477-Episode 279 Malicious Attack

Thanks to the hard work of the lumberjacks who cleared away the fallen leaves, dead leaves, and weeds that had accumulated on the ground to make it at least a little bit easier to walk, a decent path has been created.
The bare soil, mixed with mud, sinks a little when you step on it, providing just the right amount of cushioning.
There were no tree roots sticking up, so we would not get tired even if we walked for an hour.

However, the fear of not knowing where the monsters would come from would cause undue stress, which would cause a lot of damage to my stomach and hair follicles.

'We've already walked a long way, and we still haven't arrived?
'You could say that, big brother.'

When Loretta poked me in the back, I turned around and saw the gate right there.

'The gate, it's so close!

I hadn't made any progress at all.

'It's no use. There are a lot of important people here, and we don't want anything to happen to them.
'Our people seem to be more cautious than ever. I tell them not to be too nervous no matter who they're dealing with, but ...... they're still blue in the face.

Medora sighs, but the BU and all the lords of the outer districts are gathered in one place. It would be absurd to tell her not to be nervous.
It's not so much that they're nervous as they are cautious.

The team ahead of us, checking for safety.
The team at the head of the group, watching the front.
The team that deploys to the left and right and guards around the lords.
The team that goes back and forth between the first team and the leading team to exchange information.
And the team that stays within the group and keeps their nerves sharp so that they can respond immediately to anything that happens. --I guess these guys are the main players.
In shogi, it would be gold, flying car, and horn.

We've been walking for 15 minutes.
But we've probably gone about 200 meters.
You're walking like a cow.
A snail's pace.

'Could it be that there's a dying old man among the lords who's keeping pace with us? ......'
'You'll be pissed.'

Norma poked me in the temple with her flue.
Who's gonna be pissed?
Donnis, the oldest?
I'm not scared.

'Hey, it seems like every step we take, we're talking about something.

Marcia says, pointing to the group ahead.
Indeed, countless lords are crowding around Estella, talking to her about this and that.

'Everyone seems to want to get to know the 42nd district~'

Masha, who has a good ear, tells me this information.
That's amazing. I can't even hear her when she's so far away.

'It seems that some people are asking Lucia how to get along with the 42nd district.

Masha shakes her shoulders with a giggle.
Estella and Lucia. It's interesting to see the two lords who are close to each other being forced to deal with each other. ...... Dosu?

'Oh, Mr. Yashiro. Estella and the others have turned.'

Ginette points ahead.
A group of lords is angling to the west.

We had kept a reasonable distance from the group of lords, knowing that nothing good would happen if we, ordinary people, approached them, but it would be better if we didn't disappear from sight.

'So we're going too?
'Then, all of you follow me. I'll protect you from the monsters.''

Many of them smiled at Medora's reliable words.
Masha, who was being pushed around the tank by Medora, looked up at Medora and smiled.
Medora must have felt their gaze, but she stubbornly refused to make eye contact.
It seems that Medora has a one-sided rivalry with Masha.
...... Don't act like a kid.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll do fine. If you disappear from my sight, you're in danger.

The moment Medora bent over the big tree and was out of sight, it would be a disaster if a magical beast attacked her just as she was waiting for it.
As such, many people crowded around Medora.
Rather than feeling threatened, they seemed to be enjoying this extraordinary situation.
They are enjoying this situation where they are stepping into a dangerous forest, and the luxury of being escorted by Medora Rossel, the best hunter in all of Broome.

People are crowded together, pushing and shoving each other to the point where they don't crowd each other.
In addition to those of us who were dressed up, there were other people in the crowd.
We are dressed up at Uclines' request, so we are clearly visible even from a distance.

On the contrary, if ordinary people who are not dressed up blend in with us, they will attract attention--


I was able to immediately notice the suspicious man who was intruding into the circle more than necessary.

'...... Tsk!

I called out, and the man threw something wildly in his hand.
In the direction of Masha.

While my gaze was momentarily drawn to the vial, the man turned on his heel and ran in the direction of the city gate.

'Gatekeeper!Don't let him through!
'Not necessary!

At the same time I shouted, a gust of wind blew past me on both sides.
Norma and Delia ran out at top speed--


--I fell down when my foot was caught in the hem of Delia's widening skirt.
...... Wow, she fell on her face. That looks painful.

'd*mn!It's so hard to move!

