360-Episode 15 without additives, the promise is...

The strategy meeting with Osina, Medora and Estella went off without a hitch - or rather, I told them my plan and just said, 'Well, that's how it's going to be,' and about an hour after the bell rang, I came back to Kantartika. I had come back to Cantalcica.

Before entering the restaurant, I looked up at the sky and saw that it was tinged with a nice Akaneiro.

'Oh, ......, I knew I'd been caught.

He wasn't in front of the store, so I peeked in.

'......Welcome back, my Lord...'
'What,......?Are you the Lord?'

--Ginette was greeted by Magda with a mysterious greeting.
Magda, that would be a story that would make no sense if you didn't know the morning's 'Goshu-nian-sama'. I can see the effort you've made in changing it, though.

'Oh, Yashiro-san.

Ginette spotted me standing at the entrance of the store and waved at me.
That's right. I was meeting Ginette here.

'You're late.
'No, sir. I just got here and Magda was there.'

Ginette patted Magda on the head, saying that the wait had not been painful at all.
If you look at it outside of the sunny pavilion, you'll feel like you're really spoiling her. ...... Inside the sunny pavilion, spoiling Magda is so commonplace that it doesn't even bother you. ...... You're spoiling her too much. It's too much. ...... Ginette is.

'Jeannette is sweet on Magda, isn't she?
'What?Isn't that the case with Yashiro-san?

I'm just being a little hard on her.
Magda has grown into a waitress thanks to my strict but accurate guidance.

I'm not sure what to make of that.
But I'm sure that's only because she's looking through the Jeannette filter.
When you're around Jeannette, even the most evil people are corrected to look like real people.
Either that, or he has been around Jeannette longer than you have, so he has a certain amount of favoritism.

'...... Magda is too idle.'
'Mmmm, yes, you're right. You can't help but love them because they are so cute.

It's sweet, isn't it, Jeannette?

'So, Yashiro-san. What am I supposed to do here?I'm not sure what to do.

In the letter I gave to Jeannette before I left this morning, I wrote this.

"Dear Ginette.
Autumn, when the sky is high and the tits sway.
(*Please say "repent" on the spot.)

I want you to come alone to Cantalucia at seventeen o'clock today.
I have a very important mission to ask you.
Tell Loretta and the others to get ready for work.
It's not a secret mission, so feel free to come.
It's not a secret mission, so feel free to come along. However, it's best to be somewhat hungry, so don't snack too much.

I'll see you soon. Obeyashiro.

It's just a simple invitation.

'Oh, that's right. Mr. Yashiro.

He claps his hands, walks up to me, straightens his back, bends his eyebrows, and says clearly.

'Please repent.
'I told you to say it in front of the ...... letter, didn't I?'
'No, sir. You've already ...... done your penance, Mr. Yashiro.'

There's so much to repent for, I've forgotten.

'Anyway, how's your stomach?
'I'm a little hungry. I haven't cooked much yesterday and today.

Ginette's stomach was growling as she cooked.
That makes me feel like he hasn't eaten either, but I know him. But I know for a fact that Ginette is a frequent snacker!

'You couldn't snack, could you?
'Huh!Did ...... find out?'

In your case, you should be aware that the more you try to hide, the more your secrets will come to light.
It's nothing! He'll puff up his cheeks and say, 'It's nothing! I didn't ask him anything.

'If you're hungry, that's fine.

The store is doing pretty well.
When the sun goes down, the number of customers increases rapidly. It'll be a few minutes before it's full.
In the middle of such a crowded floor, with Jeannette, Magda and Milly in front of me, I announce the important mission that I am about to perform.

'From now on, Magda and Milly's 'Cantartica Graduation Examination' will be conducted!
'Yeah ......!Yeah, yeah, yeah!You're not listening to me, are you, Miri?
'...... Magda never heard of it either.'
'If we give you advance notice, we won't be able to see what you're really capable of. This kind of thing is supposed to be done unannounced.

