75-Seventy-fourth: I'm embarrassed to be praised so m...

'Okay, you can keep it now. As for a name, well, since it's a ...... dragon with earth attributes, how about Earth? Your name is Earth.

It's also a bit naive, but--

'Earth ...... Thanks for the good name!

I'm glad you like it.

I'm glad you like it.

We were able to solve the problem by having Sui persuade Earth, although it turned out to be unimaginable from the beginning.

In addition, we ended up getting another pet. .......

Well, it's not a bad thing that Sui has a dragon friend as well. I'm sure it's not a bad thing.

When I returned to the village of Loizius in the pouring rain, the villagers were shouting with joy, raising their hands.

'Hey, the Grand Duke is back. ......'

'And that means ......!

'The Grand Duke has saved our village: ......!

It's kind of hard to show your face when you're this high up. .......

I've gotten used to it, as I always do. .......

The villagers of the village of Loizius were all present, and in the center of them was the old man I had spoken to earlier, the elder.

Just as well. It's easy to talk to someone you've talked to once before.

'Welcome back, .......'

'Yeah, I made it.

The fact that things went well in such a short time was due in large part to the advance information the village chief had given us.

'Oh, ......? The number of animals you have with you seems to be increasing. ......?

'Oh, that's him. He's a long story, but ...... well, in short, he's the village's dragon god ......, isn't he?'

I introduce him,

'Oh, yeah, yeah.

Earth agreed with me.

'Na, na, na, Ryujin-sama?

'Well, I'll tell you all the details later, but I'll give you the short version. '

I recounted how, after heading to the Loizius Forest, a yellow-eyed pterodactyl came out and I put it under my command, solved all the problems, and came back.

'That's great. ....... You're a great guy, after all. ......'

I'm a little embarrassed to be praised so much, but ...... now is not the time.

You can find a lot of things that you can do to make your life easier.

This is to hold Count Dust, the lord of the Loizius territory, accountable.

The reason why Earth became angry and turned against the humans was originally due to Count Dust's shallow and arbitrary decision.

The reason why the central government of the kingdom doesn't have much say in the management of each region is because it doesn't have a deep understanding of the characteristics of each region.

On the contrary, if the central government is not able to make policies according to regional characteristics, there is no need to keep them as lords.

If it were a small problem, I could have warned him and urged him to improve, but in this case, the problem was too big.

He was responsible for not protecting the people he was supposed to protect and neglecting to provide relief to the kingdom government.

If there are no special circumstances, we must hand him over to the authorities.

'Mayor, can you take us to Count Dust's residence?

'It's that idiot lord's mansion. ....... ''Yes, follow me.

The three of us and two animals were taken to the mansion by the village chief.

However,......, considering that the previous lords were decent, the hereditary system of nobility might be something to think about.