49-Episode 47 After the Damage

'You've brought a lot of stuff again, you bastard. ......'
'No, everyone in the guild is in trouble.'

Mormat is scratching his head apologetically.
...... Don't think you can fake it with that?

The next day, the day after we talked about the Garbage Collection Guild taking in the vegetables damaged by the heavy rains, Mo Mat knocked on the door of the Sunlit Pavilion early in the morning and presented me with a stupid pile of vegetables.

'That's a lot of food.

Ginette looked at the pile of vegetables and looked pleased.
You're going to be forced to buy ...... this. This is not the time to be happy.

It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your time with your family and friends.

Seeing the large amount of vegetables, he immediately thought of bribery.
He really is a model of sycophancy.
If you look up his name in a Japanese dictionary, you'll find it there, won't you?Like 'sycophant: a ginette.

'The shape is broken, but the taste is guaranteed. Of course, there's nothing rotten in it.'
'Well, I trust you there, ......'.

The Mormats take pride in their vegetables.
They won't give you a half-baked product.
They probably don't want to sell the badly shaped ones, but they can't afford to.

'Mr. Yashiro. Why don't you chop it up and make tacos out of it?
'Tacos. ......'

Popcorn isn't the only corn we buy from Yap Rock.
They mill the flint corn into corn flour and then distribute it to us. Tortillas made from corn flour are not classified as 'bread' by the Church, but are a staple food that can be prepared at the Sun Pavilion.

You can't tell if the vegetables are damaged if you chop them.
It is possible to put chopped vegetables in the sauce of tacos.

'Well, I'll make tacos and ...... and minestrone style vegetable soup.
'That sounds delicious. I'll do my best!

Our manager was so enthusiastic that we decided to buy these vegetables. I'm sure he'll be able to make a hundred or two hundred servings without hesitation.

'Your sisters are helping me, so I can cook smoothly now.
'Did you teach them?
'She learned it while she was observing, didn't she?

What's with your sponge-like absorbing power?
I wonder if future geniuses will be born from the hamster race.

'Eh, let's see, ...... that means, these vegetables are ......?
'I'll take them all. How much?
'Oh ............ ohhhhh!Are you sure?
'Does this look like my eyes telling me a lie?'
'...... I can see it a little ......'
'Then it's a lie . Go home.'
'Aaah!I can't see you, I can't see you!I can't see anything at all!'
''The genie's .......''
'Waaaahhh, I lied!I can see a little bit, but I was so careful that I said 'invisible'!I'm sorry, please give me a break!
'Yashiro-san. Don't bully me.

Ginette gently admonishes me with a chuckle.
Hmm. It's because this crocodile is rude to begin with.

'So, how much in total?

We've got quite a bit of income from the first day of mobile sales, so we'll never be short.
As I recall, even after deducting all the expenses, we should have about 1500Rb left over.

'How about 1500Rb?


This is like a tutorial for an RPG.
I wonder why the gods of this world try to get it just right.

'It's a ton!Right now the Garbage Collectors Guild is paying 20Rb for 10 kilos.A ton is 2000Rb. I said I'll give you 1500Rb for it, so it's a bargain!
'That's true!It's a bargain, Mr. Yashiro!
'Ginette, shut up for a minute.

'2000Rb for 1500Rb'?What about ............?

'I wonder how much it would be worth if I sold it to the peddlers guild?
'Umm ......, that's .......'
'In the first place, do you think it will fetch a price?
'..................No,that......... ...'
'800Rb. I can't get more than that. You're not the only one who's been disadvantaged by the disaster, you know?'

'.............................. Yashiro!'

Mormat, at a loss for words, suddenly shouted loudly and shook his large body.
I braced myself for a beating, but Mo'amat got down on all fours on the ground.
He got down on his knees on the muddy ground after the rain.

'Please!I have a responsibility to protect the people of the guild!
'Hey, hey, hey, ...... Momat.'
'I know I'm talking too good to be true!I'm also well aware that you won't be swayed by this sob story!And then, just this once!
'Even if you say so, ......'.
'If you buy this for 1500Rb, I'll do anything you want after this!If you want me to be your slave, I'll be your slave!Just this once, I really need the money!Please!

This is ...... honestly unexpected. ............

