243-155. Trouble-causing constitution

Estella and I head for the river side by side.
Ginette will go back to the sunlit pavilion, tell Magda and the others what happened, and then come after them. I'm sure Magda and the others are wondering what's going on.

We crossed the church and continued on our way.

'You're really looking good, aren't you?
'Is that me?Thanks.'
'Of course not, it's the ...... road.'
'Are you still saying that?It's been a long time since the road was built, hasn't it?
'But I'm still happy about it.

A wide road with shining bricks on both sides. There are many wheel marks, but they are not ruts and remain flat. Thanks to the hard work of the ham kids under the leadership of Umaro, no matter how heavy the wagon is, the road will never be rough. Although the road is ......, it is periodically repaired.
Incidentally, the lumberjacks' guild and the hunters' guild have donated a small amount of money for the road maintenance.
The heads of these guilds personally offered to help us because they use the roads frequently.

'In the past, this road was muddy when it rained and cracked when it was sunny.
And it was so bumpy, you fell down a lot.
'No, ...... I didn't fall that much.

As far as I know, you've fallen a few times and gotten all wet.

'Do you remember that?The road to Yap Rock's house was in a bad state of disrepair.
'Oh. The lord was negligent. ...... I'm sorry to hear that.'
'...... I'm really impressed with your memory and stubbornness.'

The weight of the Yaploks and the rest of the Okojos was too much for the ground to bear, and the weeds were growing wildly.
It was raining hard at the time, and our feet were soaked.

'Omero helped you then, didn't he?
'No, that's not true. I did what Omero asked me to do, and in return, he gave me back my labor. It's like a commission, so there's no need to thank him at all.

When Delia was about to drown Omero in the river because she was worried about running out of money and couldn't fish anymore due to the continuous rains - I didn't say anything wrong at all - I got Delia a part-time job at the Sunshine Pavilion. I got Delia a job at the Sunshine Pavilion. Omero, whose life was saved at that time, thanked me and went to work.

'Well, I guess it won't be like last year this year.

It hasn't been raining, and Delia has more reserves than last year.
The forty-two districts have become wealthier overall in the past year.

It's .......

In the middle of the road leading from the street to the river, dozens of men from the river fishing guild, including Omero, were hanging out with serious expressions on their faces.
Even from a distance, there was a palpable air of 'there's some kind of trouble'.

'They seem to have some kind of trouble whether it rains too much or too little,' he said.
'I feel like I'm always getting into this kind of trouble with ...... you.'
'I'm going to repeat exactly what you just said. It's common knowledge in the 42nd district that there's trouble wherever Yashiro goes.

No, no, I'm sure you've brought more trouble than I have.
I'm always the poor victim.

'Ah!Ah ............ ah ............!'

As we approached, the river fishing guild members all looked at us, and Omero began to make strange noises.
What ...... are you doing with your pungent face? They're creepy as hell.

'Hey, bro!
'Ugh, it's coming over here!

Omero rushed at me, tears spraying from the corners of his eyes like a broken sprinkler.
The other males followed suit.

The density of the males was so excessive that I could not escape, and I was caught by Omero. I was caught by Omero. ...... Or rather, Omero was sitting on the ground sliding from about two meters in front of me, and rushed into me with all his might. Scary!
And he caught me firmly by the waist. I told you I'm scared!

It's too late!It's too late, big brother!You know how long we've been waiting for you!
What the hell?What's wrong with you?
'Come and see me sooner!
'Don't cry and spit out words that don't make you happy at all when said by an old man!
'Uu............, but I'm glad to see you, beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
'That's why!I'm not happy to hear it from an old man, you know!And don't cry!

Omero clings to me and cries.
The old men of the river fishing guild that surrounded it were all burying their faces in their arms and crying.

What's with this strange, hot and bitter scene?


Estella called out my name in a plaintive voice, mixed in with the sobs of the thick-skinned old man.
I turned around, and with a light wink, she sent me a short 'hey? With a light wink, she sent me a short note. And then.

'You're always the one in the middle of trouble, aren't you?

He said it with a happy smile.
...... No. I'm the victim, and it's not me who's inviting the trouble, but it's always me who ends up getting pushed around.

