27-I gave you a chance.

'I heard. I heard you've kidnapped the third princess of the Villars Empire and are taking her around!

'............ Huh?

'There's no point in playing dumb. Because the proof is right there!

Fabrice pointed confidently at Aleria.

'I wasn't kidnapped by Yuki! Rather, I was captured by bandits and was about to be sold to the kingdom!

'Hmm, Matsuzaki Yuki, you've trained her well, haven't you?

I don't know where he got that idea from, but he apparently believes that I kidnapped Aleria.

'How can something that Alelia denies be evidence? She must have eaten something strange.

I've heard that ingesting magic mushrooms, marijuana, cocaine, and other mind-altering substances worsens paranoia.

'Aelyria has been brainwashed! There's no evidence for what a brainwashed person says!

This guy's f*cked.

'...... So, who told you that? On whose orders did you come to get Alelia?'

'Huh, you'll be surprised. On the king's direct orders. What, the gentle king says that if we hand over Aleria Villars, Matsusaki Yuki's guilt in this matter will be wiped out.'

'I see, I see. Then take her with you. I'll welcome you.'

'What are you talking about? Youki!

Aleria looked at me twice in surprise.
In case you haven't noticed, I don't really intend to give you Aleria.

I don't trust the kingdom, and I don't trust the heroes who are the kingdom's dogs.
But they're offering to wipe out my sins. I have no choice but to take it.

Being a sinner, whether falsely accused or not, will certainly make life difficult.


'If Aelyria resists, then I don't know.

'...... I see, that's what you mean! Yuki, I understand!

Aleria seems to have gotten the message.
I told her to kick the heroes who were trying to catch her and come back to me.

Not so long ago, it would have been easy to catch you, but now it is not so easy, even if you are a hero.
It is impossible for a brave man to capture her alive without hurting her.

But the brave do not know that yet.
As a beautiful swordswoman, Aleria became known not for her strength but for her beauty.

The heroes underestimate her too much.

'If Matsusaki Yuki doesn't get in the way, it doesn't matter how much she resists! All right, you guys, surround them!

'Hey, Fabrice.'

'What is it? Catan.'

'You're going to use me for one of those little b*tc*es?

'Is there a problem?

'There's no problem, but you're too incompetent to secure even one of those kids by yourself.

'Of course not! Tsk, I know you want to slack off. If you don't want to do it, watch it from there. I'm on my own!

Fabrice spat at his companion and pointed his golden sword at Aleria.

'Alright, if you don't want to get hurt, you might as well get caught. It's the princess!

Fabrice was the first to attack.
Aleria deployed her "Body Enhancement" and intercepted.


Swords collide with swords, and it becomes a contest of strength.
In a simple contest of strength, the difference between men and women is huge. In terms of height difference, the taller man has an advantage.

If we don't do something, we're going to lose--Fabrice, of course.

'What? My sword got blocked?

Well, just because you have a physical advantage doesn't mean you can win.
I don't think I can beat a female pro wrestler with my weak body before I was reincarnated.

'Please don't underestimate me!

Aleria raised her sword and hit Fabrice's sword.

'Oh, no!

Fabrice's sword flew through the air and fell to the ground.
The sword pierced the hard ground.

Fabrice tries to get the sword.
But Aleria doesn't give him time to pick it up.

'Do you still want to do this? If you don't want to be hurt, I think it would be wiser to back off quietly.

Aleria's sword is thrust into Fabrice's neck.
She could have slit his neck at any time if she wanted to.

Fabrice broke out in a cold sweat and stood still.

'...... d*mn it! I've never heard of this!

He suddenly began to panic.

'Shouldn't you have only warned Matsusaki Yuki? I didn't hear that this woman is also a monster!

'So, what are you going to do? We've handed her over to you, but you don't want to bring her back?''

Fabrice's blue streak twitched.

'...... f*ck you!

Hilarious, or ridiculous.
Maybe it's a good laugh machine.

'Huh, so how's the deal with restoring my honor?

'I didn't promise that! Do you have any proof?

'What, are you pretending to forget?

'Let's say I'm an a**h*le who goes back on his word! But if you kill me, you'll be guilty of the crime of killing a hero and you'll be guilty of death! Therefore, you can't kill me!

'You seem to have gained a lot of wisdom. Well, I guess someone put that in your head.

'You got it! I've won!'

'But Fabrice ......, you seem to be fundamentally mistaken. Don't forget that I can always go after the king if I want to. One word from the king and all my sins will be wiped away. Who's going to stop me then? Well, I don't want to be forced into anything like this.

Sweat dripped down Fabrice's forehead.

'............ Hey, I just remembered everything! I'm sorry, I just completely forgot! I'll do it! I'll do it right now, just let me go!