348-No additives Episode 3 Great struggle at unfamilia...

'I don't have time for this. Percy, give me a short answer.'

He grabs Percy by the shoulders and pulls him closer as if to corner him.
'Oh, oh, oh, ......,' said a confused Percy. So don't worry about that, just answer the questions that are asked of you. Okay?I'm listening.

'You've been monitoring Neffely's activities, haven't you?
'No, I wasn't monitoring him!I was just ...... staring at him from a distance. ......'
'I don't care about the definition!You were watching, weren't you?

I don't have time to talk about irrelevant things. It's a yes or no question. Don't waste your time!

'This,...... these days,...... Molly's been so annoying,...... that if you don't do your job properly, you should officially give up your position as president. I've been stuck in the 40th arrondissement lately,...... because I'm not doing my job properly,...... because it's disrespectful to my employees and my clients. ......'
'So you have no idea why Neffery collapsed, do you?
'Oh, if I did, I wouldn't have come to you to ask!
'I see. ......'

You used to stalk me relentlessly when I didn't matter. ......

'You're a useless raccoon!
'That's terrible, you!I'd stare at you all the time if I could!But Molly scares me, too!When she gets angry, she's ......!

'Yes,' I said, ignoring Percy, who had started talking nonsense, 'I'm going to change the plan.

'Can you make Nephrite something to keep him alive?You can give it to the ham girl later.'
'Yes, sir. I'll make him some hot rice.'
'And Magda. Go get Delia as soon as you can. She said if work gets delayed, I'll make it up to her later. Sorry, no vetoes.'
'...... I understand. I'll be back in four and a half minutes.'

No sooner had he said that than Magda disappeared from the store.
The sound of Magda's footsteps, which had taken off at breakneck speed, could no longer be heard.

'When Delia arrives, have Magda go get Norma and Regina.
'Yes, sir. I think we might need Regina's help.'

All I could think of was how bad it was going to get.
The flu is scary, but the plague, dysentery, typhoid fever, malaria, ...... even with improved sanitation, this is a different world where medicine has not advanced. Even the sewage system is only the primitive and simple one I told you about.
If an epidemic spreads, ...... there will be nothing we can do.

'Oh, you!If you want to visit Nephrite, I'll even go and take care of him!No, there's no need to be shy!
'Idiot. How can I let a man see me when I'm sick? If you don't take care of them, they'll seriously hate you.
'So, ...... much, huh?

Neffery is a normal girl, especially in her sensitive period when she is sensitive to fashion and trends. You don't want the opposite s*x to see you in bad shape.

'I'd be relieved if Millie went to take care of her. ...... Millie, can you please go for a while ......'
'I'll think about visiting Nephrite. Millie, I'll ask her if it's possible.
'I'll go ask her if it's possible!
'Thank you very much. Then, please wait a little while while I write you a letter.

The ham girl's impetuous explanation would probably not convey accurate information. This, the current urgent situation.
That's probably why Jeannette said she would write the letter.
You're thinking properly about people's abilities and how to use them effectively. That's my girl, manager.

'Hey, hey, you!Isn't there anything I can do for you?I'll do anything!This is a big deal for the 42nd district, right?District 42 is the one who brought our factory back to life. What's the point of being in charge of a sugar factory if you don't do anything for that benefactor!Don't you think so?

There's not much you can do even if you're enthusiastic.
She can't even cook, clean or serve customers.
People who need to be followed when they are busy are fettered by .............

'Then go explain the situation to Estella. It's still undecided, but it's an unusual situation that may require the entire district to take action.

'Oh, oh!I'll take care of it!'
'Can you explain it properly?
'I'll be fine!I'll check the Conversation Record!

Percy left the store as hurriedly as he had arrived.
...... Well, that's the best way to be sure, but ............ you should make some effort yourself. I'm sure you'll be able to figure out how to get your message across. ......

I'm sorry.
'...... Yashiro, explain to Delia, Magda go get Norma.'

Delia and Magda walked in, replacing Percy.

'Oh, wait, Magda!Go get Regina too!
'...... Regina?............ I see. I understand.'

I nodded and Magda took off.
He's flying at full speed. He'll probably pass Percy on the way.

'Sorry, Delia. Did you have a good day at work?'
'I was going to do some night fishing later, but I decided to postpone it a bit. Omero and the others said that the matter of Yashiro was more important.

