82-Episode 71 The Ladybug

An hour had passed since the bell rang, and Ginette and Milly returned to the sunny pavilion.

'We're back.
'Ah, .....................'

Millie's shyness seemed to have returned after several hours of absence, and she would only look at me through Ginette.

'Thank you for watching the store. Did you get a customer?'
'Estella just brought some papers ............, and he left with them, didn't he?

What the hell is he doing here?

'Documents?...... Oh, that's right. It was time for me to renew my age.

It's like renewing your driver's license, after all.
I don't see any particular emotion in him.

'How old are you going to be?
'I'm sixteen.
'I think you said sixteen when I asked you before ............?
'Yes. So I answered 'I'll be sixteen this year', right?

...... It's confusing.
Tell me how old you are now.
It seems that when the concept of birthdays is rare, the moment the New Year arrives, everyone starts thinking, 'I'll be sixteen this year. If that's the case, why don't you let them update it all at once in the New Year? ......

'So you're sure you're the same age as me?
'Yes. We're the same.

'I'm actually about twenty years older than you.

'How old are you Millie?
'Oh, ........................... .............................. ............... Ju...... Oh...... You'

It's long!
It's so long!
I was nervous about halfway through, 'Was that a bad thing to ask? I was so nervous!

'Fourteen. You're older than Magda.'
'Yes, I am. Millie-san looks like this, but she's a grown woman.
'Ha-ha-ha, that's not true.'
'Oh, .................. that's awful.'

Millie nodded.
No, you can't be shocked by that, Millie. You need to understand your own appearance objectively.
Besides, if you were an adult, Regina and Imelda would be old ladies.

'Millie, you're a genius at picking flowers.

Ginette is desperately trying to follow up.
I guess she's trying to show that she's a mature woman who can do her job.

'Speaking of which, where are the flowers?
'They're in the cart outside.
'Really? May I see them?'
'Yes, ...................'

Millie nodded and walked out.
I followed her outside and was surprised.

'This is also ............'.

There was a huge cart full of flowers. They were in full bloom. It was so gorgeous that it made me wonder if some store had just opened a new store.

'That's a lot of flowers.
'Yes. Millie-san, you work very fast. Most of the flowers here were picked by Ms. Milly.'
'I'd like to see her work once again.
'Huh!........................... ......... ohhh ..................'

Millie froze with a troubled expression.
The joints are frozen tightly like a tin toy that has run out of oil.

's .................. embarrassing ......... ...from ............'.
'How come Jeannette is okay with it?
'Ah ............Jinette-san is ............... ...your friend ...... so ............'
'Well then, you'll have to get to know me better too.'

Then he took something out of his pocket and placed it in Milly's hand.

'........................... ...wow!

I'm sure you'll be able to understand that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.

'...... ladybug'.

That's a hair clip of a ladybird that I made during the day.
Millie's small hands grasped the large hair clip with care.

'Wow, it's cute, isn't it?

Over Millie's shoulder, Ginette also looks at the hair clip.
This is a great way to make sure you are getting the most out of your time with your family.
...... I like it, I like it. It seems to be written on her face that she wants one too.

I'm not sure if this is the right gift for Jeannette.

Motifs, what should I use? ......

I could clearly see the fear and anxiety fading from her eyes as she stared at me.

'Do you want me to put it on?
'Oh, ............ yes!

She opened her mouth in a half-circle, a childish smile on her face.
She has a different kind of cuteness from Loretta's sisters.
It's like she's on the very fine line between being a child and becoming a big sister.
Childishness and the need to act like a big sister peek out at her alternately.
She is in the throes of puberty. It's the kind of age that ............ makes you want to tease her.

So, I put a big hair clip on her bangs.

I'm sure you'll agree............. I can't see you ............ I can't see you... ...'

I'm flabbergasted.
He's aghast and very upset.
What is this? I want to take it home with me.

'Yashiro-san, you shouldn't tease her.

Jeannette puffs up her cheeks.
I'm sorry. I was just having fun.

