253-Origin of episode 165 BU

'I've had a bad day'.

The heavy belly, the aftertaste of the coffee in the back of my throat, and the annoying nutty smell in my mouth were all making me feel worse than ever.
It's not the aftertaste of coming home from a cafe.

'I've heard rumors, too, but I didn't think they were this thorough,' he said.

Estella, who had wanted to go to the café, regretted her decision.
This is the first time she's experienced such a horrible treatment.

'I've rarely been invited to BU, and when I have, it's only been for dinner at the lord's mansion or at a particular restaurant. My father has been here a few times, though.
'I've been to this district many times in the company of my predecessor. Well, in general, it's just a bunch of shitty stores.'
'Hey, Natalia!Watch your language!

You can't call a restaurant in another district a shithole. Considering Natalia's position, it could be a diplomatic issue.
Besides, a girl shouldn't use such language.

'They're all like excrement.
'You think you've mellowed it down?It's not at all!

Don't call the restaurant where you just ate nuts excrement. ...... makes you feel bad.

'Natalia. I don't like what you just said either.
'Are you saying that you don't eat excrement, Estella?
'I don't know anyone who does, do you?

Oh, Natalia. Do you think that staring at me there is a declaration of war?I'll blow you away, you son of a b*tc*.

'As head waiter of the Cremona household, I need you to behave like a lady. What you say, how you act, how you behave.

Natalia turned her head down, held her thin chin with her fingers, and thought deeply.
Perhaps she is reflecting on her words and deeds thus far.

'............ The style of the Lord I serve is not top-notch, but that's ......'.
'Shut up!

...... I don't feel any remorse.

'However, what I said earlier was too much. I deeply regret it and vow never to speak like that again.

As a knight would do, she bent her right arm to hold her chest and gave a deep salute to Estella. Natalia is very good at this kind of gesture. Honestly speaking, she is very cool.
Estella, who is being bowed to, is also exuding an elegance that is a bit overwhelming.
Natalia......, you are really a good woman if you don't open your mouth. The best of the best. ...... A shame of the highest order.

'The head waiter is the mirror of the lord of the house. Estella is a unique head waiter, which suits her well.

Lucia laughs gaily.
Hmm. Lucia seems to have lost sight of the fact that her head waiter is a rather disappointing girl.
Gilberta's a disappointment, too.

'I'll be even more careful now, if I'm to be a mirror for you, Lucia-sama.
'Hmph, how about that!I'll behave myself so as not to embarrass the Lord. That's what a head waiter is supposed to do.'
'A mirror is a reflection of each other. If I am Lucia's mirror, then I am also her mirror.

If Gilberta is a mirror of Lucia, then Lucia is also a mirror of Gilberta.

'...... There are aspects that are a little too perverse, even for me. I am disciplined, I am disciplined.
'Hey, Gilberta!That means I'm too perverse!
'I affirm, I am.'
'I affirm, I am.' 'In that case, you'd better stand up for the Lord, Gilberta!
'Very much affirmed, I am.'
'No, you're not!

Gilberta affirmed with tremendous force that Lucia was perverse.
Yeah. The head waiter is a mirror of the lord. All the duo's comedy and comedy are well-matched. I'm impressed.

'Did Lucia know about the abnormality of this town?
'Did she know about the excessive service at the store earlier?

You call that harassing refill attack 'service'?It's harassment, that's what it is.

'I didn't think that a common restaurant would have such excessive service, but ...... well, I can imagine.
'So this city is like that, from the common people's level to the aristocrats' stores.
'I guess they are very service oriented.'

He said something that sounded like a sarcastic remark and let out a dry laugh.
I guess all the restaurants in this town are dangerous. Let's be careful.

'Ladies and gentlemen. We'll be leaving for the agricultural district shortly.

After leaving the cafe, we walked through the narrow back alleys again, and finally reached the agricultural district.
The distance was not so great, but we were detoured many times, forced to climb up and down each time, and we were exhausted. My stomach was heavy.

Once we reached the agricultural area, the road became wider and flatter.
It's good that the road is stable. It makes me feel safe.

