159-Episode 138 Game 3 Pitfalls of the Love of Sweets


There's an emergency!
Monsters are charging towards the main camp!

'All troops forward!Do whatever you can to prevent it from entering!

Don't worry!
I've got Magda, Delia, and Norma, the three beastmen, Estella and Natalia, the knife-wielding duo, and even Umaro and Bekko, the sacrificial duo!
You'll never get to me, Medora!

'...... Magda can't.'
'You can't stop that thing.
'I can't stop it either.
'I'm sorry, Yashiro, but I can't do it with a knife.
'Yashiro-sama, please be a pillar.
'You're all heartless, aren't you?

Magda, Delia, Norma, Estella and Natalia are useless!
In this case, I'll run!

I kicked the ground and ran as fast as I could from the first step.
But I was spun around.

How fast?

'Hmph~. Getsuch!
'That's not gotchu!What the hell!You're the enemy, aren't you?
'Fighting is not the same as love, darling.'

Wielding an absurd theory, Medora invaded the space of District 42.
'A free man!

'No, no. I didn't come here just for fun either. I know what it's like to walk into enemy territory.
'In other words, what do you want?
'Ricardo said, "I think I've said too much."'

It's probably about Loretta.
I got a little pissed off and glared at her too.

I was a little pissed off and glared at her. 'She said she wished someone would go check on her, so I went to check on her and tell her I was sorry.
'...... Ricardo is surprisingly petty, isn't he?
'Maybe he's a badass. Hahaha.

Medora laughs wildly.
He's an overprotective guy after all.

'Tell Ricardo. 'I'll never forget how you made my Loretta cry.
'I've always thought you're pretty overprotective, darling.'

That's not true.
It's just that I think Ricardo should suffer a little.

'Well, I'm going back. I won't lose the third game either.'
'Hmm. Unfortunately, the next match is as good as ours.'
'That's a lot of confidence. Do you think you have a chance of winning?
'Hmm. I guess.'

Thanks to Loretta, the tide is completely in our favor.
No matter who District Forty-One brings out, we're still going to win.

'Hmm?Who's that?

Medora looks towards the entrance of the hall.
It's the same corridor we came in through.
I followed suit and looked over to ......


I saw a huge water tank coming into the waiting area of the 42nd district with Masha waving at me with a muffled voice.

'Masha!You've come to cheer me up!'
'Yes!It took me a while to get ready, so I'm late. Have you finished your turn yet?
'No, not yet.

Masha was not from District 42, but Delia insisted, so she allowed her to enter. You can't ...... have this tank in the audience.

'Hmm. The Sea Fishing Guild. You're a pretentious mermaid whose only claim to fame is her tits.

Shut up. You're a big boss of a hunting guild who's barely recognized as a woman because of her tits.
And then--

'Mama, mama, mama, Masha-san!

Suddenly, a piranha-faced man with a strangely high-pitched voice bursts into our space.
What the hell is that voice?Are you kidding me?
And then I took a closer look at ......

'That's Gustave, isn't it?
'...... Why is Gustave here?'
'Yes, Gustave. What are you doing here?
'Hello, Gustave... It's been a while...
'Yes, Masha!It's been a while!

Are you ignoring us all?

'Forget the tiger girl, how come you know her?
'I heard a rumor about a guy who eats a lot of food.
'As expected of you, darling. Oh, is that it?You know,......, were you inspecting or something when you were on your date with me?
'Don't squirm with your big body!

Well, you're absolutely right, but!

'Ma, you have a ...... date with your mom?

Gustave and Magda looked at me like I was a freak.
It's a terrible rumor.

'Well, more importantly, Masha. You've come to see me, haven't you?
'Uh-huh. I'm cheering on my friend Delia.
'Wow, me!Tomorrow!I'll be playing an active role in the most important scene!After all, I'm the general!Please come!I hope you'll come again tomorrow!

Apparently, Gustave the ravenous fish has a crush on Masha, the guild leader of the Sea Fishing Guild.
'I want to be caught too! I don't know.

But ......, there's no pulse. Masha is completely passive.
When you're a big-boobed mermaid like Masha, you're bound to have a lot of guys coming after you.
She's got an air of maturity about her that the guys in District 42 don't have. It's the kind of s*xiness that makes you want to play with fire.

