29-Episode 28: The Devils Are Too Weak

'That's correct. It is said that the principle of demons calling demons is that they lure them with their magical power. When the demon tribe was defeated in the past, it was recorded that the demons left as if the tide had turned.

So it's the same principle as Sui luring the demons.
Now, if we can find out where the demons are, we can hit them.

'Do you know where the demon tribe is now?

'Yeah. They're headed towards the ...... royal castle. The guards are too busy defending the royal castle to deal with the invading demons.

The demons are probably after the king. I don't know if they're after the king's life or something else.
But what I do know is that the king cares more about himself than the people in the capital.

'I see, so you're saying I should go to the royal castle.

'Oh, hey ......, are you seriously going to deal with the demons?'

Regulus looked at me with worried eyes.

'If you don't, you won't be able to control them, will you?'

'That's true, but are you really going to risk your life for a foolish king like that......? I've done a lot of research since then, but he's a bloodless bastard who imposes heavy taxes on remote areas and executes innocent people just because he doesn't like them.

Regulus is a pure man with a strong sense of justice.
That's probably why he started looking into the past when he felt uncomfortable with the king.

I hadn't heard of him either, but I knew he was a foolish king.

'Don't get me wrong. I don't care about the king's life. It's fine if the demon tribe only wants the king, but if it's the land itself, we'll all die.''

'...... You're right. ...... but ......'

Regulus looks as if he wants to say something.

'Don't die. Youki-dono should be able to get out of here alive. If you're in danger, don't worry about the rest.'

'Oh, thank you for your concern.

The next batch of demons will arrive in King's Landing in about ten minutes.
From there, it'll take about five minutes for them to start gathering together.

I wouldn't say we have a lot of time, but it won't take us long to get to the castle.
It'll take about ten minutes to get there if you drive normally.

But you can get there faster from the air.

'Sui, can you give us a ride to the royal castle?


Sui, who looked like a small stuffed animal, transformed into her true form, the Water Eye Pterosaur.
When Aleria and I got on Sui's back, she flew high into the sky.

With a quick flap of her wings, the scenery passed by as if it were flowing.
It was my first time traveling in the sky in another world, but I didn't have time to enjoy it.

Soon, I reached the sky above the royal castle.


'What's wrong?

'Sui, can I just crash into the royal castle like this?

'I don't care if you can, but won't it hurt? It looks pretty strong.''

The Royal Castle is a stone building.
Sui's strength should be able to smash through it, but ramming it headfirst would hurt.

'Don't worry, I've been working out!

'Well, I'll leave it to you then.

As soon as he replied, Sui plunged into the top floor of the royal castle.

Crunch, crunch, crunch!

With the feeling of crushing Styrofoam, he broke through the stone castle and succeeded in breaking inside.
The place seemed to be the study of King Selbert.

There, he saw a demon and the figure of Selbert. There were the corpses of the guards.
The demon was holding a knife to Selbert's neck, but he was looking at us in dismay.

'Sui, you can go back to normal.

'All right!

Sui, who had been in the form of the Pterosaur of the Water Eye, became smaller and began to float around my shoulders as usual.

Still, it's quite lucky to suddenly encounter a demon tribe.
First, I check the status of the demon with my demon eye.

Name: Demon Lv.10
Class: Demon
Skills: None

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Attack Power: A
Defense: B
Attack Speed: B
Movement Speed: B
Magic Attack Power: A
Magic Resistance: A
Mental Strength: B
Life Force: A
Magic Power: B

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I'm surprised. You're even better than the hero.
In fact, I had carefully checked the status of the brave man, but he was so weak that he was easily overtaken in a short time by an ordinary person with talent, such as Aleria.

Even though he was a brave man, he was nothing special.
Well, it seemed that he could use his skills if he polished them, so not everyone would be able to surpass a brave person.

'Oh, hey, you're human! No matter how flashy your appearance is, it's a given that I will kill your king! I'll kill you too!''

The demon race started talking.

'You're a demon, but you can talk.

''Don't lump us in with the demons! We're special beings under the direct control of the Demon Lord--''

A ball of fire flew from the demon tribe.
I swung my sword.

The slash collided with the fireball, and it disappeared without reaching me.

'A...... a...... ah! What the hell is that?

What the heck is that? I was just swinging my sword normally. .......

I'm not sure what to make of it. It's not a big deal, is it?