153-Episode 134 First Date @ Otome

I'm walking down the main street of the 41st district arm in arm with Medora.
...... That's strange. We were supposed to have arrived at our destination at the speed of sound just a few minutes ago. ......

I'm not sure what to say.I forgot what I was doing!

Medora ran back the way she came at the speed of light.
visceral load, Unlimited......

When we arrived at the entrance to the main street, on the 42nd district side, he lowered me from his embrace to the ground and firmly put his arms around me.
You will find a lot of people who are looking for the best way to get the most out of their life.
...... Hey, hey, hey, this guy. I'm not sure what to do.
It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're going to be doing and how you're going to do it.

In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.
'...... It's a dream I've had for years. ......'
'Just a few.

Well, if you're a creature that lives for a thousand years or so, you might call ten or twenty years 'just a little bit'. ......
I wonder how long this creature is going to live.

Also, when you say you're going to be brave,......, do you really need to do that?
I'm sure the demon gods will be frightened and run away before the enemy.

I'm glad you're here. I feel like a heroine in a ...... opera, walking down the main street like this, arm in arm.

I feel like an alien captured by NASA. Look at my right foot, the heel doesn't actually touch the ground properly. Because Medora is bigger than me. My right shoulder is being lifted up like crazy.
Why don't I hold onto Medora's arm anyway?

When I looked at Medora to make such a suggestion, our eyes met perfectly.
Medora's cheeks instantly turned red, her mouth pouted, and she glared at me with a slightly accusing look.

'Oh, just because you're right doesn't ...... mean you have to look so happy. ...... This is why men are such a pain in the ass.

...... Oh, yeah. You're right. You're so right. I mean, my elbow's buried. No, it's buried.
But I don't know why, I'm not happy at all.

'Hey, darling.
'Is it ......?'

It's an honorific.
No, you see, I don't want you to think I'm related to you when I talk to you intimately.

'Everyone's looking back at us.'

Of course they're looking. This is a rare sight in the world.
A quick look at ......
I'd say 30 percent of the eyes are astonished, 40 percent are straight-faced (lost in thought), 10 percent are curious, and 20 percent are looking at me with pity.

'Well, ...... that guy, ......'.
'Shh, don't look.

I can hear the conversation between the mother and daughter.
Hahaha ...... I want to look away too, from this reality ......

'Hmm. I'm sure it's a little too stimulating for a young girl.

Well, I don't know about that.
I agree with you about the overstimulation part.
...... I think my right shoulder is about to fracture from fatigue. ............

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this, but I'm going to try.I'm sure you'll be able to find something to suit your needs....... That's also ...... ata......'
'I'd like some rice!

Watch out ......, that's a spell that will cast an unavoidable curse if you hear it all the way through.
It's a different world ...... with a lot of deadly dangers lying around. ......

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who can't get enough of this. ......

'Oh, look at that. That's my favorite restaurant.'

Wow, it's like deja vu.
I feel like I've just seen this place before.

'The atmosphere is nice and the food is delicious. I'm sure my darling will like it.
'Well, I'm looking forward to it. ......'

'Well, I'm looking forward to it.
It's not the s*xy jazz, dimly lit, pink lighting that makes for a good atmosphere, by any stretch of the imagination.

'Come on, let's go in.
'Oh. Yeah, sure.

My heart is racing like it hasn't in a while. ......

'............ Come on, let's go in!

Ah, ...... yes, yes.

I opened the door and half-heartedly led Medora inside.
Ladies first, you say?Well, I feel like the store owner should be the one to do this kind of thing, but ...... Medora looks incredibly satisfied, so I'm sure it's the right thing to do.

'That's my darling!You're so thoughtful!

I followed Medora, who was in a good mood, into the restaurant.
The interior was decorated in an Asian style, as if natural wood had been used in its original form.
There were tables made of exquisitely distorted single pieces of wood, and counters made from logs that looked like bumpy driftwood. Thick plants resembling banana leaves adorned the ceiling, creating a cool atmosphere.

Located on the second street, two alleys away from the main street, the restaurant has a slightly high-class feel, and seems to be a restaurant for the particular type.
Well, it doesn't sound like something Delia would like.

'Ara. A la la la. Medora-chan, welcome.

A beautiful woman with long hair pokes her head out from behind the counter. She is a beautiful oriental woman with brown skin that matches the atmosphere of this restaurant. Her eyes are drooping, suggesting that she has a mild personality.
She seems to be smiling all the time, and her eyes look as if they could be written with a single line, like a smiley face.