I take off the hair clip and put it in its proper place this time.
Put it on the right side of your head, a little above your head.
The ladybug sits on Millie's little head, swaying and swaying.
I think it's quite cute. I think it's very cute, and the way it's attached to Miry's head shows off its quality.

'Wow ............'.

I can't see it, but Millie's gaze is desperately drawn to the hair clip.

'It looks good on you, Milly. It's very pretty.
I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with your loved ones, please do not hesitate to contact us.
As she nodded her head, the Eurasian ladybird swayed softly.

'Thank you, ............. Thank you, ladybug!

Millie thanked me again. But ............ you're the ladybug.

'Ladybug, you're a ............ kind person.

No, that's why. Ladybugs are ......

'Would you like to go pick some flowers ...... with me sometime?'

The effect of the ladybug's hair clip was so great that she invited me to pick flowers, something she had refused to do just a few minutes ago, saying it would be too embarrassing.
I guess that's how close we've become.

'Well, I guess I'll ask her to take me there.

Once she overcame her shyness, she is an honest, cheerful, and cute girl.
I'd like to get to know her very well.
And I'd like to get her to wholesale flowers to ...... at a reasonable price in the future.

I'm happy for you, Millie. I'm glad we can get along.'
'Yes. ...... Ladybug, good friends.'

No, so ............ oh, forget it.
You can call me ladybug, I don't mind. Call me whatever you want.

'Jinetto-san, here's ...... for you.'

Millie then handed Jeannette a huge handful of flowers from the cart.

'Oh, my God, are you sure this is such a good idea?
'Thank you for helping me.

Millie is in a good mood. It's obviously an over-service, but whatever they give you, you should take it.

I'm going to put it in the vase that Yashiro gave me.
'............ Ah, ah. It's okay, I guess.

It tickled me so much. ......

'I'll come back to .......'
'Yes. Please come again.'
'Have a safe trip.

Millie pulls a huge cart with her tiny body. It's amazing that it moves. The beastmen ...... are insect people, but ...... what's going on with their arm strength?

I'm not sure.

Even though we were far away, Millie would often look back and wave.
Each time, Ginette and I wave back, saying 'bye bye'.

'Bye, bye!

...... When I was a kid, there was a guy who never finished saying 'bye bye'.
Millie is still a child, isn't she?

'That was so cute.'
'Is he always like that?'
'You mean Millie, right?'
'Oh, yes. Millie always looks like that today, she's very pretty.

Ginette must be her favorite. When she talks about Millie, her face relaxes into a grin.

'But I was referring to the hair clip.
'Is it really that important?I made it in a matter of minutes.
'Did you make it after we left?
'Yeah. I had the time and materials.
'But wasn't Yashiro-san working on a prototype for a new menu?

...... Ugh.
No, you see. Well, what can I say?
It's not like I'm going to be alone with my sweet ......, is it?
So, this is part of my project. ............ Don't stare at me so hard.
Hey, Jeannette. What are you waiting for?
What are you waiting for? You want a response?
I don't have much to say, do I?

............ I don't care.

'I've asked him to take care of you. ............ I mean, thank you. ............'
I don't know.

...... Don't come at me, you bastard.

'......If he's a good friend of yours, I thought it would be ...... better for us to get to know each other.'
'Yes, sir. That's right. I'm glad you did.

Perhaps satisfied with my reply, Jeannette smiled.
You look so satisfied.

After that, I opened the door to the dining room for Ginette, who had her hands full.
When Millie was holding it, it looked like a lot, but when Ginette is holding it, it looks like the right amount.
How small is it, Millie?

'Here, look at this, Yashiro-san.

Jeannette put the flowers in a vase and brought it in front of me.

'They're very nice. It's just as I expected.

She smiles, looking very happy.
Ohhhh, ............, what is this? I'm embarrassed.

Oh, I see.
This is it.
Is this the true purpose of a man sending a bouquet of flowers to a woman?
I'm sure you've been thinking about it for a while.
I thought they were just rude narcissistic bastards, but ...... they were actually writhing on the inside too. So that's it. So that's how it is.