They ...... probably thought that if they didn't say so, Delia would be upset because she was worried about our big deal. ...... Well, thank you, but...

I'm sorry. I'll help you with the fishing that night, and you can help me with this today.
'Really?I can go night fishing with Yashiro?I'll do it!I'll help with this one a lot!

I don't know what it is, but he looks really happy.
Is that it?
Kids get excited when they do things outside at night, like festivals, fireworks, and evening gatherings, so I guess he's like that.

'Yes. I've written a letter. Now, please give this to Millie-san.
'Yes, sir!
'I'm worried about being alone, so I'll go with you!

Two of the sisters left with Ginette's letter.
The three remaining sisters gather at my feet.

''Onii-chan!Are you done with Neffery-san's place?
''I'm out of work!
''Then, you guys help me and Kantaruchka.''

While I was taking care of my sister, Ginette was explaining the situation to Delia.
I'll leave this to Ginette and the others.
The peak hours of cantaloupe ...... are strangely scary because I've never experienced it before.

Well, it's a situation like this,...... I had no choice,...... I really didn't want to get involved,......

'Osina......, I have a favor to ask you.'
'Unh-unh. I'm going to ask you to help me.

I'll let Osina help you.
But I'm taking this one with me. I can't leave him in the sunken pavilion to do his own thing. A grown woman like her could make a place for herself. They're very clever, anyway.

'By the way, what can you do?
'I know a lot about cooking and drinking. Oh, demo-demo, I don't like to move too fast.'

So your skills are just as I imagined.
I'll let him stand at the counter and deal with the customers.
Cantartika doesn't care if he loses control in the kitchen. That's where the bulldog-eared master will do his best.

'Ginette, Cantartica's probably reaching her limit, so don't go now.
'Right. I'm sure Master is in trouble by himself right now. Please hurry and help him.
'I'll leave it to you to deal with the one who came here. If you don't understand, just ask me.'
'Yes, sir. I'll do that.

After giving the bare minimum of information, I left the store with Osina and her sisters.

'Oh, that's right, Delia. Have you talked to Loretta, Paula and Nephrite about anything?Or anything you've noticed?'
'Loretta, Paula, and Nephrite? ...... Not particularly. ....... I'll talk to the manager if I remember anything.'
'You do that. I'll tell the manager if I remember anything.

'Oh!I'll leave it to you!You can count on me!

He pats me on the chest and sends me on my way.
Really. I think it's my nature as a ...... con artist.

It's probably a very busy place, but you can do it at your own pace.
I'm not sure. That kind of care, you're really a comfortable guy, aren't you, Darin?

You'll be able to find a lot more information on the web at ......

I'm not sure what to say.
I'm not sure what to say.
I'll think about your problems as much as I can and see if I can't do something about them.

I said this without making eye contact because I was too embarrassed to return the favor, but Osina was staring at me. ...... No, you're looking too much, too much!I'm not sure what to do.Don't look into my face!

She giggles and reaches out her arm to pat my head.
I won't let him, though!

'Ahhh, I really want to share ...... with Medora...'
'It's not Medora's property to begin with.

I'm not going to share it with you, it's too sub-optimal.

'Well then,............, let's go for sole ownership,......'.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.
I felt my heart constrict just by looking at her, I felt suffocated.

'......,' he said.

It's ...... a scary thing. It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your vacation. I know how herbivores feel now, you know?I'm sure we'd hit it off if there was a zebra in the pub.

'Anyway, your first priority is to get through tonight.
'Uh-huh. Well, let me be...'

Osina looks like the kind of 'cute older sister' that a naive high school boy might fall in love with.
In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the following web site: .......
I'm not sure what to say. I'm sure you'll agree.

It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your vacation.


The master, who is still a quiet and unsociable man with droopy bulldog ears, is hugging me and letting out a low 'mmm' sound.
Will you stop?I'm leaving.

'Master, thank you so much!
'I've never seen you this happy before, Master!
''Master, I've never seen you this happy before!
'''Master, I've started!
''Don't start. You're changing the meaning.''