In the past, I would have been able to stomp on the back of his head when he was exposed in front of me. ............
As of now, all the vegetables that come into the sunny pavilion come from the farming guild led by Mormat through the garbage collection guild. We've cut off the supply route from the peddlers' guild.
He is trying to make us think that he has the upper hand by ingratiating himself with us, but the truth is that we are the ones who are in trouble if the supply of vegetables is cut off.
Well, Mo Mat is too stupid to realize it, but if we make the relationship sour here, it will be detrimental to me later on. ......

'What's with the difficult look on your face?

Before I knew it, Estella was standing over Morgatt, who was on his knees.
...... It's the kind of smile that can afford to be annoying.

I'm not sure what you mean by that.
'I don't know what you mean. There aren't many people who are as good as me.
Hahaha. Maybe you'll turn into a frog when you offend me.
'I'll have to be careful with that. ...... You don't have any elasticity in your chest, so your heart will get hurt easily.'
'What the hell?Is that supposed to be a testament?

A black aura emanates from Estella's smile.
Look at her. You're not flexible enough, you'll get angry soon. You're not flexible enough!

'Momma, can I have a word?
'Hmm?What is it?'

Estella pulls Mormat's arm from the ground and makes him stand up.
Then she moves away from me and starts to whisper in my ear.
Estella's eyes are glancing at me.
It's like she's probing me and it makes me very uncomfortable.

I mean, Mom.
You may not realize it, but that's the guy you said you wanted to talk to at least once.

It's a good idea to take a look at the web site and see if you can find any useful information.
...... What the hell did you think you were doing ............?

'Come on, Mo-Mat. Let's resume negotiations.
'Hey, Estella. What are you ...... doing?
'Come on!

You're talking too loud, Mo-Matt.
While I was covering my ears to Mo-Mat's stupid voice, Estella took shelter behind Mo-Mat.
d*mn. ...... It would be better to kill the enemy general quickly instead of dealing with this guessing game. ......

'We're in trouble!Buy these vegetables for 1500Rb!

That's what you get for trying to get me to do it?
It's just the voice of the crybaby getting louder. ...... How poorly ......

I'm not sure what to make of that.
'...... responsible person............'

I'm not sure what to do.
...... I see, Estella. That's what I'm talking about. ............

'Now, Ginette-chan in the back ...... no, discuss it with the chief executive officer of the "Sunshine Pavilion, Main Branch"!

............ d*mn it.
Did you notice that I never shifted my gaze from this position? ............

Ginette is standing diagonally behind me on my left.
I was determined not to look at her until this negotiation was over, ...... because ............

'Come on, look at little Jeannette, Yashiro!

As if under a curse, my head slowly turned towards Ginette.
What is this ...... Ginette's reminder?What is it?
I don't want to ...... see ............ Ginette's face in this state right now... .........


If Jeannette is the morning sun tearing apart the darkness of the night, then I am a vampire illuminated by it or something.
The aura on Jeannette's face said, "Can't you do something about it? My body cells are turning to dust under the aura.
I can see the evil dark part of me, which looks at the feet of others, deceives them, and tries to gain a little profit for itself, is being purified by the holy light shining from above.

So, Jeannette.
I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with that. ......

It's a cheat. It's a cheat.

It's not cool. ............

'Ohhhhh ........................... I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out. .....................
I'm not sure what to do.
'Huh. ......'

Ginette claps her hands, her expression glowing, Mormat raises his two clenched fists and yells, and Estella lets out a spare smile as she crosses her arms in the distance.
...... Oh, oh, oh, it's so ...... annoying.

'In return, don't forget what you said earlier, okay?

I'm going to nail that dumbass Mo Matt.
He could seriously forget.

'Whenever I ask you to help me in any way, no matter what, you must help me!It's a top priority!'
'Oh!I'm on it!

I can't leave it to you. ......

'...... Yashiro. The popcorn is ready.

Magda opened the door of the store and came out, holding a handful of popcorn.
Like a vendor at a baseball stadium, he holds a box-shaped tray with a shoulder strap slung diagonally across his shoulders, and places freshly popped popcorn in the tray.
I invented this "vendor style" so that I can sell popcorn in places where food stalls cannot go.
Magda seems to be in high spirits.

That's because ......

Yesterday, after I finished the expansion of the reservoir, I told everyone at dinner what happened there.
My sister picked up a girl's hat and gave it to her.
And how the girl thanked me.
Finally, that there was a desire to reopen the stall.

