95-94: I haven't decided that it's impossible.

The next day after enjoying shopping in the commercial district.

We left the capital early in the morning for the Vierre Empire.

Since it's a long trip, the altitude is a little higher today. So we can see farther.

The distance to the Elf Village was also long, but it was still dark at that time, so it felt a little fresh.

The royal capital is a circular fortress city.

Once again, I felt that the scenery was typical of another world.

Our destination is about a thousand kilometers north of the capital.

It would normally take a long time to get there, but Sui can get us there in a little over three hours.

It seems that the dragons have made some kind of agreement with each other and today's assignment was smooth.

'Are you sure you're okay without a break?

'I'm fine. Don't worry about it.

'I hope you're okay. ......'

A thousand kilometers does not sound like much, but it is easy to imagine that the distance between Tokyo and Osaka is about 500 kilometers .......

If we were told that we would be traveling this distance without taking a break, we might feel a little worried.

However, Sui and I don't have a relationship where we can't talk about our weaknesses, and I'm sure she's really okay.

'Do you want to have breakfast soon?


We left without having breakfast today, thinking that we could eat it on the way.

It was like eating what Aleria and Aina had made for us yesterday.

There's no need to worry about freshness.

As long as I keep it in my item slot, it won't spoil.

Remove the basket from the item slot and take out the container.

They made me a sandwich for breakfast.

There were the usual egg sandwiches, ham sandwiches, and pork cutlet sandwiches.

There was also a tuna-egg sandwich that I had requested.

The sandwiches were colorful and looked really good.

'Wow, ......, that must have been a lot of work.

'Well, it was a lot of work because of the quantity, but ...... I had a lot of fun.'

'It's not like I was cooking alone.

I'm glad to hear that the cooking didn't cause any quarrels.

Then, I tried the sandwich.


I'm not a gourmet critic, so I can't give a detailed critique, but the taste is homey and gentle.

It's seasoned in a way that makes the most of the ingredients, and I can eat as much as I want.

I'm sorry to say that I've often heard this expression, but rather than an elaborate dish, you can frankly say, 'It's fine like this, like this.

'Here you go, Eartha-chan.

Take a bite.

'It's delicious!

'Aleria, don't try to outrun me!

While I'm savoring it, Aleria and Aina are competing to feed it to me.

It's fine that they're feeding Arth, but I'm a little concerned that Sui, the most successful person of the day, is the only one left out.

'Can Sui eat too? If she can't eat while flying, I don't want to force her.

Humans can't fly, so I don't know what it's like to fly, but if it's like running a marathon, it's pretty hard to eat a proper meal.

That's why I asked just in case.

'Thank you very much. I'm fine, I can eat.

'I see, that's good.

I picked up the tuna-egg sandwich I recommended.

'Yuki, how are you going to get it to Sui-chan at ......?'

'I don't think I can reach her mouth, and I'm a little nervous that she'll blow me off if I try too hard. I think it would be better to go down somewhere.''

'Yeah, that's no problem. You don't have to worry about being blown away first. Sui's body is surrounded by an invisible aura wall of magical power. This is to protect you from the wind.

If it wasn't, we'd be trapped as we're moving faster than the speed of a bullet train.

As for me, I might be able to endure it because of my high status, but Aleria and Aina would still have a tough time.

'And the problem of not being able to reach the mouth, that's okay too.

I store the tuna-egg sandwich in the item slot.

The item slot is often used to put items in your hand, but if you're close enough, you can take out items even if they're not in my hand.

So, for example--

'Wah! There's a sandwich in Sui-chan's mouth⁉︎'

'Wow, that's amazing ......!

'Well, here's the thing.

With a little ingenuity, a useful skill can become even more useful.

Sui ate the sandwich with a satisfied look.