'...... Gustave is the general, after all.
'It looks like we'll be facing Magda.'
'Oh, come on, you idiot, Gustave!You're leaking information about us!My darling is smarter than most men, a little leak and you'll be swept off your feet!

I'm sorry to say that I've been praised, but ...... what's with the "bragging about your family" tone? And who is 'my darling'?

'See you, darling. I'm going to leave now so that this idiot doesn't say anything else.
'Oh, hurry up and go home.

And don't come back.

Masha asks me when Medora and the others have left.

'So, when are you coming in, Delia?

It seems he was careful not to leak our information to the others.
He's a very thoughtful guy. He must be able to read the atmosphere.

......, in exchange.

I'm not sure what you're talking about.Don't stare at me so much!
'Haaaaaaahhhh!I got kicked!I'm happy!Happy!Kick me more, kick me more!With your feet!With my feet!
'Ouch!You're disgusting, you half-fisherman!

Calvin, the deputy head of the Seafaring Guild (who has a serious foot fetish), is very excited to see Norma's raw feet. He's no good. I'm not sure what to make of that. ...... I wish he'd just become seaweed.

'Oh, yeah. Don't worry about that.
'My cheerleading squad is being damaged...'
'I'll be patient.

How dare you!
Well, Norma can easily knock out Calvin, so I guess I'll just ...... leave her alone.

'So, about Delia's match: ......'

I say clearly to Delia, who is standing next to Masha.

'It's right after this.'
'What?I'm going to the third round?

'Wow, it looks like you've arrived at just the right time!

Regardless of the timing of Masha's visit, the flow is definitely in our direction.

'Thanks to Loretta, we have a chance to win.

Thanks to Loretta's foul play and the fact that she was deprived of the authority of the lowest rank as a penalty, Shikku was in charge of cooking for the third round.
This is his first time cooking.

'Forty wards will bring out a luxury cake!When it comes to cake gluttony, Delia is unbeatable!

A second win here would clinch the championship.

'I see!Loretta's pretty good too!
'You're so clever...'
'Yes, she is!Loretta's great!
'Ho, ho, ho, ho!He's praising me a lot when I'm not here!

Loretta came back just in time, wearing a cheerleading uniform and a ponytail.
Her hair wasn't as long as Ginette's or Magda's, so you could see the nape of her neck when she wore it in a ponytail.
Hmmm. The way her hair is tangled is quite s*xy.
Mm-hmm. It's nice, Loretta.

Of course!Loretta is s*xy!
'You've changed your words!

Loretta's eyes widen, but she looks somewhat happy.
All you have to do is keep your cheerful face like that.

''Well then!Let's go for it!

Delia clasped her hands and stretched her arms tightly.
I could see the confidence in her face.

--Boom, boom, boom!

The bell rang for standby, and Delia walked up to the stage alone.
Following Delia, a large man with a body like an armadillo walked onto the stage.

'...... Weblo of the Armadillo People. He has a stupid tongue that can eat any bad food, saying, 'Delicious, delicious.
'There are no good people in hunting guilds. ......'
'...... When a person eats something they don't like or something that tastes bad, their stomach refuses to take more and they eat less. Even if you don't particularly dislike a food, if the seasoning or presentation is not to your liking, it will affect you somewhat.
'In other words, the armadillo human armadillons don't have it.
'...... Yes. Armadillons are capable of eating anything in a flat state.

Armadillon's name has been overwritten.
Magda, you might want to rethink your habit of taking the fun out of things.

And one more. The representative of the Forty Wards will take the stage.
He's just an ordinary guy with no special features. He's got some muscle in his arms, I think.

'Hey, Imelda. What the hell kind of guy is that ...... ............, huh?What about Imelda?
'...... was taken by a stylish man with a red face.'

The stylish Xenobios must have been taking Imelda out to eat again, without fail.
A man with an indomitable spirit.

I can't help it.

'Hmm?What's up, buddy?
'What kind of a man is that?

I try to get some information from Percy, who lives in the same 40th district.

