28-Episode 27: Apparently there was a demon in the ro...

'Aren't you going to forget again anyway?

'Next time I won't forget! I'll be reminded! ...... this way!'

Fabrice clasped his hands together and pleaded.
A painful apology for the moment.

It doesn't look like you're really sorry--

'Then let's see some sincerity.

'Sincerity ......? Money?

'Money is not the only way to show your sincerity. As I recall, you were planning to frame me for the Aelyrian abduction.'

'Yes, but that was by order of the king--'

'Yes, charge me with that.'

'Now ......!

Fabrice's face twisted.
I'm not saying anything difficult. All you have to do is tell the people of the kingdom who gave you the order, how to do it, and what to do about it. It's all true, and the heroes should have the power to make it known.

'You can't do that! If you do that, the kingdom will be destroyed!

'Yes, it would. To be more precise, a new government will be born peacefully. If the corrupt kingdom can be destroyed without bloodshed, wouldn't that be good for the people and the surrounding countries?

'Oh, what about us? We won't have the king's backing, and our credibility will fall to the bottom of the earth because we served a foolish king! How are you going to settle this?

'I don't know. It's all true.


'You can die, or you can die socially. You've got two choices. Now decide.'

'Okay, okay, ......! I'll charge you with ......!

'I've got your word. Explain yourself in front of the people. Do you understand?'

'Yeah, yeah. I keep my promises. That's the kind of man I am.

You can't trust anything a liar says.
I took the word of Fabrice, but this is just to convince him.

I gave him a chance once, not twice.
I will make sure he keeps his word.

'Well then, back to the guild--what?

A large red firework went off from the direction of King's Landing.
Not the beautiful ones you see at festivals, but the kind used by the military and other organizations for communication.

'Red smoke bombs...... wasn't this a declaration of emergency ...... when the demon race appeared?

One of the brave men muttered to himself.

Demon tribe.
That's an unfamiliar word. No, exactly, it sounds familiar, but I'm not sure if it matches my image of it.

'What's a demon tribe?

'It's a kind of demon, but it's a monster that can't be compared to that. One demon race once destroyed a duchy. ....... It's not like other demons, it's humanoid and it's under the direct control of the demon king, so we call it that to distinguish it. ......'

I see, that's pretty much what I imagined the demon tribe to be.

'I see. Aleria, let's go back to King's Landing right now.''

'You're going to fight the demon tribe? Isn't Yuki going to destroy the kingdom ......?'

'The government and the people should be considered separately. The king is an a**h*le, but it's not the people's fault. Besides, there are people who need to be protected in various ways.

A good deal of time has passed since I was summoned to the other world.
During that time, there were people who took care of me.

The old man of the weapon shop who sold me weapons at a low price when I had no money.
The innkeeper who provided me with a comfortable environment at a reasonable price, where I am still staying.
The staff of the guild who took care of my every request.

If the demon tribe has the power to destroy the country, I can't leave them alone.
Of course, his own life and Aelyria's are his priorities, but he won't know until he sees them whether they can be defeated or not.

'So you're thinking that far ahead, Yuki. ......! All right, let's go! Now.

I'll be back.

When I returned to the capital, I was stunned at first sight.
There were demons even inside the walls where there are usually no demons.

An emergency situation where a non-combatant was attacked by a demon.

'I'll take care of this!

'Thank you very much! Master Regulus!

Regulus, who had fought me in the guild's practical test, seemed to be protecting the people.
However, the number of invading demons was increasing, and if left unchecked, it would exceed our capacity.

Other adventurers could be seen here and there, but there were far too few of them.

'Regulus, what's the situation here?

'It's you, Yuki-dono! A demon tribe has invaded from the sky, and the demon tribe has brought in a demon! I've been trying to kill them, but they just won't go away!

Looking outside the capital, I saw that the demons were approaching one after another.
There would probably be many times as many demons as there were here soon.

'I don't see any adventurers near the royal capital, do you?'

'Yeah, I heard that the area boss was sprouting, so there shouldn't be anyone else outside!

'That's convenient. I'll buy us some time. In the meantime, think about our next plan. Figure out a way to deal with the root of it.

I swung the magic sword Berserk sideways with all my might.

The slashes that became sharp blades flew to the demons in the distance and kicked them away.
But there were still too many.

Twice. Three times. Four times. Five times. .......

After firing about ten slashes, the demon's advance has slowed down considerably.
My range is about 500 meters.

It won't do any good against demons that are further away, but it will buy you some time.

'You're still incredibly powerful. It's as powerful as a ...... brave ...... or even more .......'

'It's a waste of time. In my opinion, if this demon is being called by the demon tribe, striking the demon tribe directly will stop it. Am I right?'