450-Episode 252 What has happened so far, what's to co...

There's an irresistible smell spreading in the sunny pavilion.

'Mwah!This is delicious!

The one raising her stupid voice like Loretta and devouring the sea eel rice is Lucia, the lord of the 35th district, who was once thought to be a cool-headed lord who never gave up.
Now she's a disappointed girl who loves insects.

'I've never had a brown sea eel before,' she said. I think I like the taste of this one.

Gilberta's mouth drops open as she gobbles up the sea eel.
That's right, the scent that is spreading through the sunlit pavilion right now is the scent of savory kabayaki.

'I should have cooked it in the garden.
'Because the smell would be too thick?
'No, because the smell would attract passers-by.
'You're right, it does smell very nice. It's fragrant, sweet and spicy, and it makes me hungry.

Ginette looked satisfied with her first kabayaki.
Though it seems that she enjoys cooking more than eating.

'It smells so good, Ginette.
'You've caught a sister with the smell.
'This one doesn't count because she's always biting no matter what I make.

It doesn't matter how odorless it is, as long as it's tasty, it will come.
Well, since Lucia brought in the sea eel and we don't get it regularly, we can't even put it on the menu, so we'll just have a big sea eel party today.

'You should eat it, too. It's not something you can eat very often.
'Yes, sir. I'll eat it then.

I mobilized all the fire rings to make kabayaki, and in the kitchen, I cooked rice in broth and boiled conger eel to make conger rice.
The conger eel rice is garnished with chopped dried laver and broiled egg, and served in the style of hitsu-mabushi.

Oh, eating conger eel makes me want to eat eel too, doesn't it?
I'll ask Masha about it next time.
...... Is eel caught in the sea?I'm not sure if it's in the river or in Delia's domain.

I'm sure you'll be able to find something to suit your needs. ......

Ginette eats her kabayaki with a chuckle.
It also looks delicious steamed with sake.

'Also, kabayaki is beautiful not only for its aroma but also for its shiny appearance.
'The mirin gives it that 'shine'.

Soy sauce and sake can't produce this level of 'shine'.
I'm glad I got good mirin.

'Jinepu, can I have another one?
'Yes, I'm home.

Lucia called, and Jeannette ran to her.
If Ginette likes to watch people eat rather than eat, I guess that's her priority.

Magda and Loretta are already absorbed in eating.
They're sitting at the same table as Estella, gobbling up sea eel.

'Estella-sama. It's good manners to use broth to make ochazuke for the third cup.

I don't know how long she's been there, but Natalia is lecturing me with a knowing look.
How can you talk so smugly about the manners of something you ate for the first time today?

'Sorry to keep you waiting, Miss Lucia.
'Mmm. This kabayaki is really delicious. It tastes different from the white-baked ones from District 35.'
'Yes. Yashiro-san taught me how to make it.''
'As expected of Jinepu!The fluffiness of this kabayaki meat is ...... superb!
'Yashiro's cooking is exquisite. I have a lot to learn from you.
'Jinepu's homemade food is delicious. I want to eat it every day!I think I'll take her home with me!
'What?You can't do that, Yashiro-san is a very important person for the Sun Goddess Pavilion!
'Hey, Estella. I don't know, am I tired?The subject of the conversation seems to be getting lost.
'That's strange. I'm also puzzled by the conversation that's going on even though it's not in sync.

From Lucia's point of view, the subject is fixed on Ginette because Ginette is the only one she wants to praise, and the subject is fixed on me because Ginette is Ginette and I'm the one who made the sea eel kabayaki.
Both sides seem to take the other's subject as a 'misstatement' in the face of unshakable facts.

Ginette is stubborn and inflexible, isn't she?
Oh, Lucia's fine. She's probably just doing it on purpose.

'You should've eaten Miriri too.
'It can't be helped. This is the time of year when everyone is busy with preparations, munching.
You can find a lot more information on this topic at .......

Millie left early because she still had work to do at the flower guild.
It seems that she really only came to share the leaves of Hilar.
Lucia was lonely, and even started to complain, but I silenced her by sticking a conger eel on her face.
'Crap!It smells fishy! She was fainting in agony, Lucia.

'Yes, Ginette . Do you want to go to Assunto's after this?'
'Huh?I was thinking of going tomorrow?'
'...... Let's go before it gets too hot.'

Last year we were forced to walk around the city in extreme heat.
It's going to be so hot tomorrow anyway. Let's go around while we can. Let's go around today while the weather is pleasant like this fine autumn day.

'But, since Lucia is also here, ......'.
'Nah, don't worry about it, Ginepoo. We'll be back as soon as we eat this.
'So much to do, today.
'Is that so? I can't help you.'

No, no. I cooked the food you brought in without permission. You're all over the place. I'd even take the money.

