9-Episode 7 Beauty with Red Hair

Ginette's special breakfast was laid out in the common room of the church.
It reminded me of a kindergarten rather than a school, though it was built like a smaller version of a school classroom.

I thought there was only a chapel in the church, but there seemed to be various rooms. Well, I've never been in a church before.

The chapel was smaller than I had expected, and it was so small that it could be filled with thirty people.
There was a common room across the corridor from the chapel, and on the second floor, there was a living space for children.
At the back of the common room, there is a duty room. It is a kind of staff room. At the back of the room is the private room of the sisters, which is of course off-limits to outsiders. ...... d*mn.

There is also a workroom in the church, where they make daily necessities.
There is a field in the garden and they are said to be self-sufficient except for Ginette's breakfast. Since they are surrounded by farmers, they probably learn skills from them.

Basically, outsiders can only enter this common room, the office and the chapel. And the kitchen.

'Is there anything I can help you with?

That's what I said as I stepped into the kitchen with Jeannette. ......
There's a handsome man there.

What is this guy?
Why is he talking to Jeannette like he's having fun?

'Oh, Yashiro-san.

Ginette noticed me and waved her hand.
And the handsome guy across from him slowly turns around.

'Hey, you're the one they're talking about.

He has bright red hair and good eyes and nose. I guess I should describe him as neutral, with a face like a visual-kei singer. Her hair is also a bit long, the length of which I would have been told to cut if I were a student. If I were a student, I would have said 'Cut it!
She has a thin chest plate and long, thin arms and legs. The eyes are a little tight, but the face is rather soft, probably because she usually smiles a lot. ...... Well, it's just. I'm not sure what kind of ulterior motives you're hiding behind that smile, though.

I heard about you from Jeannette. Nice to meet you, Mr. Obayashi.

You're called 'chan'.
I'm sure you're about the same age as I am now. ...... A man who calls a girl "chan" when he's over 16 is 80% a playboy and 20% an onee.
Either way, they are incompatible with each other.

'Hmm?What's the matter?What's wrong? Do I have something on my face?

'You have a s*xy face.'
'I'm sorry we've never met, but you're...'

The handsome man's cheeks twitch.
d*mn it. Are you still good-looking when you twitch? I make a face in the mirror and it's like, 'What's wrong with me?

I'm Obayashi. Feel free to call me Oba-sama.'
'I don't feel casual at all. ......'

I'm jealous.
You should be grateful you get to call me by my first name.

'I'm Estella. I'm not going to tell you my last name for some reason.'
'What kind of obscene last name is that?
'...... Why do you have an obscene image of me from the start, do you?

I'm a little annoyed. I've been called a gunslinger for being a bit annoying. ...... Who's a gunslinger?

I'm sure you've heard of it.

...... Mostly girls, right?

'I, too, have always been treated well.
'No, you're not. It's normal.
'So you're just a nice person.
'Haha. I'm no match for Jeannette.

Kahhhhh, pfft!

What's with that refreshing conversation?
It came out of the back of my throat more sticky than when I drank undiluted Calpis!

'Hey, sponge cake.'
'It's Estella.'

Your face is so scary! You'll make the girls cry!

'So, that es............ something.'
'It's Estella!
'Why did you say it like it's pronounced right!Estella!'
'Ella for short.'
'Don't abbreviate!

You're a good-looking guy with a good heart.

Oh, you mean, 'Estella's so interesting', in order to be accepted at a party?
How disgusting!
You handsome guys should just shut up and drink!I'm not sure if you're a good looking guy or a bad looking guy.

'Estella. Have you ever heard of the King's Game?'
'No, I've never even heard of it.

You're so handsome you've never heard of the King's game!
Yes!You're losing it!You've lost half your life!

'Is it a game that simulates territory governance and finances?
'You idiot, it's a game where you do naughty things to girls.'
'...... What part of that makes you a king?'
'The king's orders are zettaaaay!
'............ Are you insulting the king, or just ignorant?'

