234-Remembrance 12 Loretta

It flies!
They're flying!

The tacos are selling like hotcakes!

'Loretta-chan!I'll take four tacos!
'Then I'll take five!Loretta, hurry up!
'Ha-ha-ha!Stingy, stingy, stingy!Loretta!I'll take ten!
'Hey, guys. Can you eat that many?
'''Eat, eat, eat!As long as it's made by Loretta-chan, there's no limit!
''It's so uncomfortable that it's all here!

The main street of District Forty-two.
Three incredibly strong men are writhing around, pretending to be cute.
Frankly, I'm scared.

'They always buy only one thing...'
'Today we're buying a lot because my sister is here.
'Sis, you're irresistible.
'Hey, sisters!What are you talking about?We're just really hungry today, ......?
'Oh, oh!Yeah, yeah!I'm starving.
'It's not like I want to eat the tacos Loretta made me while I'm munching on them!

The men are embarrassed.
Mumu...... is a bit cute.

'Then I'll do my best to make them!
'Loretta!We lumberjacks, when we say, 'Let's work hard! We lumberjacks, when we want to do our best, we put our palms on our hands and say, 'Pep!Pfft! When we say, 'Let's do our best,' we spit on our palms and sob!
'Hey, hey, hey!You're not supposed to do that!
'No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
''No, no, no!
''Spitting is absolutely not allowed for hygiene reasons.
'''I know, right~'''

These old men are very cheerful.

They once said to me, 'The reason you use the gate of District 42 is because you want to see me.
That tickles me.
It's ............ itchy to be liked by people.
Of course, it's not that I don't like it or anything like that, but it's not that I'm trying to make a sale by playing into their hands, or that I'm getting carried away by their affection. ............

I'm not sure what to say.
'Ah, the neighborhood lady!

It makes me happy to hear people smile at me like this.
Because we are ......

We are originally from the slums.

In the past, everyone looked away from us, even if we talked to them, they looked at us unhappily, and we didn't have jobs.
I did my best to put on a smile so that my younger brothers and sisters would not be treated unfairly when they grew up.
I thought that if I worked hard, people would think that the hamster people were useful.

But it didn't work at all. ......

'Yes, old men, tacos!
'Aaah!Sister, ahhh!
'Extra charge!
'Oh, no!You're so clever!
'Of course!Hey, little sister?
'Yes!You're right.

...... The reason why my sisters are laughing like this now, and why my brothers are being allowed to participate in a rather big job--

'Hey. You're doing a great job.
'Oh, ......!

--'It's all thanks to you, big brother.

'It's me, big brother!
'Hey, big brother!
'I'm working hard, praise me!

My sisters flock to their big brother.
My girls love their big brother, regardless of gender.

...... of course. I'm the eldest, too.

'Come on, come on. Don't keep the customers waiting. Customer service!
'Yes, sir!
'Let's see how hard you work!
'I'm suddenly very motivated...'
'It's coming out, it's coming out!

My sisters start making tacos with great enthusiasm.
Huh?I've got to do my best too!
The males said they wanted to eat my tacos.

...... But since my brother is here,......, I glanced at him.

When I looked at him, he must have sensed something, because he closed his eyelids for a moment and ...... his eyes widened.This is a great way to make sure you are getting the most out of your money.

'Let's see what you can do.

It was a bit ...... strange to hear him say it with the air of a martial arts master.

I'll show you!I'm a master of tacos, and I'll show you my brilliant ......!

When I tried to remove the seasoned meat from the taco, my chopsticks slipped and the meat fell out .......

I'm not sure what to do. ......You can't serve something you've touched with your bare hands to customers.

I'm not sure what to do.
'You're amazing, lady!
'You've got some nerve in front of your sister!


'No, no, no, no!This was an accident, I had no choice but to go to ......, ouch!I'm not going to let you pinch my cheek without saying a word!I'm sorry!I'm not a fan of this kind of thing.

I'm not sure what to make of it. The ...... face is scary.
And then there are the old men who stare at him as if to say, 'grin, Loretta's half-crying face is soothing~' ...... The face is scary in a different way.

After that, I made the tacos that were ordered and left the rest of the customer service to my sisters, giving them a little time to talk with my brother.
That's my sister's authority. It's a privilege.

It's ...... time to play.

'Big brother,......, what do you think?

Did you remember me?
I wanted to ask you that, but I was afraid and I didn't say anything.

