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'Oh, ......, what should I do?

I crouched down on the ground and let out a huge sigh.
'Okay!Let's have a big party! -- about five minutes after I made my grand announcement.

'Rebeka-san, you want a son-in-law to take over the koji factory, right?
'Oh, ...... and Donis has no intention of letting the beastman tribe into the lord's circle of relations. ...... No, he has no hair roots.'
'Can you please correct me and not misquote me when I don't have to?I know you're shocked. ......'

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm not sure what to do.

'If Fillman leaves the house, both of our requests will be fulfilled. ......'
'Then Mr. Donati's biggest request will not be fulfilled.

Filman's son-in-law at the Koji Factory would make Rebekah happy, and Donis would be able to keep the beastmen out of his lord's mansion.
However, the original wish of 'Filman as the next lord' will be rejected.

'In the end, it's not possible to have everything just the way you want it. Don't underestimate the world!
'If that's the case, I'm sure Mr. Donati will make it his top priority to make Mr. Filman the next lord. Even if it means forcibly tearing the two of them apart.
'............ If I plucked out a single hair of that guy, wouldn't he be so shocked that he wouldn't care about anything else?'
'There will probably be a ...... war. And they'll talk about it for generations to come. The 'One Hair War'.

Wouldn't it be a shame if people lost their lives for such a silly reason? ...... d*mn.

'Yashiro. This is the path you've chosen for yourself.'

With a smirk on her face, Estella places both hands on my shoulders.
One hand on each shoulder, of course.

Estella's face is right in front of mine. ...... I'm gonna kiss you, you son of a b*tc*. No, I'm not.

'After Mr. Fillman got down, you could have somehow managed to talk Mr. Donati out of it. Nevertheless, you showed your good-naturedness and took action to heal Mr. Filman's heartbreak, knowing that it could lead to more trouble.
'I hadn't even considered that possibility.
'No way. That's impossible, for a man like you. Obayashi, the best strategist in the forty-two districts, would never act without thinking ahead.
'...... I can tell you're not complimenting me, you son of a b*tc*.

She shakes off Estella's hand and turns her body to the side.
'Pfft! That's it.
...... What's with the 'good-natured' thing? I don't have any of that!
If there's even one micron of that nasty stuff in me, it's...

It's all Jeannette's fault. She must have passed it on to you.
'I'm not so sure about that.In my eyes, it's a 50/50 split.
'That's because your eyes are so narrow that they can see a flat surface as 'slightly bulging'.
'I'm bulging!

I guess you're not angry about the 'holes', but about that.

'Anyway. You should just give up and start trying to make it all go away. I'm sure it'll be in your best interest.
'If you just think ......, you can say whatever you want.
'The spirit gods will not condemn you for talking about your dreams.

No matter how false it sounds, you can't judge it unless it's a lie.
It's really full of flaws, isn't it, the Judgment of Spirits?

'You flat!
'It's not flat!
'The Spirit's ......'!
'I'll put it down!
''Oh, ......, you two. It's not good to fight.''

Sophie intervenes between us with a dazed look on her face.

Oh, yeah. We're still in the church.
Sophie is coming back after chasing away the visitors.
...... I knew she'd chase them off.

Barbara is sitting in a wooden chair in the garden, looking like a carved wooden figurine. ...... She looks like a dried up monkey.

'It's not like we were fighting. You can ask n...... Barbara about the dried ones, too.'
'What did you misspell, now?
'I was just trying to educate Estella that she shouldn't lie.
'Yashiro, the next time you say something stupid, I'll have my hands out, okay?

Why is this guy so quick to resort to brute force?
I'd like to see him have a little more weakness, like crying out 'yo yo ......' and appealing with sorrow.

'I mean, you can hear everything I say in private, right?

He has the hearing to distinguish the sound of footsteps dozens of meters away from here.
I'm sure he can hear any private conversation we have.

'No, sir. Eavesdropping is not a good thing, so I don't turn my ear to the person who's talking in private.

'Turn your ear?'
'Like this.'

As she said this, Sophie turned her ears to me.
Her ears are pure white, and the light pink skin is a lovely shade.

'And when I do this, I can barely hear .......'

Next, he turned his ears away suddenly.
The back of her ear turns towards you.

'Let me poke your tits, girl.

You'll be able to find a lot more information on this subject in the following article.

'...... Geez, ............ really, I can't ...... hear you. I'm sure you're ....... ......'
'Oh my God!Why the sudden body blow?What did you say, Yashiro?

Sophie's face kept looking at me. The only thing she turned away from was her ears, but the visual information seemed to have been transmitted perfectly to her brain.
The auditory information seemed to have been shut out.