'No, I've never seen him before, who is that guy?
'You're useless!Go home now!
'I refuse!I won't leave no matter what until I have Nephrite's cheerleader outfit burned into my brain!

What a useless man!

'Oh, that's Killian from the restaurant, isn't it?

Unexpectedly, Umaro had information on the man.
Oh, he's from the Forty-second Ward too, isn't he?


And with that, the bell rang and the third match began.

'Killian's store is an austere store that people in the know like.
'Wow. What kind of food do they serve you?
'Super spicy food. Oh, look, there's that!That's the spicy chicken they're using in the game.

I shouted at Umaro's words and ran to the stage.
In front of the players, a plate of bright red chicken wings was placed.

'Isn't that ...... cake?

Such ...... why ............

'Hmph!It's so spicy!
This is the normal level of spiciness in our restaurant, so I don't understand how you can say that this level is spicy.

Armadillons, while saying it was spicy and hot, ate the hot chicken with relish.
Perhaps because it was his own food, Killian also ate the red chicken with an unconcerned look on his face.

In the midst of all of this, the only one who remains rigid is ...... Delia.

'Ya, Yashiro. ......'

Delia looks like she's about to cry.
Is it so sad that it wasn't a cake?
It's true that without the cake, you might have a hard time, but you can't help it, just hang in there as long as you can.

...... Two defeats in a row is indeed not good.

It's not a good idea to lose two in a row.

I'm not sure what to do.
You can see the anxiety overflowing from her face.

d*mn ......, I completely missed the point.

I'll take it!

Delia bites into a bright red chicken wing. .................. Then she coughed loudly, all the hair on her body standing on end.

'Gosh!Gosh, gosh, gosh!
'Delia!Are you okay?
'...... great............ well......... It's not ........., it's .............'

Large tears spill from Delia's eyes.

'Mii............ this is hard............ very hard. ............'

She curls her large body into a small ball and sobs like a little girl.
Could it be that Delia is ............

'Ah~...... this is bad luck.'

Masha leaks a sigh as she dips into the tank.

'Delia, I can't handle spicy food at all. Just a little 'tingle' makes me cry.
'...... so much?
'Kaiware daikon is too spicy for her to eat.'

............ You have a child's tongue!
I think Magda and I were talking about how hot and spicy the curry was when we were eating it. ......
It's not a characteristic of the beastman race, but simply because Magda and Delia have child's tongues and don't like spicy food. ......

'Ya, Yashiro~......'

I can hear Delia's voice shaking with tears.
I'm not sure what to do.
It might be inevitable in this situation,...... two losses,............

'I, ...... will do my best!

When I looked up, my eyes met Delia's.
Her eyes, large and wet with tears, were shaking with fear.
But I do my best to gather myself up and bring the bright red chicken wings to my mouth.

'Yashiro believed in me!I want to return the favor!

He bites into the spicy chicken and screams.
Tears and sweat come pouring out of my eyes.

I can't. I can't let you eat any more. ............

I lost two games, but I didn't ...... give them two wins.
If the 40th district wins here, all the districts will be tied at one win each. Then we still have a chance to get back on track.


'Mmm!Hot, hot, hot!
'Hmm, hmm. This level of spiciness doesn't even fall into the category of spiciness, and for me, it's perfectly acceptable, but it's a bit much,............. In addition, the ability to efficiently convert the minimum amount of food required for life activities into energy is a superior biological ability, so even if you can eat more than others, it is nothing to be proud of. ...'

While Armadillons continued to eat like idiots, the manager of this very spicy chicken restaurant started to crap on them, insuring them in case they lost. He may have entered this competition because he is good at spicy food, but the amount of food he ate was too normal. If the others hadn't been too spicy to eat, he might have won. ......

This time, the 41st district will win.

............ Two wins were taken.

It's not good. ...... It's not good. ............
What went wrong?
How did this happen?

Yes, ...... me.

Because I didn't do my research, I assumed ...... that the food in the 40th district was cake, and I didn't even ask ............ Imelda or Umaro. I didn't even ask Imelda or Umaro.
I didn't even visit them.

I didn't have time to get carried away with making curry. ............

What am I doing?

This ...... is a rudimentary mistake. ..................... ...lose?

You can't lose!