I think it's pointless to do an internal audit where you announce in advance, "I'll be there when...", and then you organize your work according to that day, and then you do your work more carefully than usual only on that day, and then you are evaluated based on that. I even feel that they are idiots.
It is meaningless even if the work is done properly for a moment. It is meaningful to audit the accumulation of daily activities.
Especially in the case of restaurants, a moment's slackness can lead to an irreversible catastrophe.

'So, I'm going to examine whether you can serve me and Jeannette properly.

He said, and sat down in a nearby empty seat.
The seats at Cantartica are made up of several large tables lined up in a row, and you don't often sit facing each other like you would at a table for four. You and your companion sit next to each other and enjoy a conversation at a close distance. That is the style of the restaurant.
The distance between you and your companion is such that it is a little difficult to hear if you are sitting across from each other talking in private. If you want to talk face to face, you have to lean forward and put your hands on the table. That's the size of it.

So sharing a table is a given.
The rest of the time, you make up your own space as you go.

So, very naturally and inevitably, Jeannette sits next to me.
When I pulled out the chair next to him, Jeannette bowed her head happily and thanked me politely.

Well, have a seat. Sit down.

'Ugh...... what's wrong...... Miri, I'm getting nervous......'

The word "exam" makes me nervous, Miry.
You don't have to be so prepared. ......

'...... Calm down, Millie. Magda's here, she's fine.

I'm sure you'll be glad to know that I'm not the only one who's a bit nervous.
She has been a waitress for a long time, as expected. She is much calmer than Millie.
She seems to have a great deal of confidence in her customer service.


I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who's a little nervous about the whole thing.

'...... exam, pass it, nyan.'
'Get to work!
'...... Nyan.'
'I don't need another push or anything!Just treat me like a normal customer!'
'............ (Milly)'
'Huh?Aa,aa's ...... nyan'
'Please don't force her to whisper!

Because only Umaro and Ginette would cave in on that!
I'm sure ...... Javier will be fine too, d*mn it!

I'm sure you'll have a great time. (Although Javier is not a resident of the 42nd district!)'
'Well, well, well, Yashiro-san. Calm down.

I also don't like the way the old men around me are looking at Magda and Milly with smirking eyes. If this were a sunlit pavilion, I would have added an extra charge to the cost of the meal. ......
You can't sneak it in later if you're paying in advance. What a pity.

'Give me some grapefruit juice for now. Would Ginette like something to drink?'
'Then I'll have the same as Mr. Yashiro.
'Or a drink?
'No, I've got a store to go to later.

The Sunken Pavilion opens in the evening.
So you can't drink.

'It's probably going to be 'Magda-tan's comeback festival' today, so Ginette won't have much to do, right?
'Mm-hmm. It's a festival that Umaro-san would enjoy. But I'd rather not drink.

If you insist, I won't force you to drink.
I don't want you to have an accident while I'm cooking.

Two grapefruits, a hexenbiest sausage, and a fruity sausage. Do you want to eat some big bacon and ...... bread?'
'Um, ...... can I just eat normally?'
'Oh. As a normal customer, you can eat a normal meal and judge whether Magda and Milly are serving you properly.'
'That's really like being a normal customer .............'

Seemingly having thought of something, Jeannette stopped moving.

'Are you talking about yesterday's ...... story?
'Well, yeah. Anyway, if you want something to eat, order it.

Ginette nodded happily and began to look carefully at the menu on the table.

Yesterday, when I had asked Ginette to bring me lunch, we had talked about this.

"If you have a chance, would you like to have dinner with me sometime?

Well, it was actually a much slower statement.

'Well, I'd like some of this spicy fried rice and some cheesecake, please.
'You're having fried rice with cake as a side dish?
'No, I'm not!I'm a little curious to see how the cheesecake from ...... Yashiro has evolved at Cantarchica.

'Oh, by the way, Ginette was with you when you taught her to make cakes.'
'Yes. We went to various stores and held cooking classes ....... It was a lot of fun.

I guess Ginette likes to teach people how to cook.
...... My mind remembers it as a pain in the ass, the cake class.