'If your ears are turned away, do you lose all hearing?
'No, sir. I can hear loud voices. Also, if someone talks near me, I can hear them.

So you can hear as if someone is talking to you behind your back.
But that's a very high cut rate.

'When I really don't want to hear anything, I do this.

Then Sophie curled her ears.
Like rolling a hand towel. Dexterously round. ...... The broken ear doesn't seem to be moving, but this one has lost its hearing as well, so I guess it can't hear anything in this state.

Despite the fact that I shouted out from the bottom of my stomach, only Estella managed to land a screw punch on my midsection.
She seriously didn't hear me.

'Aaahhhh!What did you say this time?

If Estella suddenly went on a violent rampage when she couldn't hear a sound, she would be surprised.
...... But why?Why are you assuming that I've said something I shouldn't have?
It's also possible that Estella is just violent. .................. Oh, there was something in Bertina's letter, wasn't there? I'm sure she did.

'Violence is not good, Miss Estella.

While respecting Estella as the lord of the church, she showed that she could not tolerate violence in the church.

'I would like to do the same as much as possible, but ...... I can't overlook the violence against the sisters of other districts.
'What do you mean,......?
'Yashiro, why don't you come clean with your own mouth?'
I'm just saying. You just said, 'I think I'm about a D cup'.
'Barbara-san, permission to use the Morning Star, please!
'No weapons!

Estella's punches don't hurt that much because she is moderated. It's like a tsukkomi. But the Morning Star is not worth the trouble!

'Don't you mean 'please repent', all of you church people?
It's a shame.It's a disgrace!

So, Bertina was very tolerant.
And so was Ginette, who was raised by Bertina.

'Bertina and Ginette are tolerant of pornography!
'That's not what I meant!
'Barbara, the Morning Star is a two-pronged sword!

I can't wait to go back to the forty-second ward.

'I want to go back to the city of boobs, the 42nd ward!
'Can you please stop spreading rumors?

Estella seized me, and Sophie gave me a rather hard stare.
...... It's been a rough day.
But only Barbara was looking at us with a calm expression.

I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've heard of it.
'...... It's not 'like', is it?
'No, if you're talking about a pervert, you're talking about the lord over here who enjoys casually plucking my arms.
'No, I'm not enjoying it!...... I'm not plucking it!

Estella jumped back with great speed, and I was freed.
I've got my freedom, and now I have to figure out a way to get out of this messy route I've taken. ......

'You don't have to tell me if you don't want to, but ...... what happened to the rest of your family?'

At present, Rebekah has taken over as the koji maker.
According to what Barbara told me earlier, there should have been a father and a grandfather.
Where are they now?

'My father and grandfather are at .......'

Sophie's expression clouded.
'......I guess that's what you mean when you say that young Rebekah is taking over .............

'......'I can't compete with Rebeka☆', she said, retiring early.
'Get to work!
'Currently, I'm working hard at farming on the outskirts of the 24th district.'
'What's with the petit retirement?Are you enjoying the slow life?

d*mn it. I've lost my seriousness!
After hearing that Sophie had injured her ear in an accident, I thought that her father and grandfather had also passed away in an unfortunate accident.

'So at worst, even if Rebekah can't continue her duties for some reason, the koji factory will be safe, right?
'No, it will go under.
'Bring back the previous generation and the previous generation!
''It's too noisy to live a normal life,'' he said, ''I'm going to have an operation to reduce my hearing. ......
'Isn't the Whitehead clan's hearing special?You should be proud of it!And don't add '☆' to the end of every word!

Oh, my God.
Did you just throw all the responsibility on your daughter and run away?

'May I say something for the honor of Sophie's family?

Barbara interrupted me, sitting in her wood chair.

'The Whitehead family's hearing was considered a 'strange disease' before the koji research was perfected.
'The strange disease ......?'
'Yes. It was said to be a disease of excessive hearing. It was said that many people lost their lives because of their hearing.

Estella looks at me like she doesn't know what I'm talking about.
Don't ask me. You know more about this town than I do.

'For example, yes. How would you feel if there was a roar in your ear every second of every hour of every day?
'Ah, .......'

With that, Estella seemed to understand the anomaly.
I agreed with her.

Whitehead's hearing is out of the ordinary.
But it's not a machine. There's no volume control.
In other words, it's like having explosions blaring in your ears 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, 365 days a year.

...... It's crazy that you can keep your sanity in such a situation.
That's why they call it a "strange disease. It will shorten your life, too, you know.

'The previous generation and the generation before that were already at the limit of their strength.
'But then, Rebeka-san is .......'
'Rebekah and her family are special. They were born with the ability to regulate their hearing. ......, Sophie.'
'And by 'they', you mean Sophie?'

Sophie gave a small nod to my question.

