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After the majority vote, some of the Seven Lords looked somewhat relieved.
They tucked into the delicious food that had been dramatically transformed by the beans, which had been a burden to their district, and calculated the future benefits they would bring.

It's too early to tell. Let's not get carried away.

'...... Yeah.'

Estella's expression tightened as I called her name.
Unlike the theatrics of trying to trap them, this was a serious negotiation. You can't just have fun and improvise.

'I have something to say to the lords of BU.

It was Donnis, surprisingly, whose expression tightened at Estella's formal statement.
The rest of them looked as if they were already finished and said, 'What?Is there something more you want to talk about? Is there anything more?

After all, Donnis is the only one who's noticed.
If he was the leader, we'd have had to think of something else to do.
Or maybe if he was the leader, we wouldn't have gotten into this mess.

We were 'involved'.

'It has been completely decided that the BU will not impose any sanctions on District 42, has it?

No one answered that question.
At the same time, there is no rebuttal.

'I will continue assuming there are no objections.

Having implicitly acknowledged that you have agreed, Estella cut to the chase.

'So, let's talk about the next one.
'The next one is ......?

Gerrardsy, who seemed to have finally sensed a disturbing atmosphere at this point, muttered.
The other lords also began to tighten their expressions.
You've got a pretty good idea.

Well, you're right.
Because we're 'involved'.
It's not something that can be laughed off,......, because of your selfish convenience, we wasted a lot of time, spent money, and even promised to pass on the recipe for the new product, the seed of money, to other districts.

So, you know.
You have to do what you have to do, and you have to do it right.
In order to eliminate any lingering issues in the future.

Estella, the lord of the Forty-two districts, said the words of closure.

'District Forty-two demands compensation for damages from District BU-7.

Desks rattled.
Several people stood up at once, and one table collapsed from the force.
Magda quickly lifted the food on the table and it was safe. That's what I'm talking about.

'What ...... are you talking about, ......?

Gerrardsy's pupils dilated.
He seems genuinely confused.

What is it?
Did you think you'd made peace?

'The damage done by you is considerable. If you had wanted to impose sanctions, I could have shown at least some understanding, even if I couldn't agree. However, all the lords raised their hands to withdraw the sanctions. ............'

'...... What were we pushed around for?
'Well, that's ......'.

Gulp,......, Gerrardsy swallows his spit with a rather loud sound.

Seriously, this kind of cold expression on Estella's face--it's frighteningly beautiful.

Lucia just stays behind Estella in silence, glaring at the Seven Lords as well.
This time, I've asked Lucia to keep her mouth shut.
The 35th district was also forced to waste time and money in the same way,......, but the 42nd district was asked to support the 42nd district on the condition that it would bear all the losses.
Naturally, we can expect to be compensated for our losses plus more.

'Please forgive me if I sound vulgar,' he said.

I pulled my chin up, turned my head down just a little bit, and took a breath.
With a swoosh, you stop breathing and turn your face straight ahead. At the same time, a very vulgar word comes out of Estella's mouth.

'Did you really think that you could get away with fighting with us for free?

It was a voice that was lower and more powerful than any words Estella had ever uttered.

...... Oh, no.
The first time I met the Yaplok family, when I said I was abandoning them, she also had this low voice.
In short, Estella's really angry.

But this time she's bluffing. --You can only be a full-fledged lord when you can bluff.
BU is a great way to practice on small fry.

It seems to have had an extraordinary effect, and Estella's anger has correctly spread to the Seven Lords.

'What more are you going to do?

The current leader of the BU, Gerasie, boldly tried to argue.
You're no use to me.

I'm not sure what you mean by 'more', Gerrardsy.

I dare you to call me by my first name.
I try to provoke a reaction, but Gellar's not responding. No, he can't.
It shows he's afraid of Estella.
Even the thoughtless Gerasie understands that a bad reaction will make things worse.

'Your story may be over, but our story hasn't even begun, you know?