'...... Is that all for now?
'Oh. If it's not enough, I'll add more.
'...... Wait for me. I'll send a message to the master and bring you a dish so delicious that your cheeks will fall off and bounce off your boobs and stick back together.
'It looks amazingly delicious!
'Then let's hope for the best.'
'To the bouncing!
'...... Ya shi lo san!'

I don't know why they're so mad at me. ...... That was definitely Magda. ............ Isn't Jeannette's favoritism of Magda getting worse by the day?

'......Now, please wait a moment.

Magda bows her head and walks towards the counter.

'......While watching Millie's cute dance'

--leaving behind an unnecessary recklessness.

'What?It's not possible.You can't do that, Miri!

She bowed to us hurriedly and chased after Magda.
Ahahaha ...... soothing ......

'Yashiro-san. Your face is loose.'

Ginette giggles and pokes me in the cheek.
I'm not going to let you do that.

'You remembered ......, didn't you?
'Hmm?Oh, you want some food?'
'It was yesterday, wasn't it?
'Yes, it was. But I'm ...... glad. I'm glad to be able to eat out like this with ...... Mr. Yashiro.

...... I don't know if I needed that last word right now. I think it wasn't absolutely necessary. ............ You don't have to say it ...... anymore.

'Chance ...... may be a misnomer, but opportunities like this don't come along too often. It's a great way to get the most out of your time.

--I also wanted to have dinner with you, though I could never say ............!

'Yes, you're right. Well, thank you all for giving me this opportunity.
'Thank you for falling down'?
'That's not what ......!...... already, Yashiro-san, you're mean.''

With a bit of embarrassment, he looks around the floor.
Magda and Millie. The little two are running here and there on the large floor. The number of customers is gradually increasing, and the noise in the store is getting louder.
It's a sight rarely seen.
Magda in her Cantartica uniform, and Milly carrying the food.

And then there's Ginette, sitting and watching Magda work.
He's the kind of guy who usually works when someone else is working, and even when no one else is working. Even when he's sitting at the sunlit pavilion, it's only a break during business hours, and it's rare to see him completely away from work like this, watching over Magda as she works.

'It's a strange feeling,' he said.
'Do you feel like you've given your daughter away as a bride?
'Huh?...... No.'

I thought he was talking about Magda working in another store, but that's not the case.

'You can't give Magda to anyone else yet.

Unusually, Jeannette showed a glimpse of possessiveness.
Like an idiot father, he said, 'Mr. Magda will not be given to anyone else! like an idiot father.
Maybe he's learned how to spoil her.

'We're still going to work together at home.
'Is Oumalo contagious?
'If it's contagious, it's probably Yashiro-san.'

When did I become possessive?
I'm not. ............ Well, if anyone tries to snatch Magda, I'll beat them to a pulp. I've got Delia and Medora on my ass.

But that's not the point, is it?

He straightened his posture, placed his hands on the table and looked somewhat nervous.

'I miss the feeling of waiting and wondering what kind of meal will be served.
'I see. Ginette always knows the taste of food, doesn't she?
'Yes, I do. I haven't felt like this since my grandfather was here.'

I've made a few surprises that Jeannette didn't know about, but I don't think she's ever been waiting for me like this.

'It's a different feeling from the unknown taste that Yashiro-san makes for me.

Ginette has a professional look on her face as she waits for the food I'm bringing in.

I often look at technology from a professional's perspective, greedily trying to absorb every little thing.
It's not often that I'm just waiting for the right moment.

'I can imagine it to a certain extent, but it probably doesn't taste like that, so I'm kind of thinking about what's different and how much, and I'm not comfortable.

After saying that, he looks at me and smiles, then turns his body and stares at the floor.
As she watches Magda run to the counter, Ginette's mouth, which has always been loose, relaxes another notch.

'It's such a blessing to have that dish brought to you by Magda-san, isn't it?

I'm not sure what to make of it.I'm sure you're not the ...... type, but Ginette seems to be happy that Magda is bringing it to you.
I'm not sure what to say. I'm sure of it.

'...... Sorry to keep you waiting. Hexenbiest sausage and fruity sausage. Big bacon, two servings of bread, and spicy fried rice.

