235-Remembrance Part 13 Magda

'...... Magda, let's go.

We left the sunlit pavilion and walked along the street.
Our destination was the square in front of the reservoir on the street beyond the main road.

The reservoir was built by the younger siblings of Yashiro and Loretta to release the water that flooded the street during the heavy rains last year.
The residents of that neighborhood are very friendly to the sisters, and it has become one of the main points for their mobile sales.

Recently, under the influence of the growing takoyaki boom, the second store started to sell takoyaki.
After Wendy and her family's wedding, the sisters practiced takoyaki at the launch. They had grown to the point where they could now make takoyaki that could be used as a product.
However, they still can't handle a large number of customers, and sometimes Magda is called upon to help.
I'm not quite ready for ...... yet.

I don't think I'll ever be able to catch up with Magda, who was even called the goddess of takoyaki (by Umaro).

That being said, there is also the problem of the current decline in popcorn sales.
Magda, who was called the "Popcorn Warrior Maiden" (by Umaro), is determined to sell popcorn as well.

The Sunlit Pavilion has changed.
But there is still room for improvement.
There are still many things Magda needs to do.

'...... Magda will do it!
'Haaan!I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you can do it.

I saw Umaro by chance on the street, so I tried to communicate with him.
Umaro is still the same today. He's a little cute.

'Huh?Magda-tan, are you a little tired?

Magda's ears must have perked up at .......
Mmm. I can't believe someone other than Yashiro can read Magda's mind. ...... Umaro, you've improved your skills.

'...... An ennui woman is s*xy.'
I'm not sure what to say.

I'm sorry.
I'm not sure what to say.
I'm sorry.
I'm not sure. I'm not sure what to do with it.
...... I'll show you the proof.

'...... ah-ha!
'Huh!My heart!My heart stopped twice!

My heart stopped once. And then it stopped once, and then it stopped twice with 'Oh, maybe I'm wrong ............ I guess that means it stopped twice.
...... Magda can also be a little devil.

'...... Umaro. Keep up the good work today.'
'Haaaaan!I've been cheered on just as the sun is about to set!If you want, I'll go do some more work from here!

Umaro salutes like a sentry and runs down the street at full speed.
Hmm. Magda did a good thing today.

'...... He's as lively as ever, Umaro ......'.

His ears twitched .......
When I hear this voice, my ears naturally turn towards it. It's like a conditioned reflex. ......
And then, following your ears, your gaze will turn towards it. The whole body.

'...... yashiro'.
'Hello. You're running an errand.

It's been a while since I left this morning.

About half a day.
It's not uncommon for Yashiro to be absent from the Sunken Pavilion.
It's not uncommon to miss him for longer.

And yet, ...... I feel like I haven't seen him in a long time.
It's been a long time. That's the feeling that comes over me.

And from the bottom of my heart, I feel relieved.

'Are you going back to ...... the sunny pavilion?
'No. I'm taking a walk.'
'...... Yes. I'm on my way to support my sisters.'

'Magda' is not a word that can be said to Yashiro right now.
I've heard it can do a lot of damage to his mind.

............ I miss you.

'I don't mind if you follow me to .......'
'I guess so. Then I'll follow you.'

Mufu ...... Yashiro has a soft spot for Magda.
He's been nice to a lot of women lately, but he's been sweet to Magda from the start. This is proof that Magda is special.

Probably because I was too lenient with Magda, her lenience spread to various fields.
Therefore, all the girls in the vicinity of Yashiro should be grateful to Magda.

'...... charisma is exhausting.'
'What's that?Takoyaki?'
'...... charisma for girls.'
'Huh, that's a new one on me.

After all, boys are not up to date with the latest information.
There are a lot of Magda girls who want to be like Magda.
The sisters of the second store are a good example.
They all want to imitate Magda.

'...... is also the spark that started the popularity of takoyaki.
'That's right. That's how it all started.

Because Magda is so cute when she knocks over takoyaki. The boys crush on her and the girls adore her.
...... is a sinful woman.

'...... Do you like Yashiro?
'Takoyaki?Oh, I like it.'

I asked you if you like Magda cooking takoyaki.

If you like takoyaki so much, I'll stuff your mouth full of hot ones.
Just say it.

'...... Speaking of which, do you remember me?'
'...... Oumalo.'
'Oh, the name.'

Earlier, Yashiro said, 'You're still a lively fellow, Oumalo.
I remember Umaro's name.

'He's not as important as his tits, you know.
'...... I see.'