I was surrounded by my sisters, who looked somewhat relieved to see me, while the old man hugged me with a ''hmm''.
The only ones moving around in the cantaloupe were my four sisters. And they were the younger ones.
Seven of them, including the three I'd brought with me. I let the three of them do the dishes in the kitchen, and let the four of them go outside.

'Osan. I'll leave the counter to Osina here. Osina, do you know what kind of sake we have?'
'Yes, sir!I'm good at it.'
'Osama, go to the kitchen and order some food.'
'...... Hmm!
'My sister and I will take the floor!
'''' Yes, ''''!

My sisters are back on their feet.
They had been running around a lot, but they didn't show any signs of fatigue.
I guess being in charge is a big deal for them. No matter what kind of mistakes they make, just having a backer who will take responsibility for them makes them feel more relaxed.

After that, I was briefly briefed with Osina on the facilities of the restaurant, the contents of the food, the types and prices of alcohol, the system of payment in advance, and so on, and my one-day job at Kantaruchika began.

...... and die............

I'm not sure what to do.I've got a second helping of hexenbiest sausage!
I'll take two fruity sausages.
'Beer, please!
'I'll go ask him and then you can tell me!
'''' Paura will bring it to you just fine. ''''

Don't lump me in with the veterans!

I mean, Paula, that guy is amazing.
It's hard to keep track of who's ordering what when you're being called from all over the packed floor.
Maybe the Inuit have better ears than we do.
d*mn it. I thought the only thing the Canines were good at was having cute tails, but ...... they are not to be underestimated.

'Da-ling. This and this are over there. Come back when you've served them. Then I'll prepare the food for the other side.

Osina, who was standing at the counter, could see the whole floor and knew exactly where the order came from. To be honest, it was very helpful. Neffery might not have been able to do the same.

'It's my lucky day to see Yashiro working so diligently.
'I'm always working hard at the Sunshine Pavilion, aren't I?
'How dare you. You're always just sitting in the back seat, aren't you?
'That's right!Ha ha ha!

I'm sitting in that seat thinking a lot. I'm sitting in that seat thinking about things, deep thoughts of a higher dimension than you can even begin to comprehend!

'I was about to leave today because I couldn't see Paula's cute tail, but ...... this is interesting...'
'What the . Is my butt that cute?You can touch it if you want. There's a fee, though.'
'Hahahahaha!Hey, Yashiro. You should come to my store!Then I'll come here every day!
'That's good!Do it, Yashiro!
I'll accept you as Paura's son-in-law.

Who the hell are you? What position are you talking from?
If I'm this busy every day, I'll be neglecting my real work.
I need to fully grasp the system of this city and prepare for the great task of scamming even the spirit gods.

'I have a lot of other things to do.
'Oh, yes, yes. Watching tits, right?
'No, I'm not!
'That's why you started the cakes and stuff at the Sunshine Pavilion, to attract female customers.'
'No, I didn't!
'You're only staying at the Sunshine Pavilion because of the manager's boobs, aren't you?
'Hey, I'm not denying it, this guy!
'What kind of guy is this?
'Shame on you!
'That's a city treasure, don't mess with it!

I thought that was probably true, but I guess there are a lot of ...... Ginette fans out there. I'm sure you're right.
But no one can have Jeannette's big tits!
That's for me to enjoy and admire!You guys stay away from it, don't look at it, and don't remember it!

'Oh, by the way, who's that s*xy lady?
'Yeah, yeah, yeah!I've been wondering about that too!
'Is that another one of Yashiro's acquaintances?I'll curse you to death, you bastard.
'No, you're scary, old man.'

Oshina's calm atmosphere and the femininity of her gentle expression combined with her face and gestures to create a s*xy, mature charm that filled the area.
The men sitting near the counter were all melting under the spell of Osina's s*x appeal.

'Oh, I think I'll buy you a drink.
'Oh, you!Don't try to run away!
'I was going to go first!
'Don't fight, it's unsightly. At ......, Yashiro. I'm not sure if you know what that girl likes or not.
'''You've got to be kidding me!

The old men begin to fight each other.
This kind of thing can only happen in a bar. ......

Don't cause trouble when Paula isn't around,.............

'It's that Osina ......'.
''''Yeah!What did Osina-chan say? ''''
'She's a great friend of Medora's.'

