100-Chapter 99: I was asked to do


'Oh ...... such a thing happened in the Old Kingdom. Using Aleria as a hostage to sway the empire is ...... something worth dying for.'

After arriving at the imperial castle, the six of us, including Emperor Julius, Empress Lilith, and Second Empress Misha, gathered around for a meal.

It's a bit frightening, but I know I'm welcome.

I am honestly glad.

At the dinner party, I was asked about the history of my visit, and I explained it step by step.

Emperor Julius seemed to be quite angry, as he should be.

'So, Yuki, you defeated Serbert and started the revolution.

'That's what I mean.'

'I see. ...... I've heard a lot of rumors, but now I'm finally connected.

The countries were given a superficial explanation when the heroes were expelled.

For example, here in the empire, when we sent the shield hero Katan Akshir, we gave an explanation.

However, the Empire has not been informed of individual cases such as the case of Aelyria.

It's not that they are hiding it, it's simply too much.

That's how big the former king's screw-up was.

'Really, my daughter has been taken care of.'

'No, sir.

This was how it seemed that the dinner party would end peacefully.

That is, until the bomb was thrown.

'Yuki, Arelia and Aina used to be adventurers, didn't they?

'Yes, well, they were.

'What was your life like in King's Landing?

'It was just like any other adventurer.

''Well, that is...''

At the same time I started to explain, Aleria began to speak happily.

I was going to leave the explanation to Alelia, but this was a mistake.

'The three of us used to live together, and it was really fun! We cooked together, went shopping together, and talked in bed before going to sleep. ....... Oh, and of course we went on adventures!

'Hmm, you say that as if we were staying in the same room?

Emperor Julius's eyes lit up.

Well, that's not good. .......

'Arelia, can you cover it up somehow?

'Yes, sir! But nothing happened, it's true!

Acha .......

'What, what, what are you doing? ......⁉︎'

That's the kind of reaction you'd expect from .......

I was thinking...

'But, I see. ...... Aleria is at that age, too. ...... Maybe it's inevitable.'

'That's right! That's your father. ......!

Why would he do that⁉︎?

The father and son are both a little out of touch with each other. ......

No, it's better than being angry. .......

Well, surely there is no blame to be ...... placed on them, since nothing really happened?

Emperor Julius left his seat and walked over to me.

He asked me to shake his hand.

I don't know what his intentions are, but I'm going to take his hand anyway.


'Yes, sir!

'Take care of my daughter.