4-Episode 3: For some reason, I fell in love with th...

They ran for about 500 meters. Entering an alleyway, the princess stopped.
She sat there, huffing and puffing.

'How far are we going in such a hurry?

'Anyway, as far away as possible - how come you're not worried about running so fast!

'Ah, come to think of it, why is that? Because I'm physically strong?''

Even though I was running at the full speed of the princess, I should have been out of breath after running 500 meters, but I wasn't tired at all.

My physical strength must have been low because I was chronically lacking in exercise when I was a company employee, but since I came to the other world, I was full of vitality. It's like when I was a student.

'It's a tremendous physical strength. ....... It's just like killing a bandit in the blink of an eye.

'Was that a bandit?'

'Yes. --I'm sorry I'm late, but thank you very much for saving me. I'm sorry to be late, but I'm Aleria Villars, the third princess of the Villars Empire.

'I see, is that so? I'm Yuuki Matsuzaki. I used to work for a trading company, but I'm unemployed now.'

'Matsuzaki Yuki? That's an unusual name. Shosha, Mushoku ...... I don't know the details, but I'm sure he has a great career.'

'If you don't want to say it, you can call me Yuki. You can call me Yuki if you don't want to. I really don't care about my career.

I just don't want to relive that time anymore.

''I understand. There must be some reason. But still, this is the first time I've met someone who treats me normally even after finding out that I'm an Imperial Princess. ......'

'Hmm, was that uncomfortable?'

'No, on the contrary. I feel comfortable.'

'But why was the princess being held by bandits in a place like that? And what about the guards?

'That's because ...... many things happened.'

Aleria explained step by step.
In a nutshell,

Aleria left a letter behind and went on a journey.
She is kidnapped by bandits on her journey.
She was about to be sold to a rich man, but I saved her.

That seems to be the situation.
She's a very naive girl.

'Then you'd better get back to the Empire.

'I'm not going back to the Empire!

'Why not? You were scared, weren't you? You might get caught again if you keep wandering around, princess.''

'In that case, Yuki will help me again, right!

'It's just a coincidence this time. Besides, you won't be seeing him again.''

'Then what should I do?

'Go home. If I stay with you forever, I'll be mistaken for the kidnapper. ......'

'No, no, no, no, they won't think you're a kidnapper. I'm about the same age as you and I'm just a friend or a cup ......!

'What are you talking about friends? I'm an old man in Alaska.'

'You've got to be kidding. You're like 15 or something, right?

No matter how easy it is for Japanese people to be seen as young, an old man in Alaska is not going to be seen as a boy. .......
I approached a nearby puddle and peered into my own face.

'What, are you kidding me? ...... I'm getting younger!

The vigor that pervaded me, as if I were young again, might not have been a mistake.
Come to think of it, it's not a transference, but a reincarnation.
It's not surprising that he was rejuvenated.


Not 'hey? It's not. If the emperor finds out, he'll kill me, right?

'If you don't take any precautions, that might be the case. But I have a secret plan for you.''

As she said this, Aleria gave off a lustful vibe.
Ugh, cute.
It makes me want to do whatever she says. .......

'Let's make it a done deal!

I'm not going to say no!

That's what I mean by "established fact", right?

Before I knew it, on the first day of my reincarnation, my life was about to take a definite route. ...... That was close.

I'm not sure why. I'm not afraid to ask.

'Because I'm reluctant. You can't say that after just a few minutes of meeting each other.

'I see. ...... I understand. Then I give up.'

Aleria's shoulders slumped, and she bit her lip sadly.
But I can't just leave her like this, can I? Even if I tell her to go home, she won't listen.

'But I don't care if Aleria comes along on her own ....... I'm playing solo. I think it's possible that Aleria is always there ...... by chance.

I don't know what I'm talking about.
I don't know how communicative I am.

Aleria's eyes light up.

'Yes, I was thinking that too! Then I'll follow you on my own!

'Oh, oh, ......, that's it then.'

I'm sure the emperor won't understand this excuse, but as an adult, I can't bring myself to leave a little girl running around by herself.
I guess he doesn't have a police force or any such organization, and for some reason he didn't want to be caught by the officials.

'Come to think of it, why did you run away from the officials? Was it because you thought they would bring you back?'

'Ah! I forgot to tell you. I heard about the bandits. ....... It seems that he was sold to the king of this country and was about to be used for political games. That's why I don't trust government officials.