'Yea, but ...... just now ......'.
'Now that it's been decided that the 42nd district won't be sanctioned, there's no longer a good reason to create a pathway to the port or the 30th district.

It's only 'retaliation', Estella says here.
It makes no sense to retaliate when it has been decided that no sanctions will be imposed.

That's why the 42nd district will lose a lot of money if this ends like this.
The time and money spent on laying the groundwork, well, mainly the food costs ......, will be wasted.

You can't expect the guild leaders to just sit back and let it happen, Medora, Javier, Masha and the others.
Especially Masha, she'll insist.

'Because of your trivial pride, we've dragged out three guild leaders of a large guild. I'm sure you'll understand that it's not just a matter of 'we're gone', but what do you think?
'But that's something you did on your own, and we're not ......'.
'Selfish' .......

That's a bad move, Gellarthy.
You should refrain from making excuses that would upset the nerves of the person who holds the right to kill you, unless you are a suicidal person.

'Who made you do that?
'It was .......'
'Or are you saying, "You should have done nothing and just let yourselves be eaten by them." ......'
'That's not what ...... I'm saying, anyway, calm down. Let's talk about it again. ......'
'I was planning on it. ......'

Estella turns around and turns her back on the Seven Lords.

'At this point, when you're being mocked like this, ...... I can't help but think it's useless to talk.'

Estella spits it out and starts walking.
Towards the exit.

'Wait, wait!

Gerrardsy stands up hurriedly.
He backs away from the table in his way, kicks it away, and runs in a straight line toward Estella.
Magda, Delia, and Norma stand in front of her.

'...... What are you going to do to my lord?
'Touch me with even a finger. You--'
I'll have to remind you that there is no forgiveness.

The spirit of the three martial arts beastmen made the room tense.
Not only the head waiter, but even the soldiers guarding him are bracing themselves.

The negotiations completely broke down.

That was when everyone thought so.
A lazy voice came into the room.

'Oh, dear. I guess it didn't work out, Gerasie.

Some people straightened at the voice, others widened their eyes in astonishment, and strangers turned their gaze to the doorway to see what was going on.

Gerrardsy's face was a mask of confusion.

'You don't understand the human heart, do you?
'Ah ............ sister ......'.

The one who entered the room with a relaxed step was Ma'ru, accompanied by the head waiter Cindy.

'The world isn't as simple as it seems when you follow instructions, you know.

In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.
The ...... real thing is a real hunk.

I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results.
'Eh, ah ...... yes.'

She forgot all about her anger mode and went back to her usual Estella self.
Well, it can't be helped.
She was trying her best to show the power and aura of Lucia as a model, but when she was shown a terrifying aura that surpassed even Lucia's, she would. She would return to her true self.

Mahrul has decided to devote his entire life to becoming a lord and has lived only for that purpose.
His power is real.
No matter how old he gets, the power he has acquired has not diminished, even after the path to becoming a lord has been cut off.

'There's a little too many of you. Head waiter--Inez, wasn't it?
'...... Yes.'

The silver-haired E-cup is shrinking.
The head waiter, who'd even given Gerrardsy some room to breathe.

'Get the serving staff and soldiers out of here. There will be no more trouble.'
'But ......'.
'Don't make me say it twice.
'...... Yes, sir.'

Without checking with Gerrardy, Inez gave the order.
This is the first time I've ever seen such a thing.
In spite of the fact that such an outrageous thing was happening, Geraci seemed to be unable to say a word.

The soldiers and waiters left the room, leaving only the lord, the head waiter, Mahr and Cindy, and the members of the Sunny Pavilion in the room.

'Please be seated for the time being.

I'm sure the seven lords have a lot to say and a lot to ask.
None of them responded to Mahr's words.

Except for one person, Donnis.

With no one moving, he returned to his seat with dignity and sat down in his chair.
He crossed his arms and stared straight at Mahr.


