76-Anecdote 5 Trying Foot-in-the-Door Techniques

Obayashi, 16 years old.
I'm a swindler.
A filthy man who cheats others to line his own pockets. That's who I am.

Jeannette's too stupid, so I've decided to give her a little training.
Otherwise, he's bound to get hurt.

If I hadn't been so Buddha-minded, she'd be in a school swimsuit right now with my face between her tits.
Thank God for my steel reason!
In fact, I kind of wish you had done it!

'Listen, Jeannette. People are easily fooled.
'But those two are very cautious and have a strong sense of self-discipline, so I don't think they can be fooled by anyone, can they?

'Those two,' Ginette pointed out.

''Have you been hanging out at the Sunshine Pavilion again today?You have a lot of free time on your hands, don't you, woodcutter princess?
'Since the completion of the contract, your attitude towards me has changed. ...... I guess you're just showing your tail, huh?It's so shallow.

...... I don't remember these guys being this close.

I'm not sure what to say.Can you please warn her to stop monopolizing Ukrines?
'Are you doing that?
'No, I'm not!It's wrong for that woman to be showing off Yashiro-san's hand-made gusset!It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your money.
I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.
'No,......, I'm not that happy about it,.......'
'I'm not that obsessed with it either,......'.

I don't know.
Why are you two staring at me with your eyes looking up?
Don't look at me like you want to say something. Say what you want to say with your mouth.

However, people in this situation are easily deceived.
The rivalry builds up self-esteem and creates an opening.

'Jeannette, come here for a minute.
'Yes, sir.'

I'll call Ginette in and give her a lecture.

'Take a good look at this. I'm going to show you the 'Foot in the Door Technique'.'
'Foot in the door ......?

Once a person has accepted another person's request, he or she will feel obliged to accept the next request as well. This psychology plays a big role in people who have a hard time getting rid of friends who are always selfish.

A tasting at a supermarket may be a good example.
A person who agrees to a tasting is more likely to agree to the next request, 'please buy the product'. At least, the probability of buying the product increases more than those who did not taste it.
If we make this more sophisticated, most negotiations will go well.

'In short, make them accept simple demands first, and then gradually increase the demands.
'I feel bad asking you again and again, but ......'.
'Don't worry. You'll give them the satisfaction of knowing that you've granted their wish. That satisfaction is a hard to get pleasure from feeling.
'So ...... is it?
'Well, just watch. I'm going to make those two order the most expensive one here, the 'Sunlit Pavilion Kaiseki - Sairi'.
'Eh, it costs ......250Rb, you know?

That's 10 times more than the 25Rb daily set meal. It's a price that makes me want to say, "Are you kidding me?
Even Imelda had never eaten this dish before.
Not to mention Estella, who is rather poor for a lord.

I'll make them eat it!

For starters, I'll make them agree to a simple request to get them in the habit of accepting.

'Well, well, well, both of you. Since we've come to the Sunlit Pavilion, why don't we grab a bite to eat?
'Yeah, sure. I haven't had Ginette's cooking lately. I wonder what I should have.
'Then I recommend river fish. You can catch some good ones this time of year.'
'Oh, is that so?I think I'll go for river fish then.

Now, Estella is as good as trapped in my trap.

'Then, I'll have the grilled salmon set meal at .......'
'Hey, Estella. Why don't you splurge and have the 'sunny-side up gozen' for a change?We've got the best ingredients today.'

I rebuffed Estella's attempts to order as usual, and first recommended the second most expensive menu item at the Sun Goddess Pavilion.
And Estella, although she was caught off guard, showed some hesitation as to what to do.

'The Sunlit Pavilion Gozen, huh? ......'
I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's worth it.
'Eh......, what's with you, suddenly......'

'So, it wouldn't hurt to treat yourself to a little something here and there, would it?
'...... "Reward Yourself" ......'

Estella's facial muscles all relaxed at once.
She's so easy, this one.

'Well, then ......, I'll take that.'

