151-Episode 132 subtle changes

'Go ...... yourself .......'

Regina is lying on the floor, twitching and twitching.
...... Hmm. It's my punishment for telling Millie what she doesn't need to know every time.
I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.

It's nothing to worry about. ...... But ............ a little bit, it's going to be addictive. ......'

Regina, who is twitching, blushes.
I might have to worry about that!Stop it, Regina!That's the road you're on!

That's why I'm at Regina's store right now.
I'm here to get more spices for the trial production.
They say they won't be able to get the full amount until next week, but they still have some left over. Well, we'll make it.

'Well, I'll get the spices.
'Yes, yes. I'm going to eat curry again. That was the biggest hit we've had in a long time.'

The perverted pharmacist from the land of spices seemed to like the curry rice very much. It seems that his research spirit has been ignited and he is going to study the best combination for each ingredient. Maybe he can make a seafood curry.

'But is this really the right price for all these spices?

In the past, I stole from Norbert ...... oops, that doesn't sound good ...... considering the price of the spices that came my way, the price of the spices I'm buying from Regina is honestly unbelievable. I'm not sure what to do.

'Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. That's what I buy through my own personal channels.
'No, even if that's the case, the cost is .......'
'What are you talking about? You're not an amateur economist.'

No, I'm not a professional economist. ......
Regina laughs and looks up at me as she lies on the floor.

'The sugar in this city, the sugar of the nobility is very expensive, right?It's just like that. They risk their lives to export it, so only the most profitable ones are taken to other cities.

Regina had a point, and it was only natural when you thought about it.
In this world, there is such a thing as a "noble brand".
For example, in this city, Allbloom, sugar made from sugar cane is the so-called "aristocratic sugar" and is very expensive. It is a very expensive product that the common people cannot afford.
On the other hand, sugar made from sugar radish is so expensive that ordinary people in the 42nd district can easily afford it.
The reason why cakes are now so popular in the 42nd district and can be eaten easily by anyone is because of its reasonable price.

Even if it is the same sugar, the price jumps tens or hundreds of times higher when nobles are involved.
If I had to risk my life to carry and sell sugar in a vast land outside of a city overrun by magical beasts, I would definitely take something of high value.
I can't afford to make a small profit when I am risking my life. My luggage must be bulky and of high value.

In other words, the spices Norbert brought were such spices.
Norbert was a peddler for the nobility who made contracts between the lords of the 30 districts and the nobles of Baocliere. In light of this, it can be seen that the goods he deals in are 'gems worthy of the nobility'.
Besides, a nobleman is a vain creature. They are incomprehensible creatures who dare to desire expensive things.
This is a very high-class product approved by the aristocracy of another country, and it is also a spice that the aristocrat's peddler risked his life to bring.
No wonder the spice is worth 500,000Rb.

'So, what you're buying personally is like sugar from District 42, right?
'Yes. It can't be helped that it's more expensive than Bao Kri Air due to transportation costs, but ...... these things are only meaningful if you use them. It's not like a craft where you can go around bragging about it at a ridiculous price.

Well, it's hard to use 500,000Rb of spices.

'Even though it's a shipping cost, it's a discounted price because it's brought together with other things. So, don't worry about the price and feel free to bring it. And sell your delicious curry at a reasonable price. I'll be happier if you do.
'All right. Thank you.'
'Why are you thanking me? That's disgusting.

I'm not sure what to do.
...... Come on, get up. How long are you going to lie on the floor?

'Well, you know, ......'.

In the meantime, I'd like to ask you something that's been bothering me.

'You said that spices disappeared from the market during the heavy rains, is that ......'?
'Oh, you mean the nobleman's spices. I heard later that some peddlers had already done something wrong. So the nobles and the peddlers' guild here restricted the distribution of spices for fear of trouble with the nobles of Baocliere. Thanks to that, we had a hard time even getting enough to use for medicine.
'Well, can't you get it through your own channels?
'You're an idiot. ...... A nobleman wouldn't let you have free reign to make that kind of money. There are strict controls on what you can take out and bring in.
'...... You money-grubbing, usury-ridden bastards.'

In addition, the spices that Regina personally imports are treated as 'plant seeds' and 'herbs (vegetables)', and the introductory tax is much lower than for spices.
If the spices of the nobility are mixed in with the spices, there is a possibility that the tax on other spices will be raised.
Therefore, they try to buy spices from the peddlers' guild.

Well, they won't be suspicious if the mysterious apothecary is buying mysterious grass, and they might think you are just a drunkard if you show interest in spices.