Loretta and Ginette were obviously happy to hear that, but Magda was actually quite happy too.
This morning, before I even woke up, he was in the kitchen picking out the corn for the popcorn. '......On the first day of reopening, we will provide high quality,' he said, quietly burning with fighting spirit.

'......Yashiro, taste it.

The popcorn was offered to him and he put it in his mouth.
I'm not sure what to say.I feel like it tastes better than usual.

'...... I changed the ratio of honey to butter. It's easier to eat this way.

What a surprise, Magda has improved the recipe on her own.
And it's a higher grade.
He's going to make ...... the undisputed popcorn maker. I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that your sisters have been making popcorn for a while now, and they're ready to show you the difference.

It's delicious!

My hat's off to you.
As for popcorn, you've been completely overtaken.

'...... hmm'

Magda's expression was expressionless, but she looked happy.
Her cat ears were twitching, so there was no mistaking it.

'...... Manager. Tasting.'
'Yes, sir. Then, let's eat.'

The moment she elegantly picked a piece and put it in her mouth, ...... Ginette's eyes widened.

'............ honey and butter, lil' lil' lil' lil' ......'

Ah, another unfamiliar expression is born.
Next time, ask Hammaro what metaphorical expressions are. He's a pro.

'...... Estella. Tasting.
'Hmm?Can I have one?Then let's have one ......'
'Wow, I can't wait to see how you describe the taste, Yashiro!
'...... What's that?
'Yashiro, what's that?
'............I'm not going to make any comments or anything. I'm not sure what to expect.
'I'm not going to!I'm not going to comment on anything.It's hard to eat!

I'm sorry.
It's payback for earlier.

'Not at all. ............ Hm!The moment you put it in your mouth, you can smell the honey ......, but you can also taste the butter ............. ........................ is gone.
'You have no vocabulary.

'Ya, it's because Yashiro's putting weird pressure on you!I'm sorry!I didn't even get a good taste!

Ah, I think it's wrong to blame others for everything like that.

'...... momat. Do you want some?
'Oh, you don't mind?Then be my guest!'

Mormat grabs a handful of popcorn with his big hands and throws it in his mouth.
...... He really didn't hold back, did he?

'Oh!It's so good!It has a nostalgic sweetness to it, but combined with the clean, sophisticated flavor, it's like it's been upgraded to a stylish snack.

.................. sent me some nice comments.

'You're a mormat.
'You're a mormat.'
'Yashiro-san, Estella-san. Both of you, I feel sorry for Mr. Mo-Mat.'
'Did I do something wrong ......?

If you're asking what's wrong, ...... well, in a word, ............

'I don't like something'.
'What do you want me to do about it?

Mormat barks in annoyance.
Magda gently holds out her hand to Mormat. The palm of his hand is facing upwards.

'...... Maido ari'
'............ Heh?'

Mormat is confused by Magda's sudden words.
Magda gently removes her hands from the tray. Then, the paper that was being held by her hands drops down, and a sign like this appears on the front of the tray.

'New Honey Popcorn 1,500Rb per person.


Mo-Matt blew up when he saw the sign.
What's with the ridiculous price? ...... Even if you're not Mo Mat, your eyes will pop out of your head.

I'm sure you'll be able to find something you like. ...... No,...... Magda,............, this is a tasting. It's ......, right?'
'...... tasting?Who told you that?

That's the expression on Magda's face as she slips away.
Mo'amat's impatience peaked.

'No, no, no, no!Magda-chan asked me if I wanted some! You asked me if I wanted some!
'...... Conversation Record'.

As Magda mutters, a translucent panel appears in front of her.
Magda scrolls it with her finger and displays the relevant part of the conversation.

'...... Yashiro, taste the food.

First, here's the conversation when he offered me a sample.

"...... Manager. Tasting.
"Yes. I'll have a taste.

And Ginette.

"...... Estella. Tasting.
"Hmm?Can I have one too?Okay, I'll take one from .......

Come with Estella.

"...... momat. Want one?
"Oh, you don't mind?Well, be my guest!

'Yes. I didn't say 'sample'.'
'What?What?No, but you did ask me if I wanted some!
'...... "Would you like some?"' It's a common phrase in the customer service industry.
'Ugh, ...... that's right, ............ that's right, I guess, but ...... ......'