Delia usually wears shorts and tube tops.
She's not used to sleeves and hems.
She's not used to sleeves and hems, but that's what happens when you wear a flouncy dress and try to move like you normally do.

Norma, on the other hand, seems to be used to dressing up, and can move as usual no matter what she wears.
Norma usually wears clothes with long hems and sleeves, like a variant of kimono.

'I've got her!

The thugs were seized by Norma before they could reach the city gates.

'Where's Masha?
'She's fine~ Thank you all~'

Masha didn't seem to be hurt.
But .

'Medora ......, are you okay?'
'Nah, it's no big deal.'

Medora's arm was burning.
It was probably from the liquid in the vial.

'Anyway, is Magda alright?

Medora looked at Magda, unconcerned about the painful wound on her arm.
It seems that Magda was the one who caught the vial that was thrown at Masha.

'...... I'm fine'.

Magda, holding the empty vial in her hand, turns to look at you.

'...... mouth was open, so it only got a little on my fingers.'

Jeannette's eyes widen.
The second joint of Magda's index finger was red and sore.

'Magda, let go of that bottle right now. It might start dripping.'

He takes off his jacket, wraps the vial in it, and takes it from Magda.
Since you don't know what's in it, it's not safe to throw it out there.
If it contains an ingredient that makes the magic plant grow rapidly, this place will become a danger zone.

'Ginette, do you have a water bottle?
'Ha, yes!
'Pour it over Magda's burns. Slowly, and plenty.'
'Yes, sir.

If the chemical gets on the skin, the rule is to rinse it off immediately with lots of water.

'Yes, sir!I'll go get Regina-san!I'll also mobilize all my brothers and sisters to bring a lot of clean water!Medora-san, please wait a moment!
'I'm fine, don't panic...'
'Even if you're fine, if something happens to you, my brother won't be fine!It's a super express!

Loretta is running through at a tremendous speed.
First the water.
Should we head for the river by the city gates?

'Imelda. Can you report to Natalia for me?
'Yes, ma'am.
'But just tell her there's been a disturbance and don't give her any details. Tell her I sent you and Natalia will not ask any more questions.'
'That's what I'll tell her.

Imelda ran on, still quite fast, so as not to lose her grace.


This one kept her word.
I told her I wanted her to protect Masha.
Medora protected me with her body.

'Thank you. I owe you.'

He bows deeply.
I bow to Medora's spirit with all my respect.

'No, please don't, darling. This is my job.'

Even so.

'I'm so glad you're here, Medora.

I looked up and saw the world slightly distorted.
It's okay. Medora won't die from this. Killing her won't kill her.
There's no creature in this world or any other world that can kill Medora.

But when I looked up, I saw a face that looked a little troubled, and I was so relieved.

I'm really glad it didn't turn out to be a life-threatening situation.


Medora's expression was dumbfounded and uncharacteristic.
The sharp gaze of a hunter who is always on his toes is nowhere to be seen, and the vulnerable eyes of a kitten who has just woken up are looking at you.

'It's okay, okay?So, no,......, don't cry,.......'

I'm not crying.

I'm just remembering some things.
But ......

'If something happens to you, you might cry, so don't push it or hold back.

I'll ask Regina to take care of it for you.
I'm going to make your arm beautiful again, without leaving a single burn mark.

You'll be able to find a lot more than just a few of these in the market.

'Oh, ......, I like .................. too much... ......'

The breath and voice that escaped from between the thick fingers was like a girl who was confused by her newfound love. ...... The gap was awful, wasn't it?

I'm sure you'll agree. I'm not sure what to say.

Well, for now, ...... it can't be helped.

In response to Loretta's instructions, the younger siblings took turns bringing in large quantities of water in the manner of a bucket relay.

'Medora-san, I'm going to pour water on you. Let me know if it hurts.
'Oh, I'm sorry, Paula.
'What are you talking about? We slept in the same bed together.'
'Ha ha. That was fun. I'll visit you again.
'Eh ............ hmm, I'm not so sure about that ......'

Paula scoops up a tub of water from the barrel and pours it over Medora's burns.
She and Nepheli take turns pouring water on him without interruption to wash away the chemicals.

'Magda, are you in any pain?'
'...... fine.'
'Don't hide it.'
'.................. It stings a little.'

I thought it must be painful because my ears were asleep, but I must have overreacted.