When I came to my senses, I saw that the audience was cheering loudly.

'You guys!Shout harder!
'Come on!We're going to cheer for Delia-san, who's crying but still fighting hard!

Norma and Loretta were leading the way, and the audience was cheering for Delia in unison.
To Delia, 'Ganbare! Ganbare! to Delia.

With such cheers, Delia bit into the spicy chicken in desperation.
Her mouth turned red, and her eyes also turned red with tears. ......

Her appearance also struck a chord with the audience, and their cheering became more passionate.
'Ganbare! Ganbare! Ganbare! and ......

............ You're already working hard enough.


She shouted.

'You don't have to eat anymore!

The audience goes silent.
Delia stopped, looked up, and looked at me with a ...... tear-stained face.

'But, but ............'.
'It's okay!It's okay!

It's better to be in last place than to try so hard.
You can avoid mistakes like this one.

You can prepare a menu that suits you and gives you an advantage. ...... Well, you can make it the player's favorite food, or make it a dish that only Regina can eat, like the first curry... .........

Anyway, you don't have to eat a single bite more of this.

Delia, that's enough. Just stop it. ......

'I'll take care of it!I'll take care of it!So don't eat anymore!

This is all my fault.
I got carried away, and it was my ............ fault.

'...... Sorry, Delia.

I'm sorry, Delia.' The only sound I could make was the buzzing of a mosquito.
Even so, Delia's ears were twitching, so I think her words had reached her.

Delia's shoulders relaxed and the ...... chicken fell onto her plate.

'............ haha ............ I'm f*cked... ...'

Delia mutters in a dry voice.
Her voice was trembling, faintly.

'......Sorry, guys. ............I lost. ......!

In frustration, he choked up and burst into tears again.
You bite down on your teeth and try your best to hold it in, but the ...... sobs still start to leak out.

I'm the one who got us into this situation.
It's ...... my fault.

I'm the one who's responsible!

I raise my voice to the audience.
No one here can blame Delia.

'So if you have a problem with that, tell me!No one else, just me!

The cuisine of the forty districts must be the cake of luxury?
Why bother bringing an already famous specialty to an event like this?
Think about it and you'll understand.
We have such a big opportunity to promote ourselves. Of course they'd come to advertise something that's minor now but will surely sell once it's known!Or at least, that's what I would have done!

What you think, they also think. I forgot such an obvious thing.
I can't help you. I'm a devastating a**h*le.
I deserve to be blamed. ......

'I don't blame you, a**h*le!

It was a gentle tirade, thrown from the audience. ......

'There are no absolutes in a game!
I'm not sure what to say.

Such rhetoric is ...... becoming more and more infectious and ......

'Delia!You did a great job!
'Yeah, yeah, yeah!
'Come back with your heart on your sleeve!

Smiles are blooming all over the place.

...... Are these people ............ stupid?
They're all stupidly .................. sycophantic.

--Boom, boom, boom, boom!

For the next forty minutes, Delia did as I told her and did not eat a single bite of chicken, and the result of the forty-second district was two plates.
The winner was District Forty-One with seventy-two plates, and District Forty with fifty-six.

District 41 now had two wins. This means that District 41 has won two games and is now in the lead for the championship.

On the other hand, we have to win all the remaining two games.
Now that we have the right to choose the next dish,...... how do we attack,......?

'Yashiro...... everyone......'

Wobbly on her feet, Delia returns.

'Heh ...... I lost.'
'Nice fight, sir!Delia-san!

Loretta jumps on Delia's fake smile.

Loretta knows best how hard it is to lose and how frustrating it is.
In her own way, she must have wanted to encourage her.

'Your courage to stay there until the end. I think that's admirable.

It must have been very painful to stay on stage without being able to eat.
But Delia didn't run away, she stayed there until the end.
...... I've given you a hard time.

I'm sure you'll understand.

Delia said with red eyes that still had traces of tears in them.
Her back is straight and her face is crisp.

'Honestly, I'm so frustrated. ...... but I don't cry anymore. I'm not sure what to say.I'm so sorry!I'll never cry!

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're going to do with your time.

'We are all one team. I'm sure someone else will make up for my loss. Yashiro will make sure that happens. ......, right?