I'm sure you've been waiting for this.
I can only say that I'm impressed.
While Millie relied on a tray, Magda carried these plates with her two thin arms. And she did it without spilling a drop.

'...... cheesecake for side dish coming soon'
'Um, it's not a side dish, you can have it later.
'...... No, no, don't be shy.'
'I'm not refraining!

She puts down all the plates and bows her head like a waitress.
She is too mischievous, but her work is perfect.
......, but before she left, she hugged Jeannette and squeezed her.

'Yes, points deducted.
'That's fine. It made me happy, didn't it?
'If you allow that service, you'll have to offer it to other customers as well.
'''' Yes, yes, yes, yes! Give me one of those! ''''

There's nothing but idiots in this city.

I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've seen it before. ...... Magda is busy right now, so she can't do it, but she can work part-time as a temporary new employee.
''''Matt, seriously? ''''

At Magda's words, some of the older men began to fidget.
Some of them look at Milly, some of them look at the counter, as if they imagined Osina from the word "temporary".

But when Magda says that, it means that ......

'...... is a temporary part-time job for a new beast tribe ............ Medora-chan.'
I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've.
'''' Sorry!Canceled! ''''

...... I knew it.
I'm not sure if you've heard of it or not. I don't know. I'm sorry I can't help you.

'Darling, are you having fun?
'Oh. Until a moment ago. ......'

Why you're here: ......

'I'm fine, darling.'

He curls up his big body, puts his big hands on the side of his big face and whispers with his big mouth.

'I only give affectionate 'hugs' to my darling, you know...'
'I'm sorry, Medora. I have no intention of losing my spine.

In the event that you've got any questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the web site.
It's a great way to make up for lost time, but it's also a great way to make up for lost time. ...... You're not making up for lost time, you're increasing it. I'm not sure what to do.

In the event that you're not sure what to do, you'll be able to find out how to do it.

I'm sure the store would have preferred not to.

'So, come to ......, I'll be available at night☆'
'Oh, that's too bad. I have to work at night.

The sunny side up pavilion's opening. I can't deal with you... in the future. And probably in the next life too!

Anyway, eat and relax!If you ever have any trouble, just call me!
'Magda, can you take this down for me?
'......, got it.'

I had a problem, so I called Magda and asked her to remove the cause of the problem.
Well, thanks to him, there will be less s*xual harassment of the staff by drunks. You're doing a good job in that regard, Medora.

Ginette was watching our exchange with a chuckle.
When her gaze met mine, she held out her chopsticks and said, 'So, shall we eat?
I'm not sure what to do with it, but I'm sure it's worth it. ...... An overprotective mother.

I'm not sure what to make of it.

Ginette groans as she takes a bite of the hexenbiest's sausage. She looks a little frustrated, perhaps because of the atmosphere of the place.
The way she chewed the large sausage with her hand over her mouth was somehow unfamiliar and fresh.

'This sausage smells a little sweet, doesn't it? ...... fruity sausage ............ is it some kind of fruit aroma?'
'Is this your first time at Ginette's, Fruity Sausage?'

'Cantalcica's sausages are Loretta's favorite food.

Judging from the smile on Ginette's face, Loretta would eat as many as she could find.
And Ginette must be the one who always gives them away, saying, 'If you like it so much.

'Do you want to take Loretta back from the sausage here?
'Mm-hmm. That's not a bad idea, but my favorite foods are often paired with memories.'

Things that shouldn't taste so good are often remembered as excellent dishes due to memory correction.
To overwrite Loretta's favorite food would be to interfere with Loretta's desire to like this hexenbiest sausage. ...... What are you thinking about? You're really frustrated.

'............ apples,is it?

This guy is amazing. ...... How did he get there with just a scent?

'Do you want to know the correct answer?
'Do you know, Yashiro-san?
'Well, yeah.'
'Well, ............ I'd rather not. It's fun to think about how it is.

If you know the right answer, your thinking stops there. The right answer is the goal.
If you don't know the answer, you'll always be wondering if you're right or wrong. I guess it's only in Ginette that we can think it's fun.

'......?I'm sorry.I'm not sure what to do.

