65-64th episode: I got a broken holy sword.

There were no demons lurking in the large room.
What was noteworthy was that the room seemed to be more sturdy than the others.

The walls were cool and silvery. The edges of the room were supported by thick black iron pillars.
Of course, there are many pillars planted inside the room.
Even if the other rooms are destroyed, this one is absolutely protected.

'There's something a little ...... strange about it.

'It looks like a church ......? The decorations seem to be modest, though.'

The voices of Aleria and Aina echoed.
It's true, there's a sense of security. It has the feel of a boss room in a game.
If it's a boss room, I'd like a reward for clearing it, but--

'Maybe this is the innermost room. There doesn't seem to be anything here. ......'

'Yuki, what's that?

'Is that a stone statue?'

Aleria pointed to the far end of the large room.
There was a large stone statue there.
However, stone statues are everywhere in the room, so it shouldn't come as a surprise.

'No, sir! It's the golden thing underneath it!

I was distracted by the stone statue, but there was definitely something hidden underneath it.

'It looks like a sword hilt. ....... You'll see what I mean when you get closer.

I couldn't make it out from a distance, so I got closer.
Then, it is still a sword handle. In other words, only the handle part was showing its face.

'It's buried in the stone and I can't get it out. ......'

'I can't get it out either. I can't get it out. ......

Aleria and Aina tried to pull it out, but they still couldn't.
It's fundamentally different from the kind of thing you see in games where a hero pulls out a sword.

It was completely buried in the stone and there was no way I could pull it out.
It may be possible to forcibly remove it by digging around it, but it is unclear whether it is worth the trouble.

If you damage it, you will not be able to get it back if it is historically valuable. .......

'I want Yuki to try it. See, I have a feeling Yuki can do it!

'Yeah. You should give it a try.'

'Why am I ......?

'Because it's .......'

'I thought if I could break a lock without being aware of it, I could do this.'

'What do you guys think I am, ......? I'm a normal human being, remember?'

'Yuki is a wise man. I'm not a normal person.'

'Hey, hey, hey. ......'

What are they all expecting?
It doesn't matter who does it, what's wrong is wrong. The door was easily broken, but that must have been due to its age.
This one is completely buried. There's no way it can come loose.

'Well, I'll give it a shot, but don't get your hopes up ......--'

When I pulled it lightly, I was able to pull out the sword as if I were slurping ramen.

'Uh ...... haha'.

'Ahhhh !!!! Youki has started again!

'I was only joking with you! You're kidding!

I think I've done it again. .......

'No, but really, I didn't even put any effort into it earlier. ......'

This is true.
I'm aware that I put some effort into the door, but this one slipped out easily. It's like it wasn't stuck in there from the start.

But it seems that not only the two of you, but even Sui doesn't believe me, so I'll refrain from making any more excuses.
In this kind of thing, daily conduct is the key. I'll repent so that they'll believe me.

'Well, even though it's loose, it's old and tattered. It's rusty and the blade has spilled. I don't think it can cut vegetables like this.

I'm not sure I want to leave it like this, so I'm going to put it in the item slot for now.

'Hmm ......?

A pale light enveloped the golden sword.
The pale light grew stronger and stronger until the entire sword was obscured by the golden light.

The Holy Sword Excalibur has been successfully repaired automatically! Repair rate 10%.

An inorganic voice I hadn't heard in a long time.
Before I had time to be surprised by it...

'The sword has been cleaned!

'What does this mean, ......?

The holy sword Excalibur had become as clean as a brand new sword.
There was no sign of any rust or spilling of the blade as before.
It looks like it can be used against demons with ease.

A similar thing happened with the demon sword Berserk. I'm not sure what caused it, but it must have been the moment I touched it after I pulled it out of its scabbard. .......

Is that ......?
So does that mean that maybe I had something to do with it......?

I'm sure you're right, master! This was a holy sword, wasn't it?

'What is a holy sword?

'It's a weapon that was used by brave men in the past. The Demon Sword is a weapon used by the Demon Lord in the past.

'Eh, brave man....... So it's Fabrice's weapon. I think I'll throw it away.

'No, it's not. It's not from that fake hero, it's from a real hero who fought against a tyrannical demon king in the mythical era!

By the way, the owner of the weapon shop also said something like that.
I hadn't heard that there were not only demon lords, but also brave men.

It's not perfect yet, but I'm sure ...... it's strong and will be able to help the master.

'Well, there's nothing wrong with having more weapons. Let's rotate them with the magic sword.

Fortunately, you can carry as many heavy swords as you want with the item slots.
I'd like to try out the new sword now that I have it...