183-Later Tan 11 Sweet honey tastes like love?...oh my...

'Wendy. Is it good?'
'Yes. It's very good.

There was a couple in the flower garden, and I thought, 'I hope they blow up.

And so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on.
...... even though I was a little worried about it.

'Now, let's go back to the 42nd district.
'Huh!Yashiro-san, are you going to leave the two of us here?

What, the two of you?
I don't see anything.

''Oh, Hero-sama!

Because Jeannette shouted loudly, the couple noticed her.
...... Tsk.

'Oh, no!Did your mother ...... do something rude?

Wendy comes running over with a worried look on her face.
But you know what, I'm even more annoyed by you two being a couple right now than my mother is.

'I'm sorry, sir. My mother is a bit of an uncommon person. ......'
'Hahaha, what are you talking about, Wendy. You're better than your father.'

It's the father who roams the streets almost naked, wearing only black tights, who has no common sense, right?

'......You've met my father? ............I'm very sorry.'

Wendy bows her head deeply.
Hey, this is Thibaut.
It seems that your own daughter finds your very existence rude.

'Did you meet your father-in-law?

Theron pounces on our conversation.
He has a curious look in his eyes. I knew her father was curious.
Oh well, I'll at least give him some information.

'What kind of man was he?
'He was a pervert.
'I'm sorry ...... for the inconvenience ......!

Even Estella and the others let out a chuckle, but only Theron, who didn't know the perverted tights man, had a puzzled look on his face.
I guess sometimes not knowing is a blessing in disguise.

'But, well, I felt like I could handle it.
'Are you sure?

Wendy rolls her eyes at my words.
Maybe she really thought there was nothing she could do.
She seems to be quite surprised that there is even a clue.

Well, it can be hard to be objective about a mother who is constantly arguing. Especially if it's a father and son.
From the side, it's easy to see that both of them are just not honest.

'But for now, we'll start over. We've got a lot of preparations to make.

I'm starting to see the information I need to gather.
We'll need to examine them carefully and plan our strategy again.

But first of all, ......

'I'm going to make some clothes for the perverted tights man to wear. I don't want to see any more of the old man's absolute region.'
'I'm sorry, .......'

I think it's a pity that fathers are so apologetic. ............ Well, that's just the way it is, isn't it?

Anyway, I want to go back to the 42nd district once.
...... I'm sure you can't get anything out of these guys. You can't talk about "variants" and "strains".

If Estella doesn't feel comfortable talking about it, maybe I should ask Imelda again. ......

In any case, there's nothing more we can do in District 35. Not this time.
I'd like to hear about the other bug people too. ...... You never know what kind of mines you'll step on if you don't have enough information.
Yeah. Let's go back.

'Okay, so you guys don't want to ............ go home for a while, do you?

When I turned around, I saw that Ginette and Estella were itching to go home.
They are looking at you with sparkling eyes, as if appealing to you for something.

'...... Do you want a drink?'
'Yes. I'd be very interested to know what it tastes like.
'I'm also interested in learning more about it.

You're both very studious, aren't you? ...... You're just a meeja.

'I can't help it. Let's take a break.
'Hmm ......, I'm still naive...'

I'm not sure if you've heard of this, but I'm sure you have.
We've done a lot of talking at Valeria's place. It would be good to quench our thirst.

Besides, ...... you've already shown me your rear end.

'Hey, Wendy......, aren't you getting a lot of stares?'
'Oh no. The heroes ............ are staring at you, Theron. You're being stared at.

I'm not sure what to make of this, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

I'm not sure what to say. Take a look. There are many different kinds of flowers.

Ginette intervenes in the frozen space between me and Theron and the others.
The sun's smile warms the absolute zero air.
You've saved your life, you couple. I'll let you off the hook this time.

'Does each flower have a different taste in nectar?
'Isn't the nectar all the same?
'No, Hero-sama. They all taste different.

Not only do they have different aromas and sweetness, but they also have different textures and throats, and they all taste different.
I'm sure this guy has just made his debut in the flower garden, but Wendy says with pride.

'I've been admiring them for a long time, so I know all about them.

She sticks her tongue out and smirks.
The slightly embarrassed smile on her face was like that of a country girl longing for the city.

When I was in junior high school, just going to a coffee shop in front of the station made me feel a little more grown up, and I remembered that painful past,......, and I felt embarrassed.
It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your time with your family. ...... Ah, ouch, ouch.

'Well, why don't we compare?

I picked up a nearby flower and found that it had about a mouthful of nectar in it.
It was about the same amount as a wine tasting.
It's just the right amount to try it out.

'How am I supposed to drink this?