'Hey, Osina!You're in my way.
'Uh-huh. Take your time. Recently, the food court has been taking over the customers, and the ...... ............ Ne... ...............?

I've got my eyes open.

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
The color of her eyes is purple, and they are somehow very seductive. I feel like I'm being sucked in when I stare at them.

'............ Medora-chan is a carnivore, right?

Wait, Oshina.
You've just judged me to be captive prey, is that correct?

'What are you talking about, Osina? I've told you before!I'm sure you'll be able to understand that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.

It's not a 'yuck'.
I'm not sure what to say.
What? Are you talking about me somewhere else?
Will you stop it?I'll sue you for defamation in a summary court.

"This cute little guy is Obayashi?

What kind of eyes do you have?A face like this is called a beautiful boy.

I thought he was a stern man, four times the size of Medora.

That's not a man anymore.
You're a troll or a bigfoot or some such monstrous creature.

'You idiot!I'm sure you'll be impressed by the fact that this cute little guy has the kind of dominance that scares the crap out of me!It's the man I thought was the most suitable for me, you know?I don't think I'm going to fall for a big, fat boy!

No, no, no. If there's a candidate, big boy or not, you'd better grab him and put a collar on him. Well, if there is a candidate, that is.

'Hmm, heh, heh, ......'.

Osina stares at me as if she's licking me.
She slowly circled around me, moving her head up and down, examining me closely.
...... It's a terrible humiliation. I wonder if this is what zoo animals are like.

'Hey, hey, Medora.
'What is it?I mean, don't look so hard!You'll scare my darling.'
'All right, all right. Yeah?

No, 'yeah? Even if you say 'yes', it's not ...... very safe.

'More importantly, Medora-chan.'
'So what is it?
''Let's share.''

The brown, droopy-eyed, calm, pouty beauty made a comment that I didn't quite understand.
Frankly speaking, I want to go home.
But for now, let's at least hear the truth behind her unintelligible statement.

'...... Um, what's that all about ............'
'Oba darling Yashiro is very cute, so she's in my favorites.
'...... I'll pass.'

It smells like a mine!
If you get involved with this person, you'll get hurt!

'Nay, nay, darling. Why don't you become a live-in employee at my place?
'Live-in ......?
'Mm-hmm. We're in a bit of a financial mess. I'd be very happy if you could improve it.'
'Oh, it's not too late for that.

It's the 41st district's version of a sunny-side up restaurant.

'Really?Too bad. If you lived here, you could always meet Medora-chan, too.

I'd rather not!
What is it?
I'm not sure what to make of that.
It's not funny.

I'm sorry ......, I like big tits .......'

I'm going to look away and say no.
If I don't make it clear, these people don't seem to give up easily.

'Sokkaa~, you're still all about Medora-chan,......'
'No, that's not true!
'......Oh, darling, you can't do that in front of your ......best friend. ............Oh, come on!Don't be embarrassed!
'I'm not talking about you!

I've got something better than that in my house!
In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.

...... Well, not really. It doesn't mean that I think anything about Jeannette at all,......, but it's not like that.

It's not like that. I'll probably not give up on you for a long time, so it's okay for now. At any rate, eat your dinner.

Didn't he just say something dangerous?

'Come on, come on, take a seat over here.
'Darling. This seat gets a lot of sunshine and sometimes a nice breeze blows in. Come on, let's sit down.

By 'let's sit down,' you mean 'pull up a chair and let me sit down,' right?
I've learned, already.

'Medora, wait a minute.'

I raise my left hand to stop Medora, then I go ahead and pull out the chair with the best ventilation.

'Here you go.'

If it were Estella or Regina, I'd say 'Come in, princess' here. It's a good joke. It's suicide to say that to ...... Medora. I can understand that.

'Da-ling!You're such a smart guy!
'Honya~. You're a gentleman. No wonder Medora's so impressed with you.

No, no, no. I was just telling you. That's all, right?I don't usually do this, okay?

Smiling, Medora sits back in her chair. I push the chair along with it. ...... Heavy!
After Medora sat down, the chair didn't budge when he pushed or pulled it.
The chair was so heavy that it didn't budge when Medora pushed or pulled on it. It must be packed with muscles. ...... Just the tip of my pinky finger has more muscle cells than my entire body.

............ Well...