As I recall, Regina told me that the parasitic weed parasitizes important memories.

'...... Umaro will no longer be allowed to eat large portions of rice.

Magda is very important to Yashiro.
That's why he was the first to go after the parasitic demon plant.
It's very difficult to remind him of Magda's name. ......

'...... remember'.
'That's a hell of a commanding tone, dude.
'...... You can forget Umaro instead.'
'I have to agree with you there, but ...... well, relax.'
'......You're too cocky for Oumalo.'
'Your hostility is taking a funny turn.'

Normally, I'd be called names by now.
Yashiro cares about Magda and calls her name every now and then.
Every time he does, Magda feels reassured and ......

...... and squeezes Yashiro's hand.
This is Magda's privilege. He has no right to refuse.

Magda is the only one who can spoil Yashiro whenever he gets lonely.
Yashiro will allow it.

And if Magda does this, ......

'Don't worry. I'll remember soon.'

And he'll make sure Magda's fears are taken care of.
That's the man, Yashiro.
He's the only man Magda can trust.

I think he likes boobs too much. ...... Well, it's Yashiro, so it can't be helped.
In the next two years, Magda's breasts will be as big as the manager's,......, or at least as big as Norma's.
There's nothing to worry about.

As long as Yashiro is by his side, Magda's life will not be disrupted.

As long as ...... Yashiro stays by Magda's side.

--I'll be back soon, just be a good boy and wait for me!

Suddenly I remembered ...... a familiar voice.
The feeling of a big, strong hand stroking her head and the warm, ticklish sensation of gentle eyes looking into her eyes. ......

I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will help you.
Their skills must have been pretty good, but they were too kind and their results were not so good.

He once protected a magical beast with its child from a member of the hunting guild.
Of course, there would be a substantial penalty for doing so, but ...... both mom and dad proudly accepted such a penalty.

Magda couldn't help but love her parents.

'.................. Just calling you.'
'What's that?'

Yashiro chuckled.
Faintly, I can feel the vibration.

If you call out, you will get an answer.
It's never something you take for granted.

That day, Magda screamed desperately.

I called desperately for my mom and dad.
Magda was too young to be allowed to leave the city gates or even to go looking for them.
So she screamed.

Beyond the thick gates.
Far, far away, towards Bao Kri Air.

Magda's parents disappeared in Baocli Air.

They were escorting an important man, I remember.
They were involved in a bit of trouble, and they were to take the dignitary back to Baocli Air.
A few skilled men from each of the guilds were recruited to form an escort team.
Baokri Air is located far to the south. Mom and Dad were chosen because they would have to pass through many areas inhabited by magical beasts to get there.

During the heavy snowfall season, Mom and Dad left the house in the blizzard-like weather that continued day after day.
The dark sky and the cold white crystals were taking them away.

--I'll be right back.

Mom and Dad said that just before they left and bit Magda's nose.
They promised that if I was good, they'd be back soon.

But no matter how long we waited, Mom and Dad never came back.

The only person from the guild who had gone with them to Baocliere returned to Allbloom with wounds.
The guild member said he had been caught in the fray.
The guild member said he had been caught in the crossfire and that all the members who had gone with him to Baokri Air had disappeared.

A new team was immediately formed and went to check on the situation. ...... In the end, the whereabouts of Mom and Dad were unknown.
None of the team members who had been working together were able to find them.

In the meantime, the season had come full circle and ...... the city was covered in snow again.
The black terror that Mom and Dad had chased away a year ago was back with the snow.

Magda kept screaming in front of the city gate.
Shouting as loud as the falling snow.
Again and again, she fought against the snow that was trying to fill everything. ......

But no matter how hard I resisted, the snow had engulfed Magda and ...... filled everything.

The promise to return soon became a ...... lie.

Use Damare's father was also a member of the chapter, and on the day it became clear that ...... survival was hopeless, Use Damare became the head of the chapter.
He still does not use the title of chapter president.
Use may be waiting for his father's return. For his father's return.
Magda thinks he's keeping the position open so he can return to it when the time comes.

Of course, Magda is not despairing. She's not giving up.

Mom and Dad are probably still out there somewhere, getting into trouble, but they are alive.
And they remember Magda every night before they go to bed.
Just like Magda does.

'............Yashiro, have you ever been told a lie that you just can't forgive?
'...... Yes.'

It was a lie that I would be back soon.

'Yes, I have. ......'

Yashiro's expression faded slightly.
'Yes, he has, too.