Estella looks around at the flowers, as if her curiosity is uncontrollable.
She looks like a child who has just arrived at a cake buffet.

'If you find a nectar you like, you pick four or five of them and collect the nectar in one flower and drink it.
'So the flower becomes a cup. ...... is wonderful.'
'But the flowers that you pick and take the nectar from will end up in the garbage.

When Wendy explained, Ginette let out a romantic comment, and Regina let out an unromantic comment.
The environment in which they are raised can make such a difference. ......

I'm sure you've heard of it.

No one mentions the most important thing, so I have no choice but to ask.
I don't want to drink it randomly and be charged for it when I leave.

'Yes, sir. The nectar in this garden is free.

I'm relieved to hear Wendy's words, but at the same time I'm wondering if that's okay.
You know, the maintenance costs.

'This is a flower garden that is managed by the lord of the 35th district, and he pays for all the flower management and security.
'So it's ward-run?
'Yes. You can drink as much as you want as long as you don't take it out of the garden.''

I see.
If we allow people to take it out, they can sell it elsewhere. That would be a huge loss.
Anyone would jump at the chance to sell tasty drinks for next to nothing.
That's not the lord's intention.
This is a service available only in the 35th district.

I'm sure that the lord of this place is also concerned about the "subspecies", as Kabriel said.

It's possible that they don't want to meet anyone other than humans,............, but it's also possible that they don't want to meet anyone other than humans,.......

I can't say for sure until I see him in person.
What kind of person is he?
The name "Lucia" suggests that she is a woman. ......

A female lord who's scary when she's angry. ............ I can't help but think of someone like Medora. ......... ...I don't think I want to meet her. ......

Estella can't take it anymore and plucks a blue flower from the garden.
Then she puts her nose close to the edge of the flower and savors the fragrance. ...... Wine!

'Smells good ...... This is definitely delicious.'

I say confidently and sip gently.
The straw seems to be sold separately, but if you're drinking alone, you can just sip it like Estella. In fact, I'd recommend it!
Straws for two people is a bad idea. Blow it up.

Estella kissing the flower.
Slowly lift the flower and gently pour the nectar into your mouth.
It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your vacation.
...... It looks a little more s*xy than that.

'............ Hmm.'

It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your money.
Perhaps it is the aristocratic elegance that Estella wears that makes her ...... look so connoisseur-like. You'll be able to get a lot more than just a pair of shoes.


I'm not sure if it's because she's been enjoying the nectar of the flowers, but her smile looks calmer than usual.
She smiles at me, more mature than her age, and offers me the blue flower she just sipped.

'Would you like to have a sip?

You're asking me to ...... kiss you indirectly?

No, no, no. It's not a problem for indirect kissing,......, but I thought Estella was shy about such things, so I was surprised by that.
If it were the other way around, I would have turned red and said, 'No way!
What's with all the leeway?
I'm not sure if there's alcohol in that nectar or not.

Estella's unusual atmosphere made my heart flutter involuntarily.

'Don't be shy. Here.'
'Oh, oh ......'.

I unintentionally accepted the blue flower offered to me.
And now that you've taken it,......, you have to drink it,......, right?

This is a great way to make sure that you don't end up in a situation where you're going to need a lot of help. ...... This is a great way to make sure that you don't end up in a situation where you're going to need a lot of help. Just in case. It could be a trap.

I'm wary of Estella's uncharacteristically relaxed demeanor, but - it's a warning, right?I put my mouth on the blue flower and gently poured the nectar into my mouth.

The nectar flowed ...... into my mouth.
And then--

And then... 'Boo-hoo!

Or is it sour?

'Ya, Yashiro-san, are you okay?
'Hmmm ...... you're on the way too, palm ...... gobble gobble!
''You, esthetician, go-ho!For this ...... reason, you should be able to cough.I'm going to have to put up with the coughing and coughing.

What a guy.
He drank such a strong sour drink just to hook me, and yet he had such a cool face?
Oh, my God, that's hard!

I feel like I've just chugged down some real vinegar. ...... It's not fruit vinegar or anything simple like that. It's vinegar. It's just plain vinegar!
This ...... is too much for me not to choke on. ............ Estella's mental strength is amazing... ...for such a stupid surprise ...............

'Gosh, gosh, gosh, gosh, gosh!
'Go-ho-ho-ho. Go-ho-ho-ho!'
'Go-ho-ho, go-ho-ho-ho, go-ho-ho-ho!
'Stop coughing yourselves into a fight. The more you listen to it, the more it's going to damage your trachea and your lungs.'

A 'coughing fit' is like an asthmatic 'coughing fit' in the trachea, an inexplicable, itchy, unpleasant feeling.
This one's more 'hashigai'!

