With Ginette's scream in my ears, I charged at Estella and the others' horses.

'Estella, prepare yourself!

The screams grew louder and louder, and Ginette arched her back and clung to my head. She wraps her arms around my head and clings to me tightly.

Whaaaa~ ...... soft~!

Now, the back of my head is in a state of extreme happiness!

'Hey, Yashiro!I'm not sure what to say.

That's why I dare to ignore her and charge at her!

'Let's go, Jeannette!Take away Estella's headband!
'No, no, no, I can't!I can't get my hands off it!

Ginette's arms tightly bind my head.
Back of the head paradise!

'Yashiro!Stop right now and let Jeannette go!Or I'll shave the back of your head!
'Don't be absurd!You can't stop right in front of the enemy!Besides, the back of my head is really happy right now!
'Alright, alright!I'll protect you, so just stop for a second.That's the lord's order!

Wielding the most arrogant authority, Estella stopped me in my tracks.
When I stopped, Ginette let out a sigh of relief and hurriedly pulled her body away from my head.
For a moment, I thought the back of my head was gone. Because it suddenly became lighter.

'I'm never going to wash my head again.
'Please wash my head!Please!You're terrible, Yashiro!

Jeannette pats me on the head warmly.
It doesn't hurt at all. In fact, it feels good to be patted on the head.

'Mr. Kometski. Regarding your earlier request for a position change, would it be possible for us to have another discussion?
'What are you jealous of, Inez?I hope you haven't been infected by Yashiro!
'I'd like to be buried in that bulge, too!
'Deborah, please be careful!
'No, I'm not giving up this position and my titties!
'Yashiro, please repent!

I was the only complaint from Jeannette.
Estella is looking at me in disgust.

'What the hell. If you have something to say, say it clearly.'
'I'm so dumbfounded I can't even speak.
'In other words, you're saying that the tits don't swell up.
'I can't shut my mouth, that's it!
'But the open mouth is closed, but the gouged tits don't swell!
'They're not gouged!
''Estella-sama. I'm glad I didn't question the 'judgment of the spirits' regarding today's statement.
'I'm not lying!I'll tell you one more time first thing tomorrow morning!I mean, Natalia, shut up!

During the cavalcade, the usual nonsense was going on.
Ginette is giggling, Inez and Deborah are watching quietly, and Natalia and Estella are flirting.
It's true that the lord and the head waiter get along well.

--And then, from behind Estella and the others, a horseman quietly creeps up on them.

I'm not sure what to do.

Following Ricardo's order, Momat and the other old men from the Agricultural Guild started running.

'Estella, prepare!

As Ricardo's arm stretched out from behind her, Estella--

'I can see you'.

She twists her body to avoid the surprise attack without difficulty.
As the cavalry and horses close in, the serving team led by Natalia casually steps on the feet of the old men of the farming guild.

'Get off me!

Mormat screams and loses his balance.

'What?You idiot, you crocodile!

Ricardo turns his body away to avoid falling off the horse. The head guard is now empty.
Estella did not let that opportunity pass her by, but rather, she took Ricardo's white headband with ease and certainty.

'It looks like you were reckless to challenge me, Ricardo.
'Shut up!It's the difference in the performance of the horses!I would've done better if it was my grandfather or my butler's horse!
'Haha. I'm sure I could've done better with Mo-Mat's horse.
'Then get off that head waiter's horse and switch to the hunting guild's horse!
'I'm sorry, I'm a lady before marriage, so I can't let men touch me without permission.
'You're not a lady, are you?

Estella is riding a high performance horse and is very proud of her victory.

'What kind of a lady are you?

Suddenly, a lump of hot flesh rushed in, pushing aside the mormats.

'No, no, no!Idiot, woodcutter!You're hurting me!

Mormat's eyes teared up as he was pushed around.
And the one galloping astride such a chariot-like muscle horse is Imelda, needless to say.

'It's only a lady who can handle many men as if they were her hands and feet!