'Oh. So-so.'
'The quality of the finished product is fine, but it's a little tricky. There's still a lot of waste, you know.'

...... What?
Are you answering my question about my work?
It's not that, I asked you how you are!

I don't know. I didn't know there were customers who came for you.'
'Yes, I do!I have quite a few fans!
'A secret fan.
'Why are you hiding?Why are you hiding? I'd like you to declare yourself a fan!
'Idiot, you!What if I get bullied?
'I won't be bullied!

She's everyone's little Loretta!

That's not what I meant!

''So, that ......, that ............ name, or .......''
'My sisters'?Don't be absurd. You can make a list.'
'Don't be absurd!

If I wrote a list of names of my siblings, it would be a book as thick as a blunt instrument.
And before it's finished, there will be more and more!

The fact that my brother is dangling the story means that ...... I'm sure he hasn't remembered yet.
I'm sure he's doing it on purpose so as not to hurt me.
He is a kind brother.

...... I'm a little sad, though.

'Hey ......'.

I heard a gentle voice and turned my gaze ...... to see my brother looking at me.
I think he might have seen my sorrowful face. ......

'Don't look at me like that, prickbearer.

'That's not me!That's defamation!I don't have a nipple image!
'It's not my butt either!
'Osirina (ointment).
'What kind of medicine is this?It's definitely a hemorrhoid remedy, isn't it?
'That's you.'
'No, it's not!All I've been doing is denying it!

It's starting to look like you're playing this game on purpose to hurt me!
You're a terrible big brother!

'Oh, that's a cheek pouch. They're really puffy.

My brother is stabbing my puffy cheeks.
It's a puff. They're not cheek pouches. It's just a cheek.
That kind of pecking won't put me in a good mood. ...... Mmm. ...... This kind of touching makes me a little happy.

'Why don't we have a little old talk?

Old stories: ......
Talk about the past: ...... Talk about all the memories you have of me: ...... Will you try to remember me?Big brother......

'There once was a Jizo called Kasajizo.
'Mwah!That's the kind that makes you cry!I'm not going to listen to it today!

When I hear the story of Kasa Jizo, my eyes swell up red for half a day. I cry.
I'm at work, I can't have that!

'I want you to tell me another story.
'Another story: ............'
'You know, something you experienced with me, a memory, a memorable scene!
'.................. in particular.'
'There must be something!I'm desperate to find it!
'Ah!Those rice balls were delicious.
'I don't know when it was!I've eaten a lot of onigiri.

Oh, no!
That's what my brother is always saying to me!
He must have been amused by my reaction, because he laughed with his stomach in his hands.
Mmm. He's so mean.

It's ......, but it's the same as usual, so I'm relieved.


My sisters seem to be enjoying serving customers.
They won't be allowed to work until they turn nine.
The younger children, who are all in the single digits, want to be nine years old as soon as possible.
Until then, they will only be allowed to help out at the church or the Sunken Pavilion.
That is, cleaning, weeding, and so on.

So, when they turn nine and get a job, they work hard.

And at the age of twelve, they can get a more advanced "technical job".
When they reach this age, they are looked up to with respect. You are the object of admiration. You are a senior citizen.

This is even more so because the number of people over twelve is still small.

And I, the eldest, who will turn sixteen this year, am a full-time waitress at the Sunshine Pavilion!
I'm the main member!
I'm at the level where Magda and I can run the store together!
It's amazing!

I'm ......, but I'm not respected much.

I'm sure it's because my older brothers and sisters pick on me and my younger siblings copy them. ...... Mmm.

'You seem to enjoy working.
That's all I'm good for.

My brother is staring at my sisters with narrowed eyes.
Really, he's like a real big brother, with overprotective eyes.

'We didn't even have a job until a year ago.

It wasn't just the lack of work.
We had no money, no hope for the future, nothing.

My brothers and sisters didn't look so happy and smiling.

To protect their home, they dug pits, strengthened their bodies, and carried noisy weapons to "eliminate the enemy. ......

But now, they are working for the people, holding sticks and carpentry tools in their hands.
As an elder, I am very happy to see this change in my younger siblings.

It's all thanks to you, big brother.

Because my brother called out to me, ...... because he saved my brothers and sisters, ...... because he protected us, we are here now.
Because of the present, the future is open.

That's why my future is all about my brother.

Even if my brother forgets me, ...... I'm ready to live for him.
I've already decided.