You take a bite of the spicy fried rice and your eyes go black. You'll be able to take a bite of the spicy fried rice and blacken your eyes.

'Ugh ......, you're over the limit of 'piri' ......'.
'Basically, there's a lot of old men who drink here.

It's probably the level of spiciness that a drunk man with a stupid tongue who doesn't know anything about taste can feel when he eats it.
It seems to have been too stimulating for Ginette's delicate tongue.

'I was curious about it because ...... Nephrite said it tasted addictive. ......'
I'm not sure what to make of it.
'I can't wait for the ...... cheesecake.'

Ginette's tongue flattens out in red as she waits for something sweet.
Dairy products might help reduce the spiciness of the capsaicin. I don't know, I've never tried it.
'Spicy! and then 'cheesecake! ...... No.

'Oh, speaking of bread...'

Ginette says, remembering as she shreds a loaf of stale bread.
...... in a hushed voice.

'It's like the ...... bread that Yashiro-san once gave ...... birth to ...... for a certain reason. ...... of wheat like bread,...... you know,.......'

I'm sure you'd like to talk about how I once made my own bread without knowing it and got myself into a lot of trouble with the laws of this city, but I'm trying to be considerate and my behavior is getting really suspicious.

'What did you say about the bread I made?
I'm not sure what to say.It's ......, you can't do that. Even though it's allowed,......, you never know where or who might be listening. ......'

He covered my mouth with his hand and looked around. ...... Don't be so alarmed.

'So, about that ...... thing. The other day, the church sent out a notice saying, "If anyone knows how to bake bread softer, please donate the information to the church.
'...... What's with the brazen announcement?

Donate the information to ...... at least give us some money.

'I haven't heard anything from Bertina.'
'The sisters are not ...... paid, and I think it's not a good idea to exploit everything from Yashiro,...... I agree,...... ............I'm sure it's just a reminder of that time, but the sisters were drooling so much ......'

In the event that you have any questions regarding where by and how to use the internet, you can contact us at ....... I wonder if they were doing it with .......
You can't make bread for him, you know.

'If I provide the information, will the bread in the world be reformed?'
'Yes. ............ Perhaps the price will go up a bit and there will be a certain number of loaves available. ......'

I have a feeling that this will only benefit the big guys in the church.
I can only see a future where the bread will be very expensive and monopolized by the aristocrats.

'...... I may consider it if you review the distribution method.

I want to eat soft bread too.
I'll let you know if the money-grubbers in the church change their minds. ...... I'm sure that's not possible, though.

'I'm sorry, that was a weird thing to say.'
'No, no, no. I'm glad you asked.

At least we now know that the Church wants 'soft bread information'. If it can be used somewhere, it might as well be one of our trump cards.
I'm sure that if we ask Rebecca, she can make high quality yeast.

'...... cheesecake'.

We were eating while talking, and before we knew it, our plates were all empty.
Ginette looked surprised when the cheesecake came out for dessert.
How could she have watched us when we hadn't even noticed?

'Mr. Yashiro. It's an exam. ......'
'Sorry. I forgot all about it.'
'Actually, ...... me too.'

He laughed aloud, and with an excited look on his face, said, 'Well, then, I guess you both passed with flying colors.

'What's a "big pass"?' ......

'Wow, ...... that's quite a bit different from the cheesecake at the sunny pavilion.'

Ginette takes a bite of the cheesecake and lets out a breath of admiration.
She lifts the plate and looks at the cross section of the cake.

'The elasticity is also a little different. I wonder if there's more cheese than in Yashiro's recipe?'
'I think they changed the formula. To suit Paula's taste.'
'Indeed, this one may be more suitable for mature men. It has a rich cheese flavor that goes well with alcohol.

In this way, things that start from the same place grow in different ways depending on where they are.
The path of evolution is divided, getting better and worse.

'I'm glad I could eat today. ......'

At this moment, when the restaurant is closed, I was able to encounter something I never knew existed. How will this encounter affect Ginette's future?
Perhaps it will be many years before she realizes it.


I looked at the table and saw that all the plates in front of us were empty.
The glasses were empty too.