Magda's words left Mormat dumbfounded.
Magda ...... you, when did you become so tough ......

'E, Estella!What should I do?'Magda-san is like Yashiro-san!
'Let's go to Regina right now and have her remove the toxin!Before the Yashiro virus spreads!
'You guys, remember that later.'

'Oh, no, no, no!It's not that Yashiro is not good, it's just that it's a bit of a problem for Magda to be like Yashiro. ...... Oh, no, not that!I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what you need to do to get the most out of your time here. ...... No, this is not true either!
'Ginette-chan. You should tell them that you don't need two Yashiros.
'No, I didn't mean that,......!That ........................... ...Magda-san, please do your best to become the second Yashiro-san. ......'
'Don't give up, Ginette-chan!If there are more like this, the forty-two districts will be eaten up!
'I'll say it one more time. You guys, remember that later.'

They're so rude.

So, what happened to Momat? ......
Like a frog stared at by a snake, he was just dripping fat sweat.

'......See, see, see, 1500Rb, no ......'.
'......Punishment for annoying Yashiro.'

I was honestly surprised at what the expressionless Magda said in an inchoate voice.
I can't believe he thought that. ......

'Well, I didn't ............ mean to, but ......'.

Mormat nodded off.
He is in complete resignation mode. He's not going to pay, is he?

'All right,......, it was my fault for not checking first,...... 1500 rue ......'.
'Don't take it too seriously, stupid crocodile.'

Before he could say it all, he dropped a chop on Mo-Mat's forehead.

'And Magda . A joke should be told in a way that people know it's a joke. You can't laugh at it later if it makes you feel sad.'
'...... Magda, a joke is a ............ joke.'
'You're joking, right?'

I rub my ears a little roughly, looking slightly unhappy.


Magda's strength instantly slackens.
I pat Magda's head as she sinks into a crouch, then I crouch down and whisper in her ear.

'Thank you. You're mad at me. But can you please forgive him?
'............ If it's okay with Yashiro, it's fine.'
'I see. Good girl.'

In his eyes, it might have looked like I was being pushed around.
I guess he's not used to understanding the feelings behind the words of others like Estella and Jeannette.
I don't want her to be as cunning as Estella, but I hope she will be as good as Jeannette.
I agree. Enough to be a little more honest with her.

'Miss Magda. About Mr. Mormat's vegetables...'

As Magda and I crouched down facing each other, Ginette came over and crouched down as well.
Then she whispers to us in a warm voice that is gentle but easy to hear, as if she were talking to a young child.

'I think Mr. Yashiro intended to help Mr. Mormat from the beginning. Mr. Yashiro is a very good person, despite his bad mouth.

I'm sorry, I'm not very nice.

'...... You looked like you were in trouble.
'I was hiding my embarrassment.

No, I'm not embarrassed.

'But, Magda, your kindness. I love it.'

It must have been devilish of Morgatt to do that.

Well, I'll leave the rest to Jeannette.
I'm sure she'll handle it.

'Ya, Yashiro ............, do you think he hates me?

Mo'amat approaches me, a worried expression on his face.
You're a worrier.

'I'm fine.'
'Oh, I see. ......'
'It's not like he liked me to begin with.'
'That's why I'm sad!

It's fine. Zero became minus.

'Ma, Magda-chan!I'm friends with Yashiro!We joke around a lot, but we're really good friends.

Mo-Matt squared his shoulders and said whatever he wanted to say.
When did we become friends?
My buddy charges a monthly fee.And a membership fee.

It's not like you usually do. It's not like you normally do.'

Since you're the one who pushed me over the edge, you should be condemned too. You're an unfair woman.

'Actually, some of my guild mates are saying they're going to quit ...... farming. ......'
'What are you going to do when you quit?

Change jobs?
Is there freedom of choice in this world?

'I'm going to become an adventurer and hit the jackpot: ......'

Oh, reckless!
I don't know how adventurers get money, but I've never seen anyone say they're going to "hit it out of the park".
He must be in dire straits.

'His family just had a baby the other day. ...... If he doesn't do something, his family is going to fall apart. ......'
'That's ...... sad, isn't it?'

Ginette looked like she was about to cry.