Ma'ru makes slight eye contact with Donis and smiles slightly.
At the moment, Donis's single hair twitches and shakes. I'm not sure what to make of that. ...... You're expressing a strange emotion with a calm expression. You don't have any nerves in that hair. He's an insane old man.

Seeing that Donis had sat down, the other lords followed suit.
With the waiter gone, the head waiter returns the table to its original position.
The lords return to their seats.

'As you may have noticed...'

Mahrul's speech began with such words that blocked the escape words of 'I have no control over this'.
A story that would give the lord present a clear understanding of the current situation.

''BU has made a very foolish choice. The BU has made a very foolish choice, a ruthless choice to let other districts suffer the loss of their own districts due to lack of rain.

Well, now I understand.
I can see now that a group of lords with high pride and no ability to solve problems got together, and without being able to come up with their own opinions, they took up a solution that came to them suddenly as if it was the best one, and once it was, they implemented it without question or discussion.

Someone must have said.
'There are people doing disturbing things in the outer districts. If there were other people who felt it was cheeky, it is easy to imagine that these people with strong peer pressure would come to the conclusion, 'Then let's have him make up the loss.

'I would like to see the Conversation Record of the day you decided to impose sanctions on the 42nd and 35th districts, but let's not pursue it. We don't have time to spend on the past now, do we?

He stopped the blame game of 'you said that' and 'no, you said that'.
Their escape is slowly being taken away, and many of the Seven Lords can only listen to Mahr.

'Gerasie. I'll ask you, the current leader.'
'............ Yes.'

'The current leader.
It sounded like a threat, 'If you make even the slightest mistake in your choices, I will immediately remove you from your position.

'Do you accurately understand that the BU is now in the control of the 42nd district?
'Isn't that ...... an exaggeration ......'.
'They've recently built a new city gate, remember?And they've even laid the groundwork for a new port. Hey, Gerasie ......, are the enemies you see really as small as you think they are?'

As if speaking to a child, Mahrul blames Geraci for his shallow thinking.
All of the crises that are happening right now are due to the fact that you have misjudged the power of the 42nd district.

'You don't see what's going on.
''That's indeed too much to say. No matter how much of a sister you are, ......'
'Do you understand how they got into this house?

He pointed at Jeannette and the others.
Gerrardsy looked as if he had been caught off guard for a moment.
This guy didn't even seem to be thinking about it.
It's not possible for a mere clerk in a diner in the 42nd district to enter the mansion of the lord of the 29th district without permission.

'...... Did you help her?
'Yes, I did.

Before Ginette and the others came in, the voices that were saying 'please wait' and 'we're in trouble' were the voices of the waiters directed at Ma'ru.
Ma'ul led the way and brought Ginette and the others here.

Of course, Mahrul had seen everything that had happened in this room firsthand.

'Okay, Gerasie?District Forty-Two is now on equal footing with BU, with new passages, new ports, and new culinary weapons, okay?
'Equal to BU, that's an exaggeration!
'No, it's not. I'm underestimating them.

Mahrul walked up to Estella and put his hand on her shoulder.

'At first, the Forty-Two were trying to get the BU to impose sanctions.

The air in the room ripples with excitement.
The exact opposite of how it ends now.
Indeed, that was the scenario I was trying to set up.

'He had a way for the Forty-two Wards to benefit by letting you do exactly what you said you would do from the beginning.

If he's putting his hand on Estella's shoulder, at least say 'she is'.
That makes it sound like I'm the mastermind.

'BU' wins the majority vote and loses the game - that line itself hasn't changed, but if things had turned out as originally planned, ......... ... "BU" would have been a skeleton. No more dignity, no more pride.

Gellarcy looks at me.
So it's not me, it's Estella. ......

'I'll tell you one thing.

Lucia seems to be bringing some good news to the table.
It may be painful to hear.

'This man is not going to destroy the organization. He's the kind of guy who keeps them alive and sucks the profits out of them.'

He's like a parasite. ......

If it is more profitable to keep them alive, they do so. That's all.
Whether it's the peddlers guild or the 41st district that got into trouble at the city gates, when you destroy an organization, the repercussions are huge.