I'm not sure why ...... I'm not sure why ......... I'm not sure when I became so favored that these old men cried to me.

'............From the bottom of my heart, I really don't want to hear ............ what happened? What happened?
'The master's mood is at its worst,.......
'You should take care of it yourselves.
'If you can do that, you won't have any trouble!

You have to be able to do that, you know.

'Is the fishing affected by the lowering of the river level?

Estella asks Omero from a safe distance.
...... You should come over here too. Step into this old man's circle.

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm going to say it. ............ I've been grumpy all ...... day.

...... Do you guys know the word 'spirit'?

'It's dangerous to meet the master now, so I stayed here and persuaded anyone who was going to the river to leave.
'So you were in front of the road that leads to the highway.

The fact that Omero and the others were able to hang out here meant that there was no river fishing going on.
She's probably just letting her frustrations build up with no place to vent them, Delia.

'If you were so upset, why didn't you go see Yashiro?
'Hey, wait, Estella. If there's trouble, you should go to the lord first.
'Isn't the sunny pavilion closer?
'The Sunny Pavilion is a place to eat!It's not a place to consult on various problems.
'But you know, ......, there was a reason why I couldn't go to either of them.

Omero let out a deep sigh and dropped his shoulders.
'He's burnt out, this guy always is.

'The master said, ...... don't go to see brother and lord, ......'.
'What kind of feudal society is this, your guild ......'.

Is the king's word absolute?
Are you saying that if you disobey, you will be sentenced to death?

''If you break the master's orders,......''
'''You will be washed ............'''
''No, it's not just Omero!

The old men of the river fishing guild are all frightened.
What exactly does the river fishing guild mean by 'washed'? ......

In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site. "Please come, brother! You know.
I'm so sorry. I didn't get your message at all, you know.

If anything, he still doesn't get it.

'You don't understand, Omero. If you wanted to call Yashiro, you could have just shaken your big tits right here.'
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out.

You can't say it's not possible with this guy! I'm not sure. No.

'Anyway, bro. Take care of the rest!
''No, even if you say so, ......''
'''Please take care of me!
''Hey, hey ......''

What is this unavoidable mental attack?
If I refuse here, won't these guys stand on my dream pillow soaking wet every night and night?
And then they'll slouch down from both wrists like willow leaves and say, 'A~ra~war~ta~......'.
So every morning when I woke up, my pillow was soaking wet,......, and I couldn't be bothered to clean it.

'...... I get it. You're here to see Delia anyway, so I'll listen to what you have to say.
'I love you, bro!I love you!
''I'm not happy at all!
'''I love you!
''That's why I'm not happy!

I can't feel anything but fear and discomfort when I'm surrounded by such hot and bitter old men!

'Well, we're going to evacuate as far away as possible from here to ~~~~. If possible, do something about it by the end of the day.
'...... You know what?
'If you can't, I'll be holed up in my house, so call me when the master is in a better mood.
'You're too scared!
'Isn't it natural to lock yourself up in the house when a storm comes?
'Is Delia a natural disaster? ......'

The initial somber expression of the wake was gone, and the river fishing guild members disbanded, looking quite radiant. ...... Why do they look like they've already solved the problem, those guys?

'They trust you, don't they?
'Oh ......, I'd love to charge you for that.

'I think I could make a fortune if I started Delia Insurance or something.

'Anyway, let's go see Delia at .......'
'What are you going to do if you're tired before you go?
'What the hell is a bystander talking about, ...... you heartless bastard.'
'Hahaha . I just thought it would be a bad idea to interrupt the fun of good friends.
'What a heartless person!
'...... What else is thin-skinned about me?Hmm?Why don't you tell me?

Hmm. No matter how much you stare at me, it's nothing compared to the old man's rays from Omero and the others earlier.
Just keep staring!
Stare harder!

It's a hundred times better than the old man!
Estella is like an angel compared to the males!
NO Ossan!YES Estella!

'Ah, Estella is so cute. ......'
'Huh?What's with you all of a sudden?......Because you don't have to use that kind of sycophancy, it's not like I'm that angry. ......Yashiro is a little too concerned. ......Huh. '
'Estella is prettier than the old man.'
'Would you care a little more about my feelings and such?