Estella presses her temples and her cheeks twitch.
'd*mn, you're still good-looking after all this, aren't you, handsome!
I was suffering from a sudden stomachache and was contorting my face when a girl in my class said to me, 'What's wrong with your face? You know?It was my appendix!I was at the height of puberty when a beautiful nurse saw me!Are you jealous?

What's wrong, Yashiro?What's wrong with you?You seem to be somewhat excited.
'No, I'm fine. ...... By the way, I just want to make it clear that I didn't get excited when I remembered that the nurse saw me, for my honor's sake.
'A nurse?'

Jeannette tilted her head in an unsure manner.
Estella, on the other hand, is looking at me with a slightly reluctant expression. ...... I don't deserve to be looked at like that by you.

I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I've seen it before.
'...... are you trying to hide your hostility?'

When I pointed at Estella and asked, Jeannette looked at me strangely.

'It's Estella, isn't it?

I heard that earlier.
Jeannette also looks at me like, 'Didn't I just say that? Ginette looks at me like, 'Didn't I just say that?
I'm not talking about that, I'm talking about ............ what kind of relationship we have, that kind of thing. ......... ...

'Hey you, what are you doing here?
'This is a fair and equal church that accepts all people, you know?There's nothing strange about me being here, is there?

'No wonder you're so uncomfortable.
'......, you don't have many friends, do you?'

Shut up!You know what I care about the most?
That's why you're so good-looking!
'How do you make friends?I don't know, I've never really thought about it. I've never thought about it. I just find myself getting to know them. That's because you're good-looking!It's a status thing to know a good looking guy.

'We're poor, but we're giving you free food. I'd appreciate it if you refrain from wasting food on us.
'Hmm~...... can't do that.'

Ah, that irritating, refreshing 'I'm in trouble' look!

'Ginette's food is delicious, you know. Once you've had it, you won't be able to get enough of any other food.
'Is that so?I'm glad.

Don't be happy, Jeannette. You're being played for a fool.

'It's on sale at the Sunlit Pavilion. Come and eat it with your money.'
'I will, if I can find the time.
'If you don't have time to eat, just leave the money and go home without eating.
'...... doesn't benefit me, does it?

Do I need an advantage?You're born good-looking, you've won your whole life, and now you want more advantages?Go to hell and let Yama pull out your tongue, you greedy bastard!'Oh, I pulled out my tongue even though I'm not a liar,' say the demons of hell!

'Anyway, I want Jeannette's cooking for breakfast. I don't suppose any stores are open at this hour, are they?
'Then leave your money at the storefront and go home.
'...... So there's no reason for me to do it. ......'

Do you need a reason?
Does a handsome man need a reason to contribute to the world?
A beautiful woman's selfishness and a handsome man's service don't need a reason!

'The store isn't open, but you can come here and have a bite to eat.
'Yeah. That's why I get up early every morning. I want to eat Ginette's breakfast every day.'
'I see, thank you very much. You can have my breakfast every day if you want. ......'

'Stop, Jeannette!

I hurriedly stopped Ginette, who had almost made a terrible decision without thinking.
It was a close call: ......
If I had been one step too late, it would have been irreversible.

'Look, in my country, that word is the word for a marriage proposal.

Jeannette shouted, her face turning bright red.

'Huh. 'Make me breakfast every morning' turned into 'I want you to stay by my side all the time'. ...... That's quite stylish. Did you come up with that?'
'It's an old classic.
If that's the case, your hometown must be a very romantic place.

You idiot.
It's a country where you have to take three steps back and follow me.It's far from romantic, it's a smoky silver country.

'But it's okay to tell me, isn't it, Ginette?
'Well, yes.

What ......?
So that's it?

Then, eventually, it will turn out that this guy will be sitting in that diner. ............

I'm not going to give you my daughter.
'...... When did you become Jeannette's father?

Because I'm not!
I don't like the idea of a hot guy and a big girl making out under the same roof!
I refuse, I refuse!I refuse!

