74-Episode 73: I didn't ask for that much...

The yellow-eyed pterodactyl curls up its body and becomes small.
Sui should be about the same size, but this one looks a lot bigger.

'I won't forgive you if you don't take responsibility.

'Heee, I'll take care of that ......'.

The three of us, me, Aleria and Aina, looked at each other.
This is a great way to make sure you are getting the most out of your time with us.
......, but other than that, I don't understand at all.

'Sui, can you explain to me what this is all about?'

'Mr. Yuki, I'm sorry about this. There's a lot going on.'

'I don't care about that. Do you know each other?

Sui and I only recently met, but she's already several thousand years old.
Considering that the yellow-eyed pterodactyl had been around for just as long, it was no wonder that we were old acquaintances.

'As far as I know, there are six dragons in this world. The six dragons were born at about the same time, but I was the first. In other words, junior ...... this guy is like my younger brother. Isn't that right?

'Yes, yes...... he is.'

This is the first time I've heard this information, so I have a lot of questions I want to ask, but I'll just shut up and listen to the rest.

'He challenged me to a fight despite the fact that he is my brother. This is what the human history books call the 'Water Yellow Dragon War' .......'

Although ...... didn't ring a bell at all, Aleria and Aina reacted with a jerk, as if they knew something about it.

'I know that! It's the one where one of the mountains disappeared in the dragon battle, right?

'I've heard of that too. It's not just one mountain, but it's a remnant of that battle that divided the continent into multiple continents like now.

'Oh, is that so?

'It's just a legend. I used to fall asleep to such tales when I was a child.

As someone who doesn't know much about this world, I can't help but think that the story of a mountain being blown up, but the story of a continent being split open, is indeed spurious.

This kind of story is exaggerated as it spreads.
Either way, I know Sui's strength well enough to imagine that it was a hell of a battle.

'No, it's not like that, indeed. Human history books are not very good.

I suppose.
As I was thinking that, Sui continued to talk.

'Have you ever heard that this world is a little tilted?

'Is that what the scholars are saying? The world is tilted, and thanks to that, there are seasons. ......'

'Yes, I overdid it a bit with my breath in that battle, and it tilted.'


I muttered to myself.
But if this story is true, Sui is not only thousands of years old, but tens of thousands or hundreds of millions of years old,......?

Well, maybe there is no difference in the sense of dragons.
I don't think they had a calendar, and it's not so clear since they were sealed in the middle.

I mean, isn't he much stronger than Sui that I know?
Looking at her status, I don't think the difference between me and Sui is astronomical.
Is it possible that the current Sui is weakened for some reason?

Or does it mean that even the current me can at least tilt the earth's axis?
As all sorts of questions were going through my head, Sui's words came out of nowhere.

'That battle established the pecking order between this guy and me. Therefore, it's up to me to kill him or let him live. My choice is master's. What do you want me to do?'


You're talking to me there, ...... you're crazy.

'No, well, ...... as for me, I'll be fine if the yellow-eyed pterodactyl can calm my anger and stop the desertification of this area.'

'How do you want to deal with it after that?

I was told .......
It was sudden, and no good plan came to mind right away.

'I'll leave it to Sui. Do what you want.'

'Okay, sir. Then I command you. You will repent your rudeness and serve your master with me. Do you understand?'

'Yes, I understand, sir!

'What about ......?

I said I'd leave it to you, but as expected, that was too unexpected.
In other words, don't just accept it with two words!
Yellow-eyed pterodactyl, don't you have any intention?

''......,'' he said. Give this guy a name.

''Before I name him, I want to make sure, yellow-eyed pterodactyl ......, can you be as small as Sui? That's right, with your figure like that. ......'

I'm sure you'll be fine! I'll be small!

When he answered, he instantly shrunk to the same size as Sui.
It's big enough to be cute like a baby dragon.

The size is clear for now.

'Both of you, I'm a candidate for a new pet, can I have ......?

'If it's just another Sui-chan, I'm fine with it!

''I wouldn't be opposed to it either. As an enemy, they're terrifying, but as an ally, they're reliable. ......'

...... So does that mean it's good?

You've got confirmation from your party members, so you're all set.

'Okay, we can keep it. As for a name, well, ...... since it's an earth dragon, how about Earth? Your name is Earth.''

And at that moment, for the first time in a long time, I heard the mechanical voice.
The skill "Dragon Synergy Lv.1" has been activated.