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's worth it.
I think he should see a psychotherapist or something.
He's probably under a lot of stress. He's a modern man.

'Estella. It's not good to let stress build up.
'If you would just learn to think with some common sense, my stress would be relieved a lot.

Letting out a deep and heavy sigh, Estella begins to walk towards the river.
I followed her back and spotted Delia upstream, at the perfect salmon fishing spot where I had first met her.
I guess Delia likes this place. She usually stays here.

'Hey, Delia!

' I call out from about 50 meters away, waving my hand.
-- and Delia's body jumps.
Delia's body jumped, and even from a distance I could see that she was upset.

'What's ......?
'Let's just go there.'

While wondering about Delia's suspicious behavior, Estella and I quickened our pace to get to her.
After noticing us, Delia looked as if she was going to run away for a moment, but stopped, looked at us alternately, looked for someone behind her, and when she saw that we were the only ones there, she dropped her shoulders in a big way.
From then on, she kept her head down and averted her face until we reached Delia.

'Delia, what's wrong?
'Oh ...... Oh .................. I... .........that......'

Something was obviously wrong.
It was very rare to see Delia with her bear ears hanging down without energy.

'Hey Delia. Can I talk to you for a minute?'

At Estella's words, Delia's tail grew larger than before.
Then her fists clenched tightly.

'............ Have you come here in anger?

Estella raises her voice in an absurd manner.

Then, slowly, she turned her gaze towards me ................... She stops in the middle and doesn't look at me.
But her lips are tightly knit.

It's like ......
It's like a girl trying to hold back tears. It's as if she's frustrated that the adults don't understand her, even though it's not her fault.


When I called out to her, Delia bounced her shoulders and took two small steps away from me.
...... So I was right.

'I'm sorry you had to go through that.
'.................. What?'

It may have taken her a while to understand the meaning of my words, but after a long pause, Delia slowly turned to me.

'Are you okay?You weren't crying, were you?

The muscles around her shoulders, which had been stiffened by the effort, slowly relaxed, and the sternness faded from her expression.

'Don't look at me like that. You're not doing anything wrong.'
'...... and .................. Yashiro!

Delia jumps on my neck. . ...... with all her might .

'd*mn it!I'm in pain!Relax!I'll snap!My neck's gonna fall off!
I'm gonna die!
'No!Be strong!
'You have to go easy on me!

In the event you've got any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with me, you can call me at the web site.
...... How many times have I been strangled by Delia in this place?

It's a good idea to take a look at a few of the most common types of shoes that you can find.

She sobbed like a little girl.

'...... Yashiro. What's the meaning of this?
'We were scared, we were scared.'
'You were scared?......, is that right, Delia?'

Delia answered the question with a nod of her head. She can't speak because she's crying.

'Why ...... again?
'You said it yourself just now, didn't you?

Before you came to the river, when you were talking with Omero and the others, and before that when you were talking with Milly.

'Who do the people of District Forty-two turn to when they are in trouble?
'You're the lord of .......'

Well, I'm sure I'm on the side of being relied on too. ...... Or maybe that's how Delia and the others see me.

I'm sure I'm one of the people they rely on. 'I'm going to be pissed,' she thought.
'There's no reason for us to be angry with Delia.
'Even if we weren't, Delia had ...... something to be worried about that would make her angry. You know what Omero said?There's a no contact order between you and me.
'Oh, ......, you mean, because you might get angry if you contact us?
'Delia must have thought so.'

For example, Omero would report the current situation to me and Estella.
Then me and Estella will come together and say, 'What are you doing, Delia? Delia thought that ...... would come to her in anger.

'Why did I feel that way again? ......'
'You said that too, didn't you?

Estella tilted her head as if she didn't know what I was talking about.
It's easy to see what's happening if you look at it from a different point of view instead of from the front.
Besides, I'm sure you've experienced these feelings before.

'You've received a lot of advice from the farming guild and others, haven't you?
'Huh?Yeah, yeah. They want me to do something about the canal.'
'What do you think they're going to do before they come to you?
'Before they come to me?............ First, come and see the river, and tell Delia ...... ah.'

She thought of the situation and got an idea of what to do.
Estella looks at Delia. She gave her a sad, pitying look.