No, that's not a lady, that's a bad woman.
But you look strange mounted, Imelda.
You're kinda cool like a lady knight.

'The woodcutter's horse, made by the elite of the Woodcutter's Guild, is extremely stable and powerful thanks to its exceptional muscles, and the suspension is perfect to keep it from shaking!

It seems to be able to run through steep mountain roads without a care in the world.
In terms of stability, the woodcutter's horse may indeed be better than the foreman's horse. It also seems to be more durable.

'Hmm, hmm. You're such a trifler, Imelda. A bride-to-be riding a man like that.'
'Estella, ........ Do you have a lot of erotic fantasies in your head?'
'Huh!Why, why, why would you do that?
'This is a healthy sport, you know.You must have a peach-colored typhoon inside your ...... head to associate every little contact with an obscene fantasy.

So Estella's head is a peach-colored typhoon.

'Estella ...... ello'.
'Can you please stop muttering strange things, Yashiro!
'Estella, you're so hot!
'Don't shout because of that!
'Estella-san!First of all, let's deny the 'erotic'!It's not like that!''

Ginette is desperately trying to follow up.
Don't make me care, Estella.

'Oh, no!It's all Imelda's fault!I'll beat her!
I'll beat her!' 'You're talking out of your ass, putting your own adolescent years on the shelf!I'll take it!

The janitor's horse and the woodcutter's horse clashed head-on.
The serving horse stops his opponent's horse with a brilliant stroke of his foot.
However, unlike Mo-Mat and the others, the woodcutter's horse is unfazed by the slightest interference.
Their thick, muscular legs block the servants' movements.

'Oh-ho-ho!If the horse can't move, then it's a battle of the riders!I'll show you the difference in rank!
'I'll give it right back to you, Imelda!

Estella and Imelda stared at each other.
Estella and Imelda stare at each other.

And Imelda was the first to do it.
She straightens her back, lifts her shoulders, and drops them.

'Ah~, my shoulders have been feeling a bit stiff lately...'

The recoil of the slumped shoulders causes her breasts, which have grown even larger than a year ago, to shake, ripple, and rage wildly!

'I was shown the difference in rank ......'.
'Don't make me feel defeated, Natalia!I'm not defeated!'
''''What? ''''
'I'm talking about the cavalry!I'm talking about our cavalry, Yashiro, and the outside world.

I'm not sure if you've heard of this, but I'm sure you've heard of it.
You don't care about the cavalry now!

I'll get the bowl!I'm going to get the bowl for sure!
'If you can do it, you can do it!

In a sense, the attack and defense were conducted with the lower half of the body restrained.
The flexibility and agility of the upper body and the stability of the trunk are important.
And tactics are the key to victory or defeat.

Estella uses her right hand to control and her left hand to sharply aim at the bowl. If she had been an ordinary opponent, the game would have been decided with a single blow, but Imelda, on the other hand, was a master at dodging surprise attacks and aiming for Estella's headband with her sword in return.
The breathtaking battle was repeated.

The horsemen were also engaged in a fierce, though unassuming, battle.

'Estella!You know what you're doing, don't you!You've beaten me!I won't forgive you if you lose to a useless opponent!

Ricardo, the defeated one, raised his voice even though he had nothing to do with it.
What do you mean, "I'm the one who's going to beat you! What are you talking about, like you're an enemy who will eventually become a friend?
Look, Estella's getting annoyed and staring at you.

You'll be able to get a lot more out of it.

It's a good idea to take a look at the web site and see if you can find any useful information.
The speed, the angle of her arm, and the timing.
The speed, the angle of her arms, and the timing... no matter how fast Estella is, she can't dodge this one. Just when I thought the game was over, Estella disappeared.


Imelda's arm sliced through the air, leaving her side empty.

'Your carelessness is the reason for your defeat.

Estella, who had suddenly disappeared, suddenly reappeared.
At the same time, she snatched away Imelda's red headband.