Ginette stands between Estella and me and rubs each of our backs with her left and right hands.
Hey, Regina. If you have time to scratch your own throat, take a lesson from Ginette and rub your back.

'Sir, hero, lord.'

As Estella and I continue to choke, Wendy gives us a worried look.

''Some of them are hard to drink, so please be careful, okay?
''Gosh, gosh, gosh!

Estella and I cough in unison.
We probably feel the same way.
That is, ''You're too late!

''Hero, my lord. The nectar from this flower tastes good on the throat.''

Theron hands me and Estella each a white flower.
When we drink the nectar inside, a refreshing sourness and mild sweetness spreads in our mouths like honey lemon.
It seemed to soothe my itchy throat.

'...... It's gone.
'...... Me too.'

We both exhale.
You know, Estella. You can't complain even if you're charged with injury, right?

'Remember that, Estella.
'What the hell. You're a light-hearted tease.'
'...... I'll make a light-hearted prank too, someday, I promise.
'Well, you're the one who made me sweat by saying 'hands' first!
'Don't bring it up again!

That's enough.
I'll cut you some slack this time!So don't bring it up again!

''I'm glad that the hero and the lord were not harmed.

Wendy patted her chest, relieved.

I guess he was worried about ...... if something happened to us at the place he recommended.
If that was the case, I wish you would have warned us beforehand.

Estella also smiled at Wendy's words.
But this one seemed to have a different reason than I did.

'Wendy. And Theron. Can you please stop calling me 'lord'?You said you want me to call you 'Estella' as before.'
'Oh, I'm sorry. I was just at .......'
'I'll try to be careful too, but ............ I just can't help it.

Until Estella's declaration at the gluttony contest, there were very few people who knew that Estella was the daughter of the lord.
And right after that, Estella announced that she was going to become a lord.

It seems that she wants the people who have been close to her to treat her the same way they have been treating her,......, but it is difficult for clumsy people like Wendy and Theron to do so.
It's not easy to ...... keep up with them as usual without worrying.

In the event that you have any kind of questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the web site. I guess it's like that.
It may be impossible for me to care about it.

I'm sure you'll be able to figure out how to get the best out of it.
...... I can't help it. I'll take a stab at it.

'Theron, Wendy. If you are hesitant to call her 'Estella', then call her 'Egrella'.
'I'm not gutted!
'That's a terrible accusation. ...... I didn't mean to call you 'Egrella' after 'Gouge-chan'.'
'Then what is it?
'It's 'Egrella' in her nasty underwear!
'I'm not wearing them today!

I'm not wearing them today. ...... But that's not to say I don't have them!
I have received information from Natalia before. I've been informed by Natalia that Estella has some pretty nasty underwear in the top two compartments of her wardrobe.

.................. Hmm?
'She's not wearing any today.' ............?

'That's not what I meant!I'm wearing them!'
'I don't trust you!Let me see!
'No, thank you!
'I'm not the only one who's in the middle of it.
'Oh, Yashiro-san, please repent at .............'

I'm getting a lot of flak.
I just suggested that if it's hard to call her Estella, why don't you call her by her nickname? ...... I guess I shouldn't be so nice. It's not good for you.

'I'm going to pluck everything but that blue flower!
'No, Hero-sama!You'll be scolded by the lord of the 35th district!
'If I'm not careful, there might be a war. ...... Yashiro, 'House'!

Estella. ...... She learns too much, too fast.
If you were playing a dog in a breeding game, when you selected the command 'breast', it would say, 'You can't select that command. If you were playing a dog in a breeding game, you'd get an alert when you selected the command 'breastfeed', saying 'that command is not available, please choose another trick'!

'But you know, ......, with so many different kinds of food, it's hard to know which one is good.
'Even if I try one bite at a time, I'm sure I'll be full soon.
'The white one was delicious. I think I'll have some more of that.
'This yellow flower Theron picked out for me is also delicious. It has a refreshing aftertaste.'
'The nectar from the peach-colored flowers that Wendy first mentioned was also delicious.
'Okay, let's avoid the blue, yellow and peach ones.

'I don't want to drink the nectar that Theron and Wendy drank.
It's probably only for couples anyway!
'Wow, those crepes look delicious!It's cheap!Okay, I'll have one! I stood in line, and when it was finally my turn, I said, 'Excuse me. I'm sorry, but this is for couples only.' The loneliness of being alone when you're refused the sale is ...... so many people around you are giggling!
I'll never be fooled by couples-only stuff again!

'Which flower do you think is the best, Yashiro-san?
'I don't know.