'So, with 1500Rb, we can manage to stay a farmer!It may not be enough to last for a while, but even so, we won't have to quit right now!
'So you're saying that you'll give all your profits to the family?
'We're still getting by on ....... We have a few reserves. We can't replace the hard work of our ............ friends.'
'...... Mr. Mormat ............'

I didn't know there was such a thing.
So you're on your knees.

What does that mean?
Did he ask me to buy it for 1,500Rb, without regard for their own profit?
It would have been in their interest if they had just pushed for 2000Rb.

Huh, ...... stupid, honest, stupidly honest, ............ yeah, stupid.


Magda looks a little sad when she hears Mo Matt's story.
His ears are flattened and he is asleep.

He, too, had been living in a hunting guild away from his parents. He must know the pain of being alone very well.

'............ per person, 1500Rb'.
'Don't try to sell it to me.

Magda says, holding out a tray of popcorn. I'm scared for her future. ......

But still, ......

The Forty-second Ward is the poorest ward in Allblume. Compared to Chuo Ward, the difference between the two is as great as the difference between heaven and earth.
However, even in the 42nd ward, which is the bottom of the city, there is a huge gap between the rich and the poor.

To put it another way, it is only 1500Rb.
Not a few people in the 42nd district can afford to pay that amount without hesitation.
The guys at the bar on the main street are the best examples. They were willing to take a bet of 1,000Rb per unit.
Of course, losing the bet didn't hurt their pockets at all, but for them, it was just a 'loss'.

However, if the same thing happened to the members of the farming guild, the ...... signal for the end of their lives would have sounded loudly.

They know it, but they don't realize it. It is not that they are pretending not to notice, but they really do not notice.
It's not that they're pretending not to notice, but they really don't realize that the current situation is based on the sacrifices of the agricultural guilds and other producers.

The fact that even before I came, the Sunlit Pavilion was barely managing to keep afloat is proof enough.
The number of customers was one or two a day, and if five people came, all hands would be raised, but the number was so poor that almost half of them ran away from the restaurant.
In spite of this, the restaurant did not go under.
We don't need to think about where the wrinkles went.

The price of vegetables bought by the Garbage Collection Guild was so high that it was considered too conscientious compared to the Peddlers' Guild. Therefore, Ginette and Mormat were ridiculously happy.
However, in my opinion, trading at such a price is nothing more than 'buying down'. Perhaps it's even too much to be described in such terms.

Thanks to the frequent visits of the Trubek contractors, the situation at the Sunken Pavilion has become so secure that it can be said to be safe.
Of course, we can't afford to be extravagant yet, and I don't have any money at my disposal, but it's enough for me to live here.
If the mobile vending business is successful,............, you can dream of a life where you can drink as much as you want with a beautiful woman with big tits in your hands.

Therefore, there is no need for me to worry about the producers.
As a seller, the lower the purchase price is, the higher the profit will be.

That's what I've been saying all along. It's the fools who are fooled.
It's the people who don't notice or question the strange situation that are at fault in the first place. They are the ones who agreed to do as they were told by the peddlers' guild despite the bad conditions and abandoned thinking.
Fortunately, Ginette didn't notice anything. Even Estella, the smart one, hasn't thought about it.
They've all just accepted that it's normal for there to be a gap between rich and poor, that it's just the way it is.
Then, there is no need for me to remind them of it.

But ...... you can also think of it this way.

Money is what goes around. If the economy doesn't turn around, the amount of money I'll receive in the future will be greatly reduced.

Mormat and the other producers will probably not even enter the stores on the main street.
Even if the Sunlit Pavilion reopened its mobile sales, it would not be able to attract customers under such circumstances. In the first place, even popcorn is considered a luxury item, and may not be something that can be easily obtained.

Such people make up half of the 42 wards.
No matter how successful the mobile vending business is, it will eventually stop somewhere.
In other words, the future when I can eat and drink to my heart's content with beautiful women with big tits on my hands will be far away.

So, well, what can I say? ............ That's what I'm talking about.

'Manager. I have a question for you.
'Yes, sir. I'll come to you.

She straightened her back and faced Jeannette, who also straightened her back.
I'm not sure what to say.
...... Let me at least say this. I'm going to have to say something that's going to make me puke. ......

'I'd like to buy these vegetables at a fixed price, do you have 500Rb somewhere in the store?'
'Yes. Thanks to the success of the daily specials and the Torbek Corporation, we have that kind of money in reserve.
''That's good to know. Now we can negotiate with the farming guild.
'Oh, come on, Yashiro!

