66-Episode 65: I'm back in the royal capital.

'Are there any demons nearby? ......'

Now that I had the holy sword, I wanted to try slashing it, but there was no target that I could slash with all my might.
I thought about attacking the pillars in the area, but if they should fall, I would be in trouble, so I decided not to do it this time.

'I've gathered all the information I could. Now that we've gathered all the information we can, do you have any other places you'd like to see?'

Aleria and Aina. I'll keep an eye out for Sui.
Since there didn't seem to be any, we decided to leave for now.

When we get back to the capital, we'll report the situation to the guild first. I'll also tell them about the ruins.
Then I'll go back to the castle and leave the analysis of the book to a select group of officials.

'I'm dazzled ......!

What greeted us as we emerged from the ruins was the sun shining brightly.
Calculating from the sun's position--

'It won't take much longer than expected.

We finished exploring all the rooms and came out, but we were able to capture the monster house quickly, so it didn't take as long as we thought.

'Yuki, I feel like I'm surrounded. ...... Is it my imagination?

Finally, my eyes became accustomed to the bright light, and I could see my surroundings.
There are about thirty of them.

'Ah, ......, it's true.

Perhaps the magic of these ruins is attracting them. Until now, the demons on the ground could not detect them because they were buried underground, but now that they are connected to the ground, the demons know about them.

The magic power of the ruins has raised your status a little more than usual.

'Well, I was just about to try this out. I'm sorry to do this to you two, but can you leave this to me?

'It's unusual for Yuki to take an active role!

'I don't mind either. I mean, I'd rather not fight if I can help it. ......'

'Thank you. Now, I'm going to fire off a few slashes, so stay away from me.''

After confirming that the two had moved back, I flashed the holy sword Excalibur with my right hand.
The magic sword Berserk sent out a black slash, but this seems to be a white slash.


The slashes flew with great force, cutting the earth and mowing down the demons.

I was able to get rid of all the demons in one blow.

'Wow, that's amazing ......!

'You're amazing as usual!

'It's a little quirky and difficult to handle, but it's powerful enough.

It's probably on par with the demon sword Berserk.
I thought that a holy sword would be stronger than a magic sword, but the basic performance is the same, just in a different genre.

In fact, I had some trouble with the Mage Sword in the beginning.
You'll get used to it as you use it.

...... demons are too troublesome.'

After reporting to the guild, I was planning to have them investigate further, but bringing in non-combatants is indeed dangerous.

If you bury them in the ground, the demons won't come, but then the investigation team can't get in.

We can either hire adventurers to guard it or we can protect it ourselves, but either way it will take some time.

It's going to take some time either way.

After returning to the capital, I reported the current situation to the guild as planned and told them that I found the ruins by accident.
I agreed that I would appraise the books I found on the way and report back to them if I found out anything.

On my way back to the castle, I ordered the officials to analyze the contents of the book, and now I'm in my office.

'I can't believe Yuki was practically in charge of the kingdom's internal affairs. ....... I don't think it's surprising, but I'm surprised.

I'm not sure if you've heard of it, but I'm sure you've heard of it.

Well, I could have told Aina even if I hadn't become a Grand Duke, but I feel like I missed the timing.
It was top secret at the time, so I couldn't casually talk about it outside.

'There's a lot going on. To put it simply, as a condition for Regulus to become the new king, I was supposed to support the monarchy.'

'I see, I have no idea. ......'

'Hahaha...... well, I'll tell you about this later. And the reason I explained the situation again today is because I'm going on a business trip. I think I'll be out of King's Landing for a couple of days.''

'A business trip?

Aleria, who was listening to the conversation with me, asked back.

'It's a bit far from here, but it seems that the sunshine has exhausted the area. I thought I'd go and give them some rain.

'Oh, rain, ......?

'That's definitely not a natural thing to say. ......'

I thought it would be easy to make it rain with climate manipulation, but was it really that rare ......?
It's true that we haven't changed the weather extensively, but the basics are the same.

It's just that the amount of magic used increases.

'Well, since that's the case, I'll ask you two to stay--'

'I'll follow you!

'I'll follow you!

'...... Well, I thought you'd say that, so I've agreed that you two will follow me. We'll wait for them to be ready to bring relief supplies from King's Landing. We'll leave in two days. Please keep that in mind.