'So, Estella. When are you going to play in the river?
'Why are you trying to come!
'I mean, where did you get this information?
'Because Ma-tan said, "I'm going to participate this year..."'

Marcia's imitation doesn't resemble me enough to puke!

'Rejoice, anchovy. I'll take you up on it!
'Everyone~. This year's river trip is a sumptuous seafood barbecue on the 35th Ward's dime. You should thank them.
'Anchovy, how dare you!
'Thank you, Miss Lucia!
'...... thanks.
'Alright, let's get a bunch of them!

The beastly duo of Loretta and Magda thanked her, and Lucia readily agreed.
She's so easy, this one.

'Tell Masha to prepare eels if there are any.
'Eels?Yeah, it's a fake eel.'
'You idiot!

Eels are not fake!
It's the king of summer, no exaggeration!
I'll eat real hitsu-mabushi!

'Well, let me tell you something. I'll let you know. You can arrange the date with the head waiter.
'Thank you, I'll let Natalia know.
'We'll arrange a date as soon as possible.

It's all going to plan.
Well, if Lucia wants to come, she can come.
A river trip is just a trip.
The only thing we have to do is cook lunch on the riverbank.

The only thing left to do is to enjoy looking at the beautiful women in their swimsuits.

'Well then, Yashiro-san. Shall we go out?
'Yes, let's. Magda, Loretta, can you take care of the store?
'I'll take care of it!
'...... And it's almost time for the forces to arrive.'

Magda folded her fingers and started the countdown.

'Mr. ......, ni,ich...... zero.'
'Konnichiwa soooo!Muhaha!It smells really good today, doesn't it?

You're so meticulous, Umaro. You're right on time.

'This delicious smell is the unknown food you're eating now!I want to eat it too!What should I make?What should I make?
'Calm down, ......, it's too hot even before the heat wave.

The smell of kabayaki and conger eel rice has captured my heart, and Umaro is getting very excited.
I mean, you shouldn't be so cheap.
If you take on a job just for the food, ...... I'll be happy, heh heh.

'Umaro. Don't let Yashiro tame you too much. You have a real job to do.'
'That's true, of course, ......, but working with Yashiro-san is different.'

Umaro smiles indulgently.
But with his back to Estella.
That's a novel conversation style. I'm used to seeing it.

'I'm going to take more and more requests from Yashiro-san and become the best carpenter in all of Broome!
'Your goals don't match your methods.

If you're aiming to be number one, don't ask an amateur for his opinion.
I don't know if he's aiming high or just trying to get lukewarm.

'...... Umaro'
'What is it, Magda?

When Magda calls out to him, Oumalo turns his head happily.
Yeah, yeah. It's the usual scene.

But what happened next was a little different.
Magda tilted her head at .......
He stares at Umaro.

'...... Are you tired?
'Muhaha!Magda gave me a word of encouragement?

No, I don't think he meant 'good work', but 'are you tired? I think he meant, 'Are you tired?

'I'm a hundred times more energetic now!I think I can do a perfect job now!

You don't look tired at all.
He's the same old Umaro.
Magda must have been convinced when she saw the cheerful Umaro shaking his fist. He muttered, '...... so,' and listened to Umaro's order.
He didn't need to ask, though, it was sea eel rice and kabayaki.

'Well, I'm going out, so take care of the store, Magda, Loretta, and Oumalo.
'Huh!You've been slipped in so easily!
'I'll leave it to you!
'...... The three of us will protect the manager and the others in their absence.'
'Haaaaan!I've been included in Magda's 'tachi'!I'll defend the peace of the Sun Goddess Pavilion to the death!

He's a hot guy.
I think I'll ban you during the heat wave. It's too hot.


Lucia called out to us as we were leaving the restaurant.
With a toothpick in her mouth.

...... Hey, there, lady.
Are you sure that's a good idea? It's a noblewoman thing.

'You'll have to entertain me and Ma-tan at best. It's about to start, isn't it?The thing.

...... d*mn.
We'd better keep a good relationship with District 35 and the Sea Fishing Guild.
Until the thing is completed.

'If you want to entertain, tell Estella. That's a lord's job, you know.'
'Hmph, you're the one who suggested it. I'll give you a lot of responsibility.'

I don't want that much responsibility.

Nevertheless, one of my secret dreams will soon come true.
I might as well give you a reception.

The thing that's about to start--

Until the construction of the harbor is safely finished.

So, leaving it to Estella and Natalia to see Lucia off, we quickly came to the 42nd district branch of the peddlers guild.
...... Crap. I'm not sure what to do.

'Oh, no. I forgot something to scribble on.'
'No, you can't. No graffiti on the walls.'