If so,............, I'd be happy to send you a bouquet of flowers or something,....... What a...

I'm sure it's because of Yashiro. Thank you very much.

Let's send it!
Let's give it to him, guys!
The time when we should be giving gifts is right around the corner, isn't it?
Feel it, the times!
It's time to actively send flowers!

Then you should do some research.
How often do the men of this world send flowers?
What kind of flowers are appreciated?
On the other hand, what kind of flowers should be avoided because you think, 'Oh dear, that's a bad idea ......'?
I don't know anything about flowers!I want to know!I'm worried!

So, I casually inquire.

'Well, is the flower arrangement guild ...... rather profitable?
'Yes,......, it seems that not many people are getting married these days, so it's rather difficult,' he said.
'Yes, it seems that many men give a bouquet of flowers when they propose.

...... Are flowers really that heavy a thing?

'......Wouldn't you give them more casually?
'Of course, there are those who do, but they don't seem to have a chance. In the end, most people only give flowers for milestones such as marriage or retirement.

Is that so? ......
I've heard Imelda say that she gets them all the time.

The reason ............ the custom of giving flowers, hey ......

'So it's pretty hard for Millie.
'I guess so. But she loves flowers, so she says it's not hard at all.

'It's like your cooking?'
'Yes, it is. I guess we're a lot alike.

More rewarding than money.
However, if the sales increase, you must be happy.
If you become popular, you will feel rewarded.

If you do well, you can aim for a synergistic effect. ......

'Ginette. Do you like flowers?'
'Yes, I do. I love a flower called Soleil.'
'Soleil?I've never heard of that flower.'
'Yes, it is. It's a flower you don't see very often in the Forty-Two Wards.

Soleil......, if this is a translation by 'forced translation magic', it means 'sun'. I see, it's the kind of name Ginette would like. It's not impossible that the names happen to have the same sound.

'By the way, isn't it in there?

I ask, pointing to the vase Ginette is holding, but she shakes her head quickly.

'Not here, sir. Soleil is a more prominent flower with a warmer color.'
'Oh, ......'.

Yeah. That's good information.

When I asked her if she liked flowers, I got to know her favorite flower in a casual way.
Well, as far as Jeannette is concerned, women in this town would be happy to receive flowers.
However, it might be difficult to give her a bouquet of flowers because of the heavy impression attached to them. If a strange misunderstanding arises, it may cause trouble.
In order to block such misunderstandings, a moderate excuse is necessary.

Excuses are good.
They work well for both the giver and the receiver.

I don't mean anything by it.
It's just a feeling. It's a lighthearted exchange.
But maybe that person is ...... nervous. I'm sure you can make something like that happen.
Get fired up, young people!And blow up!I'm not sure what to say.

......?No, no, no!
I'm not on that side anymore, I'm in the position to recommend flowers. If there is a group for sending flowers, I'm going to run for president.

In other words, we should make it a custom to exchange flowers without any hesitation.
It is enough to express your gratitude. Send a bouquet of flowers to someone you love.
Like, say, on their birthday.

Next time I see Millie, we'll talk about it.
And let her tell you what kind of flower ...... Soleil is for now.

Motifs. I think I've got it.

After that, as usual, Trubek's carpenters and other people who have been showing up since the festival came to eat dinner at the Sunlit Pavilion.
I cleaned up quickly and took a bath, and the day was already over.

'Oh, that's right. Ginette.

I stopped Jeannette who was about to go back to her room and told her about tomorrow.

'I'm going out for a bit tomorrow morning.
'Where to, sir?
'Um, ...... to the 40th district for a bit.
'The sewage works are about to be completed, aren't they?
'Oh, it looks like it.'
'I see. Please leave the store to me. But please be careful on the way.
'Oh. Sorry.'
'No, sir. I'm going to rest first then.'
'Oh, good night.'
'Good night, Yashiro-san.'

Apparently, he misunderstood me very well.
I can't say I'll be inspecting the cake at this stage. Not until we know where the cake is.

'Oh, that's right. I'll have it made by tomorrow.