'Even if you have faith in yourself, even if you're confident that you're not wrong, ......'
'...... Yeah. If a lot of people disagree with you, you're going to be very worried that you're wrong.

Delia took the obvious step to protect the river and the fish that lived there.
As the head of the river fishermen's guild, it was an essential action that she could not compromise.

If many guilds and people keep asking you 'why don't you dam the river', you will be overwhelmed by the anxiety that you are wrong ...... for not damming the river.

No matter how strong you are, your mind will be shaken if many people disagree with you.
Besides, the people who come here are 'the only ones' who want the river to be dammed and the water to flow into the canal.
Those who don't need the waterway, like the sunny pavilion, don't come to the river in the first place.

If you keep meeting people who disagree with you, over and over again, and you are denied your way of doing things, ...... the whole world will see you as a bad person. ......... ...It's no wonder that we fall into such an illusion.

'So, when they see us, they might be 'offended' ......?'
'Oh. Maybe he thought that Mo-Mat or Millie asked him to come and persuade Delia.'
'............Yes............ I thought you were going to scold me and make me dam up the river. I ...... thought.'

I'm not sure what to make of that.

'If ...... Yashiro and Estella come, ............ the river will definitely be dammed...' I was ......... scared and ............ sad.'

So far, Estella and I have reformed many things.
In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the site, please do not hesitate to contact us.

That's why Delia was afraid that if we came, her opinions would be overwhelmed and the river would be dammed.
That's probably why she imposed the "no contact with Yashiro and Estella" order on Omero and the others.

The popcorn hoarding was not because she was too busy to come and buy it, but because she did not want to see me.

In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at ............. I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ............

'Haha ...... are the two of us really that scary?
'It's because the situation is the situation.'
'By the way, Ginette-chan is amazing. Just by being here, you can take away people's anxiety.

She seems to be mildly shocked and is doing her best to show that she's not afraid of me.
Your smile is twitching.

But the smile doesn't return to Delia, who has been worn out and frightened for the past few days, and is exhausted.
Even though she knows there's no hostile intent, she still doesn't seem to be at ease from the bottom of her heart.

'Delia. It's Magda and Loretta.'

For now, you need to cheer up, because we can't even talk about it.
I handed her the bag of honey popcorn that Magda had given me.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with your loved ones, you can call us at our own web site.

'............a............ sweet smell... ......'

She began to cry. ......

'Maybe the popcorn you stocked up on is already gone?'
'............ Yeah. That's why I didn't sleep last night. ............'

Oh, no.
If you didn't sleep last night, then you must have hit bottom the day before yesterday.

It must have been hard for you not to be able to go buy it.

'You could have asked Omero or something, couldn't you?
'No!He cries when he sees Yashiro, and everyone talks. ......'

That's Delia. You're so right. You were right on the money.

'Well, that must have been pretty hard for you.

I said, and Delia nodded her head, ...... and started crying again.

'Ugh ............ eat ......'.

As she cried, she took a mouthful of honey popcorn and cried out loud again at the taste.

'Oishii~yooohhhh ......!I'm not ............ shivering!

It seems that the popcorn he had stocked up on had gone stale.
I'm sure it didn't taste good.

You can find a lot of people who are looking for the best way to get the best results.
The illusion that she was the only bad person in the 42nd district must have been very hard on the whiny Delia.

'I'm sorry. I should have come sooner.'
'No!You ...... got the courage to go see ...... Yashiro and ............ meet him. I've ............ missed you, Yashiro!

Sitting on the riverbank, holding a bag of popcorn in his left hand, he picks it with his right hand, fills his mouth with popcorn, and buries his face in ...... my stomach, tears flying.
He presses his face against mine and sniffles.

'............ head, ............'.

And then, really unusually, ............

'Pet me ......'

He was sweet on me.

Unlike Magda, Delia doesn't take kindly to being pampered.
Even though she's big, she's like a child when she cries. ...... I gently stroked her hair, trying not to touch her ears.
I stroked her hair gently, not touching her ears, until she stopped crying, over and over again. ......

'I'm not ready for this ......'.

She must have regretted not noticing her. Estella mutters, her mouth twisted in regret.

'Don't be silly.