My brother has given me an unbelievable, unbearable, and immeasurable amount of happiness.

Now I'm going to return the happiness to my brother.

No matter how many times I have to start over from scratch.
No matter how many times I have to start over from scratch. Even if I become a worthless person to you. ......

'Hmm?What's up?
'Nya,....... In fact, Pau ......, the sign girl of the store there is in a strange good mood, and she is staring at you, thinking that something good must have happened.

I'm a liar.
My heart and my mouth say different things.

'Oh. Then you're talking about fruity hexenbiest sausages.
'Fruity?That's interesting!

We'd talk about trivial things like this.
As long as you keep smiling and laughing, you can be the 'Loretta-chan' everyone thinks you are.

'Hmph!I feel like eating it after hearing about it!I'm going to get some right now!
'You're still at work!
'I'll be done in a minute!
'It's not on sale yet.
'Just ask the master for it and you'll get it!
'...... You'll get pissed again, not the Master.'
'Huh. ............ That's a little scary.'

Pretend to cover your ears and close your eyelids once. Hide in your arms.

If I feel like crying, I can fake it like this and not cry.
No matter how much you're crying inside, no one will know if you're smiling.

That's right.
It's better to keep this dark me locked up inside.
I'm sure my brother won't like me if he finds out.
Being hated is worse than being forgotten. ...... In my case.

Being hated is ............ really hard for me.
Even so, I had to force myself to smile. ............ Actually, it was quite ...... hard.

I felt my shoulders relax ...... and I bowed my head.
...... and at that moment.

'Oh, there's dust on you.
'What?Where is it?

Suddenly, my brother pointed to my head and said.
Garbage shouldn't be on the head of an idle waitress at a restaurant. I have to get rid of it right away. ......

'Don't move. I'll get it for you.'
'Yes, sir.'

Keep your head down a little and do as you're told.
It's a bit of a painful position, but you just have to be patient.

My brother took a step closer to me and stroked my ...... hair.

'Are you thinking about something else around here?

As she said this, she stroked my head,

'Hey, ......, uh, ......, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
'Hmmm ...... around here?

He stroked my head, stroked my cheek, ...... gently touched the back of my head and ............ hugged me.

'Ho, Honyo!
'Don't force yourself to make a weird sound.

'No, I'm not forcing myself ......

'I can almost always tell what you're thinking.'
'What ......?

You know ......?

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
I'm the master of smiles. No one can read my true heart. ......

'You've done well, my friend. You're all alone, hiding your true self from the ...... hamster people so they don't know you're one of them. You can't let people know what you're really thinking. ......'

I can hear my brother's heart beating,.......
Mixed in with that is ......

'That's how hard I worked, and that's why I'm here now. So you don't have to smile anymore.

That's what I said.

............ I was exposed,.............
And that I was forcing myself to smile for ...... all of it?

You can't sacrifice yourself for me. You should live for yourself.

'But ......'.

What's more,......, big brother is cheating.
At a time like this, dressed like this,...... he hugged me, warmly,...... and I was spoiled.
I'm the eldest, so you know I'm not used to this kind of thing,......, but it's not fair.

'We are able to do this ...... and laugh ...... and live ...... because of you. It's a good thing that I'm not the only one.

I don't know if I was frustrated or sulking .......
It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're going to be doing and how you're going to do it.

It's not enough for me to pay her back. So, I want to be useful for my brother no matter what. I want to think of you. I'll take good care of him. What's wrong with that?

You're taking it out on me.
It's disgraceful.

And on top of that, I don't know what to do to make myself feel better, and I have a bad habit of bending over.

I don't like it.
I feel sick!

It's my brother's fault.
I was smiling and laughing, and you took that away from me. ......
It's because you're being nice to me in this position. ......

'I want to repay you!I'll do whatever it takes to live for you!

...... I'm so pissed off.

'My brother is the reason why we are here today!We are happy now because of you!So if it's for my brother, I'm .......'

--I'm not sure if this is a good idea, but I think it's a good idea.
............ The middle of my head began to heat up ...... and I began to feel a little like crying.

'Because ...... because ............ my brother was there ......'.
I'm not sure what to make of that.

Those words don't resonate with me.
Because I can say with firm confidence.

'My brother is the one who gave me a place to work hard.
'That's not true.'
'No, it's not.'

He immediately pretends that he didn't get the credit.
'It was just a coincidence.
'It was an accident.
'It's no big deal.
'I didn't do anything,' he said. ......