'We were born with that power. If you ask me how, it's hard to explain. ......'
'Then you've been called a genius.

Sophie's ears drooped slightly.

Sophie was born with a special ability.
Maybe she evolved to protect herself. Whatever it was, Whitehead's family must have loved her for it. It was the first time someone had conquered the "strange disease" that had plagued the family for generations.

......, but then an even greater genius was born.

This is the reason why Sophie, who was admired from the moment she was born, may have become impatient.
It is also possible that she has developed a sense of rivalry with her sister, who innocently adores her, because she cannot lose.

'Everyone in the family is retired due to illness, and the only sister who has beaten the disease has left the house because of her own fault--Libeka is all alone because of her talent.
'Rebeka is not alone in ....... There's Bertha, there's everyone else ............, and she's not that weak-minded. ......'

I thought I could see the sickness lurking in Sophie's heart.
Self-loathing for having rivaled her sister.

Perhaps she had hated her, even if only temporarily.

It's this guilt from the past that only he knows about, that he doesn't want anyone else to know about, that's keeping him away from Rebekah.
It's probably making him turn his back on her.

'What if he's the only one who can carry it, and Rebeka is crushed by the burden?
'Don't worry, sir. Rebeka is a genius. As long as she's there, the koji factory will be .......''
''Are you stupid, you?''

Sophie smiled self-deprecatingly, and I couldn't help but let out a harsh word.
I'm sure you can understand how the previous generation and the previous generation retired, but ......, you should know better. Don't look away.
Don't look away.

She's just a kid.

No matter how grown up he is, no matter how talented he is, he's still a kid.
The fact that Bertha never leaves his side, and the fact that he's so happy and excited when we show up, all prove that he's a very lonely person.

'That's why he comes to see us. No matter how many times he refuses. It's ...... not okay if you can't even see him for the first time, right?
'But ......Rebecca is ............'.
'Are you trying to tell me that you want to tie Rebecca to the factory like that and live your life as you please?
'No, I'm not!
'Then what would you do if Rebeka came to you, her sister, crying and saying, "I want to quit."'
'There is no such thing as ...... .......'
'Are you going to ignore her like you have been doing?

'--I can't believe you're ignoring me!
'You're throwing me off?
'No, sir!Rather, I'm not the kind of person who can meet ...... Rebeka, so I'm ......'
'You don't mind putting all the hardships on your great, amazing, genius sister?
'No, sir!Absolutely not!
'You wouldn't even see her if she asked for help, would you?
'I will see her!If Rebeka needs me, then I will help her!

Ah~, after all the trouble ............, I finally heard her true feelings.

'Yes. It's been recorded in the Conversation Record.
'Oh ............ no, that ......'

As if her words had suddenly become frightening, Sophie hurriedly began to make excuses.

'But there's no way that Rebeca would ask me for help, and I don't think I could do anything about it if it came to that,......'.
'So, if Rebekah asks, you'll spare no effort to help.
'That's ...... that ............ well, yes.'

Sophie doesn't hate Rebekah.
It's obvious.

It's just that too much time has passed and she can't be honest about it.
There are times when you have to forcefully push back against this type of person. That's now.

'I'm not asking you to take over for Rebekah or stop being a sister. I'm just saying that the situation where we both want to see each other but we're too stubborn to see each other has got to stop.
'No, I don't want to meet .......'
'Rebekah wants to see you, that's for sure.
'Well, if you don't like Rebeka and don't want to see her face, I'm not going to force you. ......'
'I don't hate her!In fact, I love her!............

It's good to apply force like this to a person like this who is constantly lying to his own mind. If you do this, they will rebel in an interesting way, and the restraint they've been exercising will burst to the extreme.

Isn't this the first time he's said 'I love you'?
If he was thinking it in his heart, it was probably the first time he said it. His face is turning red at his own words.

'...... Yashiro is really good at exploiting people's weak points, isn't he?
'Hey, hey. That's a bad way to talk to people.'
'I'm complimenting you. I'm praising you very much.

Another complicated word: ......

'Uh-huh,' said the dried monkey ......, or Barbara's dried fish, laughing. Oh, it's not dried fish.

'You're right, Bertina. Hey, Sophie.
'............ Yes.'

Only the two people who read the letter look at me as if they want to say something.
Barbara looks happy. Sophie looks disappointed.
...... What did you write, Bertina?

'Yashiro changes the scenery in your eyes. In the blink of an ...... eye, you'll be surprised when you open your eyes again. The next time you open your eyes, you'll be amazed because you've never seen anything like it. ...... That's right.

It seems that the letter said not to show the letter, but it is okay to read it to them.
...... Well, I'm sure you've taken that into consideration, too, Bertina.

