30-Episode 29: There's no damage to being held hostag...

'Don't taunt the demon race! All right, let's see what you're made of. That was just a test, actually.'

I'm sure.
There's no way this is serious.

The demon took out something like a stone from his chest and swallowed it.
As soon as he swallowed, his eyes bled and his muscles grew.

'Human--what is your name?

'...... I'm Yuki Matsuzaki?'

'Matsuzaki Yuki...... no shortage of my life to burn!

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It's certainly faster and more powerful than before.



The fireballs collided with the warding magic, and they all dissipated.


It was also a bad move to come charging in.
Crashing into the wards, the demon tribe let out a pitiful cry.

''Did you think that I didn't do anything while you were strengthening something mysterious?

Actually, when I rode Sui into the royal castle, my warding magic wasn't in time.
That's why I flung the first blow with my sword.

But - while the demons were taking their time to strengthen it, I was building the warding magic.
If I didn't have the upper hand, I wouldn't have waited for them and would have attacked with full force. Normally.

Can't you even understand that ......?

'Oh, it's not possible...... for a human to be comparable to the demon race...... or even exceed the demon race......!

'Don't we know now if it's impossible or not?

Now it's our turn to attack.
I put my strength into my right hand holding the magic sword Berserk.

'd*mn it, ......, this is it!

The demon tribe smirks at me.
In the same way that he lunged at me earlier, he now grabs King Selbert by the neck and thrusts it at me.

'Guhaha! If you can't do it by force, use your wits. That's how the demon tribe fights!

'...... I don't understand, what do you mean?

He grabs Selbert by the neck and thrusts him at me. ...... What's the point of that if it's not a way to fight?
It seems to me that you are simply defenseless.

I'm sure it's hard to fight while defending yourself, no matter how strong you are. Huh, Matsuzaki Yuki, if you attack me, this king will die. So what do we do now?

Oh, I see.
He thought he was taking a hostage.

Well, that's usually a good idea.

'You've come to save the king! Then you can't attack when the king might die! I've won!


'What are you laughing at, ......? Do you still think there's something you can do?

'No, there is no such thing.

'Of course not. All right, kneel there. As long as you live, the king will not die.'


'No, why not? Didn't you come here to save the king?

I approach the demon tribe with my agile legs strengthened by the Divine Blessing.

'When did I say I was here to save the king?


'You've taken the wrong hostage. If you had taken Aleria as a hostage, you might have had a chance - but you didn't. It doesn't matter to me if Selvair dies or lives. No damage.'

'Oh, shit!

The demon jumps up, releasing Selbert.
But it's too late.


The sword pierced his chest, which was probably his vital point.
With a large amount of blood loss, the demon race loses its power.

I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not, but I think it's a good idea. ...... You're invincible without anything to protect you. ....... But I'm one of the weakest of the Four Heavenly Kings......'

The Four Heavenly Kings......?
You mean there are still three like this?

Well, the fact that I'm the weakest isn't much of a surprise. .......

'...... is a demon tribe that respects Lord Kerkass. ......'

No, I thought you were the Four Heavenly Kings!
That's what I thought you said. It's confusing.

It's confusing. 'Well, the demon tribe is surprisingly strong if they can still talk.

He moved his sword from side to side and dealt a blow to the demon tribe.
I was a little curious about the last story, but since he didn't say anything more, I couldn't get it out of him. I don't know if he would have told me even if I had asked him in the first place.

The demons have been dealt with.
Now the demons attacking King's Landing will go away.

But there's one more problem the demons left behind.

'Masaki Yuki......, thank you! I didn't think you'd be able to help me. ......! I apologize for my behavior. I'll even compensate you! I'll give you all the money you want!

Yes, King Selbert survived.

I guess the demon tribe didn't intend to kill Selbert from the beginning, at least not while fighting me.
A hostage loses its function when it dies.
It's the same logic as a robber keeping a hostage alive.

It would have been clearer if he had died by mistake.

'No apology necessary. No compensation. And do you think I'll accept the dirty money you've taken from me through heavy taxes?'

'Oh, I know you have a grudge against me! We all make mistakes, don't we? I didn't know the wise man was strong at first! Please forgive me.

'If that had been all, I would not have hunted you down, though I would not have forgiven you. But, Selbert. The biggest mistake you've ever made was laying hands on Aleria. Targeting Aleria when you knew I was with her... that's unforgivable.

I've got an idea.
It's a breakthrough ending where everything falls into place.

'You can look forward to tomorrow, Selbert.'

I threw Selbert in the dungeon and left the castle.