I imagined Mo'amat's fields and felt a sense of grandeur.
After all, I have the blood of the agrarian Japanese in me, don't I? Seeing the countryside makes me feel at ease.

'Beyond these stairs is the agricultural area. Please watch your step.

We followed Natalia as she led us down the long, narrow stairs.
The earth's resilience eased a little as the bricks gave way to soil.

The smell of dug-up earth, compost, and plants wafted in from around the corner.
Picking up speed, I turned the corner and exited the alleyway.

'It's too small!

What appeared in front of me was a field so small that I thought it was a vegetable garden.

'The land in the twenty-ninth district is so small. You can only grow plants on a limited amount of land.

Estella, who had said that she didn't know much about plants herself, was showing off her knowledge with a knowing look on her face. She's got a smug look on her face.

It was a tightly packed field that seemed to ooze the desire to make the most of the limited space.
Even the steps and slopes seemed to be used as fields.

There were many fields lined up in a row, separated by small bricks.
It looks like an elementary school class vegetable garden. Each class has its own flower bed, and they grow bulbs and other plants in a limited area. It reminds me of such a nostalgic scene.

But this is "farming" for a living, isn't it?
If so, isn't it a bit disheartening?

'This is the closest field to the street, so there's a lot of competition.

Natalia's line brought to mind the image of a Japanese businessman eager to build a house in a prime location in the city.
In other words, the fields here, which are easily transported, are very popular, and that's why they have been divided into small sections, resulting in this situation.

We looked at the plants buried in the field. It seems that the same plants are grown in each field, and the same leaves are lined up in a row.
Are these the leaves of ............ beans?
I don't know much about beans, but I have an image that beans are strong plants that can be easily grown in any land.
In such a dense field, only beans can be grown, I suppose.

'There are other fields besides this one, aren't there?
'Yes. But due to the small size of the territory, I've heard that the situation is similar to here.

So they're farming and competing for the limited space. I guess it's not easy being small.
The fields in Mormat are too big to utilize some of them, but this one seems to have no time to rest.

In Allbloom, where crops can be grown all year round, do they ever rest their fields?I've heard that it's not good to keep growing the same plants in the same place.

'I've never actually seen anything like it from here. I only have the information that I heard from my mother, the previous head waiter .......'

By the way, the head waiter of the previous lord was Natalia's mother.
Natalia's familiarity with the area was due to the knowledge she had acquired from her mother.
The fact that Natalia looks so confident and confident in her mother's knowledge is a sign of her absolute trust and confidence.
...... You can count on her.

I'm not sure if you're familiar with this area, Gilberta?

Lucia said she has been called here many times, more than Estella. Maybe the head waiter has some knowledge from what he has seen. I thought so, but...

'I don't have, I don't know any more than Natalia.

Not so much, apparently.

"Every time I come here, instead of saying, 'I'm bored, I want to go home,' Lucia says, 'You
'You ...... should be more interested in inspecting other districts and gathering information.'
'I'm gathering information. There's a pretty Aphidian girl living just up ahead.
'You have the information level of a charlatan, don't you?

What kind of support character in a gal game only collects information on beautiful girls?

'There's still some time before noon, right? Let's continue our inspection. There are a few things I want to see with my own eyes.'
'You're an Aphidian girl?I know the feeling!
'All right, I'll...' Lucia-sama, meh!
'Gee, Gilberta listened to Estella?

Maybe they're forming an anti-variant alliance or something. Maybe I should join too.

'Then let's move on. The bricks are said to be passable, so feel free to pass over someone else's field.

It seems that the only way to get to the other field from here is to go around the back alley again, or pass over someone else's field.
...... You can never use a cart like this.

We cut through the bean field, which was spreading its leaves everywhere, and aimed for a field further in.

After walking for about ten minutes, we came to a slightly wider road.
It's not a road, it's just a patch of dirt that isn't a field.

Anyway, we came to a place where we could walk without hesitation.

'This one seems to be relatively spacious.

Compared to the field that looked like a small house, the field around here was a bit more spacious.
However, it is only a little larger than the size of a home vegetable garden.
It's a bit difficult for one person to take care of them all by himself, but they are all lined up in a row.

