94-Episode 93: The art of kneading has evolved

Next, I'll try another skill I've learned: Item Nature Conversion.

First, I prepared a potion of life force and a potion of magic force using Alchemy again.

Then, I tried to use the skill.

It seems that I have to choose one target to transform, so I choose the Life Potion.

Then, you see a display that looks like an AR image - just like a status window.

Life force potion

Attack Potion
Defense potions
Attack Speed Potions
Movement Speed Potion
Magic attack power potions
Magic Resistance Potion
Mental Power Potion
Magic Power Potion

It seems that the function of this skill is to change the effects of potions at will.

But this line ...... looks familiar?

There is something that comes to mind.

'Is it related to the one in the status column: ......'

In this world, it is said that there are currently no potions other than life force potions and magic potions.

However, if you use my skills, you may be able to increase other stats as well.

I don't know exactly what it is because I haven't taken it yet. ...... No, it's better to take it and find out.

Convert the life force potion into a movement speed potion--

and gulp.

The effect was immediate.

My body feels much lighter.

When I walk around the area for a while, I can feel that my movement speed has increased considerably.

It is easier to move at the same speed as usual, and the maximum speed is much faster.

It seems that the effect is real.

That being said, could it be that .......

'Isn't it possible to combine these two?

Thinking so, I took out the Glowing Life Potion Level 5 and the Glowing Magic Potion Level 5 from the item slot.

I tried to use 'Item Nature Conversion' on the Glowing Magic Potion Level 5.


Candidates for "Glowing Potions of Magic Level 5" nature conversion

Potion of Glowing Attack Power Level 5
Glowing defense potion level 5
Glowing attack speed potion level 5
Glowing movement speed potion level 5
Glowing potion of magic attack power, level 5
Glowing magic resistance potion level 5
Glowing potion of mental power
Potion of glowing magic power

This is even worse than I imagined. .......

If you collect all kinds of the strongest potions and put them together in one place with "Item Synthesis", you will be able to handle any situation. .......

I still have plenty of potion ingredients in my inventory, so I'll be making the strongest potions later.

While I was working on making potions, Aleria and Aina came out of the general store looking happy.

When they see me, they run up to me.

'We were able to buy a lot of good stuff today!

'I'm sure they'll be happy.

'What did you end up buying?'

I asked, and Aleria happily showed me what she had bought.

'It's a figure of me!

'Oh, oh, .......'

It was also a very elaborate figure.

A dignified figure wielding a sword while maintaining the beauty of Aleria.

I wonder how she felt buying her own figure ......?

'I also bought another version! This one's a bit s*xier, so I won't give it as a souvenir.

The one she showed me was indeed very naughty. The elephant of Arelia, with her clothes stripped off and her face blushing in embarrassment.

I feel like I'm losing if I'm interested, but my instincts are trying to get me interested. ......!

This is a great way to get the most out of your time and money.

It's not that I want one for myself, but it's unacceptable to put such a vulgar thing in there, so I'm going to pay for it and go buy it ...... and confiscate it later on as part of my guidance.

After that, I went around to buy some food-related souvenirs and returned to the royal castle.

I slept slowly in preparation for tomorrow.