I'm not sure what to make of this, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ...... I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to say that it's convenient for me, but I'm not sure if it's convenient for Medora and I. ...... I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to say that it's convenient for Medora and I. ...... I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to say that it's convenient for Medora and I. ...... That's okay.
What we need to think about now is ......

'Medora. Do you come here often?'
'Yeah. It's my favorite. I'd say it's the only place I come.'

Medora looks relieved.
A place to relax. I guess this place is like that for Medora.

'Hi, Medora.
'Oh, I'm sorry.
'Hi, Da-ling.'
'...... Darling-chan'.

A welcome drink was placed in front of Medora and me.
It was a café au lait-like drink with a tapioca-like substance in it, sinking to the bottom of the glass.
It looks like the kind of drink that office workers would like.
Oh, "office lady" is an abbreviation for "fashionable lady", right?
The term 'office lady' is a gender-specific term, and is nowadays considered undesirable.
'Fashionable lady'.

So, I tried to drink a café au lait with a tapioca-like substance that the office lady might like, but she asked for a bucket of .................. .

'Oh my god?Does it not suit your taste?
'No, no,............, the taste was too different from what I imagined,.......'

It tasted like burdock root soup.

'This is a burdock root drink with black bean balls.

It wasn't too far off the mark,......, but the black bean balls were apparently made from boiled and softened black beans that had been ground into dumplings,......, which were not sweet at all.
But, to my chagrin,......, if you drink it thinking that it is such a thing, it tastes surprisingly good.
Oh, how frustrating.

'Medora, can I have the usual one?
'Oh. Please. What do you want to eat, darling?I'll take care of it for you today!

'No, no, if it's a date, I'll buy you a drink.
'That kind of manliness is a good thing about you, darling, but this is my best friend's restaurant. Please let me make you look good.

Medora looked a little desperate as she said this with a sweet look in her eyes.
Well, it's not too shabby to play 'I' and 'I' with each other here.

'Then, let's have a meal.
'As expected, you have a good head on your shoulders!I would have given you a slap if you hadn't!

Oh no!I didn't realize that the choice I made so casually was right next to death!
I'm sure you'll be able to understand why I've been so interested in your work.

............ I can't stand the thought of a Medora-like attack character in a gal game!

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.

But there is no such thing as a menu in this store.
It's not even written on the wall. ...... Maybe the style is to ask what's available, get an explanation, and then order.

But I know what I want.

'Well, I'll have the one with the medora.

Medora rolls her eyes.
In a case like this, the theory is to go along with the other person.
You can't ask for something more expensive than the other person's drink, and it is rude to be too reserved, as if you are underestimating the other person.
If this is the case, you should ask the other person for a recommendation or order the same thing.

Besides, it gives you a feeling that you are eating the same thing.

'......, two people, one?
'Of course not!

Too much togetherness!
I want two of the same thing!One for each of us!

'I see. So Da~rin wants to like the food that Medora likes.

No, that's not it. You've got it all wrong.
So can you stop staining your cheeks red?Don't make my eyes pucker.

'Okay, wait a minute.

Osina disappears behind the counter with a smile.
She's an elusive person.
She seems older than me, but...

'Medora. How long have you been friends with Osina?
'Since we were kids.

Medora must have been babysitting the young Osina.

'I and Osina were born on the same day, in the same year, in the same city.

Then what?
Same age?
In other words, you're close in age to Javier the Woodcutter and Demilly the Forty District Lord?
I can't see it!

Osina's in her mid-20s by all accounts.
I'm sure she's in her mid-twenties. She's ripe and ready to eat.
That's ............ forty-something?

It's understandable that you would be surprised. Both me and Osina are often called 'young' by people around us.

He was quite proud of himself, and his nose was fully extended.
No, people say Medora is young because of her power and physical strength, right?

Osina is in her forties. ............ Is that what you call a beautiful witch? ....... Women are scary: ......

'I'm sorry about that.
'I took you out by force.'

Medora's mouth is full of auspicious remarks that one would expect from the culprit of such a forcible abduction.
Is my eardrum broken?Is that noise?

'I was so happy to see you, darling. ...... Now that I've finally calmed down ...... and thought about it, I'm not sure if I bothered you, darling...' ...............Are you angry?

Well, if you're asking me if I'm annoyed, I'm leaning heavily towards the 'annoyed' side. ......

'No, I'm not.