'It's like we've moved up from a vegetable garden in the garden to a vegetable garden on land that we bought.
'So you're saying it's not much more than a vegetable garden after all?

I suppose so.
If I were a farmer and was asked to make a living from this garden, I might grow plants that would produce the second most dubious drugs. Otherwise, I can't think of any way to make a profit in such a small field.

'How can the farmers in this town stay alive?
'Well, there's the benefit of community.
'BU, BU.'

Estella says that the farmers here are protected by the BU.
They're not likely to survive without that kind of support from the top. In a way, I was strangely convinced.
I don't know if there are subsidies, or if the purchase price is guaranteed, or what kind of system it is, but these farmers seem to be able to survive on such a small field thanks to it.

If they have a system that helps the poor, then maybe the BU is not such a bad organization.
But for non-members, it is only harmful. --That seems to be the case a lot.
Even sending us the letter and closing the floodgates seems to have been done in the name of the BU.

As I was wandering around, looking at the fields, a girl came running at me from afar with great speed.

'Oh, hey!

A petite girl with long, thin antennae growing on her head and big eyes looking up at us.
Cheerful, innocent, brilliant. She is a cheerful girl for whom such words fit well. She is about fourteen or five years old.

'Oh, oh!You're not the Aphids, are you?
'What?That's great, how did you know?

The girl who said she was an aphid was surprised by Lucia's words.
...... Oh no. Run, girl!

'Who do you think you're talking to, beautiful girl? You're Dr. Bugman!

No, you're a lord.

'What do you mean, "Insects"?
'A pretty girl, like you.'

No, no!
Beetle-bearer Beetle-El and the males at your place are part of the Insect People.

The antennae that grow from the top of the head, snap off and hang backward, are exactly the antennae of aphids.
...... What about aphids growing plants?

I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that.

...... You have a distinctive way of speaking again.
His innocent eyes, completely devoid of malice, gleam as he stares at us.

'We're just taking a look around the city. Do you mind if we take a look at your farm?'
'Of course you may!Look around until you get bored!

The girl's antennae jumped up and down. She seems to be pleased.

'Then I'm going to take my time with you, ......!
I hope you don't get too rowdy in the other districts, I'm Lucia-sama!
I'm not a fan.

A rather strong slap hits Lucia's ass.
I'm not going to be able to do that.

'...... Gilberta ............ How dare you humiliate the Lord like this ......'
'Even before that, I was thoroughly embarrassed, Lucia.
'That's a d*mn good argument, Lucia.'
'Shut up, anchovy!If you're a man, why don't you show some kindness by gently caressing the sore spot and healing it!
'What?You don't mind?
'I'll have you beheaded if you touch even a finger.

What the hell!You ask me to pet it and I refuse!

Lucia glared at me resentfully as she rubbed her own buttocks, which seemed to be comfortable to stroke.
Why me? ......

'So, may I ask you a few questions?
'Whoo-hoo!You're a pretty lady, aren't you!It would be my pleasure!

The aphid girl rolls her eyes at Natalia.
It seems that she likes Natalia more than Lucia.

I'm sorry, ...... but no matter who you pick, you're bound to get a pervert in this group. Except for ...... me.

I'm Natalia, a servant of Estella Claremona here. May I ask your name?'

'Oh, yes!I'm Mokoka of the Aphid People. It's nice to meet you!

The girl who called herself Mokoka followed Natalia's lead and began to show us some affection.
She's the kind of girl you can't hate.

'Oh, no!Hold on a second!

Suddenly, Mokoka looks at the field and opens her mouth wide.
She takes out a kind of mist spray from a bag hanging on her waist and holds it up.

'There are aphids on those leaves, so I'm going to get rid of them!Go f*ck yourself!

He shouts in anger.
As soon as he shouts, Mokoka sprays the liquid in the mist spray all over the leaves without mercy.

Hey, are you sure?You're an aphid, aren't you?I'm getting a little nervous about this scene!
No, I know it's not a problem because Nepheli eats chicken, but... You just said 'control aphids'!

'Is that a pesticide you just sprayed?

