76-Seventy-five: The Count was more than I imagined

It took me about twenty minutes to get there.

We came to a large western-style house. It was a quaint stone mansion that looked as if it could be found in a tourist spot in Paris.

'Is this the Count's residence?

'Yes, sir.

'Thank you for your time. We would like to request a meeting with Count Dust now. Depending on the situation, ...... we'll probably head straight back to King's Landing after this is over.''

'Are you going back already......?

'Actually, I wanted to take it a little slower, but I have a feeling that I'm going to have to do a lot of extra work. ......'

'It depends on how Count Dust goes, but I have a feeling it probably will.

'So, can the elders please go back to the village like this?

'I understand, ........ I'll be sure to pay you back for this debt. Now, if you'll excuse me.
So saying, he returned the elder to the village.

'Didn't you originally schedule a couple of days ......?

Aleria asked in a whisper after the elder was out of sight.

It was true that I had originally explained to them that we were planning to take our time and tour the village of Loizius.

'Well, that's true, but I have a feeling that the ...... Count Dust matter is going to get a bit complicated. No, if Dust is smarter than I think he is, I don't think there'll be any problems. ......'

'I have a feeling it's going to get ugly......?'
Aina tilted her head .

'No, what can I say, from what I've heard, I can smell the same smell as the hero.'

'Oh, maybe Yuki thinks that Count Dust will get upset and attack us?

'I'm hoping he won't.'

If it can be resolved amicably, there's nothing better than that. However, I haven't been able to resolve it amicably since I was reincarnated by hoping so.

'The wise man's intuition is right, you know.

'Master is so smart...'

Earth and Sui keep saying that.

'Hey, hey, don't say anything you don't like, ......?