In the first place, I came to District 41 with the intention of meeting Medora.
It's a good thing I'm not the only one.
If it weren't for that, I wouldn't have had dinner with him.

'I had to go to Ricardo's today, but it was more like I came here to see Medora.
'Darling ......'

Medora lets out a soft chuckle.
She realizes that I'm paying attention to her and doesn't say much, so as not to waste her attention. It's a mature communication of only smiles.

'...... Did you want to see my smile that badly?

Oh, I didn't get that.

'No,......, you're going to take down Swarm, right?It's not so much a pep talk as it is a thank you for seeing me. Also, good luck.''

'Oh ......, oh!Yeah, yeah, yeah!That's what I'm talking about!I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who's a little confused.

Medora is scratching her head to hide her embarrassment.
It seems that the hunting genius is also a novice at love.

...... I don't recognize it as love, though!

I'm not sure what to make of it.I'm going to go out there and kick these monsters to the curb myself. You'll be done in less than a day.'

I can't find any other adjective than awesome.

This time, more than a dozen members of the hunting guild have been selected to form a strike team and go out to kill Swarm, a magical beast.
Magda is counted as one of them.

It's a very dangerous mission, but if ...... Medora is there, it's going to be all right, that's what I think.
A dependable person gives you a sense of security just by being around.
It's a valuable presence.

--And that's one reason why I'm going to the pep rally to kill the Swarm. ......

It's easy to imagine how much Medora eats when she shows us what she eats on a regular basis.
Now, let's see what you eat in your daily life.

'Sorry to keep you waiting~'

Osina appeared from behind the counter, approached us with a dancing gait, and placed a plate of food in front of Medora.

The food was placed on the plate, compactly packed, as if it were a little bit reserved.
It is a small lunch box that an office worker might like. It's a surprisingly small amount, as if it had been transferred to a plate.

'This is a collection of Medora-chan's favorite foods.
'Well, just think you've been tricked and eat it!It's really delicious!

No, I don't care if it's good or not. ............ Is this all?
The same dish is placed in front of me.

'What's the matter, darling?Is there something wrong?
'No,......, it's too little for a Medora,......, but it's not a lot of food for the head of a hunting guild...? ...?
'Hmm?Is that so?
'Yeah, ...... sure, you might be surprised at first.'

Osina laughs and points to a dish that looks like something a fashionable girl would order, something that a normal man would not be satisfied with, a dish that is small in quantity and that has been carefully prepared with the right ingredients.

'Medora-chan has always been a small eater, hasn't she? I bet your muscles are very fuel efficient.

You've got a lot of power and stamina. ...... That's too much of a cheat, that muscle.

'So, what about competing in the ...... gluttony contest?
'I?I'm not going to do that!I'm the kind of person who enjoys eating small amounts of food. Gluttony is not my thing.'
'Oh, so you're .......'

This visit ended with a surprising result.
I never thought it would turn out like this. ......

Medora, although she looks like this, is actually a very small eater and prefers to enjoy the atmosphere rather than eat a lot.

She does not participate in gluttony contests. That's what he told me in no uncertain terms.

'I'm planning to have some of our best eaters participate in the contest. We will not go easy on you, no matter how much of a darling you are.

Medora, on the contrary, seems to think that I'm going to participate.
I see. I guess you can't rely on an image that says 'this guy will definitely play'.

So the only people to watch out for in District 41 are the Piranhas, like Gustave!
No, there may be other tough guys out there, but ......

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it.

Such a sense of security was rising just a little bit from the depths of my heart.
No, no, no. You can't be too careful.
But I think ...... I can do it.
As long as you don't make any mistakes, you'll ............ have a chance to win!

What is it?

Thank you for all the good information.

'It's been a pleasure having dinner with you.
'What?Oh, God!Stop it!I'm not going to take it easy on you, even if you ...... bone me for saying that.
'No, I don't mean that.

That was just a little thank you.

'Let's go head-to-head, fair and square.
'Yeah, of course.

At the mention of a match, Medora's face takes on the look of a hunter.
The corners of his mouth turn up in a grin.

'Love and competition are two different things!
'Now, let's eat.

...... There is no such thing as "love" in the first place.

After the hunting guild had defeated the Swarm, it was time for the gluttony contest.
I drank a glass of burdock juice that looked like café au lait and quietly burned with the will to fight.
And I was thinking that ...... this plain tasting drink had caught my fancy and ...... I was frustrated.