That's why I planned to keep BU as BU and just take out the bones.
And, 'Good for you. I was going to say, 'I'm glad the majority vote turned out the way you wanted.

But there was someone who wanted to stop me.

'And I got him to change it. He wants you to deny majority rule and let the BU collapse. --Of course, with the promise of a fair reward.'
'Why do you have to do this?Is it to make up for not becoming a lord yourself?Is this revenge?

Wow, you're a fool, Gerasie.


Donnis seemed to agree with me.

'There are so many easier ways to get revenge, and so many more opportunities to do it before. Can't you think of a reason to do it now, in this way?'
'............ reasons?'

Donnis let out a heavy sigh at Gerasie, who couldn't give him an answer.

'Awareness, then.'
'That's very good, Mr. Donati.'
'............ mmm. ...... at least this much.'

Donnis swims his eyes when Mahr calls his name.
'Don't be shy at your age, single hair.

'I just wanted you to notice. I wanted you to realize the foolish system of this endless organization called BU. And the hopeless future it brings.'

The BU system is failing.
The fact that they've been forced to invade other districts to make ends meet is proof enough.
It's hard to change a system when you're in it, no matter how much Donnis wants to. Even more so when it comes to destroying it.

That's why Merle moved.
That's why Merle moved. And that's why he set us up.

'If we seriously take on the 42nd district now, ...... 'BU' will disappear. Not only that, but each district could even be merged into the other.

If the economy becomes unsustainable, it will be merged with neighboring districts or absorbed by other districts.
If that happens, the lord will be out of business.

'Besides, the forty-two wards that have started to move can't stop now. You have to put down your raised fist somewhere.

Gellarcy looks at Estella.
Apparently, Estella's seriousness has burned into his brain as fear. He didn't look at me, he looked at Estella. Gellarcy's brain must've learned that those eyes were serious.

'I can settle this tangled relationship with the forty-two wards without making waves, but ...... what would you do?
'That.................. is.'

I've tried to swallow my spit several times and failed.
His mouth must be dry.
Inez gently offered him a glass of water, but his right hand, which was beginning to swell and discolor, did not grasp the glass but only shook uncontrollably.

'You're asking me to quit ............ being a lord, is that what you're ............ saying?'
'Yes. You are devastatingly lacking in talent as a lord.'

Gerrardsy bites his lip in assent.

'My father spoiled you, didn't he? My mother has passed away, and she has reached the limit of her strict upbringing. ...... Poor little thing, both of them.

The voice sounded like sincere sympathy.

'But I don't want to be a lord now. The people will be confused, and you'll still be the lord--I just want you to transfer the decision-making power to me. Just a few things with the 42nd district. Give me that decision. And I'll make it all right.

The lord will remain the same, Gerasie, and Mahrul will be the point of contact with the Forty-Two districts.
That's the only way we can get out of this mess.
We can prevent the collapse of BU.

If Geraci balked at this, I was going to take a majority vote with the authority of the chancellor - all the other lords would agree with Ma'ru's opinion anyway. The only one who would disagree would be Gerrasi, who would be deprived of some of his power as a lord - but apparently that wouldn't be necessary.

'All right, sister. ............ Thank you.

Standing up and bending at the waist, Gerasie bowed her head.
Mahr, who had been making a serious expression, held his chest and let out a sigh of relief.

'Oh, thank God.

Then he gives me a resentful look.
He puffs out his cheeks and raises his eyebrows.

'I trusted Yashippi's suggestion and took it, but I thought my heart would stop.
'No, it was really amazing.
'Not in that order.

He clenched his fists with both hands, and as if to shake off the pent-up anger in his stomach, Mael swung his arms around.

Somewhere, an old man with a single strand of hair cries out, but I dare to ignore it with great fanfare.
I mean, if you're going to say it, change your expression. He kept his stern face and voice, and the lords around him were wondering, ''What's going on? Did you hear me wrong? What's going on?

