Reincarnated Undefeated Other World Sage – Banished Because “I’m Not a Brave Man,” but I’m the Strongest In the World!

Yuki, who defeated the popular net game’s Last Boss with the broken character “Sage”, was forcibly reincarnated in a different world.

When he woke up, there were seven heroes and a king. Yuki was summoned as the eighth hero.


“Sage? I don’t know It. If you’re not a hero then get out of my sight!”

Yuki, who was unilaterally banished, was left to survive in a different world with no money.

“This is crazy! They really kicked me out!”

But the king and the seven heroes didn’t know.

That “Sage” is the strongest job in another world.

“! … we shouldn’t have banished him that time.” Even if they regretted it, it was already too late.

Author: Aotsuki Kouji
Chapters: 108

Reincarnated world sage Tensei Muhai no Isekai Kenja: Game no Job de Tanoshii Second Life The undefeated reincarnated sage from another world 転生無敗の異世界賢者 〜ゲームのジョブで楽しいセカンドライフ〜


1-Prologue: I was fired from the company.
2-Episode 1: I was suddenly expelled.
3-Episode 2: I was just looking for a job.
4-Episode 3: For some reason, I fell in love with th...
5-Episode 4: I learned a new magic.
6-Episode 5: Climate Manipulation Is Too Useful
7-Episode 6: The Magic Sword Is Back
8-Episode 7: I can read foreign languages smoothly.
9-Episode 8: I don't think I can measure magic.
10-Episode 9: I made a mistake.
11-Episode 10: Boundary Magic seems convenient.
12-Episode 11: It's too old to use the item slot.
13-Episode 12: Moderate relaxation is also necessary.
14-Episode 13: I was too sleepy.
15-Episode 14: The deliveries were easily gathered.
16-Episode 15: The Brave Was Struggling
17-Episode 16: "Water-eye Winged Dragon" wants to be ...
18-Episode 17: I just collected it normally.
19-Episode 18: Alchemy has raised the level of propor...
20-Episode 19: I was approached by a brave woman.
21-Episode 20: Arelia is too cute.
22-Chapter 21: Water Attributes Now Available
23-Episode 22: The level has gone up.
24-Episode 23: I've finally noticed.
25-Episode 24: He's more talented than the brave.
26-Episode 25: The Brave Are Too Persistent
27-I gave you a chance.
28-Episode 27: Apparently there was a demon in the ro...
29-Episode 28: The Devils Are Too Weak
30-Episode 29: There's no damage to being held hostag...
31-Episode 30: This is called revenge.
32-Episode 31: He's not the real king, but he's actin...
33-Episode 32: I found an abandoned elf slave.
34-33. I'm just a passing adventurer.
35-Episode 34: I don't think it's too much to worry a...
36-Episode 35: The Slave Elves were so strong that I ...
37-Episode 36: This is inevitable.
38-I hope you don't fight for me.
39-Episode 38: I think there's a substandard adventur...
40-I'm busy with work.
41-Episode 40: I'm not lucky, I'm just as planned.
42-Episode 41: It's worse to start first.
43-Episode 42: It's like spatial magic.
44-Episode 43: There's a lot of other crimes coming o...
45-Episode 44: I hope you don't fight.
46-Episode 45: I don't think there's a demon.
47-I thought it was common sense to say hello.
48-I feel like I won the game and lost the game.
49-Episode 48: I found a monster ball.
50-49: For some reason, I'm mistaken for a brave man.
51-Episode 50: The potion seems to have worked.
52-Episode 51: I heard you shouldn't defeat the evil ...
53-Episode 52: The Princess of the Elves' Courtship I...
54-53. I don't want to be a nobleman.
55-Episode 54: It's good to be a duke.
56-Episode 55: I've heard about the situation.
57-I don't feel bad about it.
58-Episode 57: I want you to stop because it's annoyi...
59-Episode 58: It looks like it's being resold.
60-Episode 59: I think it's raining stars.
61-Episode 60: I'm going to do an investigation.
62-Episode 61: Ancient Ruins Found
63-Episode 62: Monster House Is a Trouble
64-63rd episode: The door key is nowhere to be found.
65-64th episode: I got a broken holy sword.
66-Episode 65: I'm back in the royal capital.
67-Episode 66: It seems impossible to analyze.
68-Episode 67: I found a way to capture it.
69-Episode 68: It was worse than I had imagined.
70-Episode 69: I misunderstood.
71-Episode 70: It's not my hobby to screw down with a...
72-Episode 71: Yellow-eyed Winged Dragon Does Not App...
73-Seventy-two: I don't listen.
74-Episode 73: I didn't ask for that much...
75-Seventy-fourth: I'm embarrassed to be praised so m...
76-Seventy-five: The Count was more than I imagined
77-Seventy-sixth: The Count was more than I imagined ...
78-Seventy-seven: The Count Was More Than I imagined ...
79-Episode 78: The Count was more than I imagined
80-Episode 79: The Count was more than I imagined
81-Episode 80: The Count was more than I imagined
82-Episode 81: The Count Was More Than I imagined
83-82nd episode: The Count was more than I had imagin...
84-83rd episode: Count was more than I imagined
85-Episode 84: The Count was more than I imagined
86-Episode 85: The Count was more than I had imagined...
87-Episode 86: I found a magic book
88-Episode 87: I found a magic book
89-Episode 88: I found a magic book
90-Episode 89: I'm going to choose souvenirs
91-Episode 90: I'm going to choose a souvenir
92-Episode 91: The art of kneading has evolved
93-Episode 92: The art of kneading has evolved
94-Episode 93: The art of kneading has evolved
95-94: I haven't decided that it's impossible.
96-Episode 95: The Real Grand Duke
97-96. He's a real duke
98-Episode 97: It came out of the blue.
99-Episode 98: It came out of the blue
100-Chapter 99: I was asked to do
101-Episode 100: I was asked
102-Episode 101: I've made plans for tomorrow.
103-Episode 102: I'm going to teach you
104-Episode 103: I'm going to teach you
105-Episode 104: I'm going to teach you
106- 105
107-Episode 106: Apparently there is a arcade
108-Episode 107: Apparently there is a arcade