8-Episode 7: I can read foreign languages smoothly.

I've learned a new skill, the Common Tongue of the Continent!

While I was sleeping comfortably, I was awakened by the mechanical voice.
What is it this time? The Common Tongue of the Continent......?

Suddenly, my eyes caught sight of a warning sign posted in my room.

'Readable ......'.

I can now read characters that are neither Japanese nor English.
I'm not a native speaker, but I can understand what's written, and if I want, I can write it.
I have never studied it before.

After experiencing it twice, I noticed that the timing of learning a new skill is a bit unique.

'When there's some kind of change in me: ......?

The first time was when Aleria became one of us. The second time was when I could almost understand the otherworldly language. If you can speak it, it's easy to remember the words, so I was able to vaguely read it in a day.

It's just a hypothesis, but I don't think I'm far off.

Well, I should have gone to the guild first thing in the morning to take the exam.



I feel like I'm grabbing something soft, but I don't know what it is.
...... I have a rough idea, but I just don't want to face the reality. There are times like that, aren't there?

'Yuki's ...... is ...... warm and ......'.

'Don't say it in a misleading way! It's a hand.

'Why is Yuki's hand ...... on my chest?'

'I want to hear it . You were sleeping on the couch last night. Why are you in bed?'

Aleria and I had agreed to use the bed and the sofa on different days so that we would not have the same bedding. On the first day, Aleria was to sleep on the sofa and I was to sleep in the bed.

'I still feel uncomfortable if I don't sleep on the bed.

'I hope you won't say you're uncomfortable without the sofa tomorrow ......'.

I'm starting to understand.
Aleria enjoys playing tricks on me.
She probably enjoys seeing me in trouble.

I'll have to get her to change her ways a bit.

'Hmm, I suppose you're right.

'If you're so inclined, I'll make a move, too.

'So, you'll do ......? How far to ......?

'Well, how far would you go? I might just finish it, you know?'

'Well, I'll finish .......'

Aleria blushed in embarrassment.
Perhaps she didn't expect to be told this much, but she turned her head down.
Did I go a little too far?

But it seems like this will reduce the amount of excessive provocation.

'Yu, if you're willing, I'll accept it any time!

There was a time when I thought .......
Now, I'll think about this issue later. .......

I'll think about this issue later.

'Are we being watched?

I was on my way to the guild when a different kind of gaze stabbed me.

'They're not looking at us, they're looking at me.

'Yuki, what did you do?

'It's not so much that I did anything as that I was the one who was hit.

I know the cause.
I was unwillingly summoned to this world by a hero.
The king and the heroes were quite disappointed when they saw that.

The news quickly spread throughout the land.
Since there is a time lag before the information gets out, they must have read the article in the morning newspaper or something. It must have been in the morning paper or something, with a picture or something.

That's why it only came to their attention today.

'The content of the news is probably that the brave man was not a brave man,' he said.

'A brave man, come to think of it, there was a rumor that the Oswald Kingdom was going to summon a new brave man! It was yesterday, right ......?

'Yes, and I was the one who was summoned.

'So you were a brave man, Yuki!

'He wasn't a hero, so he was kicked out.

I'll show Aleria the status.
Not 'brave', but 'wise'.

And I told her the whole story.

'Is that what happened? ......'

'Are you disappointed too, Aelyria? I was summoned to be a hero, not a hero.'

'Why would I be disappointed?'

'No,......, everyone looked at me like I was trash.'

'I'm glad Yuki is not a hero. If Yuki had been a hero, we wouldn't be walking together like this, and I'd be locked in a cage right now causing trouble for my father.

That's true, that's true.
I don't know how it happened, but thanks to me not being a hero, I was able to meet Aleria.

She's unique, and she's a girl who gives me a lot of trouble, but there's a part of her that heals my heart after I jumped into the other world alone and got kicked out right after.

'Well, I'm glad you said that.

And also, the king of Oswald says that the purpose of summoning the heroes is to defeat the demon king, but the true purpose is to use the heroes for military purposes. It is a well-known story in other countries besides Oswald, such as my home empire. I can't stand the thought of Yuki being used as a pawn by that king.

I see.
I don't know how strong the heroes are, but they must be unimaginably strong if they were summoned to defeat the Demon King and given such special treatment.

If that kind of strength is currently possessed by just one nation, it is certainly too much to handle.
It is no wonder that the king who kidnapped the empire's princess and tried to use her as a bargaining chip would think such a thing.

'Indeed, it makes me sick to think that I was a pawn for that king. I'm really glad he kicked me out.

'I love your positive attitude, Yuki! I'll follow you wherever you go!