But this is the one thing I can't compromise.
If it weren't for my brother, we wouldn't be able to laugh every day like we do now.

That's the one thing I'll never give up!

'It's all thanks to you, big brother!That's for sure!
'Ah. That's why.'

To ............?
That's why what's ......?

'I worked pretty hard, didn't I?I ran around in the heavy rain, I twisted some heads. I even dragged the lord out to give you guys a job.'

Yes, that's ......,
That's exactly what I did.

'That's your achievement, you know.'
'......?I don't know, do you?

When I looked up, my brother had a confident smile on his face.
How can it be my achievement that my brother worked so hard?
You did the hard work ...... and I did the hard work .............

'You're the reason I worked so hard.
'.............................. Yeah?

I ...... 'So'?

'Because it was you and your brothers and sisters, I wanted to do something about it.'

I was pinched on the cheek.
Even so, there were still many questions in my head. are still flying around in my head.

I'm the kind of guy who doesn't care if someone else is unhappy, and can ignore a stranger even if they're starving in front of me.

That's ...... true or false ............

'But you guys couldn't leave it alone.

My mind went blank.

I knew that my brother was kind, I knew that more than enough.
And yet, ............

I almost cried ............ when you said that in such honest words.

'The one who made me think this much and moved me to do something about it is undoubtedly ......'.

He put his hand on my head and looked into my face with his eyes ......
My brother's face was right in front of me ...... and that's where the kind words came from: ............

'It's you, Loretta.

A large teardrop fell from my eye.

A drop big enough to be clearly visible: ......

'You should be more proud of yourself. There aren't many people who can make me say this much. There are about five people in the world.
'Oh, ...... gus......, that's ............ awesome! ......

I try to be funny, but it just doesn't work.
The tears choke my voice, the snot stops my breathing, and the front of my eyes distorts.

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm one of your top five. ............I'm so happy.'
'...... Oh, I'm sorry. I counted again and it was number seven.
'I don't like it!Somebody drop two people!I don't want to be in the top five, but I want to be in the top five!
'Oh, look, look. I got the seed.'
'That's a relief, though!Now we're talking about downgrading!

I can't accept such a downgrade!

'You. Even if I forget about you, you still want to be by my side, don't you?

Ugh, how sharp can you be, big brother? ......

'Don't give up so easily.
'But, I don't want to ...... bother my brother.
'You can do that. In fact, do it.

It came so suddenly that there was no time to say ......

'I'm trying to protect you, you know.

--It forced my brain to shut down.

What's ...... that? ............ that's not ......... It's too unfair.

I'm trying to be a good sister to you ...... but ............

I'm going to fall in love with you. ............

'Mwah!I'm sure my brother will ruin all my plans!
'Hahahaha!It's your fault that you can only make plans that can be ruined!

That's right.
It's so much fun to argue like this.

That's why I want to be with you forever and ever.

With my brother.

............ and Yashiro-san.

I'm not sure what to say.

That's not good!
You can't imagine that!
I've got a nosebleed coming on!

It's too embarrassing!

'What the hell, you guys?

I turned around at the sound of my sisters' voices and saw that they were standing in a line.

'Hold me!
'Your turn!
'Hurry up and take over!
'You're holding up the rest of us!

I'm ............ carrying you ............... ...!

'Oh, were you guys watching?
'Yes, we saw it!
'The old men were watching too!
'This is the main street!
'Full of people!
'What the hell?

This is, indeed, embarrassing!
I've been spoiled in front of the public!I've lost all respect for my eldest daughter!

'Oh, me!I'm going to go back to the sunny pavilion and help the manager!

It's not as if you can run away from it.
............ Was it about twenty-eight?Thirty ............?

Anyway, I'm running away!

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

...... Now, if someone said something kind to me, I would blush in front of my sisters!
I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.I mean, I can't show them!It's embarrassing!
My sister's female parts are a top secret!

I left the place and ran down the main street as if to escape.


I hear a voice behind me calling me.
The owner of the voice was my brother, and he said to me with his usual, unchanging smile.

'Hang in there!

Those were kind words.
And comforting words.

'Yes, sir!Of course I'll do my best!

I like you, big brother.
But for now, I still want to work as hard as I can.

So, if I become more mature and have boobs as big as your manager's, I'd like to go to ......

At that time, I'll take your brother without hesitation.

I'm sure I'll be even cuter than I am now when I grow up!