98-Episode 97: It came out of the blue.

I've been looking at it for a while.

While we were looking at it, a luxurious wagon stopped in front of us.

It seemed to be a pickup.

A man got out of the wagon.

He was in his late forties. He was about 180 centimeters tall and had a manly face, but he seemed kind.

'Arelia! Are you Arelia!

'Oh, your father. ......⁉︎'

Apparently, this man is Aelyria's father, Julius Villars, the emperor of the Villars Empire.......

'He just walked out without a word......'

'I'm sorry. But I couldn't help myself when I thought of it. ......'

'Aelyria's always been like that. Anyway, I'm glad you're safe.''

With these words, the emperor gave Arelia a hug.

'I'm sorry, ....... Are you Yuki?'

Perhaps feeling calmer now that he had confirmed that she was safe, the emperor seemed to have noticed that we were there as well.

'Yes, I'm Yuki Matsuzaki.

I used to talk to Selbert, who was the king of my country, but since he was Arelia's father, I naturally became polite.

'Well, thank you. Would you mind riding in the ...... wagon for me?

'Thank you, sir.

We followed Emperor Julius and got into the wagon.

Inside the cart, there was nothing but a chair and a desk fixed to the ground.

There were curtains so that they could not be seen from the outside.

Incidentally, there were two other people in the wagon, and they were waving to Arelia.

'Mother! And you're here too, Misha!

Aleria's mother, the Empress--Lilith Vielle.

Aleria's sister, the Second Empress--Misha Vieille.

The royal family is here. As expected, this lineup makes me nervous. .......

'I'm glad nothing happened this time, but ...... Aleria, you can't leave without permission. If you had just told me, I could have done a lot more.

'I'm sorry, I'm sorry. ......'

'Well, well, mother. I'm sure your father just told you, too. ......

My sister Misha soothes her.

'Right. Let's leave it at that for today.

Empress Lilith was a beautiful woman who looked exactly like Aleria.

She should have been in her late forties, the same age as Emperor Julius, but she didn't look like that at all.

Is this what you call a beautiful witch? ......?

'What are you thinking about, Yuki?'

'No,no...... nothing. It is natural that they are father and son, but I think they look just like Aleria.

'Oh, I get that a lot. Thank you.'

I wasn't looking at her that closely, but it seems that Empress Lilith noticed my gaze.

Her face is similar to Aleria's, but this sharpness gives her a completely different impression.

In a good way, Arelia is a bit slow and unassuming.