67-Episode 66: It seems impossible to analyze.


Two days later.
The supplies were ready and we were able to leave in the afternoon.
In the meantime, there was a bit of a gap.

Knock, knock.

'I've come to report to you.

There was a knock on the door of the office.

'Come in, please.

'Excuse me, sir!

A young official brought a bag down to me.

'This is the book that Yuki-sama ordered me to analyze. ......'

'You've already done it?

It's quite a feat to complete such a large amount of work in two days.
It's quite a feat, I thought.

'No, it's the other way around, sir. I had no clue what I was doing, and I thought it would be impossible to spend any more time on it. ......'

'...... is it that difficult?'

I unconsciously stare at the book.

'I'm sorry, sir!

'No, if you can't do it, it would be more helpful if you reported it as soon as possible. Thank you for your time. Is there anything else I can do for you?'

'No, that's all from me. Since you are about to leave, I thought it would be best if you reported as soon as possible after your return.

'Is that what you meant? It would certainly be more helpful if you did.

'Well then, my apologies!

The official left the room.

'It didn't go well, did it ......?

'Well, I suppose that happens sometimes. I can see why there are so few clues.'

I was flipping through the book, wondering what to do.
If it was the remains of an ancient civilization, I was hoping that I could uncover the identity of the holy sword or predict the future based on the past battles between the Demon King and the heroes.

'Is it difficult for you to analyze even if you do it yourself, Yuki?'

'It's true that I can kind of understand the atmosphere, but even if I do it little by little, it's still too much ......'.

'Isn't it too much to understand even a little bit?

'Isn't it?

'Nihongo...... Eigo...... Chuugokugo?'

'Is this the language of Yuki's hometown?'

The two men tilted their heads, unable to grasp the meaning.

'Oh, I'm sorry. Well, something like that.'

Japanese is my mother tongue, naturally, and I've studied English to a certain extent for entrance exams, and Chinese to a certain extent for university credits.
I can understand the patterns of the language. ...... No way, that stuff can be useful.

I open a page and write down what I notice.
Even a small feature might be a clue. As if solving a cipher, I read on, paying special attention to the duplicated letters.

'I've never seen the letters you're writing before: ......!

'Hmm? You mean Japanese.'

Even though I've learned the common language of the continent, it's easier to write in Japanese if it's only something I can read, so I do so. Well, it's a language that probably doesn't exist in this world, so it's only natural that the two of them would react like this.

'No, wait...?

Are the characters written in this book a common language of the ancient continent?
The reason why I, who originally could only speak Japanese, became able to use the language of another world. It was thanks to skills.

Skills can be upgraded by spending SP on the condition that your character level has increased.

It is possible that if you level up your "Common Language of the Continent Lv1", it will be a little more useful for analysis. ......?

I've got some SP left over anyway, so I'll give it a try.

I'm going to level it up to the limit, Lv3.

The result--

'I can read ......, I can read!

'What, what do you mean!

'Yeah, yeah!

As my skill level increased, I was able to go from 'I feel like I can read' to 'I can read without difficulty.

And in the process of reading the books, I found out something important.

'They're all magic books, except for one.

'A magic book ......? What's that?

'That's a word I've never heard before. According to the description, you can learn magic by reading this book. You can learn magic by reading this book, though there is a condition that you must have the aptitude.

It sounds like a spellbook, but there are some differences.

'You need to have the spellbook in your possession in order to use the spell,' he said, 'so it seems to be a bit quirky.