'Oh, that Yashiro-san ......?

I'm not sure if you're trying to persuade me or not, but Ginette calls out to me fearfully.
I take Ginette's hand and speak to her sincerely.

'Listen, Ginette, listen to me: ............ handsome men are the enemy!
'What ...... and ............?

Ew, d*mn it!
They don't translate good looking men!

'This is the type of man you should never trust!

Especially a girl like you with big breasts and a natural beauty that's not just a little but a lot!

'Man ......?Oh, Yashiro-san, no!
'What's that?
'Estella-san is a woman!
'Only joke about your overgrown tits!

'My breasts are no joke!
'My gender is no joke either...'

You think Estella is a woman?
That's ridiculous.
I lick Estella's entire body, looking her up and down.

'Where can I find a woman with such shabby tits!
'...... I'm sorry, I'm right here.'

The corner of Estella's mouth twitches.

'Mr. Yashiro!It's rude to talk like that to a woman!
'Is it to confront them with the painful reality?'
'That's right!Even if you think it in your heart, it's good manners not to say it!
'I think you're saying some pretty terrible things, too.
'What?I'm sorry, Estella-san!I'm not very good at lying!
'Yes, ...... Jeannette, that's enough, can you please not gouge me any more?

Estella presses her chest against Ginette's unintentional 'verbal attack'.

'Did you get your heart cut out?
'My heart was gouged out!
'Is that why you're so deflated?
'It's always been squeezed!I'm sorry ...... I'm so squeezed!'

Estella raises her willow eyebrows and bared her fangs. There is a faint glint in the corner of her eye.

'Yashiro-san!It's not a good idea to talk about your ...... breasts or your ...... body to a woman!

Ginette scolded me adorably, 'Meh, sir! She then went to Estella's side and gently rubbed her back.

'Are you okay, Estella?
'No. ...... When I'm comforted, that makes me feel sad. ......'
'Oh, I'm so sorry!'

Jeannette bowed her head.
Estella smiles weakly and raises one hand to stop Ginette from bowing.

I mean, ......

'If you hadn't pretended to be a woman, we wouldn't have gotten into this mess.
'I'm not pretending, I'm a woman!
'Judgment of the Spirits!

When I pointed at Estella and chanted that, her body was enveloped in a pale light.
Oh, ......, I could use it too. You really only need to chant it.

'...... Can we take this as a declaration of war?'

In the pale light, Estella was smiling fearlessly.
After a while, the light faded and eventually disappeared.
Estella is still in human form.
This means that ......

'Are there any misjudgments in "Judgment of the Spirits"? ......'
'That proves I'm a woman and I'm not lying!
'Mr. Yashiro. There's no room for feelings or emotions in the Judgment of Spirits, so there can't be a mistrial.

Is that so?
So you're really a woman. ......

That's what I thought, and I looked at Estella again.
The neutral face looks beautiful depending on how you look at it, and the long, thin arms and legs look feminine, if you ask me.
The ............ pity is her flat chest. This is what made me think you were a man.

'With your breasts and my misunderstanding, the blame is 50-50.
'I'm confident that if we file a complaint in the General Court, we'll win 10:0, right?'

A blue streak appeared on Estella's forehead.
But this guy has a lot of grace. A normal girl would have snapped and given him a slap.
The way he talks, the way he talks, the way he talks,......, is he rich?

'...... Eh?'
'I was wondering if the reason you're dressed and gesturing like a man is because you don't want people to know you're a woman. Well, it doesn't seem like she's keeping her gender a secret.
'...... Why did you think that?'
'Why because ...... a rich man's house is full of troublesome things, no matter where you are in the world.'
'Heh, .............'

Suddenly, Estella said less and less, and looked at me sullenly with her chin clenched.
I'm not sure if it's because I don't recognize her as a girl yet, but I don't get nervous when she stares at me. ...... I'd rather say, 'Oh?I'm not sure I'm ready for that. I don't know.