'...... What did you do when you couldn't forgive?Did you do it to a frog?'

I wanted to ask.
What is the right thing to do when someone you love so much lies to you?
How do I get rid of this painful vexation?

I can't forgive him.
But I can't get angry.

In such cases, please visit ......

'My opinion is not helpful. It's from back home, and I've been going in the wrong direction as fast as I can.'
'...... wrong, direction?'
'Yeah. That's a bit of a misnomer.

Then, Yashiro thought for a moment, and ......

'I don't think I'm wrong, and I don't regret my choices. ...... but I'm sure my parents wouldn't have wanted me to.'

Parents ......

Yashiro was also told unforgivable lies by his parents: ......?

'But I did what I had to do and said what I wanted to say in the end. ...... I feel better now.
'...... because you were able to say what you wanted to say?'

It's rare for Yashiro to show an embarrassed expression.
It's not the kind of embarrassment that you get when the manager or Estella uses unintentional, unconscious s*xual terrorism, but an embarrassed embarrassment, as if you were peeking into a deeper ...... heart.

'I've been meaning to complain to you. I saw the look on your face and I knew.'
'...... Did you understand?
'I knew you were thinking about me.

A childlike, innocent smile comes to his face.

'It was a terrible lie, but ...... well, since he loved me so much, I thought it was okay .......'

I could forgive ............ him because he loved me so much.

'You'll understand one day.

They put their hands on my head.

'I don't know what kind of lie you're telling me, but ...... I'm sure there was a reason for it.

Circumstances: ......

'I hope one day we can talk properly.'
'I will ............. No matter what. No matter what. I'll talk to you ...... no matter what.'

'Oh. Do it.'

Someday, Magda will see Mom and Dad again.
And he'll ask them.

"How much do you love Magda?

You have to be as good as Magda, or better, or you won't be allowed to .......

'Until then, I'll be there for you.

...... Oh.
I don't know.
I think I'm going to ...... cry a little.

What you just said ............ made me very, very happy.

'...... I got your word. If you're lying, I'll give you a hundred spanks.
'You're going to spank me?I'm going to lose my ass.'
'...... the manager's ass.'
'...... raw ass.'
'Eros has been added!
'...... in front of Yashiro's eyes.'
'd*mn, I hate myself for wanting to take a look at that!

...... If you joke around like this, the tears will naturally recede.

'...... Don't do anything sad anymore.

Don't ever, ever, ...... worry alone, decide alone, and leave alone again.
You can't do anything to make Magda sad again.
This is more than a promise-- it's your duty.
He can't be allowed to break it.

...... So, remember Magda's name quickly.

'...... Ah'

We are now in front of the main road, the Hardware Road.

'...... This is where Yashiro used to say, "I want to see a naked little girl!I'd like to flatten you! I want to see naked little girls!
I'm not sure what to make of that.

That time when Magda was trying too hard to be accepted and needed by the Sunlit Pavilion and made a mistake.
Magda was badly injured and turned into an infant, but Yashiro protected her all the way.
He was by my side and called me by name.

I was an infant, and I didn't understand him properly, but I knew him clearly.
Even though my ignorance made everything around me seem like a terrible enemy, every time Yashiro called my name, I felt calmer.

Yashiro's voice has been imprinted in Magda's mind as much as her mom and dad's .......
When he hears that voice call his name, all his fears are instantly lifted.

Even the scary memories of snow were overcome by Yashiro's presence.

I like Yashiro's voice because it is soothing .......

Isn't it possible to suddenly remember these things in the past?
There are some ...... strong memories that can shake up your memories of Yashiro. ......

'...... I want you to arrest me for taking your mind away.'

Magda has a criminal record, having been arrested for stealing Yashiro's heart.

'...... Forget about that. Please.

I'm going to ...... remind you, but you're going to ask me to forget. ...... I'm not going to forget. And I won't let you forget.

But hmm...... other than that, ............ ah. Oh, that.
I can't tell you the name, so I'll have to make some changes. ......

'...... pants, are you there?'
'Nostalgia!I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun.
'......The Memory of Two'
'Do you only have such a crappy memory,......?

The conversation we had when Magda decided to go to the sunlit pavilion.
Magda never forgets. And I won't let him forget.
I'll be happy to give it to you whenever you want, Yashiro.

'...... hmm'

Even though they wanted to talk slowly, their destination was getting closer as they walked.
I'm sure Yashiro is aware of this, and he's looking at me.
If you turn that corner, you can see the plaza where the second store of the Sunlight Pavilion will open.