Okay!Then let's take another breath here!

'Yeah, but if you're going to give me a reward, you might as well make it worth it. Hey, Estella. You know, .......'

And just as I was about to recommend the "Sunlit Pavilion Kaiseki ~Saiari~" for its original purpose, a voice interrupted me.

'Hey, Yashiro-san!Can't you recommend it to me?

Just as he was about to make a push, Imelda interrupted him.
Hold on a minute.
The foot-in-the-door technique works better if you let the tension rise gradually and then force her to give in to your demands!
If you interrupt, it could fail. In the worst case scenario, you could make a big mistake and go back to the beginning, like 'Oh, I'll just have the grilled salmon set meal.

'Wait a minute, please. I want to concentrate on Estella now.
'You're putting me off!
'Sorry. It's very important to me.

The foot-in-the-door technique I'm using on you, though?

'Are you saying that your time is more important than mine?

I'm in rehab as a con artist.
It's very important.

'I'll take plenty of time for you later, okay?

I'm gonna set you up with the foot-in-the-door technique. Just make sure you fall for it.

'Well, well, I guess I can't help it. Because, you know, how long have we known each other?I'm sure you've heard of it, but I'm not sure if you've heard of it.So...'
I'm sorry!It's that face!It's always that face that gets on my nerves.
'Yashiro, I'm different today. Today, I think I'll go all out and have the ...... sunlit pavilion kaiseki.

Are you the daughter of a rich man who indulges in hosting?...... You're not too far off the mark.

'...... It's great. As Yashiro said,............, this is the foot-in-the-door technique,.......'

Yeah ...... a little bit different from ............ this is completely Estella's self-destruction.

I'm not sure what to say.What is that sunlit pavilion kaiseki?
'Yes. It's our most expensive meal.
'Isn't there anything higher than that?
'Yes. The most expensive one is the Yangdari-tei Kaiseki - Saiori.'
'I see. ...... will take two of those.'
'Yes, it's 'twice' as much as Estella's!
'It's amazing ...... just like Yashiro-san said ............ this is the foot-in-the-door technique'.

No, it's ....... It's unquestionably Imelda's self-destruction.
I didn't do anything.

'Why are you always trying to compete with me?That kind of behavior shows how shallow you are!
'Whatever you say, sir. It's a trick that poor people can't do.
'Mukkaa ......!

Estella clearly bent her head.
It's rare to see someone with such a clear expression on their face.

'Ginette-chan, I'll take five kaiseki from the Sunlit Pavilion!
''No, you can't eat that much, can you?
'I'll treat Umaro and the others!

Don't be so competitive. ...... In any case, that money is tax revenue from the forty-two districts, right?I'm not going to know if there's going to be a coup d'etat.

'Mr. Manager!I'm going to buy up this store's pantry!
'The pantry?
'It's a pity, Estella-san. You'll need my permission to cook for you.
'If you're a coward, ............, I'll buy your sunlit pavilion!
'You're buying a restaurant?

'Then I'll buy up the entire forty-two districts!
'Isn't that too big a scale, Imelda?
'I'll contact Assunto and take control of the 40th, 41st, and 42nd districts of the 40th League!
'There were more higher-ups!
'All Blooms are mine!
'The whole city?
'I'm going to conquer the world!
'You're going after the world?

...... What are these guys competing about?

'Ya, Yashiro-san, we're in trouble!The world is in Estella-san's hands!
'Ah~ ...... Ginette. Can I have a word?
'Yes, yes!I'm in a bit of a bind right now, so please be brief!
'Go make two grilled salmon set meals and feed them to them.'
'Yeah, ......, but what about the foot-in-the-door technique?
'Oh, ...... that ............ thing.'

I turned my gaze to the two men bickering across the table--

'Then I'll take two worlds!
'Then I'll take five!

--Today, I'll tell you a new fact I've learned.

'...... can't be used on unfortunate girls.

Even I still have a lot to learn.
That's what I learned one day when I was sixteen, Obayashi.