I don't know if there are any pesticides or insecticides in this town, but...

I don't know if there are any pesticides or insecticides in this city, but the medicines of the Medicine Man's Guild work well on insects, but they also have a bad effect on plants, so we don't use them.

I heard there's some kind of pesticide. They seem to be bad for you.

'This is milk, sir.
'Oh, milk.

As an old farmer once told me. 'Milk forms a film when it dries, so if you spray it on the leaves and stems, it will trap the insects and suffocate them.
He said that the milk would not harm the human body and would not affect the plants as long as they were watered down afterwards.

......?Yeah, it's fine.
The farmer who took care of me didn't cheat me.
He just gave me his knowledge.

Well, they gave me a lot of peaches that fell on the ground. ...... I miss that.

'You can get rid of pests with milk, can't you?
'That's right, sir. I'm sure the aristocrats don't understand such things.

Estella is looking at the underside of a leaf and is impressed.
Oh, he doesn't mind bugs, does he? Well, he's a country boy.

'We'll trap them in a film of milk and slowly suffocate them to death, you insectoid!

Black, black, black!
The way you say it!And don't make that face!
It makes ordinary pest control look like animal cruelty.

'...... You have a lovely smile.'
'What's that?

That's the face of someone who's gone completely dark, that smile of delight!
I'm sure ...... is fine, Lucia.

'I make a living exterminating pests in the fields around here.
'You're not a farmer?
'I've got my own farm, too!But it's a little hard to make a living on that alone. ...... hehehe'

Mokoka scratches his head with the hand that holds the atomizer.
Maybe there's some kind of discrimination against subhumans.

'But my farm is small, so I have a second job that's not so bad. I love my job because it's fun!
'Okay, I'll take her in!
'I want you to calm down, I...'
'I understand that you are struck by Lucia-san, but please calm down!
'If you don't listen to me, even if you are a lord of another district, I will not tolerate you, and I will let Yashiro-sama fondle your butt!
'Your insolence knows no bounds, anchovy!
'So, why are you telling me this?

I'm not sure if you've heard of it, but I'm sure you've heard of it. It's ...... unreasonable.

'Leave the milk in there for an hour or so, and then wash it off with water later.
'With water ......?
'That's right!

Mokoka replied cheerfully to Estella's question.
Then, pointing to a field some distance away, she said with pride.

'Those fields are just about to be washed, so I can take you there if you want.
'Yes, I would. I'll take the opportunity to take a look.
'All right!Wait there for a minute!

With a thumbs-up, Mokoka proudly ran off.
He ran into a stone building near the field and came back in a few minutes with a huge barrel.
The barrel was filled to the brim with water.

'Aaaaah!You'll drown after you suffocate!

Using a ladle, Mokoka sprayed water on the field.
The power of the water was so great that it would have attracted firefighters from all over Japan. Even the fire department's water truck was so powerful that it looked like a cannon.
Every time a lump of water shot from a ladle touched a leaf, it splashed vigorously.

The slapping masses of water did not seem to damage the plants, however, and washed away only the cloudy milk scum and insects from their leaves.
The plants that had been bathed in the water seemed cleaner and more alive than before.

'This is the secret technique of the aphid people, the 'Aphid Eradication Watering Technique'!

It's a great technique ......, but wouldn't it be better to get together and rethink the naming of it?

'Where did you get that water from?
'From the canal, of course.

Mokoka beckoned and led us to the stone building we had seen earlier.
The inside of the building was cool and filled with the smell of water.
We could hear the murmuring of the water.

'There's a waterway running underneath here, so the water is pumped up here.

There was a large hole in the floor and a wooden bucket connected to a pulley was placed next to it.
It seems that the water is pumped up by this.

'If they can use this kind of bucket, the water in the canal must be rather deep.
'Yes, sir!The water is always about 80 centimeters to 1.5 meters deep.

It's the same with wells, but if the water isn't deep enough, the bucket dropped from the top of the hole will hit the bottom of the channel and won't be able to draw water properly. That's why Estella asked that question.
If the water level is always more than 80 centimeters deep, it will be able to fulfill its role as a waterway and a well.