'It was delicious. Thank you very much for inviting me today.

Ginette was the one who invited me first. ......

'...... If you have a chance, by all means, see you again.
'Hmm......, yes.'

It's not a big deal,......, but it tickles me.
Well, it's true that eating out with Jeannette is nice, but I'm still--'


--I think I like it better when it's lively.

'I'm here to pick you up!

The sky is dark, the cantaloupe is crowded, and the time is night.
As promised, Loretta arrived at the packed cantaloupe.
Get well, on your feet.

'I'm not going to worry you anymore, so come back to the Sunken Pavilion with me!

With a slightly nervous expression, Loretta said her thoughts.
She wants to be with Magda, straightforwardly, without any pretense.


In response to Loretta's words, Magda, who was in the middle of carrying a hexenbiest sausage, ......

'......I'm at work, I'll see you later.'
'Huh!I've been rejected!

...... It's just payback for the last time I asked you to eat bribes with me and you rejected me, isn't it?

I'm not sure what to say.I've been looking forward to the moment when I could work with you for a long time!
'...... Loretta is sweet.

After delivering the hexenbiest sausage to the customer, Magda's figure disappeared.

'...... Magda has been waiting much longer than I have.'

The next thing he knew, Magda was behind Loretta, hugging her tightly.

'......Welcome back, Loretta.'
'Yeah ...... I'm back, Magda.'

Magda buried her face in Loretta's back.

'...... Ah, um... Why don't you turn around?I'm really feeling a bit bored right now.I'm not sure what to do. ......You know, turn around ......!I don't know.

No matter how much Loretta screams, Magda won't move.
Just leave her alone. Maybe she's crying, now. Magda's more of a crybaby than you think.

'You've been lonely, Magda.'
'You're .......'

Everyone in the room felt a sense of warmth as they looked at Loretta and Magda, who were both reeling and crying.
Just then, a familiar voice came back to Cantartica.

'Come on!The night is not over yet!

Paula walked into Cantalcica and said triumphantly to the customers at the counter.

'I hope you have a great time today!
'''' ooohhhh! ''''

After all, Paula is very popular.
I guess the customers here were not satisfied with Cantalcica without Paula.
Tonight, drinks are going to sell like hotcakes.

'Is Nephrite alright?
'Yes!This heat ...... has got me fired up too!'

Nephrite had promised to help Paula.
It seemed that she was really helping Cantar Chica frequently, and there were quite a few customers who approached Nepheli.

'Ginette, Yashiro. I'll come back to thank you again.

With that, Nephrite ran to Paula.
Paula sees us and raises one hand.

I don't have time for chitchat. I guess that's it.
Paula drapes Cantalcica's apron over herself and slaps her cheek.
With a dry sound, Cantalcica's time began to move. Quickly.

'Yes!One hexenbiest sausage!I'll have another beer!
'Master!Flutie, two bacons, two bacons, ASAP!

Seeing them hurriedly moving, we decided to leave the store.

'Good work Millie.
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll be able to do it.
'......Not at all. I'm not sure what to say, but I'm going to say it.

I'm not sure if you've heard of it, but I have.
I'm relieved to see her like that.

'Big brother, store manager. Delia and Norma are waiting for you at the store.
'Then let's hurry back and get ready for us too.
'...... Loretta, what about advertising?
'I used my younger siblings to make sure it was done right!We're going to extend our hours until midnight today!
'Are there any ...... things that you, Miri, can help with?
'Aren't you tired?
'No. ...... But I want to work through today with Magda.'
'Then, please.'

There are still people coming and going on the main street.
Even though the sun has set, the night in this city is not over yet.

'Alright, you guys!We're going to get back exactly what we got yesterday!
'...... of course.
'Yes, sir!
'I'll do my best, too!

Each of them replied to my order, and finally, Ginette--

'Okay, everyone. Let's work hard today.

--With a smile.
Then we all took our first steps together. Towards the sunny pavilion.

'Come on, Sunlight Pavilion is open!

We walked down the main street at night, heading for the Sunlit Pavilion.