Loretta has gone home and Magda is already back in her room.
Ginette should be asleep by now. ......

I quietly slipped out of the dining room and came to the garden where the cart was parked.

I thought I'd make a hair clip for Estella.
However, I didn't feel comfortable doing it in the cafeteria. I'm going to work outside.

Isn't it dark?
Aren't you scared?

............ Hmmm.

The man who was afraid of the dark is gone now.

There are a lot of glowing bricks in front of the sunlit pavilion!
It's so bright!
How about it, you ghosts!
If you can come out, you can come out!

--At that time.

'...... Master Yashiro'.

Suddenly, a black figure appeared from behind me and ran his fingers up my neck.

'Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!It's really coming out!It's a lie, it's a lie!I'm sorry!I got a little carried away!I just came on too strong because you're so bright!I'm sorry, I'm sorry!Please leave!'Nam-nam-nam-nam!
'Please be quiet.

I scream, and a soft, thin finger covers my mouth.
Oh, ......, what a nice smell.

'It's me. Master Yashiro.'

If you have any questions regarding where and how to use the site, please contact us at .......
............ It's you.

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're doing.

'Yashiro-sama!...... Are you okay?'
'...... Oh ............ I'm just having a bit of a heartache ......'
'You're as lame as they say. ...... I'm sorry for your loss.'
'You don't know that, do you?

Who's the badass?

'Besides, since you snuck up from behind and tried to strangle me, you must have been a little bit, just a little bit, surprised.
'If it's just a little bit like that, when you're really startled, you'll look like you're about to fall off your neck.

I'm jealous.
It's okay, as long as it's just a little!

'But I didn't choke you.
'Then what was that all about?

When I asked Natalia with some annoyance, she looked at me with her usual calm expression and asked me this question.

'Didn't you make some kind of promise to your daughter today?
'Hmm?Ah. We're going to the Forty District together tomorrow.'
'It's still .......'
'What is it?
'Since this afternoon, the young lady has turned into a disappointing girl who can't be helped.'

This is what the resident maid said to me: ...... How excited were you, Estella?

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.
I'm not sure what to do.

Oh, ............ well, meeting up and going out to eat cake is a date in layman's terms, isn't it?

'So, I thought it would be inconvenient at this time of night, but I've just come to visit you just in case.
'Just in case?Was there something you wanted to confirm?
'Yes, sir. But I've already confirmed it.

He smiled and took out a knife with a blade of about 10 centimeters from his pocket.
The blade reflects the light of the moon.

'This knife should be sufficient for the thickness of your carotid artery.
'What the hell did you come here to check?
'Just in case, sir. If I don't kill you with a single blow, you'll run away, won't you?
'What do you think you're going to do, kill me?
'If you don't have any bad thoughts, nothing will happen to you.
'Nothing's going to happen!

We're just going to eat cake!
This maid is a little too overprotective, don't you think?

'At any rate, I'm glad we got to talk. Looking at you, I could clearly see that you are a selfish outburst of a young lady.''
'Are you running out of control? ...... Something scares me, tomorrow.'
'When I pulled a mini-skirt out of the closet that was inevitably showing my underwear, I had a headache wondering what to do. ......'
'...... Why do you have a mini-skirt that's such a stupid length?
'The Lord's taste is actually ......'.
'Oh, I knew it!I don't even want to hear that information!

The future of the forty-second district may be bleak.
It's a good idea to take a look at the website and see if you can find any useful information. ............ Are you okay with this ward?

'If you're so worried, why don't you come too?
'No, sir. The young lady was trying to leave me with an obvious lie.
'It's obvious, isn't it ......?

Or rather, don't lie to me. If you make an enemy of Natalia, she'll turn you into a frog.

'So I'm going to be careful and just follow her secretly.
'You're not going to do that, are you ......?

I'm still worried about the future of this district. ......

After seeing Natalia off, I made up Estella's hair clip, keeping the noise to myself.
It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your time and money.
...... I'm pretty good at this. I'm sure you'll agree that it's a great idea.

It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your vacation.