It's almost impossible to get a winner in a grab bag like this.
Then ......

The nectar in this garden is all you can drink. But you can't take it out.
It's like a drink bar.

There is only one thing to do in a drink bar!

'Make a mix of all kinds!

Mix them all together to make your own special drink!
It's a staple of drink bars and shaved ice with unlimited syrup!

'Isn't it ...... really impossible to get all kinds?
'Well, not when there's this much.
'Well, if there are so many of them, the volume will be dozens of liters.
'Then I'll just mix whatever I can find around here!

I randomly select four different flowers from among those blooming at my feet and pour the nectar into one of them.
I put the lid on it and shake it with the hand of a bartender.
...... Hmm. It's done.

Now that we've done that, let's serve it to the others.
Let each person hold an empty flower and pour a sip.
This is the kind of thing you have to share. There's a good chance that ...... will fail.

'Oh ............. I feel like the scent has gotten deeper.'
'Do you think so?
'I don't know, good morning.'
'You see. It's become a very deep fragrance. See?
'Yeah, ...... hmm...'
'I don't understand. ......'

Ginette was the only one who gave a positive impression.
Then, before anyone else, Ginette took a sip of the Yashiro blend.


Her eyes widened instantly.
And her hands begin to tremble.

'Jeannette, Jeannette!What's wrong with you?It doesn't taste good!
'Don't strain yourself!Spit it out!Spit it out!

But Jeannette shakes her head and assures him with a smile on her face.

'It's delicious!
'...... Are you sure?
'Yes!It's such a delicious taste that I'd love to serve it to our customers at the Sunlit Pavilion!

Ginette's eyes sparkled as she spoke excitedly.
Estella and Regina looked at each other, looked down at the nectar in the flower, looked at each other again, and dipped their mouths into the nectar almost simultaneously.

'What the heck ......'.

After gulping down the honey, Estella and Regina came at me with a sigh.

'Where did you get this recipe!How long have you known about it?I mean, why didn't you tell us until now?
'That's right, me!If you have something like this, you should've told me about it earlier!What's the matter with you, you've been so generous with your information!You're a bad person, really.
'No ...... recipe, no nothing, just a random mix of ...... things I saw. ......'
I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that.

as if to push Estella and Regina away.
Her eyes are kind of serious. ......

'Oh,......, I used to do this kind of thing when I was a kid.
'I've had this ...... talent since I was a kid. ......'

No, it's not a talent. ...... Every kid does this at least once, it's just 'all in', you know?
If it tasted good, then the ingredients were good, right?


When I turned around at the sound of Wendy's thin voice, ...... Theron and Wendy were crying.

'What are you crying about!
'......I've never met a drink so delicious.'
'And ...... that you can create such a wonderful thing with your 'senses', ...... this can only be called a 'miracle'!
'You're exaggerating!
'No, Hero-sama!This is a miracle caused by Hero-sama!
'We never thought of blending different flavors of honey. He did it effortlessly: ...... and now this: ............!That's what I'm talking about, heroes!

Can you please stop?
I'm not sure what to do, but I'd like to know what you think. If you do this, wouldn't it have tasted better if you had just one kind? Why not?It's delicious!Hey, Jeannette? What?I was expecting something like, "Oh, ......, come on, ......, what do you think, ......? I was expecting something like that!

I'm sure you'll be able to imagine how good it tastes,.......

Without any particular emotion or expectation, I put my mouth on the flower in my hand and drank the nectar inside.

At that moment...
The world was enveloped in a gentle light.
The world was enveloped in a gentle light. I wondered if the human heart could become so calm when it sipped something delicious. ......

'Estella, Regina......, I'm sorry for all the horrible things I've said to you.
'Yashiro became honest because of the deliciousness!
'What an effective drink!
'Theron, Wendy. You're going to be happy!
'Yashiro has become generous with his rear!

'It's so good it's scary!

Delicious .
I've never had a drink like this before. And yet, I feel nostalgic.
It's frustrating, but it's delicious. I think I might be hooked.

Is this really nectar from a flower?

I used to suck on azalea nectar like an idiot when I was a kid, but I never got such a deep taste.
Apparently, the nectar of the flowers here is not just pure nectar.
What a fantastic flower is blooming in District 35.
...... Well, there are insectivorous plants that attack humans. It would not be surprising if there were such a thing.

'Hey, Yashiro!Can you make another one?
'Well, ...... is there any individual difference in the amount of nectar in this flower?'
'Well ...... I haven't looked into it, but I think probably not. There are about four cups of nectar in a flower.
'If there's no difference ......, I might be able to make one. If you pick the same flowers that Estella and the others have now and shake them, you can make ......'.
'So we can make the same thing as before!Okay, guys!Let's split up and find it!