'Mr. Magda. You can't hide the fact that you're sick. I'll cry.'
'I'm sorry, ....... I won't hide it anymore.'
'It's better to be pampered than to hide it, Ginette.'
'Yes. I'll spoil her plenty.'
'I'll see you later at .......'

Magda's tail softly stroked Ginette's leg.

Now that we have reported the trouble to Estella, we are heading back to the city gate to give first aid.
Even though there are other hunters, it is dangerous for Medora and Magda to encounter a magical beast in such a state.

We could have gone back into the city, but there were many people waiting for us on the other side of the city gate.
They were waiting to greet the lords who had returned from the ceremony.

There is no guarantee that any of them will be among the thugs.
The thug in question was captured by Norma and taken to the prison in District 42. The interrogation will begin as soon as today's ceremony is over.
I don't know if he's going to tell us much, but ......
He didn't open up until he was taken away.
So we don't know if he's a lone gunman or if he has friends.

That's why the safest place for now is just outside the city gate. This is it.

"Mr. Yashiro.

Imelda, who had gone to report to Natalia, returns.
Sorry for making you go back and forth so many times.

'For now, the lords will have to wait at the planned port site.

I've told Natalia that we can't rest until the crisis is completely over, and that the lords should stay away from the public.
I have quickly finished the physical examination of those present, but I will not give the signal for them to join us yet.

We're going to make them wait until we're done with them and they're ready.

The lords were ahead of us.
The incident only happened after the lords were completely away from us.
So the lords don't know what happened here.
What incidents occurred and what dangers have not been eliminated.
Since they don't know that, no one should complain about waiting.

'I can't stay in this dangerous place forever!I'm going home! I'm going home!" No one would raise the usual victim flag in a mystery.
I was also told that Medora was injured.
The lords have been informed that the situation is that critical.
She died as a result of the damage caused by her tantrum... I don't think any of those lords would want to meet that end.

If there was anyone who could complain about this situation, it would be the mastermind who was sure that he would not be harmed and knew in advance who, where and what would happen.

'Thank you so much, Medrama. I'll be sure to repay you for this☆'
'Stop it!I'm ruminating and soaking up the gratitude from my darling right now!I'm not going to let your frivolous gratitude taint it....... Ah, darling's gratitude ............ is precious ......'.
'Medamama, Cho~Sankyu~Pi☆'
'What's with the annoying thanks?I don't know what "Pi☆" means!I don't know what that means!

'It's so cute~☆ Why don't you try it?

Because Masha gave the demon god a horrible pass...

'Darling, don't cry!

--I was hit in the heart with a painful blow.
d*mn ...... no Javier, no Umaro, no Bekko nearby.
Where's my barrier ......,............?

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll be able to do it.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

'Hey, you're here.
'I didn't think I'd be summoned outside the city gate, though.

Regina came rushing in with her usual outing kit on her shoulders and her magnificent paisla generously exposed to the sun.

'Thank you, Regina!
'Then let's unload as soon as possible.

Oh, no!Miss Paisla?

'So, did you get the ingredients?
'Well, yeah. I'm sorry it took so long.
'No, it's better to leave it to you than to rush into a half-hearted procedure.
'...... My expectations are really heavy, aren't they?

He smiled with a toothy grin and said happily, 'You can't fail.
I don't want you to fail, though.

I gave Regina an empty bottle wrapped in my jacket, and asked her to analyze the liquid inside.
If we can find out what's in it, we can take the right measures.

'Yeah. You've got the first aid down pat. You're good at that, aren't you?
'Well, it's the basics of what to do when you've got a toxic substance on you.
'I'm glad you know the basics. It would have gotten worse if I had left it untreated or if I had applied medicine.

When sulfuric acid or the like is on the skin and causing inflammation, the use of strong alkaline medicines can cause a neutralizing heat that makes the burn worse.
At this level of inflammation, I am completely helpless. I have no choice but to put my trust in the experts.

'Well, can you show me the affected area?
'Sure. I'd appreciate it.
'And the tiger's daughter.
'...... Magda can wait. Get me Medamama, now.'

Magda must be in pain, no matter how big or small the wound.
And yet, she couldn't bear to see Medora so badly injured.

'Thank you, Magda. You're a sweet girl.'
'...... Magda is in the middle of being pampered, ...... that's all.'

She hugged Jeannette tightly and buried her face in her large breasts.
She was embarrassed.
.................. I like that.