It seems that this city has never had a serious water shortage.

'Has the recent water shortage been difficult for you?

Estella pressed further. A more in-depth question.

'Oh, it's been a bit difficult, indeed. The water level in the canal dropped, and when I threw the tub in as usual, it broke.
'It must have hit the bottom.
'I was so annoyed that I threw in a spare tub and it broke too.
'...... That's what you deserve.'

'I've heard that mokokas have a temperament that belies their appearance.

'I was a little worried about the legumes because they are prone to drying out, but I'm relieved that they turned out okay.
'Is the crop out front legumes?
'Of course they're all legumes in this town.

Lucia told me they were a specialty.

'If we don't meet our quota, we won't get paid, so everyone is working hard to grow them.
'Is there a quota?'

I couldn't help but interrupt him.
It's absurd to impose a quota on crops. Depending on the weather, there could be crop failures. It would be better if there were no quotas for crops, just like tribute.

'Isn't it true that lentils are susceptible to multiple cropping?
'Crop rotation disorder?

Mokoka tilted her head.
Oh, my God. Don't they have a concept of continuous crop failure in this town?
All blooms are in season all year round, and every day is harvest time. Are the fields in this city invincible?

'Is it okay if we don't rest the fields?
'Ah, it's true that the taste will diminish, but it won't stop growing, so we'll force it to grow.'

It only loses its taste, but it still grows. It's really invincible.

'If it's going to lose its flavor, shouldn't you let it rest a bit and try to make something better?
'If you do that, you won't be able to meet your quota!

What?Quotas aren't good for anything.
If you keep serving food that doesn't taste good, the customers will eventually leave. If you continue to serve poor-tasting food, your customers will eventually leave you, and no amount of struggling will bring them back.
There is no point in insisting on quantity at the expense of trust.

If you continue to do so, it is obvious that you will not be able to sell any more and you will have a mountain of inventory. When you have no one to sell to, you can't talk about quotas.

'I don't care about the taste. They'll buy the same amount at the same price, whether it's good or bad.

This shows the negative effects of "BU," where income is guaranteed regardless of the quality of the product.
A system that does not properly evaluate efforts and results will severely discourage the motivation of those who are involved in it.
If it is the same whether you do it or not, it is human nature to take the easy way out.

With the combination of quotas and compensation, the motivation of farmers here seems to be directed only toward 'increasing the number.

'If I use the fields to the fullest, I can usually meet my harvest quota, so it's not a problem, but there's another quota that's tough,' he said.
'Another quota?

I'm sure that's also a duty imposed on those who are members of the BU, but what exactly is the quota other than the amount of harvest?

'That's why I'm really glad you guys are here today!

Mokoka took our hands with an innocent look on his face and we shook hands too enthusiastically.
He grasps our hands tightly with both hands, shakes them up and down, and then puts a bag in his hands.
He does this to all of us.
...... What's with the bag?I have a bad feeling about this.

It's a good thing that you're not the only one who has a problem with this.

The hospitality quota is ......?
I opened the bag I received from Mokoka at the unpleasant sound of that.

'Welcome, guests!We'll treat you with our heartfelt hospitality!Don't hesitate to take it!

The bag was stuffed full of peanuts.

'............ What kind of harassment is this?
'In this city, there is a rule that each ward must produce a certain amount of beans every month, and each ward must be responsible for consuming the beans they produce.

With a large amount of peanuts in her hand and a slightly tense face, Lucia explained.
You make a lot of beans and consume them all?
Do you make so many that you can't consume them without pushing them like this?

'It's a measure to help farmers who can only use a small amount of land, and it's the top priority rule that led to the formation of the BU.
'Hey ......, wait a minute, Lucia.'

I suddenly thought of ...... something stupid, and I don't want it to be, but I said one guess that ...... came to mind. I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out.

'The "B" in "BU" could be ......'.
'Ah. Perhaps that's what you had in mind.'


An organization for beans that produces more beans than it can eat and pushes them on each other. ...... 'BU' means ............ a bunch of idiots. I don't think I can eat them.

With a handful of peanuts that I couldn't seem to finish, I was thinking about that.