'Sophie. I couldn't make you open your closed mind. But Yashiro-san can. ......'
'I'm .......'
'Why don't you give yourself over to it?You might be able to see something you've never seen before.

Sophie's eyes stare at me.
Her eyes are a little suspicious, a little fearful, a little anxious.

It closes for a long ............ time, then opens again, and her head slowly moves vertically.

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one.

It's not that I don't like it, but I don't think it's the right thing to do.


Sophie's ears were twitching happily.

'This, this is nothing!

Sophie hurriedly held both her ears.
But she must have known that such a thing would do nothing to disguise the fact.
Her face is turning bright red. Even her ears, which are covered with white fur, are bright red.

'So, Yashiro. What are you going to do now?It doesn't seem to have solved the root of the problem, does it?'

There are many obstacles to the relationship between Rebekah and Firman.
The problem of the heir to the koji factory and Donnis's fixed idea of not wanting beastmen in the lord's manor.

With a sigh, you breathe in and drop your consciousness into deep, deep thought.
Recall all the information you've seen and heard so far: ......
Who likes what......
What are you not good at......
What are they weak at......
Where to attack to break them down: ......

There are so many ties that have piled up that it will take too much time to get rid of this mess in a straightforward manner.
If we're going to do this, we must do it all at once and thoroughly.

As Bertina said, it's my way.

There's got to be a ...... single point ...... where everything falls apart if you can just break it.
That's what a good con man does... he sniffs it out, finds it, and breaks it down.

I can see a faint outline.
I think I'm forgetting something. ...... If I can remember him, ............


Suddenly, a bunch of beastman kids come pouring out of the church.
In their hands, they hold towels, trays and blankets.

''What are you doing?
''Playing nurse!

He's probably nursing Mikel, who collapsed due to lack of stamina.
Don't just play games, take care of him properly. ......
I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I think it's a good idea. It might be Sophie's or Barbara's dress, it's too big and the hem is dragging.

'At any rate, if the sisters are here, we can bury them quickly even if it's too late.
'Let's hope it's not too late.

Estella is laughing at the strange group of doctors.
It's not a good idea to have a team of doctors, an impromptu catering team, ...... but it's ugly.
It must be unpleasant to be nursed by them. It's interesting to look at, but ............?

Strange, awkward, and ...... interesting to look at. ............

'There it is!'

Estella's shoulders shook at the sudden voice.
But that doesn't matter now!

Let's see. ...... What should I do?
The most effective and quickest way to ...... make full use of the power I have available to me right now is to ............... ...Rebecca!Riveca!You're Rebecca!

'Estella!We're going to the koji factory again!'

Estella promised to play hide-and-seek next time, so I'll let her play hide-and-seek and I'll ask Bertha to help me. He's probably in charge of the money coming in and going out.

'I'm going to seduce Bertha!

Bollocks. That's not what I meant.
I meant I'll let you in on this project.

'Oh, um, Yashiro-san!Can you please not bring Bertha back to District 42?Without her, the koji factory's operation will be ......'
'Who's going to take her back!

We don't need any more colorful people in the Forty-Two Wards!

'Bertha is like a mother to me and to Rebeka!It's a very important person who has taught us many things!
'That's why I'm not taking her with me!

I'm already saturated!

'Even though I can't make koji, she's been so kind to me!He said, 'If you can't make koji, you should learn to make something else.
'Something else?
'Yes, yes. Like miso and soy sauce.

Ah, so that's why he was giving Bertina miso and soy sauce.
So they were Sophie's homemade.

'And tofu...'
'Bean curd!

Here's the heir to a lost technology!

'You can make tofu?
'Ha, yes. I'm not as good as Bertha, but ......'

'I'm sure Bertha won't make it for you.
I'm not in a position to break the rules so casually.

'Can you make it now?
'If you use soybeans grown in the church's fields, the BU rules won't apply to the church.

That's why I haven't been offered beans once since I've been here!

'Okay, Sophie!I'll assign you another date, so make me some tofu!'
'Tofu, sir?
'Oh!I've got something for Bertina.

'To Bertina, sir?

Slightly, Sophie's tension rises.

All right, all right, all right!
The details will be adjusted later. ......

'Sister Barbara!I need you to do something for me!
'Yes. I'll come to you.'

That smile is always there, no matter what you say. It's the kind of smile you can count on.
So feel free to be selfish.

'I want to hold a party in this church later!Invite Bertina and the rest of the 42nd district, the people from the Koji factory, and the people from the lord's mansion!

Estella and Sophie's eyes widened when they heard my declaration, and Barbara said in a calm voice, as if she had expected my words.

'Yes. It would be my pleasure.

Hearing those words, I clenched my fists.
Now all I have to do is to succeed in this scheme.