The reason why this guy has been able to live peacefully until now may be because of his dense aura of mystery.

'Honestly, nobleman's spices are just expensive and not worth the price, you know?But it is an essential ingredient in making the medicine that was used in that case. ...... As you never know when something like that might happen again, we want to keep the nobleman's spices on hand even if we have to pay a lot of money for them.
'So you've been diligently researching the market.
'Have you changed your mind a little?I'll take that as a compliment.
'If it wasn't for that, I would have given you a compliment.

Regina laughs as if to say, 'That's the reward'.
Don't give me that 'delicious' look. You're not a comedian.

'Well, don't leave.
'Hmm, be careful!

As you're leaving the store, you suddenly stop.

...... Is this guy a caring guy, or is it just a coincidence? ............

'What's wrong?
'Oh, no, ............, you know...'

I stopped ...... to ask.

'No, it's nothing.'
'You're a strange one. You'd better hurry up and go home, the manager is waiting for you with her tits full.'
'Seriously?Really?Let's hurry up and go home!
'Haha ...... really, you're a fool, yourself.'

I was just giving you a ride.

'Then .......'
'Hey, hey, hey. I'll see you at .......'

...... was copied.
d*mn, I guess he saw right through my momentary hesitation.

There are some words that have become difficult to say lately.
I'm a little hesitant to say it or to ...... listen to it. Such words.

Well, I'm a stranger.

On the way back to the sunny pavilion, I met Estella.

'Hello, Yashiro. You're quite late.'
'What are you doing here?I asked you to stay at the sunny pavilion!

I asked Estella to look after me when I went to Regina's store.
I asked Estella to stay with me when I went to Regina's. No, I didn't need to stay with her because Ginette was there. ...... I thought I asked her to stay with me because Ginette was the only one there. ......

'Natalia put me to work a while ago.
'And Natalia?Is she at the Sunshine Pavilion?
'No, she's at Use's. The hunting guild has finally agreed to help us defeat the Swarm. That means I finally have one less thing to worry about.

Well, that's great.
But I don't care about that!
Either way, Umaro and the others won't be able to move until the gluttony contest is over, and the construction of the city gate won't resume until after the contest. It's fine as long as the Swarm is defeated before then.
What's more,!

'So Ginette's the only one in the Sunken Pavilion now, huh?
'Uh, yeah. But I'm sure it's fine, since the store isn't open and there are no customers.'
'That's why I asked you!

Ginette has been afraid of being alone lately. She has started to look very anxious.
That's why she always wants to have someone by her side, even if it's just one person, to help her calm down.

'Oh well. Let's hurry.

Just as I was about to run, Estella stopped me.

'What are you in such a hurry for?Jeannette will be fine. I've been running the store by myself until you came.

She's in a hurry because the situation is different from before.

'Lately, Ginette's been acting a little strange. That's why I'm curious. Haven't you noticed?'
'Ginette's behavior?...... in particular?'

Oh, my God.
How could Estella, the shrewd one, not have noticed a change in Jeannette's ......

'Isn't it you who's crazy?

I don't know what you're talking about. I'm perfectly normal.

She is the most ...... decent person in the forty-two districts.

'Don't you think you've been paying too much attention to little Jeannette lately?It's like you're taking care of a young child.'
'You know, ...... that's what Jeannette's been ...... lately.'

Estella leaned closer to me.
The clear eyes look into my eyes. I've been looking at her for a while now, and she's been looking at me like I could kiss her if I bowed lightly.

'Lately you've been looking far away a lot. It's like you're not here at all.
'That's not true .......'

I tried to tell her that I didn't, but ...... Estella's eyes wavered slightly and took on a forlorn ...... color, and I couldn't say it.

'If you have any problems, I'm here to help. Don't be shy. It's between you and me.

I clenched my fist lightly and was hit in the chest with a thump.
...... It seemed like an awfully heavy blow.

Is it me?

'Well, I'm going to go back to work, but we'll have dinner at the sunny restaurant.
'You'll have to pay for it.
'I know, I know. See you later, Yashiro. Don't keep too much to yourself, okay?The tournament's coming up.'
'You should talk to Bertina and Magda about that, not me. If they're in top form, they can win.

When she said that, ...... Estella's expression clouded over again.

'Without you, we can't start.

Her words were tinged with a hint of sadness.

