5-Episode 4: I learned a new magic.

'Is it true ......? He said he was going to be sold to the king.'

'I'm glad Yuki saved me, but I did hear him talking about it!

That's one hell of a king.
I have a lot of things I want to say to that old man, but I didn't think he was capable of something so despicable.
It's not normal for a country to shake down another country over a person, much less the emperor's daughter.

'Even more so, I can't just leave him like this. I don't know if I can protect her on my own. But I'll do what I can to help.'

I'm worried about Aleria and I can't let that vile old man get away with what he wants.

'I don't have to worry if Yuki can protect her! I'm glad!'

Aleria happily jumped into my chest and rubbed against me.

This is how I ended up working with Aleria.

《I gained a new skill, Climate Control》.

Suddenly, a voice like a mechanical voice played in my head.
'Climate Control' ......?

'Status Open'.

Name:Yuki Matsuzaki Lv.1
Class: Sage
Skill: 'System Manipulation', 'God's Blessing', 'Climate Manipulation'
MP: 216987/216987

It's certainly increasing.
I wonder if the name means that you can change the weather freely or something.
If you're going to be working with a party, you're going to be affected by the weather, so it seems like a useful thing to have.

Furthermore, the moment I became aware of the word "party"...
The moment I became aware of the word "party," Aleria's name, level, HP, and MP were displayed in the upper left corner of my field of vision.

Name: Aleria Villars Lv.3
HP: 10451/10451
MP: 15632/15632

It's useful, but it's kind of like a game. .......

What's wrong with you? What's wrong?

'Do you see that weird bar in the upper left corner?

'......? I can't see it.'

'Oh, that's okay. It's nothing.

Apparently, I'm the only one who can see this strange thing.
Aleria gave him a curious look, but he quickly lost interest and seemed to remember something more important and urgent.

'I'm hungry. Would you like to eat? It's lunchtime.'

'I'm hungry too, but I'm broke. I'd like to find a job first.'

'I've got the money, I'll be fine!

'Didn't the bandits take it from you?

'They took most of it, but adventurers are supposed to keep a little hidden. It's common sense, right?'

Aleria spontaneously pulled out five gold coins from her cleavage with a motion as if she was pulling coins out of her pocket.
I was surprised that she had gold coins that were probably worth many times more than copper coins, but my attention was focused on something else.

How big is a cleavage that can hold five gold coins? .......

'That's as good as it gets: ......'

'Right? I don't know many people who hide things here!

'Maybe there are more people who try to hide it but can't.'

'Then let's go eat! I don't know where the restaurant is...'

'I'll show you. I haven't actually been there, but I know a place that looks good by word of mouth.'

When I was strolling around the castle town earlier, I was listening carefully and gathering information.
Among them, I happened to know a cheap and delicious restaurant.


At that time, there was confusion in the Royal Castle.

'Your Majesty, Aleria Villars has been kidnapped by someone!

'What the hell? Where and by whom was she attacked! Wasn't she a skilled bandit?

'But according to the witnesses, the bandit was killed instantly. ....... The culprit, sorting out the characteristics he got from the bandit, is ...... an unlikely story. ......'

'What the hell, be clear!

'I think that's ...... the Matsusaki Yuki that we just kicked out. ......'

'You idiot! It can't be!

'I'm sorry, sir! I will review it again!

'Mm, do that. Find the culprit quickly and get Aleria Villars back. Do you understand?'

'Yes, sir! As you wish, sir.

After the guards left the room, the king, Serbert Oswald, put his head in his hands.
When the bandits asked him if he wanted to buy the third princess of the neighboring Villers Empire. When a bandit asked him if he would like to buy the third princess of the neighboring Villars Empire, he accepted the proposal immediately, convinced that it was him.

The emperor's love for his children was a well-known fact. Even though she was the Third Empress, if he could use her daughter as a story, he would have a diplomatic advantage.

Until a moment ago, he had thought so, but now the situation had changed.
If Aelyria returned safely to the empire, the emperor would thoroughly investigate who was holding her. If even the slightest connection to the Kingdom emerged, it could be considered an attack.

If it was just the empire, there was nothing we could do, but if the surrounding countries formed a coalition army, no matter how many brave men we had, victory would be in jeopardy.

'This has become a troublesome situation. ......'

Selbert was facing the biggest challenge of his life.
It was a seed he had sown himself...