'Since when did you assume that horses could only move back and forth?

At this moment.
The moment when Estella would have been completely trapped by Imelda's attack.
Natalia bent her knees and sank down as hard as she could. She sank so deep that she hit her knees on the ground, and Estella descended as far as a seated person.
Then, just as Imelda's attack came up empty, she resurfaced and took Imelda's headband.

'We're fighting as a team,' he said. This is the difference between me and you, who saw the lumberjack as nothing more than a vehicle.

Imelda was stunned, but Estella said with a proud expression.

'What do you think?Isn't our horsemanship amazing?

Estella boasts.
She seems to be proud of her servants.
--And when you say things like that...

'You, Estella!You're still relying on the performance of your horse!You just admitted it yourself!
'Ah, Ricardo. The difference between you and me is not the horse, but the pure difference in strength of the person riding it.''
'Huh?You've got to be kidding me!Come down, Estella!I'll give you a fight on the spot!

Ricardo bites her.
You're a pain in the ass, but you're well-liked by Estella.

'Well, then, let's go back too.

Estella, who is in a good mood after her victory over Ricardo and Imelda, her rivals in terms of position, gives instructions to her horse.

'Are you sure?'

Natalia asks Estella, looking at me.
Our horses are unharmed.
Natalia asks if it's okay to leave them there.

'I promised to protect you once. I'll let you off this time.'

Estella says, smiling and in a good mood.
Then, in a good mood, she winks at Jeannette.

'But the next time we meet, be prepared for that, Ginette.
'Yes, yes. Good luck to you too, Estella.'
'Haha. Thank you.'

Estella waves and the horse changes direction.
With their backs to us, Estella's horse slowly begins to move.

At the right moment--


I give the rider in the rear a knee strike.
Of the three riders on the horse, the one behind on the left loses his stance.
Estella loses her balance and Natalia looks back at me with a surprised expression.

Hasn't she done this before?
Have you ever had the experience where the person you were holding hands with lost their balance and turned to look at you, causing you to be dragged down and fall with them? I've had that experience.
When the person holding your hand loses his balance in the opposite direction, you must quickly let go of his hand or twist your body in the opposite direction to lift his shoulders, or you will also lose your balance.

This time, however, Natalia could not let go of the waiter's hand.
This time, however, Natalia cannot let go of the waiter's hand, because Estella's foot is on it.

When presented with multiple choices at once, people tend to make the most unavoidable choice.
That is, the choice of 'no choice'.
It's also called "nothing to do.

For a moment.
An accident that happened in a fraction of a second, not even a breath.
Natalia tried to regain her bearings in that instant. Her expression changed.
It was Estella and Natalia who could hold their ground in such a situation.

But ...... won't let them.

'Jeannette!Estella is in danger!
'What?Miss Estella!

At my voice, Jeannette hurriedly reached out her hand.
Estella couldn't help but reach out her hand in response to Ginette's action. Toward Ginette.
She twisted her body so that her arm, which should have been holding onto Natalia, was facing Ginette behind her.

'...... Ah'.

The two outstretched hands cut each other in the air, and Estella fell to the ground.
Natalia stretched out her arms and held Estella to minimize the impact of the fall, but it caused the horse to collapse. Estella landed on her feet.

'Oh, um, ...... Estella-san. Are you okay?

Estella glared at me without reacting to Jeannette's anxious voice.

'You are a man!
'I'm sorry. You said you'd let it go, but I never said a word about it, did I?
'But that's a gentleman's agreement. ...... Oh, God!I'm starting to feel like I'm saying, 'What are you saying to Yashiro? I can't believe I'm saying that!
'Well, that's the way it is.'
'Mmmm, ......!You seem to be really good at this game!I wanted to do more!

In the end, he was flailing his arms and legs like a spoiled child.

'Well, why don't you gather the waiters and hold a cavalry tournament next time? Oh, if you want, why don't you include it in the training of the waiters?
'I wanted to play an active role in the field day!