'You ...... are smart, aren't you?
'Who's the smart and dangerous one?
'I didn't say that. ............ Don't make me regret my compliment right after I give it, okay?'

Estella let out a sigh .
Then, ............, she glared at me with a sharp look that was different from before.

What is it?Are you going to do this?

'Ginette-chan. Sorry, can I borrow Yashiro for a moment?

'Huh?Oh, yes. I'm just going to serve it.
'Then, take care of the rest.

Saying this, Estella grabbed my arm firmly and tried to leave the kitchen.

'Hey, what's up?
'Just go out with me.

'You're calling me to the rooftop?'I haven't lost my temper in a while. ......'?
I'll tell you in advance, I'm not confident in fisticuffs. I'm the only one with a weapon that can draw a fight, okay?

'I need to talk to you.
'Do it here.
'Not in front of her, not really. ......'
'............ Are you talking about porn?'
'Why would it be?
'No, speaking of things you can't talk about in front of a girl, ......'
'I'm a girl too.'
'Judgment of the Spirits'.
'...... Really, I'll hit you?'

The pale Estella shakes her fist.
With a gulp, she puts her arms around my neck and locks me in a headlock. And then she is forcibly dragged out of the kitchen.
Strong, strong, strong!You're stronger than me!
It hurts!There's nothing soft about it!Why can't you touch the back of my head when you're holding it in your arms?Spirit God, are you doing your job?

''Ah!I'm playing fighting!

Estella smiled and said, 'Haha, you guys have to eat first! Estella says in a smiling voice.
I want you to eat first, too.

We left the common room and I was taken outside the church.
Outside again.
There I'm released.

'......, I'm sure you'll pay for all the rudeness you've accumulated so far one day!

The neck, which had been fixed in a strange way, creaked and snapped. If there is any ...... difference in the muscles, I will charge you a fee.

'You're going after ...... little Jeannette, aren't you?'

Suddenly, Estella said something like that.

I'm targeting Jeannette?
Nonsense. Of course not!
What I'm after is the ownership of that diner!
......, but there was no way she could say that, so ............

'I'm new in town, and I don't know this place very well. So I'm going to be staying with Ginette for a while.
'I'm sure the good-natured Ginette would have accepted without a second thought.

Estella's gaze sharpened.

'There have been a number of unscrupulous people who have tried to take advantage of Jeannette-chan's kindness.

When she said that, I finally realized what was obvious to me.
There was no way that Jeannette, who was at the bottom of the food chain, hadn't been targeted before.
Not to mention the money and land, there must have been people who wanted to ...... her as a woman with big tits.
There is no way that Jeannette could refuse the advances of ...... such people,............, which means that Jeannette is not!

'I got rid of all of them, though.
'You did?
'Oh. It's only natural to get rid of bugs that try to harm your best friend, right?

'I see.
So the reason why Jeannette has been able to live in peace so far is because this guy has been keeping a close eye on her.

'That's good to know. It's strange for me to say this, but I feel relieved.

For some reason, I was very relieved to know that Jeannette hadn't had a hard time so far.
However, Estella's gaze remained sharp.

'You're going to be one of those guys who gets pushed away, from now on.

Wait a minute!
I'm not after Jeannette!
His money and his store are only for ............ a few things. That's not the real goal!

'I just want to know what's going on in this town. I swear to you, I would never do anything to harm Jeannette!
''Judgment of the Spirits.''

Suddenly, Estella pointed at me and activated the 'Judgment of the Spirits'.
I'm not sure what to do.
...... This guy, without warning, ............ is a scary guy.

After a while, the light that had enveloped my entire body disappeared.

'Heh, ...... apparently it's true what they say about 'not doing anything to harm you'. ...... for now.'

'That's why I'm telling you so!

...... dangerous.
If I'd had any ill feelings towards those big tits, I might have turned into a frog.
You will find a lot of things that you can do to make your life easier.
It is acceptable to be blinded by big tits,......, thank goodness I did not lose my libido.