'I'm too honest in my gaze and expression, you should be careful.
'I like .......'
'You're being honest with your mouth too. Shut up for a minute or I'll take you seriously.'

Regina scolded me, and I shut my mouth.
I'll leave Magda to Jeannette and do something to help. I'd like to have some knowledge for the future.

'Okay, first I'm going to pour this liquid over the affected area. It may sting a little, but it's not bad for you, so be patient.'
'Is that medicine?
'It's not medicine, it's more like a rival to .......'

It's a rival to the deleterious substance, which means it's a chemical that neutralizes it.
...... Are you okay?
I don't think there's anything Regina doesn't know about neutralizing fever. ......

'Hey, can I take a whiff?
'Oh, my God, my?The guild leader's?
'It's the liquid!

I'm not sure why my fetish for smell is suddenly awakened in this scene, but I am!I don't know!

'Can't you smell it?

I'm sure you've heard of it.
I guess she knows I'm worried about her and is responding to my request.

I fan my hands to send the smell to my nose.
...... odorless.
So that means.

'Sodium bicarbonate?
'I'm surprised you guessed odorless, myself. I'm surprised.

What Regina is holding is a sodium bicarbonate solution.
When you are badly burned by sulfuric acid, wash the affected area with this sodium bicarbonate solution before neutralizing the acid with alkali.
This will prevent neutralization heat from occurring during the neutralization with alkali.

The concentration is 3% or 5% ......8%, right?
Well, I guess Regina can handle that.

'What's that carbonated ...... something?'

With Magda shrinking in her chest, Ginette turns an anxious face towards you.
Magda will also be treated later, so she must be concerned.

'You know what I mean.

I say with a smile to reassure him.
'Sodium bicarbonate is...'

'It's baking soda.
'I see. Then it's harmless to the body.
'But it causes a chemical reaction with the acid on the skin, so it may sting a little. But if you believe in me, I'll make it right.
'Yes. I trust you, Regina-san.

Ginette smiled and patted Magda on the head.
Regina also smiled as if relieved and turned to Medora.

'Now, let's start the healing.

With a reassuring smile that reassured everyone who saw her, especially the anxious patients who were badly injured, Regina began her treatment.

She washed the wound with a sodium bicarbonate solution, rinsed it again under running water thoroughly, and then applied a sticky mustard-colored medicine to the affected area.

'That's quite something. The pain went away like it never happened.

Regina, who had begun treating Magda's fingertips after Medora, responded with a chuckle.

'Right?In another five minutes or so, that medicine will dry up and crack, so just peel it off and you're done.

As he said this, he applied the mustard-colored medicine to Magda's fingertips as well.

'Good work, Magda.
'...... No problem. It didn't hurt much.'

Her ears had lain down a bit during the neutralization, but they seemed to be fine now.

'So, what was that deleterious drug after all?'

The potion that had injured Medora and Magda, and put Masha in danger.
Looking at the symptoms and Regina's treatment, I think it was some kind of concentrated sulfuric acid.

'It's an abominable demon drug that was created in a war long ago.

A long time ago.

The forty-two wards are full of peace, but such a dark past certainly exists.
Humans used to fight with werewolves, dragons and mermaids.

'A deleterious substance that was developed to dissolve dragon scales. It's supposed to be banned now, but ...... sadly, there's too much demand for powerful weapons.

It doesn't matter if it's banned or not, if it sells, it gets made.
It is because they are banned that they are traded at high prices.
It's called ...... business.

Are there dangerous things like this circulating in this city?

'And what's worse is that--'

Regina's eyes sharpened.
Her gaze was sharper than I'd ever seen it before, and I could clearly see the anger she felt towards the dangerous substance.

'It was laced with a potion that solidifies seawater.

Regina said that it was a harmless potion in itself.
It was developed to quickly recover oil that had leaked into the sea, and it was a convenient medicine that could solidify the seawater in the vicinity where it was sprayed and remove all the oil.
When it comes into contact with seawater, the drug immediately hardens and becomes tense, engulfing nearby oil and garbage.
In this way, secondary damage caused by marine accidents is minimized, they say.

'With this amount of water in a small bottle, seawater in a mermaid tank would be solidified into a solid mass. If that were the case, ......'

If that had happened, Masha would have been trapped in a tank filled with a poisonous drug that would burn her skin to the touch. ......
Even if she tried to escape, she couldn't get out because the seawater was too solid. ......