Estella's frustration and anger had not subsided, and her incomplete fighting spirit was still smoldering.
Don't cry, just because of something like this. How much of a sore loser are you?

'Besides, if we do this at home, Natalia will be our enemy. ......'
'...... You just want to win, don't you?

In the end, it seems you don't want to give up the advantage of being astride the strongest horse.
You are aware of it, the secret of your strength is the strongest horse.

'This is definitely retaliation for earlier. 'You said you'd fall into the hole you dug.'
I'm not going to let it get to me.

If you don't think so, I'll be in trouble.

'But you were the only one who could defeat me with Jeannette.
'...... You coward. Taking advantage of the fact that I can't touch Jeannette,.......'
'Also, I was just taking it out on you because I was a little frustrated.'
'I knew you had it in you!

He grabs the sand and throws it at me.
Hey, hey, don't let a disqualified player harm a player in competition.
You're going to lose by foul play, blue team.

'I was a fool to trust Yashiro!
'Yes, you're a fool. Even though I warned you.
'I thought Ginette-chan was harmless!
''I'm well aware that the manager is harmless. However, considering that Yashiro-sama is underneath him, it is normal to think that 'this horseman' can't be careless.''
'Then say so, you bastard of Natalia!
'I don't want to hear it from you, Obaka Estella-sama. 'Hey, you idiot, idiot, idiot.'

Stop it, Natalia.
It makes 'Obaka' sound like 'Obafaka' and it makes me uncomfortable.

'Even Natalia was caught off guard and lost her balance. ......'
'It was indeed unexpected, but I wasn't careless.
'Then why did the horse collapse?

'When I looked back at ...... there was a tremendous centrifugal force!Yes, Estella-sama was subjected to a centrifugal force that she could not understand!
'What are you saying while grabbing my chest, Natalia?
'I was swept around.
'It can't be that centrifugal, can it?
'Yes, it would, if it was Estella-sama!
'All of humanity is the same!

Well, I don't know about that, Estella.
Ginette can probably fly with just the centrifugal force of her tits, right?

'Mr. Kometsky. This is a conspicuous place, let's evacuate to the perimeter.

Inez told us to leave the battlefield.
Ignoring Estella, who was still sitting there even though she had lost, Ricardo, who was pointing and laughing at Estella but was being ignored with all his might, and Imelda, who was expressing with all her body that she was beautiful even though she had lost, we started to move.

On the way, Norma took aim at us, but Ginette--

'Oh my God!

I saw Ginette scream and hold her head in her hands, so I just walked past her. She seemed to have changed her aim to Delia who was on the other side.
Mm-hmm. I guess Jeannette is hard to get a hold of, guys.
If the red team had carried Bertina, she might have been just as unapproachable, but she was in the cheering section.
I smile at the absence of the only strong opponent who could have gone toe-to-toe with Ginette.

If he was targeted, he would be out in one shot.
However, the fact that you are not easily targeted is a powerful weapon in a cavalry battle.

We continued to walk around the perimeter, watching the fierce battles unfold around us.
If you stand still, you will be conspicuous and get ducked. Wandering around is the best distraction.
The stronger the enemy, the sooner he goes into battle and dies.

The best way to win is not to fight.

While executing such a secret strategy, I felt a hand on my shoulder say, 'Ukyu! Huh? while executing such a secret strategy, I enjoyed the feeling of the hand on my shoulder being squeezed tightly from time to time with a strange scream, so as not to let anyone know.
What is this warm and soft thing that moves so much? It tickles and feels so good.
Also, sometimes I'm treated like a horse and my head is stroked, which is a nice feeling.
I wonder if that's what a horse feels like.
I think I'll neigh her. ......

'......Yashiro. Don't forget your promise to play horsey.

That's what Magda said to me as we passed each other on the way.
I guess he looked like he was having fun.
Hey, hey. I'll see you soon.

And so, in the light of the bonfire, the horsemen dwindled in number.