'Well, I'll see you later.
'...... Is curry on the menu?
'Yes, I think so. It's really addictive, isn't it?
'Isn't it?
'See you later!
'Go work hard.'
'No, it's nothing.'

Estella raises one hand and dashes off.
She's leaving like some hero. You seem to be popular with girls, I envy you.

'Well, I'd better hurry back.

Remembering that Jeannette was staying alone, I started running towards the sunny pavilion.
Estella says I'm overly concerned, but ...... do you really think she doesn't notice that I'm giving off such a blatantly lonely aura?

That's what I was thinking as I ran.

When you arrive at the sunshine pavilion, adjust your disordered breathing in front of the door.
Try to be as normal as possible. ......

When I opened the door, I found Ginette sweeping the floor. She must have been brushing, because the floor was soaked with water.

'Oh, Mr. Yashiro!

When he spotted me, he put down his brush and ran off at a trot. ......

I'm not sure what to do.

...... slipped and fell.

'Are you okay?'
'Itta ...... ugh ...... I'm so embarrassed.'

Ginette fell on her ass, tears welling up in the corners of her eyes.
It must have hurt a lot, because it made a terrible noise.

'Do you want me to rub it for you?
'No, no!You're right, that's a ...... butt, and it's ......'.
'Then I'll rub your tits.'
'You don't need to rub that one!
'No, but it was really buzzing. It's like, 'Oh my God!
'Oh, God!Please repent!

She holds her breasts and puffs out her cheeks.
But her buttocks seemed to hurt and she rubbed them again.
He flaps his arms about, a busy man.

'You've been cleaning up, haven't you?
'Yes. I thought I'd give it a thorough go when I had the time.
'Well, do you want some help?
'No, no, no!I'm sorry, Yashiro-san, you just came back and you must be tired.
'Well, it's true that meeting Regina is mentally exhausting. ......'
'Well, that's not what I meant,......, Regina, you're a fun person, aren't you? You know?

While following up with a bitter smile, he couldn't hide his grimace.

'Here, can you stand?
'Oh, ......, I'm sorry.'

I held out my hand and Ginette clung to my arm with both hands.
Her knees were trembling a little, and she seemed to be struggling to stand.
She must be in a lot of pain. ......

'Do you want me to rub it for you?
'Only if you feel like it: ......'
'Don't be shy, I'll rub it as much as you want.
'That's not the sound of rubbing!

'No, they say spit on it and it'll go away.

'Oh ......'

Ginette let out a short cry, her face turning bright red as she held her buttocks.
Oh, ...... right.

'Did you leak ......'.
'No, no!I mean, your ass is ...... wet and there's a round stain on your ............ skirt. ......'
'What, where is it?
'Please don't look!

When I tried to peek, Jeannette twisted her body and let her ass go in the opposite direction of me.
Oh, ...... that move, are you trying to f*ck me?I'm not sure what to make of that.

'Kabaddi kabaddi kabaddi kabaddi'.
'What kind of spell is that?

I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not, but I think it's a good idea.

'Kabaddi kabaddi kabaddi kabaddi'.
I'm not sure what to do.

All right, now!
Put your weight on your left foot and leap to the right at once.
It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your time with your family. ......This is a great way to get the most out of your time with your family and friends.

'...... Um, Yashiro-san,............ are you okay?'
'Oh, ...... it's just warm, I think I'm going to catch a cold.'

I jumped and found a bucket of water, which I successfully knocked over. I fell down like a cartoon, and my whole body was soaked with water.

'Let's not play while cleaning, okay?
'Yes, Mr. .......'

I felt like an elementary school student being scolded by the teacher.
I don't know what I'm doing.
I'm old enough, I should have a little more composure. ......

'Hey!The floor is wet and slippery,......, but it's not that bad.

...... Here is a grown man who is even more restless than I am. I'm still safe, aren't I?

What the hell?What the hell?What kind of trap is this?

Percy comes running into the store again, tears in his eyes, with a perfect makeup on.

'You've been stalking Neffely again, leaving the sugar factory alone?
'Geez!............But that's not why I'm here. ...... P~P~'
'Ginette. Give him the Judgment of the Spirits.
You can't do that. I'm sure he'll turn into a frog.

Percy whistles poorly, making lame excuses that even Ginette can see through as lies.

'By the way, little one. I've got two bags of sugar here. ......'
'I don't have time for your advice.
'You haven't said anything yet!

I don't need to tell you!I don't need to tell you that! You keep bringing me sugar like an idiot.
Bring something more thoughtful for a change!

