25-Episode 24: He's more talented than the brave.

Aleria was now more confident than before, and she was able to proceed with ease.

'I can still beat it, but it seems like it's getting tougher and tougher ......?

'That feeling is correct. The further you go, the higher the average level of the goblins.'

'What? Will it be okay?'

'If you're not okay, I'll join you. Just try as hard as you can on your own. Then you can see the limits.''

'I understand!

But there may never come a time when I have to join you.
Interestingly, Aleria has been growing rapidly in this short time.

Checking the statuses that can be seen with the magic eye, her attack power and other ratings have increased by one level.
Although she doesn't realize it, Aleria is growing rapidly in proportion to the strength of her enemies.

Her initial status is that of a C-rank adventurer by kingdom standards.
However, the goblins she's facing now are impossible for a C-rank adventurer to defeat.

So why is this a C-rank request?
Actually, this is a request for parties.

It is designed for two or more people to work together against the enemy.
Aleria is able to handle this request by herself.

I wonder how far she can go--maybe she can make it to the end by herself.

'Ah, so this is the last room!

Looks like it. But you'd better be careful. The goblins in this room are different from those in the previous one. Can you give us a minute at ......?'

'......? Yes, sir.

Even though Aleria's growth rate is fast, she will be killed before she can get a feel for it if she faces off against an enemy that is an order of magnitude stronger. I wish I could help her, but I want her to traverse the goblin's nest by herself anyway.

The current Aleria can only manage one goblin in this room.

'Sui, is it possible to lure just one?

'Yes, I can. But is one goblin enough?

'One is fine. Or rather, it has to be.'

'Alright! I'll go get her then.'

As Sui replied, a goblin unnaturally left the back room and approached us.


He chose Aleria, who was at the front, as his target and swung his club down.
Aleria dodged the goblin's attack with her sword and stepped away.

With this, Aleria has stolen some of the goblin's speed and skill.


'I've defeated them!

'Okay, now let's take out two.

One, then two. Then two, then three, and so on, increasing the number in stages to get them used to it.
By doing so, they can rapidly gain experience in dealing with a large number of them.

Before we knew it, we had eradicated the goblins and the cave was a wasteland.

'Well done, Aleria. I'll tell you now that this request was originally intended for a C-rank party. The fact that you were able to go through it alone means that you're at least a B rank.

'Does that mean you're at least a B rank or higher?

'That's what it means. You're not going to turn down a rank up even with this, are you?''

''Yes! Thanks to you, Yuki!

''Good. Now let's go back to the city.

◇ When I returned to the capital.

By the time we returned to the capital, it was already dark.
It was almost time for the guild to close.

'Are you having second thoughts, Arelia?

'Yes, I have. Thanks to you, I'm a little more confident now!

'What on earth could I have done to make this happen in such a short time ......?'

The receptionist wondered.
I didn't do anything special.

'I just eradicated a nest of goblins by myself. If I can do it by myself, I'll be confident.

'Wait, wait a minute! What did you say about the goblin's ......?''

'The goblin's nest is ......, what's the problem? I know it's a request for C rank, but there's nothing wrong with going there on your own, right?

You can't accept the request, but you can't be blamed for defeating them.

'That's a request for a B rank party, not a C rank! How could you make such a mistake ......?''

'Hmm? It was posted on the board there, isn't it C rank?'

I point to the C-rank board in the left wing of the guild.

'No, no, no, there's no such thing as a goblin extermination request for C-rank. ......'

The receptionist checks the board.

'Why is there a request for B rank here?

'I told you, didn't I?

'Well, this is an oversight on the part of the person in charge! ...... Ah, so that's why this request was still unfulfilled. ......'

Oh, is that so?
So, what I thought was a C-rank request and had Aleria do alone was a B-rank request.

In other words, Arelia is more than a B-rank adventurer.

I'm not sure what to make of this, but I think it's a good idea. ...... It's not normal to be tricked into doing a B rank request! Do you hear me? I'm sure you've heard of it.

Aleria looked at the receptionist who said quickly, puzzled.

'Did I do something terrible, by any chance?

Yes, it seems so.
Maybe, but in terms of potential, you're far better than the hero.