You don't have to look like you're about to cry too.
The only people who seem to be crying in this situation are Ginette and Millie.
...... Really, I'm glad those two weren't there this time. I'd have been in over my head if the three of them had cried.

So Estella, don't cry.
It's not good for my mental health.

'There's no such thing as a perfect person. If you think you can do everything right, you're an ego. You're a dangerous person with dictatorial tendencies.'

Everyone makes mistakes, and when they don't, they don't, and when they lose, they lose, and when they cry, they cry.

It's natural to have shortcomings. It would be rather creepy if they weren't, wouldn't it?

Someone who's perfect in every way is probably not human.
He's an incarnation of a spirit god or some such uncanny creature from another dimension.

'You should only do what you can, human creature.
But as a lord, I want to protect as many of my people as possible,......!
I'm not sure what to say.

It's too early to argue.
Just hear me out.

'Since you are a lord and a sycophant who wants to help people, you should do more than others can do, make an effort that others can't imitate so that those who are crying in trouble can laugh from the bottom of their hearts, and 'help' them.
'......'Do what you can'............'The scope of that is limitless......, isn't it? What do you mean?

You can do as much as you want.
I'm not stopping you. Whatever hardships you take on to convince yourself, it's up to you.

'After all, people can only do what they can do. If you feel dissatisfied with that, why don't you at least do 'the best you can'?

Then, I looked down at Delia who was crying with her face buried in my stomach.
Estella's eyes follow my gaze and focus on Delia.

You should help people who need help like this. With the open mind of a lord.

'All right. Thanks for the ......, Yashiro.'

When I looked at Estella's face, her downcast expression had disappeared and she was smiling with a hidden sense of mission, embarrassment and joy.
Hmmm, she must be a bit of a M.
She's smiling with joy at being made to take on so much trouble.

I can't emulate that.

'Well then, I'll do the best I can.
'Oh. Good luck.'
'Yeah. I'll do my best. With Yashiro.'


Why are you dragging me into this?
I've told you over and over again that it's the lord's job to work hard .

'Because, you see...'

He points a little at my abdomen.
There was Delia, snuggling up to me. ......

You can't just abandon her when she's depending on you so much, can you?

............ d*mn.
I'm not sure what to say, but I'm sure you'll understand. I'm not sure what to say. ......

I'm not sure what to do.

That was the original plan.
Besides, if I abandon Delia here, I'll have nightmares every night about the old men of the river fishing guild. I don't even want to dream about them.

'Mmmm ......, then I'll have you work hard 'this time'.
'I'll charge the cost to the lord.
'There's no guarantee your application will be approved, though.

You ......

'Good for you, Delia. Yashiro is going to solve Delia's problems.''
'Hey, I didn't say that much!Don't take a chance on something you don't even know if you can do. ......'
'Yashiro!Thank you!I still love you, Yashiro!

Delia spread her arms wide and clung tightly to my waist.
She presses her face into my stomach.
The bear's ears are twitching.

Ah~............ that thing.
This kind of exaggerated emotional expression must be popular in the river fishing guild.
I've been told the same thing by Omero and other old men.

.................. d*mn. I don't even know what's going on yet.
I can't say no now.

'The cause and effect of trouble is deeply rooted, isn't it?

Oh, God!
d*mn it!

'Delia's distress, Millie's depression, Ginette's lack of energy because of it ...... has had a negative impact on the sales of the sunny pavilion lately.

You should not overlook a drop in profits, even if it is only a slight decrease.
If you underestimate 'this much', your profit will drop in no time, and it will be difficult to recover once it happens.
Rather, we must take action while there is a slight decline.

In order to protect profits, I'm going to take a stab at it. ...... I can't help it.

Yes, yes. This is not about helping people.
Volunteering?No way. You'll be paid handsomely.
Even if there's no one to help, I'll make sure there's profit for me in the end.

Just like I've always done.

'Yashiro ......, that's enough.
'Shut up!I have my own non-negotiable line!

I'm not a softie!
I'm not like you or Jeannette!

I love money!I love money. I love cheating people.

.................. I think you need to leave the sunny pavilion for a year or so to completely remove the aura of Ginette's sycophancy that is stuck in your body. ......

I don't smell any money yet,......, but I'll listen to what Delia has to say anyway.