With great enthusiasm, Estella begins her search for the flowers.
Ginette, Theron and Wendy are also looking at the flowers with lively expressions.
In the midst of all this, only Regina has a sullen look on her face.

'What's wrong?
'No, that was definitely delicious, but I was wondering if you wanted another .......'
'Not so much, you say?
'Well ......, it's probably a little too sweet for us. I like it a little more bitter or 'crispy'. I prefer a more bitter or 'crisp' taste. ......'
'Oh, that's true, I guess.

I'm sure you'll agree with Regina," said Estella, who had already gotten the flowers she wanted.

'Aside from the first bite, I'd like another taste ......'.
'Then you can add some sourness to it to make it more sharp.
'Oh, sourness!That might be a good idea. We like fruit vinegar.
'Sourness? ...... There's such a thing in the garden ..................'

'There is such a thing!
'There is!
'There it is!

We all look at the ground at once and find a blue flower that is blooming in rather large clusters because no one is holding it.
It's that heavily sour flower that Estella failed to pick.

'Mr. Yashiro. The flowers are here.
'Can I try one before I make the other one?

I mix the blue nectar with the nectar from the flowers that Jeannette and her friends collected and shake it.
...... Now, will it be good or bad? ............

'Okay, ...... let's give it a try.'

You may be reluctant to try it because it reminds you of the tragedy you just experienced.
But ...... I'll take my chances here!

'.................. Hmm!
'It's delicious!
'This, this!I love this one!
'It changes the atmosphere completely.
'...... I'm happy.'
'Miracle of the heroes, again: ......'

The mixture of blue flower nectar was a sharp, refreshing drink that was a complete change from the sweet drink I had just consumed.
If you drink it by itself, it would be very undrinkable, but by blending it, it becomes a really nice accent.
I expected it to be too sour if I simply mixed the same amount, but ...... was a pleasant miscalculation, and it turned out to be really easy to drink.
Perhaps the nectar here eases the stinging sourness and intense sweetness when mixed together.

'I like this one better.
'I think I like the first one.
'Oh, me too. But I think this one is also delicious.
'I like the first one, too.
'I like this one better.
'I like the later one better, too.

So, the younger three of us preferred the sweet one at the beginning, while the older three preferred the sharp one.
This could be a drink that can cover all ages if both kinds of drinks are sold in stores.

I'm not sure. Don't you think you can grow this flower if you ask ...... Millie?
'Yes ....... I'm sure Millie-san ............ can do it. I'm sure she can.

I agree with Jeannette.
Even if this flower is a special kind of flower, I'm sure Millie can grow it well.
If this flower blooms in the 42nd district, ...... we can make this drink a menu item at the Sunshine Pavilion!

'Okay!Let's pull out a few plants and bring them home!

'No, Hero-sama!This is an area controlled by the lord. You can't take the flowers out!
''Don't worry!If it comes to it, the lord of the forty-two districts will take full responsibility!
''Wait!That's absurd, no matter how much you say it is!What if there's a serious war?
'You know what, Estella!I can't be a lord if I'm afraid of war!
'Yes, I can, but...?
'What are you doing here?
'To meet Wendy's parents!

Yeah!You can't argue with that!You can't argue with that!

'If you insist, you can go to .......'

Wendy turned her gaze towards the outer wall of the 35th district, giving off an air of 'I don't recommend it, but'.

'Why don't you talk to your lord about it?If you're good, he might be able to share some of it with you.
'...... Lords, huh?'

The scary lord Estella is afraid to offend.

Do you want to see him?
And ask him to give you this flower: ......

'It might be worth a try to talk to him.

If all goes well, ...... will have more merchandise to show off!
That means more money for you!

...... giggles!

'Oh, um, Yashiro-san.

It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your money.
What is it?Do you want to get drunk on the smell of gold with me?
Fine. You can get drunk all you want!

'...... I haven't forgotten about Wendy's parents,......, have I?
'............I'm sure the story of the conflict with the Bug People from the standpoint of the lord will be useful.
'I see. I see. You were thinking that far ahead. I'm sorry, I didn't think of that.
'Ha-ha-ha. What are you talking about, Jeannette?

There's no way I could have thought of that, me.
It's just a feeling and momentum.

'You're not thinking that far ahead, Yashiro.'
It's all about momentum.

Are you espers?
You're reading my mind with great accuracy!

'Anyway, let's ask if we can see him one more time while we pick up the carriage. Let's see, ......, you see, ............, to Chichibert.'

Yeah, yeah, that's him.

Anyway, we left the garden and headed for the lord's mansion.