'As you can see, I'm going to clean now.
'Oh, you're cleaning?I thought you were playing in the water.'
'How innocent do you think we are?

Ginette is watching me and Percy's conversation with a chuckle.
What, Estella's right, it's the same old Ginette.
She was cleaning the house as usual when I came home.

Maybe I was just imagining things.

Ginette in the sunny pavilion was very natural, and there was no sign of anything strange.
...... Maybe I'm a little tired too. Maybe I've been worrying too much.

'Oh, then!I'll help you, clean up!If you do, you can finish early and talk to me about it, right?Right?Let's do it!Yes, decided!
'...... you. Well, whatever. Help me out then. I'll give you a nice meal for your part-time job later.'

'Seriously!What?An omelet!Boiled eggs!'
'You're almost a nefari in your head!

d*mn, he's good, isn't he? He's always so happy.
He's got a girl he likes, he's got a good job, and he's got a family that's too open-minded to tolerate stalking. ............ Molly, you might want to tighten up on your brother a bit.

I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on, but I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out. That's the level of triviality I'm talking about.
If that's the case, just tell them to come near our camp and we'll solve it.
And Nefery is on our cheering squad.
At the moment, I'm having Uclines, the dressmaker, make some clothes for him.

'Okay, I'm going to take off for a while, so you can brush around here.
'Yes, sir!Molly's been making me brush a lot, I'm really good at it!
'...... Don't you have any pride as a brother ......?

After declaring that he was being used by his sister, Percy happily began brushing.
In the meantime, I went back to my room to change my wet clothes. ............

'That ......!

Ginette stopped me as I was heading back to my room.
At the same time, she pinched my clothes in a very panicky manner.

'...... Where are you going?
'What?...... Oh, my clothes, I was going to change.'
'Oh, ............ that's right. If you don't change quickly, you'll catch a cold.'
'Oh. That's right.'
'Then, please put the wet clothes in the laundry basket. I'll wash them tomorrow.''

I let go of my clothes, cross my hands in front of me as if grabbing my apron, and bow my head.

...... loneliness, it's not your imagination.
You can find a lot more information on the web.

In that moment, Jeannette was certainly afraid of being alone.

...... Well, let's not mention the fact that Percy's humming, brushing presence is completely forgotten. I'm not the devil either.

But .......

'I'll be right back.
'Yes, sir. I'll be waiting.

Jeannette was still a little ...... strange these days.

I went back to my room, took off my wet clothes and wiped myself off.
All the while, I can't help but think about Jeannette. ......

Is there something wrong with her?
It is said that children instinctively turn to their parents when they are sick. ......
If something is wrong with you, it's unlikely that you'll tell us, Ginette.

You might want to see Regina for a checkup.

Anyway, it is certain that Ginette feels something and is keeping something secret.
It's surprising that Estella hasn't noticed it. ...... Well, she's been busy lately, so she doesn't spend much time at the sunny pavilion.
Magda might have noticed something.
Loretta is ............ no, I don't think so.

She changed her clothes and went back to the floor.

'...... you're early.'

What a surprise.
When I returned, I found the floor had been swept clean.

'What?Am I that late?
'No, Mr. Percy did a marvelous job with the brush. It was amazing.
'Well, I wish I could have shown you, too!My brilliant brushwork!
'Well, let's water it again.
'I don't want to work for nothing!

Now that the floor is clean, I have no choice but to give Percy some advice on his nonsense.
I give Ginette the spices I got from Regina and ask her to make a curry.
Estella will be coming later, so I can make more than enough.

'No, what. It's not like I'm asking for advice. ...... Oh, do you need three bags of sugar?I'll do it.'
'...... Just talk to me.

I don't want any more sugar.
I'm reselling it to Assunto, here.

'Actually, .......'

Percy starts talking seriously.

'I'd like to watch the gluttony contest with Nephrite, but I don't know if there's a way to make it look like we just happened to be sitting next to each other.

...... This guy. You're really ~~~~~ stupid, aren't you?

'Come to my camp. Neffery is supposed to be cheering with us, not in the audience.'
'Seriously?Can I go there?

'If the 40th district says yes.
'Of course they will!Of course they will!If it's for the sake of Mr. Nephrite, I'll use diplomatic pressure with sugar to get him to say yes!

...... Oh, he's got the world by the balls, doesn't he?
If you get kicked out of the 40th district, come to the 42nd district. I'll suck up all your know-how and use it for the development of the Forty-two Wards.

