96-Episode 95: The Real Grand Duke

I've just arrived at the gate of the Imperial City.

We had a pleasant flight and arrived at the gate of the Imperial City.

The Imperial City is also a circular fortified city, surrounded by walls.

Perhaps because of the existence of demons in other worlds, it seems that all countries want to minimize the number of entrances and exits.

I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.

I'm not sure what to do. Thanks.'

'No problem. But I'm in charge of Earth on the way back.

'Geez,......, I know what I'm doing,.......'

'I see, that's how it was supposed to be.'

It seems that there was such a promise in the background that the assignment was decided without any particular trouble.

In order to enter the imperial capital, I talked to the gatekeeper who was standing in front of the gate.

He was a rugged old man, like an adventurer.

It's a little difficult to talk to him, but if I don't talk to him, I can't start.

'I'd like to enter the Imperial City.

'Mm, let me see your ID.

An ID--a guild card for adventurers, or a resident card for ordinary villagers.

Guild cards can be issued to anyone who passes an adventurer's exam in some village, so I don't know what the point of this is, but it seems to be necessary.

'I only have an ID from the Kingdom of Oswald, is that okay?

'The Kingdom of Oswald, ......? What are you doing here? Let's hear what you want.''

He said in a dusky voice.

He seems to be quite suspicious.

No, it is true that he is objectively quite suspicious, so he is a legitimate gatekeeper. He must be a serious person.

At the sound of the gatekeeper's voice, another gatekeeper came out from within the Imperial City.

Oh dear, I don't like to show off my position too much, but I guess I'll just have to say my name.

'I'm Yuki Matsuzaki, the Grand Duke of the Kingdom of Oswald.

I thought that the emperor was already familiar with me.

'The Grand Duke of Oswald ...... is the Emperor ......⁉︎ No, that's ...... for sure.'

The gatekeepers began whispering to each other so that we wouldn't hear.

But I can hear the whispering too, can't I? My hearing has become more acute since I came to the other world.

'What's going on⁉︎ It's been five days since His Majesty handed the letter to the messenger. ...... In all likelihood, the Grand Duke of the Kingdom should still be in the country, right?

'The information must have leaked out from somewhere. In other words, there's a high possibility that he's a fake.''

'I see! That's true. All right, let's demand what only the real one can do.

The gatekeeper, who seemed to have finished his strategy meeting, turned to us.

'If you're the real Grand Duke, show us the letter His Majesty sent you. 'Hmm, I don't think so. In fact, His Majesty's letter is inscribed with the Imperial Seal.'

'Oh, that.'

I take the letter out of the item slot and hand it to him.