99-Episode 98: It came out of the blue

As for the Second Empress Misha, she looks a bit older than her age.

Her hair color is the same as Aleria's, but her eyes are ruby red like her father's.

Her breasts are quite large, though it is not important.

They're somewhere between Aleria and Aina.

So they're about the same.

'Hey, what's the relationship between Yuki and Arelia?

Misha leans forward and asks curiously.

For some reason, she's smiling at me.

So that's the type.

I know how to deal with this type.

'I'll tell you about it later, but there's nothing special about it. Me and Aelyria, we're adventurers in neighboring Aina. We're companions and friends .......'

'Hmm, I see.'

The grin on her face changed to a look of surprise.

'Misha-sama is a good sister who loves her sister.

'Sisterly is ......! Phew, I've been told that a lot.

Misha smiled happily.

Okay, I've successfully ducked a troublesome question.

And then...

'But you can't call me that, Misha. I don't like it when you call me that. Misha's fine. And--'

She walks up to me from the seat across from me.

His face is right in front of mine.

I'm a little scared. ......?

'And no honorifics, please.

'Huh? Oh, yes,......, I understand,......, I understand.'

'Yes, that's fine.

For a change, Misha was smiling with a smile like an angel.

Why no honorifics......?

'Misha sister doesn't like to be treated like royalty and kept at a distance. Especially when they are around the same age.''

'I see. But it's okay with Aleria?'

'She seems to think I'm special.

'It's usually the other way around, isn't it ......?

Oh dear, this is another young lady I don't understand.

'The silver-haired one over there--Aina! Yes, you too.'

'Yeah, yeah, ...... okay.'

Well, as for Aina, we are similar in status, so I guess I can understand.

'Misha sister.'

When the conversation was interrupted, Aleria called out to Misha.

'What is it?

'Is your sister Alice still angry?

Alice - you must be talking about Alice Villars.

The first princess of the Villars Empire. She is the eldest of Aleria and her three sisters.

While almost the entire family was there to greet Aleria, only one of them did not show up, so I actually imagined that.

When Alice's name was mentioned, Misha's face became slightly cloudy.

'Hmm, I don't think so, but ...... sister Alice hasn't always been like that.'

'Yes, she has .......'

I didn't understand the situation, but I could tell that they didn't get along.

It was not a good idea to get involved in other people's family affairs, so I decided not to say anything.

While we were talking, we seemed to have arrived at the Imperial Castle.