7-Episode 6: The Magic Sword Is Back

I was about to leave the weapon shop to go into the inn next door.

'I heard the fire was out, but ...... it's really out!

The old man who seemed to be the owner of the weapon shop was surprised in front of the store.

'Could it be that you are the ...... one?

'I just adjusted the humidity and extinguished the fire. I'm glad I was able to put it out early.'

'Oh! What a surprise! I don't know what a sitzd is, but you put it out! What's your name?

'Yuuki Matsuzaki. It's a strange name, but don't mind it. You can call me Yuki if it's hard to say.

It seems that Japanese names are hard to read in other worlds.

'Hmm, Yuki. Yuki-dono, can you wait there for a moment?

'Yeah, I'm fine for a bit.

I replied, and the shopkeeper rushed into the store.
A few minutes later, the shopkeeper came out with a sword in a jet-black sheath.

'Mr. Yuki, I am truly grateful to you for protecting my store. Please take it.'

'...... What is this?

'It's called the Demon Sword Berserk. It's said to have been used by a tyrannical demon lord in mythical times. It's no longer of any practical use, but I'm sure it would fetch a good price if sold.''

'The magic sword ......, is it valuable?

'Valuable if you want to call it that, but it's just an ornament. It's against my principles to sell a weapon I can't use. How about you take it? If you don't want it, you can get another one. I'll give you something for it.

Now that the fire was contained, the shopkeeper could continue to run his business as usual.
The fact that he wanted to give something in return was more than enough for me to sympathize with him after losing my job.
I'll accept it gratefully.

Not the sword, but the shopkeeper's feelings.

'Thank you. I'll take the magic sword.

'Thank you very much. It's my reason for living. ......'

The shopkeeper looked at the store sign with narrowed eyes.

The magic sword he received was heavier than it looked.
It must have been very strong when this sword was in use.

We checked in at the inn next door.

When I was going through the check-in procedures at the inn next door, a problem occurred.

'Are you sure you want one room?

'No, make it two rooms.

As expected, it would not be good for me and Alelia to share a room.
A young man and a young woman (at least in appearance) sharing not just one night, but several nights together is not good, even if no mistakes occur.

It could be socially deadly.

'I'll take one room.

'Huh? What are you talking about, two rooms.'

'We need to save money. ...... If we keep it to one room, it's half the price, right?'

'That's true, but its ......, you can't afford to make mistakes, can you? 'No, I'm not that kind of guy, but there might be some reputational damage to Aelyria. You know what I mean.'

'I'm not afraid of mistakes happening!

'So, two rooms, please.'

'Are you listening to me? If you don't give me one room, I won't pay for it!

Ugh, that's not good.
Is this the trouble of the have-nots?

'...... I understand. But we'll just stay in the same room, right? It's not going to get weird or gray. Okay?

'I'll decide that!

'...... okay?'

'Yu, if you're so sure, that's fine for today. ......'

'Okay, it's decided.

And so the room was decided.
The term is one week. I need to become an adventurer and earn money during this time.

'It's a beautiful room for two silver coins a night!

'It lives up to its reputation. It's going to be a pleasant stay.

Humans sleep for about eight hours. That's a third of our day.
Besides sleeping, we spend a good deal of time in our rooms.

This is my theory, but I feel that the difference between a fulfilling life and one that is not is whether or not you can spend this time comfortably.

It is a matter of course that you can spend your time comfortably in expensive hotels. My research on how to spend my time comfortably at a reasonable price has come in handy.

'Well, let's take a look at the magic sword, Berserk...'

I've heard from the owner of the weapon shop that this weapon is useless.

'It's rusty, isn't it?

'Yes, it is.'

I pulled out the sword from its jet-black scabbard, and the rusty blade appeared on the surface.
Although rusty, it is a very cool sword with a sense of gravity.
It is no wonder that it is valuable as an object.

I swung the sword lightly.
I've only played kendo in high school, but with the skills I've acquired in the game, I feel like I can use it reasonably well.

'Yuki, Yuki, something is shining!


Indeed, the magic sword Berserk was glowing black and purple from the blade.
Is this how it is?

The glow on the blade didn't stop, in fact it got bigger and bigger.
It radiated an aura of misery for about a minute. The black and purple light has almost converged.

Now it's as if a little light is leaking out.

The Demon Sword Berserk has been successfully repaired automatically! Repair rate 10%.

The same mechanical voice that I heard when I learned the new skill was heard only by me.

'Wait, Yuki, the rust is gone!

'Oh, it's true. Could it be that you can use this ......?'

'That's great! A magic sword is not something you can get for a lot of money, and if you can use this, you'll be unbeatable!

'Oh! Does that mean I don't have to buy a new weapon? That's a lot of money!

'Yeah! Is that the problem!

I don't know why it's fixed, but I've resurrected the demon sword Berserk.