Since the gluttony contest, ...... or rather, since the defeat of the magical beast Swarm and so on, Medora has changed the policy of the hunting guild, and Medora has become a celebrity.
Up until now, there was an unspoken rule that only a very limited number of people could meet the guild leader of the hunting guild, but recently, it seems that 'people from each branch should show up at the headquarters and interact with each other as much as possible'.

According to Use, 'Up until now, we've been deepening exchanges and unity only within the headquarters, but since the defeat of Swarm, we've been working closely with the branches as well.

Rumor has it that Medora is very fond of Magda, and regrets or is ashamed of her ignorance of Magda because of the lack of communication, and has changed her mind to communicate with Magda more and more in the future.

Some people told me that he was just pretending, and that he just wanted to go to see his "darling" for some reason, but I couldn't hear them. Denied. Denied. Turn around and pout.

That's why, if you mention the name Medora, even if you're a plain, ordinary citizen living in the 42nd district...

''''............ heh......''''

--And it's so destructive that it makes you turn pale.
That's it, I guess. If you put a bill with the word "Medora" on the front door, you can get rid of evil spirits. ............ No, it might attract evil spirits. Or maybe a demon god named Medora will ......

I'm not sure. I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.

Osina comes staggering in with a mug of beer in her hand.
She may have realized that her story was being told and came over.
The old men at the counter gave her a deadly look.

'Hi, this is the beer you ordered.
'Why didn't you just let your sister have it?
I'm not sure what to say, but I'm sure you'll understand.
'''' is cute! ''''

I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've.
...... You guys are creepy.

I'm not sure if you'll be able to find the right one for you.
''''What?Seriously! ''''
'Nuh-uh~. Osina is ...... actually ............'.

I've been waiting for a long time for the old men's faces to come close to me, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting.

'I'm the same age as Medora,' she said.

The men's eyes lit up.
The men around me who were eavesdropping were also silent.
And then--

--The screams roared.

Oh, my God!
How surprised are you?
No, I was surprised too!

'Hmph~. If you don't mind an old lady like me, come and have a drink at the counter...'

Osina waved her hand and wandered off, just like when she first arrived.
I don't mean wandering, I mean walking.

The old men were unconcerned.
Not one of them moved a finger as they watched Osina return to the counter.
...... Are you that shocked?

I thought that was it.

'.................. Yes,' he said.
'Oh!You do have it!
'What, that "if you don't mind an old lady"?
'I'm totally fine with that!I'd rather have it the other way around!

It looks like a new disease has broken out.
This one seems to be highly infectious. ............

'Hey, hey!Osina-cha ...... Osina-san, are you an elf?'
'No, no. I don't think so.'
'Is that too much makeup?Is it youthful?
'It looks like she's almost completely undressed.
'Do you have a boyfriend?
'I haven't heard that you have one, but ......'
'I wonder how much younger he is!
'You'll have to ask him that!

He's getting very close to me!
I don't even know Osina that well!

When I glanced at Osina, she was letting out a wry smile like, 'Oh my god, I tried to make her give up, but it might have had the opposite effect.

Osina. You're sweet.
...... Forty-two wards are basically full of unfortunate people, seriously.

'Yashiro-sama. I'm sorry I'm late.
'Oh, Natalia!You're here.
'Estella-sama has gone to the Sunken Pavilion.'
'Thank you for your help. Seriously.'

Natalia arrived with her usual calm expression, and my heart felt light as if it were a lie.
There's a real need for people who can be left completely in charge without giving orders.

'Hey, big brother. My sisters are already asleep, so I'll send them home.

The oldest sister comes to me with seven half-eyed, slumping sisters in her arms.
How acrobatic ...... are they usually like this?

'How old are you?

I also have a strong sister.

'Sorry to keep you up so late. Take her home and put her to bed.'
'Yeah. I can send my brother if you want. ......?'
'Yeah, I'll need some help from the ...... master, so I'll need a couple of ...... strong-armed guys.'
'Yeah. I'll go get them.'

The floor will run with me and Natalia.
We have Osina.
We just need someone to help us clean up.

Because I'm in a position where I'm well liked, I tend to forget that Loretta's younger siblings are also strong.
It's just that it's difficult to call them to help out on a moment's notice because they have solid jobs.