Well, aside from a single hair...

It's really heartbreaking to negotiate when you're at a disadvantage. I'm still nervous about .......'

In the event you're not sure what you're looking for, there are a number of things you can do.
With a nice follow-up from Cindy, Mael was seated without any trouble.

'............ If you'd included the sentence "beyond this point", I might have been doomed.'
'No, no. It's a geracy.'

Hearing the conversation between me and Mahr, Geraci's face changes.
I don't know what he's talking about, but he seems to have understood that he's been carried again.

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm sure you'll understand.
He must have been under a lot of stress today. ...... Watch your stomach and scalp. Stress is scary.

I've got a hint for you.

'I don't want any hints!Just give me the answer!

That's why you're no good, you know.

'Didn't I bring up a story that you all put on hold because you didn't care about it?
'What ......?'

Gerasie turned around and looked at the other lords.
But none of them seemed to have noticed. Donnis, too.

'It's me. I saw Estella leave in her carriage this morning, didn't I?
'............ So, what?'
'But I got there before you, didn't I?I could have afforded to go to Marle's, dress up as a soldier, and slip into the security of this building.'
'............ Hmm?I mean, what are you trying to say?

I don't know.
Hint two.

'These people are from the 42nd district, and they brought this much food from a diner called the Sunlit Pavilion.'
'So, ......, what is it you're asking!
'How do you think it was brought?
'You mean with a ...... carriage?

If you do that, we'll have to pay a toll tax on all this food and we'll lose a lot of money.
You can't go this far unless you're willing to pay for almost all of the ingredients for free, and only pay for the labor.
The beans came cheap thanks to Mahr's toll tax exemption permit.

'...... The phrase "beyond this point" is going to be the key.
'Oh, Donnis!You've got a good point. Come on, Gerrardsy, we're almost there.'
'I mean, .................. Ahh!I'm frustrated!...... ouch!

Gerasie scratched her hair in frustration, seemingly oblivious to the devastation of her right hand, her face contorted in intense pain.
You must be Loretta.

You've been in bed with terrible muscle pains, but when I told you I was going to work in District 29, you said, 'I'm coming too!If you rest until the last minute, you'll be fine! He said.
So I brought him a lunch box of encouragement in the morning. ...... He really is a professional. But if you give him a little poke, he'll say, 'Geez! But if you poke him a little, he'll say, 'Geez!

In short, you've already made some kind of contract with the 42nd district, and if so, you've already fulfilled it.

When Donnis said that, Mael looked impressed. I'm sure you're right.

'That's great, Mr. Donati. I wouldn't want to make an enemy out of you.
'Pfft!Gosh, gosh, gosh, gosh, gosh!'

The old man's dying.
Hey, someone. Give him a good scare.

'............ me too.'

Unfortunately, his casual confession was muffled by his choking earlier. Yes, let's start over.
I mean, 'me too'... You're not a 'moja', you're a 'vine' or a 'pyoon'.
Hmm?Aren't you talking about your hair?

'Well, the point is... It's already there.
'What about ............?'

Gerasie let out a curt voice.
Since Donnis isn't looking at me right now, and the other lords don't seem to be getting the idea, I'll tell them the correct answer.

'There's a huge cliff between District 42 and District 29, right?

I tell her the shocking fact in the cutest and most charming way possible.

'I made a passage there.
''''' Huh? ''''

A wild voice came rushing in like a wave.

'What about the passage you said you were going to build in the 30th district!
'Oh, that's impossible,' he said.
'What about ............?
'No, I asked the Sister of the Forty-second Ward, Bertina, the one with the hidden big tits, if I could destroy the swampy area. And she said, 'No.' So it's impossible...''
He said, 'Well, then it's impossible.' ...... After all the talk about building a corridor between the thirtieth district and the thirtieth district to block traffic taxes and distribution routes!You're saying it was impossible from the start?
'Yes, that's right.
I'm not sure what to say.

Gelercy is about to transform into his second form.