It's a good thing you didn't let your libido get the better of you, because that doesn't mean you deserve to be trusted.
'I don't need you to trust me.
'To be frank, I don't trust you.

He declared with a straight face, categorically.

'...... But Ginette seems to trust you. ...... Well, as long as you don't behave in any strange way, I won't make any trouble for you.
'You ......, why do you care so much about Jeannette?Is it just because she's your best friend?

This Estella woman doesn't seem to be motivated by such a simple sense of justice.
Her eyes are looking beyond good intentions to her own interests. ...... Yes, she has the eyes of a con artist just like me.

'I told you.I'm in love with the food Ginette makes. I don't want to lose that taste. I think that's a pretty good reason.
'Then you'd better not kick me out of that diner.
'What do you mean?
'If I'm gone, that diner will go under in no time. Ginette can't run it.''
'Hmm ......, that's true.'

Estella folded her arms and nodded her head.

'So you're saying you're going to fix up that diner?
'To the point where I don't feel inconvenienced living there, yes.

Estella chuckles at my answer.
It seemed to be an honest smile, as if she had removed the iron mask she had been wearing.

'You're funny, aren't you? You are honest to yourself, honest to your desires, extremely stupid and ...... smart.'

He rolled his slit eyes and stared at me.
It's a perfect gaze.
This guy is ...... a tricky one. My gut is telling me that.

'I'll give you probation.
'I'm a criminal?
'You're a very important suspect.
'You're rude.
'That's mutual.

Estella puffed out her cheeks and pressed her chest like a child.
Her honest expression of anger was surprisingly cute.

'I'm going to observe you for a while.'
'Are you going to keep a picture diary?'
'I'm not interested in keeping track of your progress. But if you show any sign of ...... suspicion, I will always kick you out.

Estella said and walked off alone towards the church.
That's quite a thing to say.
I don't need your permission to stay where I am.

'Do you have it?You have the authority to kick me out of that diner.'

Throwing words at her distant back, Estella stopped and only turned her head towards me.

'I'm not kicking you out of the dining hall, I'm kicking you out of the 42nd district.

Then, turning forward again, she added: ......

'...... "Spice" you.'

...... Does this guy know about that sign?
Did he see that sign ...... and that portrait before I made it?

I have to check.
I need to know for sure.

With that in mind, I ran and caught Estella's arm at the entrance to the church.
I pulled her hand roughly and forced her to face me.

'You ......!

If this continues, we will both fall.

...... sneezing.

I'm not sure what to do.

I'm not sure what to make of it.
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one.

............ Yeah. It was just a little bit ............ there.

'Can I punch ............ you?'
'No, this is, helping people. Accidents, force majeure and lucky stakes should not be condemned, I think.
'...... Can you please let me go?
'Estella, there's a saying in my country: ............ 'Five more minutes'.'

He slapped me on the left cheek.

'Do you think I should stop trusting you ......?'
'...... No, I've decided to trust you on the contrary. ...... You're a girl.'

He gave me a thumbs up and a thumbs down and said, 'I told you so from the start.
Hmmm. It was a decapitating pin that made me feel a little kind. It was a forgiving sanction, like 'I'll forgive you this time, but be careful next time.

Estella left me to go into the church, and I followed a little while later.
Ginette was standing in the doorway and greeted me ......, but...
Her face was red.
And your cheeks are puffy.
Your eyebrows are raised, and you look angry.

'I thought I told you not to be naughty!Please repent!

Thus, before breakfast, I was taken to the confessional at the back of the chapel and forced to do penance for an hour.
I complained that it was force majeure, but Sister Bertina did not approve of it, and only told me to repent for the evil in me.
So I said, 'I'm sorry I thought it would feel good to be flat-chested.
This was the moment when I, a firm believer in big tits, was momentarily taken by the slippery tits. ...... When I repented, Bertina let out a very heavy sigh and said, '...... You can go now. You can go now.
And so my sins were cleansed. ............ Are you ready?