6-Episode 5: Climate Manipulation Is Too Useful


'Delicious! Yuki knows where to find cheap and tasty restaurants and is very reliable.

The menu of the cafeteria was common, but all of them were cheap and tasty. And the portions are huge.
Wheat seems to be the staple food, so as a Japanese, I am not happy that I cannot eat rice.

However, the fish dishes tasted like grilled fish, the noodle dishes tasted like ramen, and the meat dishes tasted like hamburgers were familiar to me, so I was satisfied overall.

A set meal cost one silver coin, and a single dish cost about six copper coins.
According to Arelia, one gold coin is equivalent to ten silver coins,

One copper coin = 100 yen
1 silver coin = 1000 yen
1 gold coin = 1,000 yen

A gold coin is equivalent to 10 silver coins.

'However, you have to have economic power.

'Well, I don't think it's something to worry about. There's not much money can buy, you know.

At his age, he's got a lot of insight. .......
Is this the difference between the have-nots and the haves?
After all, you're a princess.
On the other hand, I'm a commoner.

After work, I go to a convenience store to buy groceries and go home to an apartment with an automatic lock that guarantees my safety.
After taking a shower, you watch TV and read manga when you get bored.
Water, food, and safety can be bought with money, but there was a hole in my heart.

When I think about it, I might have had a better life than the aristocrats of this era.

'But I still need a minimum amount of money to live. I wish I could find a good job. ......'

'Wouldn't you like to be an adventurer, Yuki?'

'An adventurer? Me?'

I couldn't hide my surprise at the unexpected suggestion.
Speaking of adventurers, that's what they are. They hunt and gather at the request of others and are rewarded for their success.

'Aren't adventurers supposed to be strong? I'm not even good at fighting.

'Huh? That's not true! You instantly killed a bandit earlier. I'm sure he's a skilled thief since he's carrying me, the princess.

Is that also true?

You can be an adventurer,......?

No, no, no. You can't be too careful.
I think I've read a manga in which a person transforms to another world, but is too weak and gets embarrassed.
You should be cautious here.

'You can't become an adventurer unless you pass the test, so why don't you just take the test first?

'I see, there is an exam. If that's the case, it's a good way to test my abilities.

If you fail, you're not good enough to be an adventurer, and if you pass, you're good enough.
That should make it clear.

'Let's go to the guild first thing tomorrow morning! I can pass it, so it should be easy for you.

◇ After we finished eating

After we finished eating, we walked around looking for a place to stay for the night.
I had heard that there was a cheap inn for adventurers around here, but I couldn't find it because it didn't have a prominent sign.

I had no choice but to ask around, but just as I was thinking.

'There's a fire! There's a fire! Run! Run!

I heard a tense voice from nearby.

'Fire? Where are you?

'Yuki, I can see smoke on the other side!

'There it is. ...... means that the sign of the inn we're staying at today is next to it, ...... that's not good!

'What, where are you going!

'You know where I'm going, right? It's a fire scene! If we don't stop the fire right now, we won't have a place to stay today!


I rushed to the scene and checked the condition of the fire.
The fire had started in a small arms shop. The spark is getting bigger and bigger, and a bucket of water is not going to put it out. But if I could put it out now, it would be a small fire.

So I decided to use the skill I had learned earlier.
I didn't come to the dangerous place without a plan.

Climate manipulation. I hoped I could make it rain and use the water to put out the fire.
Use the skill.

You can control four things with this skill: weather, rainfall, temperature, and humidity.
--Hmm? Does it also control humidity?

As I recall, fires are more likely to start in the dry winter and less likely to start in the humid summer.
So, what happens if we raise the humidity around the fire to the extreme?

It's faster to try it.

Fix the area around the spark at 100% humidity by "climate control".
The door is open, so the actual measurement may not be 100%. But - the fire that was spreading rapidly suddenly loses momentum.

After a while, the spark became smaller and smaller.
Finally, he extinguished the fire by stepping on it with his shoe.

'Yuki, it's amazing ...... that you were able to extinguish that fire without even using water. ......!

'At any rate, I'm glad. It looks like the inn next door is unharmed.''

'That's it? You could have stayed at a different inn. ......'

'Well, that's true, but this was the cheapest place with the best reputation.

We'll be staying at the inn for a while to earn some money.
Considering the safety of Aelyria, I want to leave the capital as soon as possible, but I can't live without a way to earn money.

If we're going to stay here for a long time, we want to stay in the best place possible, don't you think?

'The owner of the weapon shop will be surprised. ....... If there is a fire, even a small one, it will flood the shop and make the goods unsaleable.

So you're saying that you've helped people in the end.

'That's good. The owner won't lose any money, and we can stay at the inn next door as planned.'

'There's a lot of ...... Youki is amazing!

For some reason, Aleria's cheeks flushed, and she buried her face in my chest to hide it.