Ginette chuckles and gives me a warning.
But, you know, this big white wall is a public canvas. Let the kids have it. It'll be an artistic exterior in no time.
The wall alone could be worth hundreds of millions of yen if future artists are born out of it.
An investment, an investment. I'll tell Assunto.

We told the maidservant who was cleaning the yard that we were coming, and we went to Assunto.

'So it's worth several hundred million.
'No, I can't touch an investment with such an uncertain future.

d*mn it.
So Assunto's plan to mess up the white mansion with graffiti from the kids has failed.
It was just swept away with a cool face.

'This year, too, we will have the same items as usual,' he said.
'Yes, please.

Assunto has a list of things he needs to prepare for this time of year, and based on that list, he adds things he needs, things he doesn't need, and things he would like to see added.
Thanks to the list, we can talk quickly, and it even reminds us of things that we might forget. It's a very customer-first service. ......, you think?

In fact, it is a ploy to make people buy items that are not tight, but would be useful to have, and that are aimed at the line that they might want.
Most of the time, you can get by without such things that you just forget about, but when you see them like this, you want them.
It's just like when you go to a super cheap mass merchandiser and end up buying something unnecessary.

Assunto, what an infuriating move. ......

'This is good business.
'I am honored to receive the highest praise.

A happy, smiling pig face.

'Oh, by the way, have pig's feet arrived yet?
'Didn't you talk about it last year around this time?

No, I just couldn't help looking at your face.

'Come to think of it, it was just about this time a year ago, wasn't it?

What did he remember? Assunto bent down to press his legs with a pale face.
'Well, didn't I show my foot pressure points for the first time here last year during the heat wave?

'Now it's become so common that there's a rumor in town that you can't mention the word 'foot pressure points' in the sunny pavilion.
'What, there's a rumor like that going around?

Ginette shouted in surprise. ...... Well, with so many victims, it's not surprising that such information would be shared.
You can't help but feel sorry for yourself.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.
'Tracy, you must be traumatized. ......'

I can say that I am the lord who has tasted the horror of foot pressure points the most.

'You've made a name for yourself, Jeannette.
'It's not me, sir!Oh, uh, Mr. Assunto. The foot massage itself is a very good thing, so why don't you help us improve our image?It can help you sleep better and make your skin glow!
'Then perhaps you should start by learning the word 'moderation', Miss Jeannette.
'Huh. ......'

Ginette was speechless as she smiled back.
You're a hustler when it comes to foot massages.

'If you export it to 'Lovely Yann Avenue' as a moderate massage, it will eventually take root.
'That's a good idea. If you want, I can be your instructor.
''No, I prefer 'moderate'.''
''Huh,'' Yashiro and Assunto said in unison, ''.......''

If Ginette is made an instructor, foot pressure points will be perceived as an object of fear.
If there is a massage parlor, I want to go there too. I've been having a lot of stiff shoulders lately. ......

'Oh, by the way, we can offer soybeans at a discount this year.
'Oh, so the demand has finally stabilized.'
'Yes. I'm glad to hear that.

Since the trouble with BU, beans can be grown in other districts.
Soybeans and red beans, which are in high demand, are grown in District 42.
In return, a certain amount of tax is paid to BU according to the harvest. Otherwise, districts with no industry will go bankrupt.
Only those beans that have been checked by the BU and found to be of satisfactory quality can be approved. By doing so, the quality of the beans is protected.
This prevents inferior farmers from mass-producing inferior products that would degrade the taste of miso and soy sauce.

'Didn't I buy soybeans and red beans last year?
'They only come on the market at this time of year. It's because the production of miso and soy sauce temporarily stops at the end of the year.

Miso and soy sauce factories also take a break from work during this season. They can continue to ripen, but the preparation stops.
Therefore, soybeans and azuki beans are available only during this season. It is said that this is the only time when soybeans and azuki beans are available, as a blessing for the year-end and New Year holidays.
It is said that soybeans were sold very well because they are not available to the general public at other times of the year.
That will last until this year, though.

'Demand will drop next year, I bet.
'I'm sure it will. But this year, it's growing explosively.

Things that have been hard to buy until now are appearing on the market at reasonable prices this year.
It seems that ordinary households are jumping at the chance to buy them.
If a luxury brand that you couldn't afford before starts selling at a discount, you'll jump at it. At first. After next year, cheap prices will be the norm, and demand will only soar until this year.

'We'll spend another year figuring out how to sell it.

You look pleased.
He looks as if he's about to show off his skills.

He's really starting to enjoy his work now.

'Mm-hmm. Mr. Assunto, you look happy.'
'Yes. Thanks to you, this year has been really fulfilling.'

He's smilingly sending me words like 'thanks to you'.
If you think so, why don't you give me half-price privileges for the whole year?

'In the 24th district, Mapo Tofu is a big hit. It's a collaboration of a new specialty and a nostalgic specialty.