After that, they were fed curry at random, and Percy, who was so impressed by the taste of the curry, showed them a strange dance with only his tension, and after making a lot of noise, Percy began to prepare to leave.

'I'm going to go to the lord's place now and pick up a "Bashy! I'll get you!On the day of the tournament, I'll be from District 42 in body and soul, so please take care of me there!
'Jeannette~, do you have any salt?
'Please don't sprinkle it on him.

Tsk. I was rejected with a smile.

'Well, I'm leaving!

Percy left the sunlit pavilion in a good mood.
He's really come a long way for something so trivial. ......

'Well, manager, you too. See you later!
'Yes, sir. I'll be waiting for you again.'
'Tell Molly I'm sorry to hear about her brother.
'I'm not going to tell her that!I'll see you later!
'Don't stop at Neffely's, just go straight home!

I wave him off, but Percy doesn't move from the door.
What's the matter?Hurry up and go home.

'It's you, .......'
'What's that?
'Don't say "crotch", "crotch", you dirty bastard.'
'Not that 'crotch'!I'll see you around!
'...... Stop saying that to my face. ...... It's gross. ......'
I'm not sure if you'll be able to find the right one for you.
You don't have to say it over and over again.
'That's right!

Because Percy is in a sense pure and ......, he doesn't read the air.

'You haven't responded to my 'see you later' once since a while ago!

...... did not avert his eyes.
To remove his gaze here would be to admit that Percy's thoughts were correct.

'You're not going to see me again, are you?
'No, I didn't say that. There's a tournament coming up, and no matter how many years go by, the sunny pavilion will still be here. Isn't that enough for you? It's just that I don't want to go to the trouble of putting it into words and saying, 'Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Lately I've been unable to say ...... 'See you later'. And I can't respond.

...... because, you know, I'm a stranger.

You never know when you'll be gone.

You can't promise to see me again. I can't tell a lie in this town. ......

'Just go home and help Molly!You prodigal brother!
'What the hell, what the hell!You're not going to see me again?I'm not leaving here until you meet me!I'm not moving until you say you'll meet me. Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me!Tell me you want to see Mr. Percy again with your mouth!
'Oh, you're annoying!I don't care if you say it or not, it won't change the outcome!
'If you don't say it out loud, I'll get anxious!
'Are you a girl?

I'm not sure what to do.
......And this guy, .................., when I showed this exchange to Jeannette. I'd be more worried about ......

'I'll see you there!

The voice was dignified and imposing.

'Mr. Yashiro will definitely see Mr. Percy again. I can assure you.

Ginette assured him with a fresh, unclouded smile.

'So, please don't worry. You know, Yashiro-san.

A soft smile is directed at me.
...... Is this some kind of blackmail?

If I disappear tonight,......, Jeannette will turn into a frog.
No, I don't think Percy would do that. ............

'Besides, there's a tournament coming up.

There's a certainty in the air, Ginette said.

'There's no way Yashiro-san won't be participating in the battle for District 42. Because ......'

Then, with a proud look on his face, he said.

'Obayashi is the one who loves us and the 42nd district more than anyone else.

This is Jeannette. ......

That's a little ...... unfair, don't you think?

'I don't know if I love ............ you, but I do.

I can't help it.
Just this once.
It's special.

I don't want Jeannette to turn into a frog.
Because I just said, "No matter how many years go by, the sunny pavilion will still be here. If Jeannette turns into a frog, then there will be no Sunshine Pavilion, and now I'll be the one who told the lie. ...... I don't want that. I don't want to be a frog.

I don't want to be a frog. So, ...... really, I can't help it. ............ I'll ride you for once.

'I'll go to the tournament and lead the 42nd district to victory!That's a done deal!Percy, if you want to see me that badly, you can come see me then.

Percy was taken aback and I made it clear to him.

'I'll be waiting for you at .......'
'Heh, heh!You finally said it!Don't you ever forget what you said!If you disappear on your own, I'm going to kick your ass!

I wonder where he's planning to go after he's gone.
He's an idiot after all.

Satisfied with his statement, Percy left with a face full of stupidity.

'd*mn, ......, you can't read the air.'

I'm sure you'll be able to understand that.

'I think you're a sensible and thoughtful person.
'............ Each to their own, I suppose.'
'I suppose so.'

Somehow, the two of us stood side by side in front of the door, gazing blankly at the eastern sky.

We spent a few minutes alone in silence before Magda and Loretta came with Estella to the sunlit pavilion.

It was very quiet and ...... somehow calming.