It's the worst weapon a mermaid can have.

'I'm glad that ...... bastard isn't here right now.

The words leaked out unknowingly, and the people present looked at me and jumped their shoulders at that moment.

'Maybe you should have done more than just hit him.

You need to take the time to let them know that what they try to do to others, others may do to you.

'Don't worry, Yashiro-kun. Look, I'm fine, and Medamama protected me!Hey☆'

Masha, who had cowered in fear when she heard what was in the bottle, forced a smile on her face in an attempt to quell my anger.

...... No.
I'm not trying to make Masha look like that.
I'll deal with my anger on my own.

'Masha's F-cups are a treasure in this town. We all have to protect it.'
'Mmm. Are they just tits?'Pfft!I don't know anything about you.'

You try to hide the fear that's stuck in your heart by getting angry and playing around like that.
You're really afraid, but you keep a bland face to avoid showing your weakness.

I'll never forget how I made Marcia look like this ......, okay?

I'm not going to forget it.
'Can you do that?
'Of course I can. Who do you think I am?It's me.

No, it doesn't touch my heart at all.

There are two things in this world that I hate.

Regina, wearing a large pointy hat like a witch, muttered in a low voice.

'My inability to help those who are suffering in front of me...'

She gulps a short breath and says in a cool voice.

''Making a pair with the person you love is a public execution!
'You don't care about that, do you?

I mean, where did you get that from?
Did you go to school or something?
There's no such thing as physical education in this world, is there?

I'm not sure what to make of that.
If you look at them, Masha and Ginette are both shaking their shoulders with a giggle.
The tense atmosphere changed color.

That's what I'm talking about, Regina.
It's not every day you get to save someone's heart by cutting your own.

'Your botch doesn't save people.
'Right?People are stronger when they know that there are others below them.

I don't know if that's true.

'Oh, it looks like it's dry now.

Medora poked the potion on her arm with her finger.
The mustard-colored potion had changed to a whitish light blue.

'Well, that's great, isn't it? I'll give you a big 'belly~! Do you want to rip it off?
'As hard as I can. ...... Hmph!

Medora rips off the potion covering her arm with gusto.
It's like the scene in a spy movie where a guy disguised as someone else takes off his mask. That texture, that sound.

'Oh, ......!

And what came out from underneath the hardened potion was beautiful skin, smooth and shiny without a single blemish.

'There's no scar left at all!
'No, that's too much, isn't it?

You were burned, weren't you!
Even if the scar disappears, it would take a little longer, normally!

'That burn-like scar is actually a bacteria.

It's not a burn?

'If you leave it alone, it will take root in your body and become a real burn, but if you take care of it before it takes root, it will come off cleanly.

I don't know what's going on here!
It's a bacterium, but if it takes root in the body, it will cause burns?
What's that?
What kind of principle is that?

Well, there are magical plants that parasitize the human body and eat away at your memories, so maybe there are such things. ......
But whatever...

'Good for you, Medora. There's no trace of it.

Even Medora is a woman, after all.
Having ugly scars on her skin must make her sad in many ways.
I'm glad you're clean.

'Yes!Now you can wear your wedding dress!

I don't know about that.
Oh, excuse me, can you not look at me?
It's out of my jurisdiction.

'You're looking good, Magda.
'...... back to normal.'

The burn marks on Magda's fingertips had disappeared cleanly.

'Is there any more pain?'
'...... Not at all.'
'I see.'

I'm really glad.

'It's thanks to you that you prevented the bacteria from becoming active with running water. If the roots had been a little deeper, it would have left some marks.'
'I see. I'm glad it worked.

That's a very different reason why I wanted to pour water on it.
...... After all, what was in that vial? Well, I guess you wouldn't know even if I asked.

'Then I'll go tell Estella-san about it.
'I'm sorry, Imelda.'
'No, I'm not. The fact that she is Stuart Javier's daughter makes it difficult for the lords to talk to her. If it were anyone else, they would have surrounded you and asked you to explain the situation.

Surely they can't surround Imelda and say, 'What's going on? You can't do that.
Because there's a scary, burly father behind her.

'Oh, yeah. Imelda.

The hunter and the woodcutter stopped Imelda who was on her way to Estella.

'Can you tell Estella for me?

Leave a message for me.
Make sure you tell him.

'I'm going to keep him out for a while.'

I have no intention of forgiving the person who did this and the person who made me do this.