1-Prologue: I was fired from the company.

One day, out of the blue, I was told.

'You're fired.

Hey, that's not right. ......!
I remember being angry at my boss.

I graduated from a reasonably good university and joined a major company.
I'm not proud of it, but I was good at my job and I really wanted to be the president of the company.

However, I was not blessed with a good boss.
He made a loss of 10 billion yen and suddenly disappeared. And on top of that, he left me with s*xual and power harassment issues.
Of course I didn't do anything wrong.

And yet, our team was taken out of work.

'What kind of work did you do every day?


You can't tell me that every day you opened an empty mailbox, ran Excel incessantly, and played solitaire when you got bored.

'So no one will be bothered by your disappearance. My company's performance has been deteriorating. Coming to work is not the same as doing your job. Do you understand?'


I couldn't say anything back.
I didn't do anything wrong.
It was just bad luck.

A month has passed since then.
The outsider who told me I was fired has now resigned after his s*xual harassment problem was exposed. Suck on that! I thought, but there was no change in my life.

I've been living in a one-room apartment in Tokyo while receiving unemployment insurance and spending my days playing net games.
Since I've been able to leave work on time, I've been addicted to the current trend of net games.
After I was fired from the company, I became addicted to it as a way to escape from reality.

Sword & Magic Fantasy Online.

In this game, my character was a playboy.
The character I chose seemed to be a bad choice in the eyes of the public.

It's not that bad.

The character is well-balanced in sword and sorcery, and has a mixture of various professions.
However, his individual abilities were not specialized, and he was abused as 'versatile trash'.

Gutsy players hate these characters.
I was probably the only one who used a playable character among the crippled players.

But that wasn't a problem for me. In fact, the playboy was a good choice for me.
Because I'd been playing solo for so long that I'd developed a communicable disease.

--But I've just realized that it was a big mistake to say that playmates are 'versatile trash.

'What the hell is this ......! It's so broken!

It seems that a special event occurs when a player reaches the upper level limit of 99.
Yes, a job change.
Playboy could change his job to the secret job of "Sage".

In SMO, it is said that only a NEET can reach the upper level limit because the experience value is so high.
I guess that's why I was the only one who noticed it.

This wise man was too dangerous.

Abilities surpassing all specialized jobs. Every parameter is capped. Every skill at your disposal.
It was completely destroying the environment.

'This will be fixed in the next update, right?

One of the developers must have designed it as a prank.
If there are characters like this, the balance will be out of whack.
It won't last long.

'Then let's try that thing before it gets fixed.

This game has been running for more than a year, but I have yet to defeat the last boss.
It is said that not only the last boss, but also the strong characters called raid bosses can only be defeated by a party of several thousand people.

The other day, 2,000 people gathered to challenge him, but they were beaten back.
However, this character might be able to defeat it solo.
There are a lot of recovery items and useful items.
It's worth a try.

And as a result of my challenge...

The Silver Sacred Dragon has been defeated. The loot has been earned. I won.

'I won ...... I can't believe it!

I was so excited.
The reward for the strongest raid boss in existence must be an incredible item.

I excitedly checked my loot.

A roaring sound escaped from the speakers.
And then it appeared...

The simple model of the model that would be used for the meetings.
What is it?

-- What?
I can't read it at all.

I can barely make out that there are two icons to choose from.
Maybe it's the same popup that appears when you kill a normal raid.

If that's the case, then I don't know about the "Yes/No" option at the top, but the "Yes/No" option at the bottom must mean "Yes/No".

I guess they didn't expect the last boss to be defeated, or they left some weird bugs in the game.
I'll report it to the management later.

I click on the icon [Entangled] on the left.
The system message at the bottom left of the screen told me the contents of the loot without garbling.

You have won the "Otherworldly Reincarnation Reward". [You have won the "Otherworldly Reincarnation Perk".
[You have used the "Otherworldly Reincarnation Reward". ] ]

What the hell is this .

'I mean, my head is ...... hot ......'.

I had a sudden headache, and my vision went black.