All eyes turned to me.
Delia is staring straight at me.

'Oh. I promise ............ I'll make it happen. ......'

What about the frogs? What is the Judgment of the Spirits?
I'll make it clear to you!

'I am!No, we're going to make sure that District 42 wins!Absolutely!

As I raised my voice in an uncharacteristic manner, cheers rose from the spectators' seats.
The gazes of the countless people staring at me softened.

'Yes. I'll do my best to help.

Ginette stepped forward in front of me.
Estella comes up next to me and sighs with her usual dumbfounded expression.

'There's no going back now, is there? ...... I'm unusually heated.'

Magda squeezes the hem of my dress.

'...... Magda will definitely win. A win for Yashiro.'

A flame of fighting spirit flickered in the depths of his eyes, which were as quiet as the deep sea.


Imelda walks up to me with a serious expression on her face.

'I need to speak with you.'

With a dignified voice, she brought this information.

'The menu in the forty-second district is very hot chicken.
'That information is too late!

The game's already over!

'No, it's not!Stylish Xenobios has been extremely persistent, and I've been trying my best to escape!But I'm getting impatient to tell him as soon as possible. ......!

Oh, my God. ......
If I had gone to Imelda's rescue first, everything would have been fine.
...... No, Magda wouldn't have been able to eat that spicy looking chicken.

'Even the dominant and perverted Umaro wouldn't have gone for that much. ......'
'Suddenly, you said something bad about me!

In the end, there was no one in the forty-two districts who could compete with Armadillons.
I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will help you out. It's a mistake to think that it's going to be easy with Bertina and Magda.

I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out. I'll definitely manage it ............ even if.'

Yes, even if ......

'Even if it costs Umaro his life!
'I'm being sacrificed in some way, aren't I?
'...... Magda, I'll never forget Umaro.'
'No, I'm happy for you!I'm happy, but ............ Oh, no!I'm not sure what to say.

Umaro: .......

You can either go for Magda first and get a solid win .......
But leaving Umaro at the end is also a good idea. ............

'I can't help it. For the sake of winning the forty-second district, let's push him a little.
'What, what are you going to do?

Estella smiles fearlessly.

'If you lose, you're banned from the Sunken Pavilion for a month!
'Oh no!If that happens, I'm going to die!
'Oh, well then!How about a more direct ban on Magda?

Umaro stiffens at Paula's comment.
Nephrite joins in as well.

'You might be able to push it further if you make it negative instead of just zero. For example, if you lose ......, Magda will tell you that she hates you.'
'No, don't do that!I'm tearing my heart out just thinking about it!
'Then, let's give Magda as a bride, shall we?
'Na, Natalia!Please don't say such a thing!

Umaro is having a decent conversation with the beauties. He seems to be under a lot of pressure.

'There's nothing to be nervous about. All you have to do is win, win.'
'Well, that's easy for you to say, but things don't always work out that way. ......!
'...... Umaro'.

Magda folded her hands and placed them gently on her cheeks.
She gazes at Oumalo in a begging pose.

'...... Win.'
'Muhaaaaaaaa!I'll win!No matter who I'm up against, I'm going to win!For Magda's sake!

I'm sure ...... Umaro's "Magda Power" is great, but ............ is this really enough to win...? ...?


We heard an annoying high-pitched voice, and we all turned to look at it.

'Good news, Ms. Masha!

Gustave, the ravenous fish with the high-pitched voice, has once again burst into the space of District Forty-two.

'Oh no~, here you are again. Medamama's going to kill you half to death.

Marcia says this horrible thing so easily. But the part that scares me is that I can't say it's impossible.
Nevertheless, Gustave is still slightly elated and speaks happily to Masha.

''I've been selected to participate in tomorrow's Round 4!
''So, please come and watch the game tomorrow!Let's see me in action!

The buoyant Gustave may not have noticed.
He may not realize that he's leaked important military secrets to us.

...... But I didn't want to hear that information .............
No, it would have been worse if I hadn't, but now that I've heard ............ it, I can't help but take precautions.

