31-Episode 30: This is called revenge.

The next day.
A public execution was to be held at the execution site in the capital.

The one sitting on the execution table with a blue face was the former king, Serbert Oswald.

Beside him, there were other criminals who were not to be executed.
The seven heroes were all together.

Regulus, seated in the king's chair, is watching the scene.

In just one day, the king of a country was put on the execution table, and the heroes, who were trusted by the whole country, had to appear in front of the people as criminals - the circumstances go back to yesterday.

I'm sorry.

I had a very good idea, and I called out to Regulus who was celebrating.
Today, the entire capital is in a festive mood because the demons have been defeated and the demon race has been successfully defeated.

'Regulus, I'd like to talk to you about something.

'To me? ...... From the looks of it, it sounds like it's pretty important. Let's change places.

I wasn't aware of it, but I think he knew it was important.

'That'd be great. As for the location--well, could you come to the Royal Castle for a moment?

'The King's Castle, ......?

'Yeah, the royal castle.'

He took Regulus to the basement of the royal castle, without telling him the reason.

'...... What is this, ......! To the king, are you a hero?

A prison in the basement of the royal castle.
I knew immediately that there was a prison in the basement because there were materials in a prominent place in the study.

It seemed to be a prison designed to hide people who would be in trouble if they were found.
Aleria was scheduled to be imprisoned here.

'Regulus said that Selbert was a hell of a king, right? I did a lot of research after that. And here's a list of his extra crimes. Among the extra crimes, there's a case involving a hero.

I take out a stack of papers from the item box and show them to Regulus.

'The ones that are out in the open are outrageous, but this one is bad.

There is no end to the number of human experiments, persecution of subhumans, and the use of forbidden spells ...... that are strictly forbidden by treaty.
This is a national ban, but the list of extra-judicial crimes includes some horrific cases that are completely out of line morally.

There were multiple punitive heavy taxes over a long period of time and s*xual abuse.

'Yuki-dono. We can't leave him ...... alone. My notion of justice ...... and common sense as a human being is about to collapse. This is unacceptable.

'I agree with you. That's why I put you in jail.'

'I see, but how do we bring the king to justice......'

'That's why I approached Regulus.'

'Me? What can I do? If there's anything I can do, just let me know.

Regulus is a trustworthy man after all.
His heart is pure, and he will not tolerate evil.

'Regulus, you're going to be king and rule this country.'

'What ...... are you talking about? I'm just an adventurer, ......?'

'I know that. But you are the most trusted person in King's Landing, aren't you? As a high-ranking adventurer, you'll have access to people outside of King's Landing. Besides, I'd like to buy your willingness to voluntarily expose the king's misdeeds.

'No, no, that's not possible. I'm proud that you trust me, but I'm not smart enough. Someone with brains - yes, Lord Yuki should be the king.'

'A king doesn't need brains. In fact, Selbert ran the country with his bad head. Just give him a chief of staff. And I'm not exactly trusted by the people. Suddenly assuming the office of king would cause a riot.

'Counselor ......, but I don't have such smart connections ......, do I, Mister Yuki?'

I chuckle.

'What's up?

'I found a good advisor. I'll do my best to serve my country as its king.

'I'm sure Regulus can make it richer than it is now. I'll do my best to support him.


'I am Regulus DeArrant, the new king. Today, as my first task, I will execute Selvair Oswald and dispose of the seven brave men.

The people gathered here were unaware of the situation.
They seemed to be completely bewildered.
Thanks to Regulus' trust in me, I managed to keep the conversation quiet.

'Selvair Oswald's crimes number in the thousands, and his treason is beyond forgiveness. He has violated taboos, exploited his people unjustly, and done many other horrible things. And the brave have a hand in some of it.

A murmur arose among the people.
One of the merchants shouted loudly.

'Yes! I was paying taxes, but I was accused of making too much money and my property was taken! I'll never forgive this foolish king!

This time, a woman raised her voice.

'My daughter was taken to the royal castle, and when she came back, she was a cripple, body and soul! What was the king doing?

There was no end to the number of people who complained one after another.

'Calm down. It should be noted that the reason this incident came to light was because of the savior of the other world, the wise man Matsuzaki Yuki-dono! He was unjustly oppressed by the king and spread false information, but he is an honest adventurer who is stronger and more humble than anyone else!

Whoa! The crowd cheered.

As the chief of staff, I had given Regulus the script beforehand, but I'm pretty sure he didn't have this line.
Regulus must have changed it.

I didn't think he'd react this way after all the time he's been mistreated.
But it's a little embarrassing to be the center of attention.
I'm glad I'm not going to be king.

'So long, Selbert. Do you have any last words for me?

The guards begin to prepare for Selbert's head to jump at any moment.

Selbert was sweating profusely and looked sick.

'Wow, I didn't do anything! I made it all up! I was doing it all for the people! I don't want to die! I don't want to die! I don't want to die! I don't want to die! I don't want to die!

The cry of the soul.
But none of the people felt any sympathy.

'Then I'll execute him...'

No mercy was shown to Selbert, no miracle was performed, and he was simply beheaded.
A minute passed, and he was pronounced dead.

The body was to be cremated and buried in a grave, but of course it was a simple one.
There will be no lavish graves like those of previous kings.

Then, I will announce the punishment of the seven brave men. The brave men, although they were in a position to be trusted by the people, helped the foolish king and aided him in his evil deeds. This crime is serious. And the newly reborn kingdom must show remorse to the surrounding nations.

This punishment was my idea.
Regulus, including his lines, will basically act according to my wishes.

Of course, I will leave the details to Regulus, but I will continue to give him some advice.

There are many things that need to be reformed.

'The seven brave men are to be scattered and exiled!

The heroes were summoned to deal with the Demon Lord.
However, if you gather all the brave men at once, it will not end well.

Fortunately, there are countries that want brave men as weapons.
In any case, let's give them to small countries with weak power.

The new kingdom's stock will rise, and the surrounding countries will be able to suppress their conflicts due to the power struggle.

But is it possible to defeat the Demon Lord without gathering all the heroes in one country? Some of you may wonder.
In conclusion, there is no problem.

It is not necessary to have brave men to fight against the Demon Lord.
All we need to do is to find and train a new person like Aleria.

Thus, the disposal of the former king and the seven heroes was completed.