I want to talk to Yashiro more.
But Magda is a shopkeeper at the Sunshine Pavilion.
I can't keep the customers waiting.

'...... Hmm. The battlefield will be here soon.
'Make sure you handle it well.'
'...... of course.

He squeezes my hand.
It's a signal to work hard - or a sign that you love them.
...... Probably the latter.

I'll give you a hot, seductive stare. ...... Now Yashiro is madly in love with Magda. ......

What is it?You're hungry?I can't help it. You can have a bite to eat in between. I'll buy you a drink.'

............ Funny.
You're not getting the message.

Well, I'll eat takoyaki for the occasion.

'But you're all on your own now.
'...... full-fledged?
'You've become a dependable member of the sunny side up. That's great.

He pats me on the head.

You're on your own: ......
Magda worked hard every day to become one as soon as possible.

So you should be happy to be called a full-fledged man.
You should be happy,......, but...

'...... still more'.

For some reason, my heart fills with sadness, anxiety, and ............ loneliness.
I get a little grumpy.
I feel like taking it out on Yashiro.

'......Yashiro has a tendency to be a little blind to people.
I'm not sure that's true.
'...... often do not understand the heart of a maiden'.
'That one is ...... well, I'm not too sure about that one.
'You should also be familiar with the ...... heart of a young girl.
'That's going to be a different problem ......?'

Yashiro should be more attentive to Magda.
He should not shun him, saying that he was on his own. Even if Magda is a perfect, unrivaled individual.

'...... looks like this, but he's just a kid.
'No, he looks like a child to all intents and purposes. ......'
'......I look like a child, but I'm a child inside.'
'That's it, you're a perfect child.'
'......But when you take it off, it's adulthood.
'Please be a child too. Not yet.'

Hmm, ...... not yet, huh?
Well, good. I'll save that for another day. ......

'...... I'm at the age where I want to be pampered a little more.'

I rub my head against Yashiro's stomach.

Yashiro twists around to see if that tickles him.
Yashiro should be more understanding of Magda.

'...... Jii~'
'What the hell?
'...... Jii~'

He prompts silently.

This is a punishment.
He wanted to abdicate his duty to pamper Magda, to be on his own.

Yashiro still had to pamper Magda.
Yes, because Magda is not yet an adult.

However, Magda is also an adult woman and a waitress, which is a very difficult age to be at.

You have to accurately read Magda's silent urging and say what she needs most right now.
If you can't do that, Magda will ............ sulk.

'............ Pukuuuuuu'.
'Ah, yes, yes. I know what I want to say, so don't sulk, don't sulk.

He shrugs his shoulders and puts his hand on Magda's head.
Hmm. I'm not the kind of Magda who can be fooled by that.

'...... I'd like to give a word of encouragement to the hard-working girl who is going to work hard to make takoyaki.

If you call her 'one of a kind', you're disrespecting Magda and you're guilty.
If you say 'child', you are underestimating Magda and are guilty.

Now, Yashiro.
How do you encourage Magda?

'Well, good luck to you.

Hmm. That's all the encouragement I need. ......

'I'm counting on you, Magda.'

Pics: ......

'Magda's a full-fledged kid.'

...... mmm,mmm............
I'm not sure what to make of that.

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.

It is good to be called by name by Yashiro.
It's addictive.

'Oh, you got the seeds.

It seems that the seeds of the magic plant have been removed.
Yashiro proudly shows the seed to Magda.

I don't care about that.
I knew Yashiro would remember sooner or later.
He knew that Yashiro would never forget Magda.

What's more, isn't he forgetting something?
Take a good look.

Magda's ears are twitching.
Magda sincerely hopes that he will be a man who doesn't miss these little reactions.

'Yes, yes. All right.

Saying this, Yashiro rubs Magda's ears softly.


That's Yashiro.
You know exactly what I mean.
You know everything about Magda.

I may have to retract my previous statement.

I'd say you're a good judge of character.
He also seems to know a girl's heart.

'...... Yashiro is familiar with young girls.
So, please stop spreading rumors like that.

He rubs Magda's ears with the perfect amount of fluff while saying this.

This is Magda's reward for enduring anxiety and loneliness all day.
At last, Magda's daily life has returned.

I'm sure the others will be fine.
I'm sure Yashiro will be fine.

So Magda thinks only of herself and rejoices with a simple 'Mwah! Magda thinks only of herself and decides to be happy.