'Gustave!You're bothering my darling again!I'll kick your ass!
'Heee!Mom!No, no, no!I'm just giving the beautiful Masha a ......!
'Just come back!I'm not going to let you bother my darling, my own darling, who's looking at me like I'm a hot mess over there!
'I'm sorry, Mom!

Medora reappeared, grabbed Gustave by the collar, and dragged him back to the space in District 41.
In the event you have any questions regarding where and how to use the site, you can call us at our own web site.

...... There's a lot of reputational damage.

'...... Gustave is next.'

Magda clears her throat.
Loretta, Paula, and others who work in the food court have heard rumors about Gustave, and some may have even witnessed it firsthand.
That tense look on his face tells you all you need to know about how he eats.

Umaro might be too much for him.
I think I'll go with Magda here,............, but if I do, what about the fifth round?
I'm not sure.I'm not sure what to do.
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

'Umaro, the slacker in full swing.

Do you trust ...... with everything?
But if ...... you spare the magda and it's settled in the fourth round, ............

--Cullan. Callan.

The church bells are ringing.
That's the end of the first day of the gluttony contest.
Some of you will stay in District 41, some of you will return to your own districts.

Even if you stand here and think about it, you're not likely to get an answer. ............


Ginette calls out gently to me as I ponder.

'Shall we go home?
'Nn............ ah, I guess so.'

If we go back to the sunny pavilion, we might come up with a good idea. ............ sunny pavilion......

In my mind, I can see the familiar image of the Sunlit Pavilion.
I've been away for a day now, but I feel nostalgic for the scene in my memory.

Oh, ...... I can't wait to go home. To that place ............

When I close my eyelids, ...... I'm standing in front of the sunny pavilion, and when I open the door, I see the same scene and smell as always. ............
...... sunny pavilion ............ I love it.

............ Hmm?
What is it?
Something that reminds me of .................. sunny day pavilion......


Millie's voice pulled me back to consciousness.

'...... Are you alright?Are you tired?
'Oh ...... no. I'm fine. I just need to think.'
'Oh ...... I'm sorry ...... Miri, did I interrupt you?'
'It's okay. I've got to get home soon.'
'Yes, you do. When the crowd dies down a bit, we'll go home too. To the Sunken Pavilion.

Magda and Loretta nodded their heads in agreement with Ginette's words.

There was Ginette, Magda and Loretta, and Estella was watching them from a little distance. ......
Norma and Millie, Neffery and Paula, Delia and Masha, Natalia and Imelda ...... and even Regina ............

It's .......
Something's bugging me.
If we take all of these people back to the sunlit pavilion, we can find a way to break through. ...... I have a feeling. ...... I'm almost certain... ...
I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it'll help. ......

...... rely on?

I'm not sure what to say.

Masha beckons me.
As I approach, she leans out of the tank and gives me an earful.

'Delia-chan. You'll be staying at my house today. Even if you're strong, I think it's going to be a little hard on you.
'Oh, that'd be great.
'Yes, yes. You've become very honest lately, haven't you, Yashiro?
'I'm honest?
'Before, you used to have a wall between you, or you used to take a step back, and you used to give off this 'I'm with you, but I'm not like you' vibe.I'm glad to see that it's easier for me to talk now that it's gone.

............ wall.
..................I'm not like you guys. ......

'I see. ......'

I forgot something fundamental.

'What's ............ so simple about this? ......'

When I realized that, all the things that had been bugging me earlier fell into place. The outline of what had been blurred became clearer, and I was able to grasp the answer that I had been unable to grasp.

The sunlit pavilion......, I knew the answer was there.
I'm glad the fourth round is tomorrow.
...... If it had been today, I wouldn't have made it.

'Hey, Magda.
'...... what?'
'Just tell me what you know, to the best of your knowledge.

Magda nodded her head, and I asked her a question.

'Is there anyone in the hunting guild with a bigger appetite than Gustave's?

Magda took her time to think about it, ...... and answered firmly.

'...... As far as Magda knows, there isn't.'
'......I see.'

Oh, God, my mouth is watering.

'Oh, I see. ............ Good.'

Then we still have a chance.
We still have a chance to win!

I stay where I am, look around at the people staring at me, and declare with absolute confidence and composure.

'I'll take the fourth round tomorrow!