'Ahhhh, Natalia!I want you to curse me with those sharp eyes ......!'
'Oh, me too, me too!
'I don't care if it's just a spill, one cuss!
''As much as I'd like to follow your wishes, I'm afraid I'm not very good at speaking, so may I use a knife?
'''As expected, that's too stimulating~'''
''Hey, go home now, you drunks.

The stupid drunk said something stupid, and Natalia easily dodged it with a straight face.
That's what you get for being an untrained head waiter.

With Natalia as a one-hit wonder, the rest of the floor work went very smoothly. Orders were not delayed, and Natalia would take care of any problems that might arise.
In the first place, all the old men were in a good mood because of the increasing number of beautiful women.

From then on, the noisy voices from the cantaloupe did not cease until night fell, and the business continued until the night breeze started to feel a little chilly on our skin.
Nevertheless, since this was a temporary situation that differed greatly from the usual situation, the master decided to close the store earlier that day.
We closed much earlier than usual, and the master let out a long, long sigh of relief.

I, too, felt relieved.

'Thank you, Natalia. You really saved my life.'
'No, sir. It's not often that Master Yashiro asks for help in such a straightforward manner.
'He's pretty sweet on you, isn't he?
'Then I'll spoil you back next time.'
'I can only give you a lap pillow.
'Then give me a butt pillow.
'That's what guys ask girls to do!
'No, that's a crime.

d*mn it, there's no right answer!

'Um, Yashiro-san, ......'

The lights went out in front of Cantalcica, and Jeannette popped up.
Estella and Magda are next to her.

'Have you closed your store yet?
'Yeah. It's been tough without Paula.'
'I see.

In any case, I'm glad you're okay, Ginette breathes out, writing plainly on her face.

The sunlit pavilion also seems to have closed its doors a little early.

'Did you eat the ojiya?
'Oh, yeah, .......'

I think my sister brought it up, but I was too ...... busy to go check it out.


The bulldog-eared master growled briefly and pointed upstairs.

'Are you sure you don't want me to come visit you?
'What can I do for you, Yashiro-san?'

'He wants you to take a look at Paula's face. ......

'It's probably not a good idea for me to go. Ginette, please.'
'Yes, sir.
'I'll go with you. I'd like to hear what you have to say.'
'No. Don't take Magda. You'll get in trouble with a lot of people.'
'...... Mm. I'll wait here.

I borrowed a chair on the floor and sat down properly.
I'm really tired today. ......

'Yashiro-sama, would you like me to get you some water?
'Oh, ...... no, you're tired too, right?Just get some rest.'
'Well, I'll give you a butt pillow .......'
'Let me rest, me too.'

That's enough of that.

'To tell you the truth, Estella and I are having a bit of a troublesome case right now. ......'

Natalia says as she sits down next to me.
That's unusual.
Natalia often doesn't sit down even when I offer her a chair, and more importantly, she doesn't talk about her own hardships that I haven't asked her about.
So you want me to listen to you.
...... I wonder if this is a problem Estella doesn't want to talk about.

'One of the two things I can't talk about is ......'.

I'm not going to tell you about one of the two, but I can tell you about the other.

'Actually, we caught a bandit who was after popcorn.

I remembered that story.
It was the story Assunto had told me about the bandits in District 41.
...... Did they really come into the Forty-second District?

'We've already taken him into custody and put him in jail,......, but he's a stubborn man and won't talk to us no matter what we ask.
'Is that going to be a problem for you guys?
'Yes. If you don't know who he is, you can't punish him. My lord doesn't like to punish people without question.

If you don't say anything, it would be easier if you could just say ...... without any questions.
I think Estella will find a way to force him to accept the extenuating circumstances.

'If you have the time, I would appreciate your help.
'Yes, ......, well, I owe you for today.'
'Thank you for your help.

I know a few ways to subdue a stubborn man.
But you're right. You caught him before he could do any damage.

'I'm just glad my sisters weren't harmed.

If she had injured them in order to rob the popcorn, I would have sentenced her to the maximum penalty without any extenuating circumstances.

'Oh, no. No, sir.'
'No. ......, what is?'
'It's the popcorn that was targeted, but it's the ...... raw material.'

I couldn't help but open my mouth.

Ingredients?...... means...

'Yap Lock's field was destroyed in a big way. It's going to take some time to recover.

Popcorn, that's it!

...... Just give me a break. ......