Twenty-fourth Ward, where soybeans were grown, was also famous for its tofu.
However, with the birth of miso and soy sauce, all the soybeans were diverted to those two products and tofu disappeared.
However, with the rise in the production of soybeans, tofu has made a comeback, and the nostalgic taste of tofu is now booming, especially among the nostalgic elderly.
Then came the new seasoning soybean paste made from koji, and the 24th district is said to be in a festive mood.

I'll have to thank Donnis, the Lord of District 24, accordingly.
Thanks to me, the heir problem has been solved. I'm sure you'll be glad to hear that.

'Oh yeah, I heard that nostalgia bars are becoming popular.
'A nostalgic bar?
'It's a bar where you can enjoy tofu and sweet sake.'
'What's with that vicious mismatch of food ......'

In the first place, amazake is not sake. Don't serve it in a bar.

'It seems to be a hot topic, especially among the elderly, as they can enjoy the nostalgic taste again. It is said to have become a dating spot for elderly couples.
'Wow, what a dangerous place.

Is this a place where old people gather and make out?
I'm going to have my eyes gouged out.
I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.

I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that," whispered Ginette in a hushed voice.
It's a great deal of fun.

'To invite Mr. Merle to join us.
'Oh, he's going to do such a roundabout thing, that old man ......'.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the internet, please do not hesitate to contact us. ...... He's also a very crooked man. I'm not sure what to make of it. He's probably the most black-hearted of all the nobles I know.
She's usually a calm old lady, though.

'It would be fun to tell old man Zelmar, he's always on edge.
'Mm-hmm. It's a bit far, but it's nice to travel once in a while.

Jeannette also wished Grandma Mum well.
A regular customer at the Sunlit Pavilion when Jeannette's grandfather was still alive.
Grandma Mum and old man Zelmar. Bobba and Frouft, the old man's friends.
And Orkio, a former noble of the 35th district.

The marriage of Sirach, a swallowtail butterfly, and Orkio, a human aristocrat, caused many tragedies due to the prevailing customs and stereotypes of the time, but now the people around them have settled down and they live happily together in the 35th district.
They occasionally come to Sundaari-tei for coffee and cake.
She has not lost weight and remains a thin, fragile old woman. It's as if the days when she was a lump of fat never existed. ...... Is that the power of love?It's scary.

'The New Road has been built between the 29th and 42nd districts, and distribution has become more active. This year, we'll be able to introduce a variety of rare items.

In the past, most of the goods coming in from the outside went to the Central District.
In the past, most of the products coming in from the outside went to the Central District, but not to the 42nd District, where they had to go around the outer districts.

However, the flow of goods changed when a new road leading to the 42nd district, the farthest district, was created in the 29th district, right next to the 30th district, which boasts the highest traffic volume in All Bloom.
The tax revenue of the 29th district has increased due to the toll tax, and the tax revenue of the 30th district has also increased due to the increase in the number of merchants who are trying to sell goods to the outer districts where they could not do business before.

I hope that we can build a friendly relationship with them and ask them to provide us with various benefits.
We should return the benefits we receive. I mean, do it!

'Next year will be different from this year again.

Assunto smiles, looking to the bright future.
Then he turns his expectant eyes toward you and smiles broadly.

...... Don't expect me to do it for you. Move yourself, move yourself.

'You're too quick.
It's a good idea. That's right.'

You look so happy.

'Before that, we've got the hellish hot season and the heavy snow season. Just thinking about it makes me sick.'
'Oh?It's not like Mr. Yashiro to come up with such an interesting idea as a kamakura café. Isn't it precisely because of such times of the year that you have a business opportunity?

That's just a coincidence.
This year, many stores will try to imitate it, so the Sunken Pavilion will not be as crowded as last year.
I'll be able to relax.

'Besides, Ukrines-san was mass-producing new swimsuits.
'That's something to look forward to, yes!
'Oh God, Yashiro-san. Please repent .......'

It's the only thing I look forward to during the heat wave.
The new swimsuit. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of pointy things I can see this year.

'And then--'

And then--' Assunto says to me with a smirk.

'The thing you mentioned last year, we've prepared it for you this year.

I don't know what you're planning to do, but if it's a good deal, I'd like to be a part of it.
He smiled as if he could hear such a voice.

I was going to ask him to share some of it with me, since Mahr had secured it for himself. ...... If you buy a lot of it from Assunto, you can use it for your business. ......

It's hard work during the heat wave and heavy snowfall, so a few minutes after you want to take a rest, you'll be thinking of a profitable story.
This is probably due to the fact that I have been influenced by the most sycophantic corporate animal in the 42nd district.

The Kamakura Cafe is expected to lose sales this year, so we're going to make a lot of money during the heat wave.

We'll be serving cold, classic sweets.