'In the first place, there's no way that District Forty-two can decide such a thing on its own without the permission of District Thirty.
'What was that confident attitude of yours?
'I'm ............ good at acting, aren't I?
'I want to punch you ......!

You can't do that with your right hand.
Don't do it.

'But you said you did it on your own without permission.I see.Your sister gave you permission to build a passageway between us and the 29th district!


As soon as Gerasie's eyes turned to Ma'ru, Ma'ru protested with a small wave of her hands in front of her chest.

'But, you know, it's my family's land, it's my property, it was an emergency,............, and our new serving girl said, "I welcome the ease of getting to District 42! The new waiter girl earnestly asked me to do so, and I thought that since my favorite pretty waiter was telling me to do so, I might as well push myself a little.
'It's too much to ask!Making a passage between two wards!
'But now that I've been allowed to decide what to do with the forty-two districts, ...... I feel relieved.'
'It's an after-the-fact agreement, isn't it!
'You didn't tell me it was a bad idea.
'Just because I didn't tell you doesn't mean ......!

Gelercy suddenly became energetic.
Some kind of strange switch must have been turned on.

'So, since there was a clue, there was a chance for you to find out, right?If you had been aware of it, you could have expelled Mahr, who built the passage without your approval, on the authority of the lord. ...... Well, that's not possible anymore.
'Obaaaah!You're the one who put that in there, aren't you?
'........................... .............................. ..................... You're right!
'What's with the "reservoir"?

Originally, there was a cave dug by a hamster in the cliffs of New Town, and a spiral staircase was built along the wall of the huge cave.
From there, he enlarged the cave and completed the passage from New Town to the cliffs of District 29 - the land controlled by Mael. In two days. With Loretta, the Hamsters, and Bekko.

Bekko was called in to build a stone staircase in a mere cave.
He's a sculptor by trade, so he should be able to quarry stone for the stairs, and when I asked him to do something rash, he said, 'Quarrying and sculpting are two very different things, that they are!...... Well, I'll do it, that I will! Well, I will do it, that I will! If you're going to do it after all, don't complain. You're a creepy guy~.

In the end, Umaro and Imelda couldn't take it any longer and joined in, and the stairs and walls were made sturdier with stone and wood.
We were surprised to find that it was much easier to climb than we had expected. The slope was gentle and there was a ramp to push a cart. The width of the ramp is quite wide, so there will be less traffic congestion.

I'll make further improvements in the future to make it more comfortable to use.

'Also, we're building a port. It's small, but it's necessary.
'Hey, Mr. Obayashi!Then our district is ......!

Tracy looks like she's about to cry.
The port in District 35 is still alive and well, and having a port and distribution channel in District 42 is the worst thing that could happen to Tracy.
But don't worry.

'Estella will take care of you.
'Whoa!Ms. Tracy, momentum!You've got a lot of energy, ......!
'I'm going to marry her!
'I can't have you coming here!

Tracy jumps on Estella and clings to her with desire.
She looks softer than Estella even though she is wearing a belt. You can see the difference when you put them together.
The unbridgeable difference between natural and fake flab.

Distribution may indeed be decentralized.
But tolls aren't the only way to make a profit.
We can create more and more other profit opportunities.

If you have beans and land and people who want them and people who want to sell them, you can make as much profit as you want.
That's what business is all about.

Well, in short.

'Let's end this at the right time and work together to create a mutually profitable relationship.

I clap my hands and say to the other lords who are feeling a bit left out.
Instead of clinging to your existing income from tolls and bean profits, pull in profits from new sources.
We can do that if we work together.

So, you know.
Let's make up.

Because you know what?

'Cause I'm tired of bickering with you.

In response to my forgiving words, all five lords except Tracy, who is crazy about Estella, and Donnis, who is crazy about Merle, said in unison.

''''' You don't say that. ............'''''

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

Now, let's leave the details to Estella and go back to the 42nd district.
I woke up early, so I'm sleepy.