Mo-Mat interrupts the meeting between me and Jeannette.

'I can't bother you guys that much, no matter how much I want to!This is our problem!
This is our problem!' 'Your place has a lot of land, right?

Ignoring Mo-Matt, I ask a different question.
Answer honestly. If you do, something good might come of it.

'Oh, yeah, there's still a fair amount of land that hasn't been tilled.

The place where they dug the hole to evacuate the water from the canal was also quite large, but it had become a wasteland.

'Why haven't you cultivated it?
'No, we don't have the manpower. ...... Besides, the farming guild is currently on a tightrope financially. ...... We don't have time to try new things. ......'
'So you have some land that you're letting sit idle?
'Oh, yeah. ......'
'Then let's talk. Lend me that land.''
'The land?What are you doing?
'I'm going to let the hamster people do the farming.

Mo-Matt's eyes widened.
As expected, he couldn't hide his surprise.

'I want you to let me apprentice as a farmer using the land you're letting me play with. If possible, I would appreciate it if you could treat me as a peasant in your field and pay me according to the amount of vegetables I produce. They can't do the math, so they'll never be able to negotiate selling vegetables as a sole proprietorship.
'I'm going to hire ...... them?
'Of course, they're apprentices, so they're cheap. You can pay as you go. If you want, we can cash in on all the hamster people's vegetables.

Mormat folded his arms and twisted his head with a low growl.
He plunges deeper and deeper into the sea of thought, pondering in circles.

'......... Why are you taking such good care of them?

It was a question that had nothing to do with farming.
He was looking at me with a seriousness I'd never seen before.

I exhaled deeply once and said firmly.

'Because I like it, right?

Plain and simple.
There's no other way to say it.
Such a straightforward solution.

'...... I see.'

Mormat scratched his head and muttered again, '......Ah, I'm not ready yet,......'.

'So, hey, maybe you're the one who's looking out for us,...................'

Mormat closes his mouth, almost saying that much.
Then he snickered and muttered to himself.

'No,......, it's a foolish thing to ask.

He had a tone of voice that sounded as if it had been blown off somehow.

'All right!I've got a lot of land left on the outer wall. I'll rent it to you!

It was Ginette who shouted with joy.
Now we have a place for the ham kids to work.
The Trubec Engineering Shop, the Farmers' Guild.
And our mobile vendors and cooks.
With all that, we should be able to survive.
And the hams can work in rotation.
The same person can work as a farmer all the time, or several people can work in shifts.
I'm sure that they will absorb more and more skills.
When it rains, we help.
If someone gets hurt, someone else will fill in.
They can work like that.

'But tell them that I'll be strict when I teach them, so they'd better be prepared!If he whines, I'll beat him back!

He may be trying to act like a strict instructor, but ......

'You're the one who's whining the most.
'You're right, Mo-Mat does cry a lot.
'...... crying crocodile'
'Gentlemen, sometimes the truth hurts people.
'No, Jeannette, ...... that's the harshest thing I've ever heard. ......'

Ginette's cheeks flushed as she pointed this out.
Mormat's expression softened as well.

Magda seems to be in a good mood, though she looks cool.
I guess this is how everyone wanted it to end. I'm glad you're having fun.

Ginette and Magda seem to be on their way to the kitchen to cook the vegetables they got.
It seems that Mormat is bringing in a large amount of vegetables as a token of appreciation.
The three of them walked into the dining room one by one.

And so, instead of the Sunken Pavilion's reserves being drained, Hamko has found a new place to work.
And ............

And now I have a field where I can interfere.

Phew, phew, phew. ...... Once again, I've set up a system that allows me to profit from other people's possessions.
How about that!Isn't that awesome!
I've always wanted to try my hand at breeding.
If I can reduce the cost by experimenting, it will directly lead to profit.
If we can reduce the cost, we can directly make a profit. If we can create a brand new breed, we can become a millionaire.
...... My future is bright!


Estella patted me on the shoulder as I chuckled quietly in my mind.

'It's hard to give reasons for good deeds, isn't it?

That's all she said, and she walked into the dining room.
It's ............. d*mn.

'I'm not a good person.

I muttered to myself, but there was no one to hear me.